Hired! ~15~

She lay on the couch, a light blanket over her. Her body throbbed. Ass, thighs, tits, her face where he’d smacked her during the most intense blow job she’d ever given. Gods, just thinking of it made her wet. Her throat was sore, but all of the pain fused together to make for one intensely erotic playtime.

Except, of course, for the fucking chastity belt.

Which she was still wearing, damn him to hell and beyond.

But the feeling of aggravation couldn’t stand up to the incredible memories of his cock in her throat, his hands in her hair, using her mouth as a hole.  It should have made her feel worthless, certainly by today’s mores. But she felt entirely different from what “should be” dictated. He fulfilled her. He’d used her, teased her, touched her, smacked the ever-loving shit out of her. At no point in their play had she felt anything less than beautifully used.

There was that throbbing between her legs again,  she thought. Just thinking of him was doing that. Well, now that she thought about it, she did have to pee. And didn’t she hate doing that with this stupid, fucking belt on? Where was he? Vaguely she thought she remembered him wanting a shower. But she didn’t hear it running.

She also remembered him talking about her toy box. What toys she had, where. For a while she was hopeful that he was planning on using them on her, but somewhere between the slapping, biting, and kissing, she’d fallen asleep. It had been awhile since she’d had play time, and she certainly didn’t think it had ever had the same intensity.

The pressing need of her bladder roused her away from thoughts of orgasms needed. What she needed most was the bathroom, and soon! Kicking free of the blanket, she got to her feet, found herself shaky and sore. She made her way to the bathroom.

“Hey, I need to pee…”

But the bathroom door was open, only a slightly damp warmth letting her know he’d been there. What the fuck? She peed, shifting on the seat. Pissing through the belt was not the most comfortable of things, and she was afraid she would get a pissy rash if he didn’t take it off soon. But that would require finding him, so it seemed. A wet washcloth got her outer labia cleaned well, and she left the bathroom feeling frustrated. In every sense of the word, she muttered to herself. Imagining that big cock sliding inside of her pussy…no. No, she mustn’t even begin to go there or the need would drive her wild.

He wasn’t in the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen. What was there was a note. It made her seethe to find it, so she crumpled it into a ball and threw it across the room. It bounced on the back of the couch before rolling over the back.

“nooooo!” she yelped, leaping for it. “Wait…I haven’t read it yet, dammit!” But it fell behind it anyway. The couch was a heavy behemoth; it had taken both moving guys to muscle it into place. She moved the coffee table, and lay on the floor to see if she could reach it that way. It was, naturally, back against the wall, a good foot beyond her fingertips.

“Broom!” she said, and rolled to her feet, banging her shoulder on the way. “Fucking damn OUTCHIES!” she yelled, then uttered a loud FUCK when she stubbed her toe on the door jamb to the kitchen.


She ordered herself. “Take a breath. Calm the fuck down.”

Pausing, she inhaled slowly, as she’d learned in yoga class. She really needed to get back to that someday, she mused. “Okay….broom. S-l-o-w-l-y. Carefully.”

With trusty red broom in hand, she slid back to the floor in front of the couch, but had to get up to push the table further away so she could finangel the handle underneath. With a triumphant *flick* she tapped the wadded up note, shooting it directly into the corner, where the wide leg of the couch effectively blocked any further attempts.

“The. Fuck.” She huffed out a breath, cursing her ineptitude with the broom, her impatience for throwing it in reaction, and him  for creating the situation in the first place. Her phone rang, and she reached up to the coffee table without getting up off the floor.

Of course.

“You Bastard.”

“Well. Hello to you too, slut. And here I thought you’d be all warm and tender.”

“Well, I’m not. You LEFT. Just sailed out the door and…”

He interrupted. “Didn’t you read my note?”

“uhm…there was a little problem…” her voice trailed off. How did one explain such a thing to one’s new Dom?

“Hmmm…a bit of temper, perhaps? Did you rip it into a million pieces perchance?”

“Noooo, but kinda something like that…”

“I shouldn’t tell you what it said, then, now should I?”

“that would be really mean…” her voice was quiet. She knew she’d gone a bit over the top but still…

“Indeed. I’m rather renowned for that, you know. Being mean. Many little girls actually like that.”

She sighed.

“But because I’m in a rather…shall we say…relieved state of being,”

She rolled her eyes, thankful he couldn’t see her.

“I’ll tell you one thing that it said.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“Well?” she said, breaking the silence.

“That was it.”

“What  was “it?” she asked, thinking her phone must have blurped out for a moment.

“That . Silence. It was the space between some of the things that I wrote. Sweet things.”

“That’s not something you said.”

“Ah, but silence communicates much, wouldn’t you say?”

It was so very hard to restrain herself, so she clapped her hand over her mouth. After an even longer pause, she heard his chuckle.

And then a click.


She was seriously pissed. Pacing around the floor, muttering imprecations about the asshat who was her dom…for right now, at any rate… she had worked herself into a state of high fury.

“Well, fuck him!” 

She paused her pacing. Maybe she could wriggle her way free of the belt if she sucked her belly in hard.

It didn’t work.

Nor did tugging the lock on the back of the thing. And she didn’t own bolt cutters. Yet.

The phone rang, interrupting her furious attempts to be free of the hated, annoying, STUPID belt.

“WHAT?” she yelled into the phone.

“I forgot to tell you that I have the key to the belt. I was going to leave it on your dresser, but I left it here by accident. Or by cosmic design.”

“I need to get out of this thing. Like…NOW.”

“Oooh, you sound so frustrated little girl.”

It took every ounce of willpower to not throw her phone across the room. But all that would do is break the phone.

“I need to cum.”

“Awww,” he said. Damn him, she could hear the laughter in his voice. “Too bad you didn’t read my note, then, isn’t it?”

He laughed as he hung up. Again.

She had to get that fucking note.



5 thoughts on “Hired! ~15~

  1. Sounds like the storm was just long enough to set up this wonderful tease. I would be more than willing to help her get the note. Maybe she ask a neighbor for help? Tip

  2. wooaaahhhhh
    i took a day off from work.. and this is the best thing i’ve read since morning!!
    i never ever want you to stop this story. ever.

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