It’s still winter here and I have the blahs…

…but…I’ve been writing so that helps. Sexy stuff that makes me horny, and stories have begun appearing in my head again.

And M and I may have a playtime later this month. Cross your fingers because I need it badly. And so, I believe, does he.

Suddenly EVERYTHING is annoying me. I’m not finding solace in my work as I usually do, just annoyance. I’m not finding peace in most anything other than journaling, and that’s not a full time kind of thing, right?

I need it to really be spring. I need to be outside and puttering in the yard, and not being pent up in the house all the fucking time except when I’m going to work. I’m so frigging stir crazy it isn’t even funny. And dear gods, I need to be beaten and fucked to unconsciousness.

And it snowed again today, almost an hour after the weather guy said the snow wasn’t going to get us after all. LIAR! LIAR! Grrr!. Now, we’re not talking feet, and we’re not talking all day…okay it was most of the day…but peeps…the temp almost hit 40…39…so close, so close…and within an hour it had fallen back, and by evening, fallen even lower, back to 32. It should NOT be 32 during the day in the first week in April. It’s just so wrong.

Is it weird that I’m mad about it? I’m feeling…gypped. I’m feeling…mad. Really, pissy and grumbly and I have absolutely NO tolerance for it. Okay it’s pretty. Blah blah. It’s too damn cold, my heat is still running, and I had to take out the winter coat. Again.

Just. Stop. Being. Cold.

*bitch session over*

So, I’ve been writing. It’s hard because it comes in dribs and drabs, my free time. Between work, kids, pets, and yeah, kids…and all the little weird life-crisis’ that happen, from “omg I just dropped your favorite mug” to “uh, ma, I just sucked something up in the vacuum and it appears to be stuck up there” (in the poorly designed crook where it’s solid plastic and unable to be detached from the hose, of course).

Yeah, those kind of time sucks.

But the workaround is actually grabbing those free breaks of 5, 10, 15 minutes, and slamming a few words down. It helps me feel that I’ve accomplished something..not quite so much as finally getting the cat toy OUT of the frigging vacuum did (after -no shit- an HOUR of working on it), but close.


So that’s my grumble on a Friday night. Happy weekend. And by damn I hope Spring pushes the damned polar vortex straight to hell.

8 thoughts on “It’s still winter here and I have the blahs…

  1. I feel your angst….high only in the 30’s here during the day…if the sun manages to come out between the flakes…and 20’s at night…too damned **** cold…April is not supposed to be another winter month. Headed your way the end of this week, so please do something about that weather…or keep writing to entertain me…hugs abby

    1. I’m writing to entertain *both* of us! Yardwork had been on my to do list before the snowy day…it did warm up to 46 today, and that’s progress (but no yardwork, sadly). Has been waaay too cold at night, for sure.

      It has to end…right?


    1. waaaaannnntttt spring! Admittedly, there are things sprouting up everywhere in my yard, and the crocus are blooming any time the sun appears. Even with snow on them. But gosh I sure would love a string of warm days. Seems unfair that we spent them all in *February* ffs!


  2. I’m not enjoying this snowy April, I’m not excited about being cold… but I’ll still take this over having a summer of highs in the 90’s with 95-97% humidity. I’m not trying to be all Pollyanna but I really do prefer being cold over being hot. So I’m not complaining, let the gods pay me back in the summer!

    1. True that! I definitely don’t want a high humidity summer either (I melt!)…but this unceasing snow is sending me into such a depressive mode. *sigh* It was snowing when I went to work this morning. Again.

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