She thanked all the powers of the universe that she saw him first. From across the crowded room-play ‘n display night was always packed- he stood out. He was tall, muscular, topped with a thick head of ebony hair. He could have been a model, those chiseled cheekbones, the firm slice of jaw. He knew how to stand, how to show himself off without appearing to even give a fuck. He was there for his own fun, and screw anyone else.

She knew this because he was her boss.

Ducking behind a group of leathermen, she slid into the darkest corner of the bar.


The throaty purr came from behind her.

“Go away,” she whispered.

“Not until you ‘fess up.”

“I mean it. If you hover, he’ll notice you hovering and be curious. He might even come over here!”

“He? He who? Who has my little Kittycat all tied up…figuratively of course?”


“No darling, this week it’s Alicia. I’m thinking of giving up on Angie all together.”

Her friend tried on personas like others tried on shoes, she knew.  She bit back a query as that would only continue this conversation. Everyone knew Ang…Alicia. She stood out wherever she was, all six feet plus of her,; ebony skin, big hair, and skintight metallic dress. She’d be at home in any version of Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, on any stage belting out tunes with that incredible voice, or pounding back shots of gin followed by that booming laugh.  Sometimes Cat forgot how much of an attention whore her friend was. Until right now, when all she wanted was to be invisible.

“Seriously. Go. Away.”

“Oh babygirl, what’s gone on with you now?”

Rolling her eyes she reached for patience.

“My boss is here.”


She wanted to melt through the floor. She wanted to grow wings and fly out of there. She wanted to-


He always said her name with a firm precision that made her back straighten. She should have know. Might have suspected, if he wasn’t such a tight laced man. She might have figured out he was a Dom.


Her eyes shut, her cheeks flamed. Slowly, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder. She didn’t want to turn, her tits thrust up in the bustier, curvy and jiggly. She, the always impeccably dressed legal secretary, all business suits and firmly coiffed hair, now stood near bare-chested, long hair waving to her waist.

“Do turn around, Katherine.”

She shook her head ‘no’, oh so briefly. His hand gripped her shoulder, stronger than she would have imagined, and twisted her about. She couldn’t look above his waist, or think about meeting his eyes as she felt them moving across her body. In the soft and torn jeans he wore, she noted the subtle bulge of his penis.

It was a fucking huge cock.

A finger under her chin lifted her head, but not her gaze.

“Look at me.” His voice was pitched low, but firm.

“I…I can’t.”

“Ah, but you can. In fact, you must.”

A tremble ran through her, her throat swallowed, a quick, involuntary movement. Her eyes rose, met his.

“Fancy meeting you here. Submissive. I suppose I should have guessed.”

“I thought the same when I saw you. I should have guessed. You, a dom.”

“And here we are,” he murmured as his eyes slipped over the round curves so temptingly displayed. “Your nipples seem happy to see me, though I’m not sure about the rest of you. You’ll pardon us, Alicia, as we go sort this out?”

He took her by the arm as Alicia nodded, her gaze avid. Cat turned and mouthed “help me”, but her friend merely grinned widely, and waved, mouthing “no. fucking. way!”