It’s All About Heart

Hi, my peeps. I’ve gone back and forth about writing something wicked and wanton for you…but this is not a sexy tale.


We’re on the cusp of the anniversary of September 11th.  I thought I could write something sexy, but– I just can’t. The shock and horror of that day–despite not knowing anyone personally harmed–rises up and chokes me, even now.

Here in the northeast a special commemoration happens on the weekend closest to the anniversary, called “Flags on the 48”. If you live up here you know that there are 48 mountain peaks in New Hampshire that are over 4,000 feet — in fact, the tallest, Mt. Washington, at 6,288 feet is famed for being home to some of the world’s worst weather. It’s already snowed there, by the way. Hurricane-force winds are common there.

So back to FOT48. Hikers “adopt” a mountain, and every one of the 48 summits is hiked by one or more people. They raise a full size American flag on their summit, and let it wave. Every summit has flags waving for several hours at about the same time, all on the same day. Now, I’ve wanted to be a part of this tradition for so long, and I just can’t.  But scrolling through Youtube, I discovered that various hikers post videos. So,  I’m going to share this particular one with you, as we pause for just a moment and remember that not-so-long-ago day. This Flags on the 48 video is from last year. Now, the video is long-ish but introduces you to the mountains that I hold dear in my heart. (for more videos on other summits, search for Flags on the 48 on Youtube and you’ll get a bunch)

September 11th is about heart. The heart of those who died. The heart of those first responders who rushed in, when everyone else rushed out. The heart of those passengers in Pennsylvania. The heart of the world as they heard about the events of that fateful morning. And my heart, tossed in a variety of turbulent emotions that day, full of fear and pain and fury and shock and horror. Like yours was, too.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the lives we have, to remember those who lost loved ones, and remember that it’s okay to be sexy and horny and alive on this day, even as we mourn.  Today, I’ll sit quietly for a moment and hold my kids just a little tighter, and know that after death, we must, we MUST celebrate life, or what is the purpose? More sexy to come, my dear peeps, for I most earnestly believe that we dishonor those who have died by not living our lives to the fullest.

In love and lust,


6 thoughts on “It’s All About Heart

  1. So beautifully said. The 48 isn’t something I knew about and the views are really special. Being witness to something extraordinary is being a part of the experience, even if it’s not the part you may have chosen for yourself. My first child was in kindergarten that day and is a man now-which always seems just a bit impossible on this anniversary. I’m glad you get to snuggle your kids closer today ❤️

    1. thanks jade…it’s a hard anniversary. glad you enjoyed “my” mountains…I long for the day for my feet to be on trail once again…


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