Well That Wasn’t Fun at All

I know you think I’ve abandoned all you all…but I promise, you were all in my thoughts. I thought I had gotten through the winter without my annual visit from influenza, but at the tail end of February it slapped the holy fuck out of me (and I mean allllllll the fuck…). I’ve been recovering for the last 5 weeks, and still on antibiotics.

Somewhere in there I turned 60…so if you’ve ever fantasized that I’m some young, oversexed thing you’re half wrong…*laughs*

Anyway, I knew I was feeling better when I began to have sex fantasies once again, so there is hope.

I just wanted you to know I’m still here, and hoping to eke out time to write…something it was so much easier to do when my kids were little. Now it’s all MomTaxi shuttling hither and yon, and long winding conversations about things, as they wend their way through teenagehood.

I really love my life.

And I need to work a bit harder at putting the sexy stuff back in.

Anyhoooo…that’s where I am, and know that I’ll be back MUCH sooner with more fun dirty stories…