Her nipples throbbed. Tight clamps grasped them, then were strung through pulleys  to weights that hung wholly supported by those tender fleshy bits. The weights wobbled as she trembled.

If she leaned back, the weights lifted, resting on a thin lip of wood that jutted out from the wall. If she leaned back, the turbo-sized dildo was pressed deeply into her anus. It stretched her painfully, the girth of it feeling as though it would rip her ass to shreds.

She had to have relief on her aching tits. They felt aflame with hurt, curls of heat screaming up from the pinched tips, encircling her breasts with fiery licks of pain. Eyes clenched tightly, she slowly eased back until the ache in her nipples eased, only to cry out at the invasion of her throbbing asshole.

Trying to breathe through the pain, she felt the coil of a different heat in her cunt. It was obscene that this turned her on. Her body quivered, and sweat slicked her skin. If she opened her eyes to thin slits, she could see Him sitting in the chair across from her, a small smile upon his face. It was so secretly gleeful, so smug  that he’d put her in this predicament and knew she hated it. And knew she loved it.  She kept her eyes shut tightly, unwilling to watch him watching her. Her ass screamed. She leaned forward. At the movement, the release of tension on her aching anus, and the sudden shock as the weights fell from their support caused her pussy juice to spatter onto her thighs, and even more humiliatingly,  onto the floor beneath her.

She thought she had mastered the timing though, balancing the pain in ass and nipples in equal measure. The creak of the chair warned her of His rising.  Eyes opened to watch him warily.

He took two straps from the side table, and scooped up the big vibe. It only took a minute for him to attach the vibe to her leg, pressing it hard against her cunt, and use the straps to hold it securely in place. Turning it on, he moved towards the chair, then stopped.

“Oh, I almost forgot these.”

Reaching into his pocket, he slipped out two more weights. He added them to the ones already killing her nipples, then slapped her ass, making her jolt, and set the weights to swinging wildly.

“AAArgh!” she yelled.

Laughing, he sat back in the chair to watch as she came hard, then smiled as she continued the cycle of pain, orgasm, pain. Soon he would fuck her. But for now he sat enjoying  the elemental force of gravity’s pull.

6 thoughts on “Pull

  1. Public Service Announcement

    : “While /s is enjoying the hitachi vibe strapped to her thigh, may I instead recommend an Ohmibod?

    You can find the device here.

    Once inside her, your sub cannot escape it’s corrective (no matter how she twists and strains). Anything she says or does can be made to trigger the device. Does she fail to say ‘Thank You!’ obediently enough? Remind her. Does she let her heels touch the floor? Punish her. Does she splatter on your floor? Send her a message. Don’t text her. Sex her. You’re welcome.”

    We now return you to your regular programming.

      • I know, right? Don’t you love how the antenna pokes out? Does it get any kinkier?
        According to the reviews, all the cam girls are using them. Had to check it out (in the name of science of course). Search for ohmibod on xvideos [cough] for example. And lovers on opposite sides of the continent — not that I would know anything about that. But seriously, who still straps Hitachi’s to thighs? That is so 2005. I mean…seriously. Christmas is coming. As it were.

      • hahaha…that might make me a ho ho ho…just sayin’.

        I know, I’m so behind the times! I did see a vid the other day with a girl with a pink antenna sticking out and I wondered what it was…look at you, ahead of the times (or riding the wave at the very least!)

        (srsly? Intercontinentally?? AMAZING!)

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