This is what a day off does to me… ~nilla~


“You filthy whore”

His words made her flinch. In her vanilla life, it was the epitome of horrific things to be called.  In his apartment, those nasty words only inspired her to deeper heat and a rising need to be fucked.

Now, his fingers buried deeply in her cunt, he’d found her soaked after he’d called her his personal cum bucket, after he’d pissed all over her tee-shirt. Her nipples had risen as the hot splash of urine cooled  quickly in the air conditioned room. He’d clamped them, over the doused shirt, laughing as her nose wrinkled and as she’d moaned.

“You love every fucking dirty thing, don’t you, you slut? You love to be called my holes, my fuckmeat, my ass-licking cunt. You get wetter the more I pull your hair, when I slap your face, when I gag you on my cock. Admit it.”

His hand slipped out of her cunt and into her mouth.

“Admit it, as you choke on my fingers. Lap them clean, taste your nasty needs. Right there, yes, your pussy juice tells me all.”

She sucked, licked, lapped his digits clean one by one. Soft sounds came from her throat, cooings of desire and need.

“Fuck me,” she whispered when his fingers slipped away. “Please, Master, fuck me…!”

Not a whine, he hated whining. A soft entreaty.

“What do you want, cunt? Speak up.”

She knew he loved when she talked dirty. She, the proper housewife. Head of the school PTA, proper wife of a prominent city lawyer, she lay, spread open on the hotel bed, her pussy lips glistening pink, swollen and wet.

“I need you to fuck my cunt, Sir. To slam your thick cock into me until I cry. I need you to slap me and use me hard, Sir. Please?”

He stood just a few feet away, his thick shaft in his hand, stroking it slowly. The head was swollen and red, and she knew he felt the same need to hurt as she did to be beaten. He walked to the chair, eyes on her, and reached for the thin leather paddle.

“Open your legs. Wider.”

A quick pop of the paddle on her pussy made her yelp. He didn’t start gently, nor slowly. The blows fell like rain from a hurricane, striking her pussy with a fierceness that made tears gather and fall. He struck her inner thighs, then the swelling bud of her clit took a hard blow.

She closed her legs. Just a little. Just enough.

He paused, eyes widening.

“You did not.”

“I’m sorry Master,” she stuttered. He dropped the paddle beside her, strode to the chair. Quickly he returned to the bed, grabbing a leg, and heaving it up towards her shoulder. With rough hands, he coiled the rope around her calf, then grabbing her wrist, completed the tie around her forearm. Rising, he attached the end of the rope to a ring in the wall.

She shivered, torn between a secret delight, and an open dread.

He made short work of attaching her other leg and arm to the second ring, and she was secured, thighs, pussy and ass exposed and unable to be protected.

She could see the look on his face. Her pussy oozed. He was going to beat her ass savagely. Instead, he approached the bed, ran his engorged cock up and down her slit.

“You fucking whore. You’re even wetter than you were before.”

He rammed his cock to the hilt into her gaping cunt. She gasped, moaning loudly. Wet though she was, her cunt was not ready for such an abrupt intrusion.

“Owww,” she moaned.

He pulled out, then drove into her again. His cock felt like it was bouncing off her ribcage, he drove so deeply into her. His hands curled around her hips, pulling her towards the end of the bed, her shoulders straining as the rope holding her drew taut.

“Now I’m lubed.”

That was the only warning she got, as his cockhead pressed against her anus. His hips drove forward, piercing the tight rosebud of her ass, popping into her rump with a nearly audible sound.

“Aaaah,” he groaned in pleasure. “Your ass is so fucking tight. I know you hate this. I love that you hate this.”

She whimpered as he jolted his hips forward, working his way deeper into her asshole. She felt stretched to the breaking point, certain her rectum would tear and bleed.

“It hurts so fucking much!” she yelped, gasping. Her voice was choked with tears.

“Good, fucking goood,” he replied. Pulling out, he shoved his dick deeply. They groaned simultaneously, he in pleasure, and she in pain.

“Oh my GAWDDD…”she shrieked. “FUCKING OWWW…you’re tearing my ass APART…!”





He grunted out each word with a pull out, and thrust in. Moments later, his body was slamming into her ass, his hips jackhammering into her unprotected ass. Black lines streaked her face as her mascara ran in rivulets from her eyes. Her mouth was open, gasping for breath at the invading shaft of man meat. His head was thrown back, his belly muscles quivering as he raped her fanny roughly.

She thought she would pass out from the pain.  Her eyes flew open when she felt something in her pussy.

“You’re drooling pussy juice.”

His fingers slid inside of her, diddling her roughly. His thumb rubbed over her clit as her ass was split on his cock. One finger, three fingers, and he was all but fisting her as he fucked her ass. She exploded, her cunt spasming around the wriggling digits. Her back arched, her mouth opened in a wide O of soundless pleasure. Her asshole squeezed tightly on the shaft still slipping in and out of it, milking him.

He came, buried deep in her ass. She came again, his fingers buried in her cunt. As his cock withdrew, she came again. When his fingers pinched her clit, aching after the multiple explosions, she jerked and felt the sudden splash of liquid.

“Now everything is wet. You cunt.”

He laughed.

Then he crawled up the bed, straddling her face, one leg over her head, his cock lined up with her mouth.

“Time to clean up,” he said.

She gulped. Ass to mouth was not on her list of things to experience. His eyes held hers, and she knew he was testing her, pushing her limits. For a long minute their eyes stayed locked. Her cunt throbbed even harder.

When her lips parted, she felt her pussy gush again.

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