It’s that most wonderful time of the year when we strip naked and dance around the bonfire…oh. wait. That’s my *fantasy* not what really happens at this time of the year. Sillly me!

Actually, it’s hats (or shirts or pants or whatever your preference) off to Jz for once again donning her chef’s apron and heading up the great online cookie swap. No, we don’t actually swap cookies, but because we’re good girls and boys, we do submit (see what I did there? I can’t seem to stop myself!) a recipe to share.

It’s HNT and I was going to be all cutsey and hold up a few cookies but there’s no way a cookie will cover my girls, NOR can I hold up two cookies and take a titty selfie, so you’ll have to wait until next week for that.

So, before I forget, here’s the blog links to all the other pervie peeps who are baking this time around. Go visit their blogs for even more awesome treat recipes. At the end of the list,  I’ll post my recipe. Which I have yet to make so forgive me for posting ahead of cooking. Actually–my stuff is half done…all my dough is in the fridge, but I won’t have time just now to actually ball them (hehehe…) and bake them.

(I tell you, when the sexy stuff is in short supply, there is much sexy punning around here…)




Bogey and Bacall










Mrs. Fever

Ms Dixie Wrecked






selkie (recipe here)

So here’s my offering and I’m going to cheat since it’s my blog and I can. And besides, if Jz spanks me I’m gonna like it, no lie. (The cheat is that I may have posted this recipe in a previous year but I’m too lazy to go and look!)

This is a Raspberry and Almond Thumbprint cookie, with a Glaze “frosting”. Trust me, it’s incredibly delicious if you love almond flavoring like I do. It’s a lovely little shortbread cookie, and the crisp tartness of the raspberry (seedless) jam is a lovely counterpoint to the not as sweet cookie, and the yummmmmmy sweet drizzled glaze. Quick and easy to make, and gone in a heartbeat if you don’t guard them! (From and made each year in the nilla house!)

The recipe is here:





18 thoughts on “COOKIES!

    • They are devilish things…you eat one and go ‘mm, that is nice, but…” and then your mouth goes…oooh…and suddenly 6 are gone. Dangerous! But so good, too! And hey, there IS fruit on it! LOL!

      I will be looking for recipes from everyone else during break! Happy baking!


    • I love the mind that can anagram! I just cannot! I LOVE that preserve anagrams to perverse! LMAO! So appropriate. thanks for the smile, fondles! I’ll be around during the Yule break to catch up on everyone else’s recipies!


  1. Just made them😍Sóoo nice😋 on some I made with lemon curd that works aswell. With a bit of fantasy the cooky looks like a toy and nipple 😀

    • Oh, the lemon sounds lovely! A nipple cookie would be a very appropriate treat at some certain times…I like the way you think Ashly!


  2. Well, there’s a killer combo, to be sure!
    These look wundybar – I’m glad you were able to squeak in under the wire.
    Thanks for playing along, cutes!

    • Thanks to the Hostessssss withe the mostestsss! I’m extremely behind on reading…hoping to catch up on everyone’s tasty treats during my holiday break. That’s when I plan out my cookies for next years baking (and I even file them together in the appropriate cookbook, too!)


    • Hi Ronniesoul! Shortbread cookies and a nice hot cuppa are a perfect winter pairing for me! I’m planning to read everyone else’s recipes during my holiday break! Thanks for commenting!


    • oh, they are soooo yummy! I hope you get to try them soon! Thanks for cookie posting. I’m going to look at everyone’s posts when I’m on Christmas break. Until then I’m flat out busy. And somewhere in there…I must do some serious wrapping time!!


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