WARNING! Very dark…my mind has been in a dark, sultry place of late. Enjoy (but you don’t have to admit you did…) ~n~


His cock pounded into her asshole as she squealed and squirmed. No matter the fight she put up, he was going to continue to ream her ass. Her struggles only made his cock harder, thicker, longer. The penultimate moment came as he jabbed deeply into her, buried to his balls, his shaft throbbing as he spewed his spunk into her bowels.

She lay quietly, sobbing into the dirty mattress as he rose. Tossing a bottle of water and a granola bar onto the bed, he left the small room.

The door closed with a quiet snick, followed by the deeper sound of the lock shooting home. Wrapping her arms about her head, she shivered.


Tied wrists-to-ankles, ass thrust high, she yelped around the large black ball buckled in her mouth as he punched his cock into her tight cunt, thrust a few hard rough strokes, then pulled out and jabbed into her anus.

The way her screams went higher as he penetrated the tight sphincter never failed to turn his dick into fucking stone.  She wiggled and waggled trying to escape the dual thrusts, but that was all part of the fun…for him.

Buried in her cunt, he spoke words of terror to her.

“No condom. Alll this hot semen pouring into you, tight against your little baby nest…”

Tears always followed that announcement, little tremors through her body that always drew a few more pulses of jizz from him. Reaching down, he groped for her tits, squeezing them.

“Maybe I’ll keep you here, milk your titties for profit. You’ll be worth your weigh in granola by then, slut. Full of baby, full of milk, full of my hot, hot cum. Can’t fuck your pussy once you get to a certain point, but hey, that’s why you’ve got an asshole and a mouth hole, right? Imagine how good it will be when I rape your tight rosebud, then shove my cock into your mouth. You’ll taste your own shit on my cock, on your tongue, all the way down your throat.”

Shaking harder now as she cried fulsomely, he released her bondage, slapping at her flesh with the rope ends as he freed her. Curling up into a tight ball, she wept as he left, ignoring the water bottle and granola bar he always left for her. The door closed with a snick, and then the raspy sound of the bolt shooting home for the lock.


His cock pounded her asshole, sliding deep into her belly from behind. Though she cried still, she stopped fighting him. Slapping her round bottom didn’t rouse her from her lethargy, nor did pinching her nipples.

He came, a disappointing volley of cum into her rumphole. He left no water, no granola.

Closing the door, but not fully. She didn’t hear the snick of the latch, or the grating of the lock. Rising to her knees, she saw the door ajar, smelled the thick darkness of woods. Stumbling to her feet, she stepped outside. Her car was there, hard to see in the gloaming. Holding the cool metal as she moved around it, she found her clothing folded neatly on the drivers seat, and under them as she dressed, her keys. Her purse was tucked neatly under the seat.

With a shiver, she turned the engine over, and drove away.


He watched her drive away, pleased that he’d broken her at last, yet knowing it was time for the next reservation to be dealt with. He loved his job.


She drove through the night looking for the small cafe. There in the distance, she saw a shining sign. As she pulled into the lot and parked in the far slot as directed, she closed her eyes. Was she making the right choice here? Was she a fucking idio…

The back door opened and something slipped over her neck, cutting her supply of air to a minimum. Her hand rose to her throat to gasp for more breath, but the man in the seat behind her reached forward and slapped it.

“Drive,” he said, tersely. The new game had begun.


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