Almost Missed the HNT!

EVERYONE has been shut down today, the north east has been Bombogenisisisised. We’ve had a shit-ton of snow, winds to rival the wolf of 3-little pigs fame, and now the thermometer has begun to fall again. Oh, the warm up to 28 was SO nice. Finally to be able to shed some layers.

But then it got cold again. And my nips …well you all know what nips do when it’s cold.20180104_223341

4 thoughts on “Almost Missed the HNT!

    1. This is a verrrry late reply (I’m so sorry!) but thanks for the offer! Thankfully, the weather here has warmed at last! (funny that we think “freezing” is warm…!)


    1. Thanks! It was SO cold when I posted this, and finally, (after almost 2 weeks) we’ve come out the other side. Here’s hoping that’s the worst of the winter!


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