HNT~Tropical Lace

It’s frigging cold up here in the Northeast (though I admit today was warmer at 44* than it’s been in quite some time!)…and we’re not ready!

Okay, *I’m* not ready.

Places north of us have snow. ON the GROUND. *shivers* We didn’t have much transition, nor any true Autumn up here. It stayed warm and lovely right up until Halloween when the temps plummeted–and haven’t warmed much at all until today, of course, when I wanted to whine just a bit about the chill.

But it’s warmer, so that meant break out the tropical colors, and put a little sizzle into what was a dreary, cold, f-ugly week. It must’ve worked too, because the sun came out! First time in days ‘n days. I guess it’s okay if I take some of the credit for the Sun shining, if he came out to see boobage, right? *laughs* Happy HNT, pervie peeps!