I’ve had an amazingly difficult, emotional week. I had a physical thing that has temporarily marred me physically, and it blindsided me.

I’m vain, you see.

Yeah, I’m overweight, the short, round sub. But I’m still okay with how I look, until this past week.

I told Him he should uncollar me. That I couldn’t see him for a year until I heal.


First world, very vanity driven issues, nilla?


Sometimes we just can’t get out of own way, can we?

He sent me a text within MINUTES of my sending.

Get off your fucking pity party train.


He doesn’t care. *I* care enough for two of us, but to him? It’s a non-issue.

“Make a play date for late October, early November.”

I haven’t done that yet. I’m still feeling pretty sensitive, and though I’ve stopped the pity party tears, I am still not…not sure? I dunno. I want to be perfect for him, you know?

He just wants to beat me. The only thing *He* cares about is the color my ass will be when He’s done playing with me.

He’s pretty fucking awesome. And in that no-nonsense way of his, He has managed to quickly snap me out of the doldrums of what could have been a very serious fall into depression.

I was on the very edge of tetering into that black hole. He not only pulled me back, he threw a lasso around my neck and lifted me back. So far back that I’m starting to think about ….


You know…at the end of October.

Or early November.



8 thoughts on “Lifted

  1. Of course he did all of those wonderful, evil, amazing things. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be worthy of such a special slave. Keep your chin up and remember that being his is not about vanity of the body but vanity of the mind. Stay kinky and start planning 😊

    • thanks His slut! With a week behind the worst of it now, I’m feeling better, kinda sorta. Not that crushing depression, and he’s been teasing me out of the last bits of angst. No wonder I adore him. He likes me for who I am and what I bring to the relationship, and not what I look like.


    • Thanks ashly…I’m almost out of the worst of it. (Of course this had to happen at the time of the year when my SAD kicks in!) But he’s pretty persuasive about keeping my head on straight.


    • He did, indeed. He made me laugh about it, which is saying MUCH about his way of straightening up my head…and belaying my asinine idea that he should break up with me.


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