Mindfuck? Or (dire) Promise?

He’s fucking with my head for certain. But it is a promise? Is it merely payback for my stupid unfortunate choice of spending a day teasing him about his doctor visit and a finger up his ass for a change?

I’d be the first to admit that I had a grand time poking the bear (thanks Jz for reminding me of that fun phrase!) that fateful day last week. Oh, I laughed and giggled at every impertinent text. I pictured his face as he read them, alternating between annoyance and amusement (I do amuse him–most times).

But sometimes I go just a little bit too far.

Such was the case last week. One ass-poking tweek too many, I suppose. And payback isn’t a bitch. No, pervie friends, in our world, payback is a Dom with a vengeful mind.

We’re having a playtime very soon. Very soon indeed. He texts me.
“This will be one for the record books, nilla.”

“This will be a true diary* entry.” (*what he calls my blog)

“Oh, btw, no touching yourself!”

Upon my complaint as we’re more than a week out–this text…

“The Doms want you horny.”

*pauses while you take that in*

Yeah. Re-read that a few times.




I’ll keep you posted where this goes. Just learn from this my friends. Do not poke your Dom too many times…


and yeah.

I’m wet.

Damn Him!


6 thoughts on “Mindfuck? Or (dire) Promise?

  1. LOL…sorry , since this is not about me, I find it very amusing…and cannot wait to hear all about your next play time. Sometimes that one last poke…as hard as it is to resist…really is costly…or worth it..
    hugs abby

    1. If it were happening to someone else, I too would be amused, rest assured! It’s still going on, too. Tonight a full 10 days, 12 days? later he’s STILL teasing me…it could be quite the thing…or quite the mindfuck. STay tuned!


    1. Ha! I know, it’s like some crazy soap opera. I tweak him, he gets me back twice as bad…because he always wins.

      Stay tuned…same bat time, same bat channel!



    1. Ha! This girl learned her lesson. He will always, always, ALWAYS get me back more than I ever could tweak him. Now he has me runnin’ scared for our next playtime…


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