That’s what this is. Pure fantasy, to titillate and amuse. Not to condone true rape, nor true violence. These works are works of fantasy and should never be taken as consent to force yourself upon a stranger, unless you’ve met, crafted an agreement of consensual non-consent, and have a safeword, and a safecall on standby. 

3 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. Nothing to do with your blog.
    I have just seen your weather.
    I thought we had it bad but by Christ your weather kicks the arse out of it. Stay safe and warm, thinking of you and your family 😘

    • Ashly, I’m late in replying, but yes the weather around here has been, frankly, fucking weird.
      One day FREEZING (oh that was hard!) one day normal, one day almost obscenely warm, then snow. Then warm again so it all melts away.
      Then there’s today, when they *said* it would warm to near 50 and be sunny…and it’s overcast, and hovering around 35.

      What a wack winter this has been!
      Thanks for your kind thoughts! Only 5 more weeks until we start really seeing Spring start to poke through!

  2. We are such distant sisters….I developed earlier this week…and panicked…I have been NO PLACE….and yes I am going stir crazy, altho M knows how to deal with that….but still that cough…and then I way an article about the spring (altho it is snowing here today)…and thought ahhh…allergies!
    And yes the former english teacher just wrote the worse run-on sentence ever!!! Such is life….
    hugs abby

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