A Brief Interlude

I’m working on the story, I promise. I know that’s what you really do come here for and i’m so appreciative of all the lovely compliments…this is a fun one!

My work schedule is crammed as I try to work around the roadblock of this stupidly huge Nor’easter (while holding those who call the coastline ‘home’ are in my prayers…this is going to be a bad, very bad, blow up here…). You know, when we have flowers bravely popping up through the soil, we get this…this…thing.

If you’re not from up here, you don’t really get how bad nor’easters can be. But suffice to say, we’re gonna get it all–rain changing to snow, very severe (tropical storm and hurricane force winds for 36 – 40 hours) winds, and for the coast, a terrible battering from full-moon high tides (15′ plus storm surge!).

So why am I tellin’ you all this? Because, while I may have enough charge to write my chapters, I may not have internet if we lose any trees. (let alone power).

Forecasters are saying this is going to be worse than the Perfect Storm (the movie mostly shows the guys in the boat, a terrible tragedy, but there was a lot of damage all over Massachusetts from the severe storm).

So, we’ll batten down our hatches, and I’ll stockpile words for you all, and start publishing as soon as the storm is over and power is back. Until then, everyone…run, run to the store for bread and milk omg! It’s a nor’easter! Dorothy….Dorothhhhyyyy…(oh, wrong storm…!)