Itty Bitty Pity Party

Just a small personal aside in my sudden burst of writing (not that I want to impede the progress of that, but sometimes one needs to just vent, yanno?)

So that surgery I had a few weeks ago has totally knocked my D/s life off kilter. I can’t have any rough play for a *minimum* of 10 weeks, possibly longer. *insert huge sigh* I understand. I have to heal. I understand. I love impact play. I understand. He’s taking care of me to not let me be injured in a way that would undo the work done. (No, I didn’t have a nose job, LOL)

He’s made the right call. I get it. But I’m just a little sad right now.

We’re finally going to have some face time next weekend — after not seeing each other for two months, I’m pretty anxious to see Him.

Anyhow, that’s my little pity party for one.