Have You Ever…

That’s the title to some game, I think. Or one of those facebook things where you get points for all the things you’ve ever…

But no, my have you ever continues with…had a total week of hell?

I had a tooth pulled to start the week, and it was awful, terrible, brutal. I’m having complications from it, and so instead of finally losing the mouth pain that’s been a plague to me for the last year, I got a new, bigger pain.

Some pain just ain’t sexy.

I had to have the plumber come the next day for a household thing, not an emergency, but definitely a necessity. Then I had to have a cortisone injection, unrelated to my mouth issues. Then my kid passed out on me.

(he’s fine, btw, just some freaky thing, I guess.)

So there’s been some major cash flow issues, and major physical issues, and frankly, I’ve just had it up to here *smacks eyebrows* with all this nonsense. I’m done, stick a fork in me already!

ON the bright side, now that I’ve whined…

My gardens have sprung to life. There is green grass growing everywhere. The trees are leafing out, the birds are singing, and the air smells of spring. We’ve had a TON of rain up here in the northeast, so we could use a bit more blue-sky days. We’ve had several really warm days, which totally spoiled us for any “normal” temps.

And M and I are talking. I thought we were done, like for real. It’s been over a year since we last saw one another, and several months since we’ve even spoken on the phone. I wasn’t really sure if I was even into this …thing…anymore. D/s? What’s that? There’s been no pleasure in my pain, lately.

Then he texts me that we really need to plan a time to get together. For me to pick a day. (Which I’ve been unable to do, but hope to aim for June when life slows down a wee bit.) And he’s mentioned it TWICE which is frankly unprecedented.

There may yet be hope of something sexy to report here. I have stories in my head again–I was afraid they’d gone the way of my libido, but both seem to be on the upswing. Now if only I could find time in a bottle…or a bag…or in the corner of a pocket somewhere…!

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever…

  1. Hooray! A post from ‘nilla!
    Tooth pain is awful, and not sexy at all.
    Glad spring seems to be waking up lots of things. 😉

  2. Wonderful to hear from you..I was AWOL from blog land for a while…it is good to be back and have you back…hugs abby

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