This Could Be Exciting

Okay, so my *favorite* vibrator is dying. I have actually bought 3 iterations of it over the years but at long last it is no longer available. So I bought a sibling of it, and while it’s a bit girthier, which I like, it doesn’t have the same ripply texture and the vibe is more buzzy? In a lighter way, somehow. Anyhow, we’re going to take some time to develop a relationship.


I hate buying a new vibe. So then I go back to the website…because the one I wanted was like $185.

*hysterical laughter*

Right, as if I’d spend almost $200 on my pussy? Uh, no. Too much of a frugal Yankee here for that. But then I saw *this*…and I have to admit that I bought it immediately.


By the way, this is NOT an advertisement. I don’t do those sorts of endorsements. But I’m SO excited by the idea of this (and the video showed it as being fairly girthy, too!). You can *shape* this! Mold it to bend and have nobbies in places that feel good…oh gosh. It’s like a fantasy for me, come true! And while it’s not a vibrator, I’m hoping that the various forms I can shape it to will more than make up for missing out on the vibe part.

I’ll let you know how it works out when it comes…hopefully sooooon so I can cum, too! LOL

Color me an eager beaver. (see what I did there?)


5 thoughts on “This Could Be Exciting

  1. I’ve always been told if you are getting something it might as well be the one you want. Looking forward to your tales of the relationship that you make with this newcomer in your life. Tip

    • 😀 I’m hoping that tomorrow I actually have free time with NO one home to be able to do the heating up and “reforming” of the silly thing. I look at it longingly several times a week…so close and yet…so boring (right now!)


    • Well, it’s kind of cool. I haven’t bee*do* anything with it yet because it has to boil for 15 minutes, and trying to find time when NO ONE is around so I can boil the danged thing is just about impossible. I’m hoping that Sunday morning I’ll have some quiet, free time. Cross your fingers! It’s lovely girthy, and has a nice feel to it. A velvety kinda touch to the silicone. But once it’s hot, you wrap the plastic “string” around it to create lumps and bumps and can bend it to hopefully craft a g-spot stroker.

      I’ll keep ya posted!


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