Happy New Year!

Yeah, yeah it’s late blah blah.

I know.

But frankly? Relating back to my prior post, it’s been fucking cold up here. So cold, in fact, that I could NOT sit in my room and type because my fingers were hiding. And shaking. Or bundled up in mittens. In the house, peeps. And I know we are not alone in the c-c-cold…it’s been cold in a lot of places, I know it. Friends with frozen pipes in the mid-west. Friends  in the south dealing with snow and ice and freezing (for them) temps. And I have a beloved friend in Vermont who told me it had been double-digits below zero last weekend.

Think about that for a moment.

Double. Digits. Below. Zero.

That was the actual fucking AIR temperature.

I’m never moving to Vermont. Ever. I’m handling this cold–barely. But that is pure torture of a kind that would have me throwing out my safeword like the President throws out the opening pitch of the World Series. And then today came. It’s amazing! It’s WONDERFUL!  It’s 22* blissful degrees. Now, a few weeks ago, 22* would have evoked a shiver. Perhaps a delicate shudder. “Oh dear, it’s 22*, peeps…”

What a difference a week makes. After never even popping up close to 20 for a full seven days (we tied a record set one hundred years ago), today, many of us are in tee shirts. The woodstoves are quiet, the house heaters are actually able to go off for periods of time, and everyone is smiling.

Because it’s warm, doncha know?!

And you know what it means when it warms up after a cold spell in New England, right? It means snow is coming. Yup. It always, always works that way.  Freeze your asses off, and BOOM a snowstorm gets us back on track as far as temperature goes. (Mom Nature: “okay, I’ll warm you up…but it comes with a price…” )

So it’s not just a bit of snow. Not a “regular” storm. Nope.

It’s a nor’easter! (Bonus points if you read that in voice of the Wizard of Oz, “it’s a twistah!”). Make no mistake, though. We LOVE our nor’easters up here. Oh , we shudder and plan, and check for salt and the shovels. We grumble and gripe and “frigging snow..” and make sure all and sundry have been told

“didja hear it’s gonna snow??!”

and gear up the cars and all that..but deep in our Yankee hearts, we LOVE a big old snowstorm.

I’m no exception to that.

A day at home will mean time to write. Time to nap. Time to chill.

Ah. Yeah, that. “Chill”…

for after the storm? It’s going to get wicked cold. No, really.


Yeah, yeah, I know this is a sex blog. But it’s really hard to get all excited about sexy stuff when you have to wear three layers in your house because it is so damn cold. And tomorrow is HNT day…which means cold nips. Frozen nips. Tits with big ole goose bumps on ’em.  Hmmm…kinda makes me think of a story…and …okay, I can see there’s still some sexy stuff hidden in the deep, warm corners of my dirty little mind.

So now you have something to look forward to…a sexy little tale on the coldest day of the new year (maybe the coldest day all year with none to break it? One can only hope.)

Polish those shovels, pervie peeps, and I’ll be back. I have a sudden urge to write. And then…”nap”…hehehe.





15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • I’m late! So late in replying, I’m sorry! It WAS cold for all you all down there! And snow in the south is like how we northerners feel about forest fires…it’s a rare duck! Here’s hoping that we turn a big corner after 2/2 and start really heading towards spring!


  1. Gosh it does sound crazy cold up there. All I have is rain. But it has also been the coolest it has ever been in where i live. And there has been very little sun. Mostly cloudy skies and pissing rain between thunderstorms. Wet wet and wet. Not the good kind of wet i might add. Waiting on your tale. Stay warm. Ish.

    • INSANELY cold up here until last week…when it broke 60. I shit thee not, we went from -15 to 60 (a 75 degree shift!) in 36 hours. Then on Saturday it fell 19 degrees in 15 minutes, ending up close to zero again (but thankfully for not as long!)

      I’m seriously thinking of giving up on winter altogether. 😀


    • I’m so late in replying! So late, that we’ve had a SECOND snow day up here in the frozen north! (and for a silly amount of snow, might I add!)

      I do love me a good snowstorm. I hope there’ll be another big ‘un in February!


  2. Yeah..we broke a record also for record number of days below 20 degrees and the next two days are not even going to approach 0…so happy I can just stay in…and look forward to a story from Nilla…
    hugs abby

    • A much belated reply,, I’m sorry! I can only say that it was too cold to even write in my room … each evening, I practically leapt into bed and pulled up my covers. I’m SO glad that’s behind us now…and so hoping it doesn’t return for a long, long time.


  3. Can’t you just see yourself in a cabin overlooking a river, wood stove pumping out the BTU’s, and your hands tied above your head, plug inserted and your breast pushed up against the cold sliding glass door, while you are being watched from behind. While you watch it snow. Tip

    • Why are you not a writer???
      This is one freaking hot scenario, my friend. It may well wind up in a story, you know. 😀

      Heat behind, cold tits…oh my, Tip. You just warmed *this* slut up!!


  4. Snow Day here too! The city is frozen and wind is felt inside the house. Thankfully, we have heat finally. This last week i was wearing a knit cap inside the house with wool socks and slippers. Ha! Hears to a warmer week ahead, i hope. And warmer nipples.

    • Wasn’t it the worst two weeks EVER??? OMG I, who am *rarely* cold, spent the better part of that time half frozen. I am NOT a fan of that type of cold.

      Happy rest of winter! (may it pass quickly!)


  5. Happy new year beautiful lady. All we have is wind and rain. With most of the area and rivers are flooded. But temp above zero

    • Thanks ashly! I appreciate the kind words! It’s snowed here several times and finally warmed up some. At least we’re hovering above freezing temps for now. Happy new year to you and yours as well!

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