With so many chapters of Hired! now done, I’ve decided to create a page to put them all in…all 20,000+ words of it! Whoa! I’m still deciding on a direction, and am in the middle of reading it from start to the end of where we’re all hanging…

But I expect to have some good writing time later this week, so know that it’s coming, really.

Even Kat might come this week. (Laughs)

I’m so very touched by all the lovely, lovely comments everyone has left, and how much everyone is into these two characters. I don’t plot out my stories (bad me!), just sit down and they pour out of me. Sometimes I can write two or three chapters in a go, other times, it’s just one scenario. Depends on the muse, I guess.

I’m hanging with this one till the end. Promise, promise! I know there’s more than one story that is still hanging in suspended animation until I get back to it. There’s a few short stories on Dark Fantasies when my mind goes off on a tangent, but mostly I’m just sticking with this one tale.

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me!



6 thoughts on “Housekeeping

    1. Thanks Tip! Finally finished the next chapter. Thank goodness for hot showers on cold days…gets the brain and fingers moving!


  1. definitely worth waiting for! (though Kat might disagree!!)

    I was just thinking that I hoped you would put this on its own page – can’t wait to re-read.

    1. Thanks bookdreamer! It’s all up and published including the new chapter…it was a fun re-read…I’m psyched that I’m so far along in it…! Those little chapters do add up!


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