He Insists

So there I am, muddling along in the day-to-day of my life. I have been so busy between kid stuff, work stuff and house stuff that I’m up and running the moment my feet hit the floor every morning…so busy that I rarely eat breakfast these days, and chug my one cup of tea between the various tasks for taking care of my family (including fur-kids!). For several days I only sent a goodnight text to M…at midnight.

And then.

I did a thing.

You know how one day you just get tired of the same old, same old? Yeah, I hit that point a week ago, and I cut my hair.

Now, M loves long hair on women. I know that. And I’ve been growing my hair for 12 years (with occasional ‘big’ trims)…but it hasn’t been short-short since he’s known me. And you know,  he’s not the day-to-day Dom that manages stuff like that. He doesn’t care what I wear, doesn’t care if I wear underwear or not, it just is too much micro-managing for him. It used to bug him when I’d ask about changing my color, or getting 4″ of hair lopped off.

So I just plunked myself in the hairdressers chair and told her it was time for a makeover. My hair was lank, and damaged, and tired. My red was more trending towards orange, and I was just tired of managing all of it.

She took off somewhere near 9″ and then added lots of layers (I have super thick hair). Now it’s bouncy and vibrant, and a deep coppery red…and I love it. It barely skims my shoulders in the back!  It takes me 2 minutes to style and boy how nice to not have the chore of keeping it up. No more braids, no more ponytails…and no more headaches, either. If you have long hair that you put up in a pony or bun, then you know what I’m talking about.

While I’m sure he’s not pleased with my decision, he also understands that sometimes you need a big cut to make it nice again.

So that leads me to his text early last week, insisting that we have a play time in June. Yes. HE initiated wanting playtime. So we’re going for it, hopefully mid-month. I was stunned, and happy, and glad to know that he still wants my fat o…hrm…if I say that word, Jz will be on me again…my fat, 59 year old ass. It’s nice to be wanted, isn’t it?

“I hope you beat me good, M,” I said. “I suppose you could beat me for cutting my hair,” I continued.

“Nilla,” he says, and I can hear the voice in my head as I read his texted response, “I’m going to beat you for breathing. I don’t need an excuse to do so.”

Which just makes me laugh. It’s just so M.

Keep your fingers crossed, Peeps, that things continue to flow and we get a second playtime already, this year. When you’re only averaging 3 times a year, having another time to fuck like minks in such a short time frame is a gift of immeasurable value. And if all goes well, despite him not loving my hair, which I know he won’t, he should hopefully at least not loathe it either.



13 thoughts on “He Insists

  1. I happen to know that you’re gorgeous with your shorter hair – and it’s not like super short anyhow – so I think he might like it more than he thinks he will. Which won’t, of course, stop the beatings… but who wants them to stop??

    • Thank you beloved. I love it soooo much I can’t believe I waited so long. No headaches for 10 days (and I thought it was a fluke!) I think He’ll like it, too. And no, don’t want those beatings to stop…(and I so hope you will get some. I’m behind on your blog but have seen there’s an uptick in relationship building going on there. I’m beyond happy for you, both of you.


      • truly. I’ve not had a headache since the cut. And I love it. LOVE it. I don’t have to style it and it’s good. I can style it and still good.

        I’m SOOOOOO happy that things are coming about for you and your Sir. You have no idea how ebullient I am over this!



      • Thanks, ‘nilla – you know how much I appreciate you sharing the happiness. After all, you knew me before him, so you’ve been through some ups and downs with us!! Thank you for hanging in there. 🙂

  2. I bet your new ‘do’ is wonderful…less maintenance, good color….he will get used to it…lol..easy for me to say. M has told me…let’s say more than a few times…I don’t need an excuse or reason other than I want to…
    hugs abby

    • Yess! Exactly! Because they want to, and because we LIKE that they want to! Thanks for the hair positives. I have had zero cutting remorse (what’s worse than that, right?) I LOVE how easy it is. Aaaand…there’s enough for him to grab…



  3. BG suggested I grow mine.
    I just laughed ruefully and described what happened last time I tried that. (It wasn’t pretty, shall we just say>)
    Thank you for not forcing me to greet you with a bitch-slap. 😀

    • LOL.

      I’m not sure I want to grow mine out again. It is SO EASY to handle this. Or not handle it as the case may be. 😀


  4. i cut my hair 2 years ago. slashed. its short. a crop. i can’t comb it if i tried. there’s nothing there TO comb. and there’s no turning back now. i can’t IMAGINE having long hair again. i was worried BIKSS would object. he didn’t. Whatever little hair there is, he still manages to grab. or else there are always other places to grab. right?

    and yes. no headaches. gawds having the long hair in a bun or ponytail or braid all the time was exhausting. and painful.

    wishing you a great playtime.

    • Thanks Fondles!! Wow, that is short! And yanno, they always seem to find a way (or a place) to grab!

      M has yet to see it, yet I think, while he won’t love it, he won’t hate it either.

      or so I hope…


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