What to Call A Break-Up Post?

I can’t call it “heavy-hearted” because tonight, at this moment in time, I’m..nothing. I’m not angry or sad or happy or …anything. Not even numb. I’m out of rhythm with my body and mind, and I’m …maybe just holding space here.

I’ve not “formally” broken up with M.

But it’s close.

Last week he said something that I just find reprehensible. He was trying to be humorous in that offbeat way of his that I have often found both irritating and funny. This was not funny at all. 

I texted that to him, just “not funny”.

He didn’t reply/respond to that for 24 hours, and when he did it was as if none of that other had happened, was a “quirky” attempt a humor about something he saw at starbucks.

Like…I give two fucks about that? Let’s deal with what’s on the table here. But I know myself, and knew that if I had replied like that he’d fuff me off, ‘oh nilla, you’re just being overly sensitive like you get all the time’…which is both untrue and definitely not in this case.

I didn’t write back.

In point of fact, I’ve neither written nor spoken to him in five days and nights. He’s written one other time, again a “humorous” vignette type of thing, which I didn’t even finish reading, frankly. Until or unless he’s willing to man up and say something about his remark, I’m not going to communicate.

The thing is, I’m not sure I can continue with him. This was really an unforgivable sort of thing to say to anyone. After nine years with him, I think I may just be done.

I’m not feeling submissive, or…anything. Not sad, not lost, not angry. I’m being level headed, and calm and…holding space for those emotions. Maybe in stasis until I know from him what’s in his mind.

I hate just giving up.

But this time, I’d hate giving in even more.

11 thoughts on “What to Call A Break-Up Post?

  1. Nilla,
    I am sending you my positive thoughts and energy. Only you know what is right for you. As one of your readers/voyeur I hope you find peace and happiness soon. You deserve good things with caring people around you.

  2. Oh dear. 😦
    But yeah… it happens that way sometimes. One little instance of something the other has done before, except this time it feels like the last straw.
    I know he sometimes apologizes when his back is to the wall, so I’m going to hope he does that now, too. Even if that doesn’t fix anything, at least it lets you leave without a bad taste in your mouth…

  3. Hugs…..and sometimes there is a straw that breaks the camel’s back…or a relationship. If……this is that straw, don’t overlook the importance of closure…of saying goodbye…Big hugs your way, abby

  4. i hate it when they say “you’re being overly sensitive”. If u can’t be your honest and authentic self with your SO and have to edit your words / actions then what’s the point eh? *hugs*

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