This Could Be Exciting

Okay, so my *favorite* vibrator is dying. I have actually bought 3 iterations of it over the years but at long last it is no longer available. So I bought a sibling of it, and while it’s a bit girthier, which I like, it doesn’t have the same ripply texture and the vibe is more buzzy? In a lighter way, somehow. Anyhow, we’re going to take some time to develop a relationship.


I hate buying a new vibe. So then I go back to the website…because the one I wanted was like $185.

*hysterical laughter*

Right, as if I’d spend almost $200 on my pussy? Uh, no. Too much of a frugal Yankee here for that. But then I saw *this*…and I have to admit that I bought it immediately.


By the way, this is NOT an advertisement. I don’t do those sorts of endorsements. But I’m SO excited by the idea of this (and the video showed it as being fairly girthy, too!). You can *shape* this! Mold it to bend and have nobbies in places that feel good…oh gosh. It’s like a fantasy for me, come true! And while it’s not a vibrator, I’m hoping that the various forms I can shape it to will more than make up for missing out on the vibe part.

I’ll let you know how it works out when it comes…hopefully sooooon so I can cum, too! LOL

Color me an eager beaver. (see what I did there?)