a reminder to you all — this is fantasy, do not try this at your neighbors house. ty



The day had sucked. Big-fucking-time. Everything had gone awry, from the coffee that she’d dropped on the subway platform, to the report that she’d printed out to page 4, which skipped page 5, 9, and 11, and then her printer decided to upright die on her. She’d cussed some at that, then handled it.

She always handled it.

She missed the subway car by five seconds, thanks to Grab-ass Frank, who had blocked her in her office with some long-winded story as he looked down her blouse. And while part of her had been naughtily appreciative that he’d been leering at her, part of her was just impatient to go home. Her feet still smelled of this mornings latte, she had sweat through her deodorant in her panic of losing the fucking report…and she just wanted a shower, a glass of wine, and her dildo.

At long last she’d keyed open her door. Dropping her gear inside the door on the small bench, she hung the keys on the hook, else she’d never find them in the morning, kicked off her shoes, and began discarding clothing as she headed for the shower with the same greedy need that she might have shown a lover.

She didn’t notice that her apartment door had swung shut so slowly that the tongue caught on the edge of the faceplate and didn’t slip into the hole.  Mrs. Murphy across the hall might have noticed, but her cat tried to run between her legs as she left, and she was in a flurry of panic, chasing him back inside, before quickly shutting the door. Scurrying down the hall, she patted her hair to assure that her bun was in place before heading to the market.

Once an old factory building, there were now many apartments in each wing of the old brick business. Each had different elements, either a large open concept, or picture windows to view the city below, or multi-level lofts. Maintenance circulated through the building, attending to a variety of essential chores, but no one passing to and from their own units noticed that the door of B-41 was ever so slightly ajar.

He was a visitor to the area, meeting with clients nearby. His buddy lived in B-building, and  since old Mike had finally tied the knot and  was away on his honeymoon, he’d very kindly let his friend use his apartment. Mike was probably fucking his hot wife right now, he mused, looking out the window. Almost immediately he’d noticed the woman with the business suit moving briskly across the parking lot, and as luck would have it,  into his building. Holy fuck, she was hot. He wondered how big her tits were under that suit. Her legs were long, or maybe it was just the heels.

When she came inside, he figured he’d lost her, but by peering out the peephole, he could see her come into view. Then stop, just diagonally across the hall from where he was leering at her. Well, wasn’t that lucky. And didn’t she have a fine fucking ass under that skirt? He watched her shove the key into the lock, turning it. Just like his cock wanted to shove into her hole…

“Stop,” he admonished his rising cock. “Just stop.”

But there she went, pulling off her jacket as she entered. He caught the faintest hint of tit. As the door swung shut, he caught a glimpse of her hands working at the back of her skirt, unzipping it. It shut, but  he noticed that it didn’t close tightly behind her. There was a thick shadow where there should have been a thin one. Holy fuck. Her door was open and she was getting naked. His cock lurched.

“Down boy,” he said, but his tone lacked conviction and his shaft continued firming.

“It would only be neighborly to go and shut that for her,” he said. As if by saying it aloud he could get the image out of his mind of her ass molded by her pencil skirt. As if he could talk his cock into relaxing. As if he wouldn’t hope to get a peek at her naked body as he shut the door…after maybe bumping it open by accident.

Before he could leave the apartment,  however, the elderly lady from down the hall came into view. She was making little squeaky noises, and he watched an enormously fat black and tan cat waddling down the hallway. She chased after it, catching the portly beast and berating it as she carried it back to her apartment. He waited for her to disappear down the hallway. Finally the corridor was clear, and he slipped out.

His hand was on the knob but somehow he “accidentally” pushed it open. He saw the scattering of clothing, the briefcase, the purse piled on the seat next to the door. He could hear the rushing whoosh of the shower.

His cock became rock.

Peeling off his teeshirt, stepping out of his pants, he couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He was going to go rape a woman in the shower, and the thought drew a pearl of pre-cum onto the head of his rampant erection. He shut the door behind him, and locked it. Quietly, he followed the sound of streaming water and paused for a moment in appreciation.

Her shower was spectacular. No door, just a wide open, tiled box. There were 4 heads, all in full use, the room steamy.  It was about to get steamier.

He almost groaned at the sight of her perfect white ass. She was bent at the waist, her head being pounded by a waterfall of hot water. Her hands were tangled in the long wet mass of her hair which was pooled on the floor by her feet. Shampoo suds were everywhere, the floral scent heady.

His cock lined up with her ass-split as he stepped silently behind her.


The water streamed over her. The pounding of the hot water on her aching head and neck was such a relief to the tight muscles that had turned into knots of pain. Her fingers massaged her scalp as she folded in half, letting the heat and moisture soothe her.

She was almost purring with the pleasure of the shower when a hard object was thrust into her vagina.

“Don’t stand up.”

A foot kicked her legs apart, and stood on her hair. She could not stand even if she wanted to.

“What…who are you…what are you…no…noooo…stop…”

“I’m fucking you. That should be kind of obvious. Your cunt was right there begging for this. You were flashing it, and my cock found it. My cock likes it. Your cunt is hot, and tight, and so very, very wet.”

He withdrew, then slammed back into her. He didn’t intend to be so merciless, but the circumstances made him feel like William the Conqueror or something.  A rotten super hero, maybe, Captain Fuckman. He drove into her again, enjoying the squeaking noises she made each time he slammed ruthlessly into her. And gods, her pussy was so fucking juicy. And hot. The heat inside of her was amazing. He’d never fucked a cunt so hot before. He figured the heat of the shower had something to do with it, but by damn, her cunt was getting slick.

“You like being used this way, you little whore, don’t you?”

“no! NO!”

She tried to shake her head, to move, but she was trapped, his foot curled into the long tresses. He kept punching his cock into her, and she tried to not feel herself responding. He was using her, raping her on his thick hard shaft. Her pussy ached at the abuse. That’s what it was, just the pain of being used.

He fucked her harder, his hips driving into her so quickly that her knees nearly buckled. His fingers held her hips, pulling her back to meet his thrusts, as his cock began to tickle, as the tightness grew in his balls.

“I’m gonna come in you. I’m going to blow my entire fucking wad up into your cunt. My baby juice is going to fill you up. My swimmers are going to race up your tight cunny, looking for that magic egg. You’ll be a momma this time next year. I’ll watch you pushing a stroller through here, and think about swinging by for another bang of your cunt, and drink some milk out of your big titties. Won’t that be fun?”

“Noooo,” she moaned but it was far too late for struggling. He held her impaled on his cock, driving the spurting tip deep into her belly, shoving the thick ropes of his jizz into her deepest tunnel. She knew, in that moment, that he had fucked a baby into her.

Still hard, he pulled away from her cunt, and rammed his way into her ass. Her scream as he broached her anus made him quiver, made him powerful.

“Take it up the ass, you cunty whore. Right up your ass pipe…”

He groaned, the head of his cock tender despite his hardness. A wash of sensations poured over him; her silent struggle to fight the entry of his dick into her ass, her butthole gripping tightly as if to keep him out.  With the tight ring of muscle squeezing on him like a fist he knew he was going to cum again. One hard push, he knew would do it. He pumped hard into her before the last of his cum was drained from him. He moaned to the feeling of her ass struggles, to her screaming that he was ripping her ass apart. He exulted in this final violation of her body. He was William the Conqueror, and he now owned this whore’s body. With a shaking quiver, the last of his seed spurted from him, into the ass that he now claimed as his.

“I own you now, slut.” He grabbed a fistful of hair, and pulled her upright. “I’ll be back next year to visit you…” He bit her bottom lip, “…and my son.” He then kissed her hard before pushing  his fingers into her slick pussy, fingering her roughly. She moaned, then came hard in his palm.

“Slut. Fucking dirty rape-whore.”

He pushed her to the floor.

“Stay there,” he said firmly.

In moments he was gone. He closed the door behind him as he dashed across the hall clad in his boxers and tee. Before heading to the shower, he asked his phone to remind him to return here for a visit, same time next year.

“I’ve set a reminder to suck the tit-milk of your babymomma on October 16, 2018,” replied his phone is a cheery voice.

Ah, technology. Wasn’t it great?!

Setting the phone aside, he locked the door, then disrobed and walked naked to the shower, whistling.



3 thoughts on “Violated

  1. Isn’t the imagination a feral and wonderful place? Nothing better than taking a woman, putting a baby in her belly, and keeping her busy the way a woman was meant to be kept busy. But I mean, seriously? William the Conqueror? Who goes around calling himself— wait, what?

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