Well Hello!

Something about summers impending end brings on a rush of “gotta do’s” that is near to overwhelming. Please, tell me you’re in the same boat! Between work and kids and home and this UNBELIEVABLE fucking heat (after a summer chock full of heatwaves galore and rains of biblical proportions)…July and August were just  wildly impossible months.

So now I’m trying, really making an effort, to be blogging more regularly. Life had taken on a certain kind of “overwhelming” during the summer, but I’m hoping September will bring some normalcy into the mix. And hey, we’re all hella busy these days, right?! But I’m aiming to sit and write during September, to finish that story, to reconnect with this side of me. After all, I’m not ONLY Vanilla-mom…I’m ripe, nasty, badness inside, too.

The M and I have been texting and talking…no meeting scheduled yet after our last falling through. Maybe something will happen soon, but I’m not holding my breath. At least we’re muddling onward, and throwing sexy jabs out here and there. I hate when my sexy goes on vaca without me! But it really takes just a few prompts from Himself to wing it back.

Take, for instance, a few weeks ago when we had our umpteenth heatwave. It was draining, and I was exhausted from it. He texted this one little thing and my gods it was so amazingly rejuvenating…

Nilla, take care of yourself…an exhausted slut is useless to me…

I’m not sure of all the mental why’s and wherefores, but wow, that just blammo’d right to my heart. I know. This submissive gene is certainly wired weirdly. His comment lifted my spirits for days, and made me take more care of myself–getting to bed earlier, for instance, and make sure I was getting enough fluids.

Then this week a really awful heat. I know you all who read in “normal hot” places might think it’s stupid, but when you live in the Northeast, you don’t expect to have so many days in the upper 90’s with humidty in the 70+ degree range. That’s Florida  weather, folks, not New England. And when it drones on. And on. And on? It messes up our brains. So I was moaning to him, and he was semi-moaning back to me. Not everyone up here has air conditioning, certainly not my old house, and not his either. It’s fans in the windows, and sweating. *nods sagely, and perhaps a bit martyr-like*


Yeah, well we survived it and I can write about it with a smile because it’s over at damn last!! Anyway, He sent me a text yesterday when I was really blasted by the …you know…and it made me giggle and get up and get some Gatorade and re-hydrate.

So nilla, when you rubbed an ice cube on your nipples, did steam come out of your pussy?


Yes, he asked me that. When I couldn’t even get up off the bed from my almost-heat-exhaustion state. And it made me laugh and grin when I got up to throw some ice in a glass and chug a glass of water and take a cool shower. I don’t like drinking ice water, normally, but hearing that ice clinking in my glass drew a cartoon picture in my head, and it was all I could do to not laugh out loud when I was done.

Small bits of kink in an otherwise vanilla-filled summer; but they serve as quick jabs to remind me that I am a slut, and I am His  slut, and that’s a really good thing. Even when it’s 987* outside. For reals. *


*might be a slight exaggeration

7 thoughts on “Well Hello!

  1. Glad to hear from you, I have also been absent this summer..so many reasons why. I am with you on this ***** heat….we are having two days off..and then more next week UGH…I am just very very thankful that I no longer have to spend any of it in a classroom…..here’s to a long long fall season for both of us, before we start complaining about the snow and cold. And those texts…that cause us to catch out breath…invaluable! hugs abby

  2. So good to see a post from you! (And i would die in that heat. )
    And i love those moments when the D has said something in passing, and later you’re doing something else, and it brings that comment rushing back. Glad you’re getting a few reminders.

  3. Good to see you, glad your still alive and kicking even though the heat is taking it’s tool. As for the temp you mentioned 987 I believe it. Here in FL is been like waking on the Sun and I’m ready for some cooler weather.

  4. LOL i live on the equator. The temperature is in the 90s with humidity in the 85-90 range most of the time. So I totally know what you’re going thru. We have aircons in buses and trains and most apartments here have ac in the whole unit, if not at least in one bedroom where we escape the heat when it gets too hot. Right now it’s about 81 degrees and we’re all rejoicing 🙂

  5. As a former Floridian, i can attest that this heat wave has been far worse than anything Florida can muster. No ocean breeze to cool me down. No central air everywhere. No private cars. Just ugh. Even with window a/c its been really and truly hellish. i seriously cannot wait for fall! i’m glad you are able to think sizzling thoughts at least ❤

  6. Sending love…. so sorry you’re suffering, but surely it will be -10 soon up there! It’s hotter than hades here, but you know i’m still loving it. Super glad that you and M are connecting. And did you try that nipple thing? hehehe…

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