Well Hey!

Sometime since my blog-oversary (10 years!) and my reclusive period, my blog hit over a million views! That’s really wicked awesome!

Thanks so much y’all. For the comments, for the views, for reading me…and returning back here to check in with me while I was…busy/soul-searching/debating…

It means more than any of you could ever know that I have friends here in this nebulous otherworld.



omg omg omfuckinggod…

What the fuck was happening to her? Ellie’s heart was racing, and she was in shock. Shaking her head and screaming did nothing, HE just kept pulling her along, and it was keep up with him or fall and be dragged. There was a heavy thumping music playing, and it was very warm. She could feel the cushy gym floor but what the FUCK was going on?

She was a feisty little thing, he thought, amused at her puny struggles. She knew what she was getting into, but trying to steal from the club was a major no-no. So either she wanted to be caught and punished, or she really was as naughty as her Dom had claimed. Either way, she would be brought to heel. Tugging her bound hands sharply, Dane pulled the girl up to the Cross. He made fast work of securing each wrist to each upright arm of the Cross, despite her squeals and struggles. Oh, she was going to be a fun little package.

Grabbing the Hitachi he’d set up earlier, he placed it against her crotch, turning it on low, before securing her legs together at the thighs, squeezing it snugly. In moments, he had her knees, calves, and ankles bound so that no amount of wriggling would free the device from its insidious torment of her crotch. Her jeans would add to the teasing, the thick seam at the center would vibrate right against her pussy, centered right over that very tender nubbin at the top.

She was overwhelmed with sensations, her wrists bound over her head, spread wide, with thick bracelets that she could not break free from. Her legs were cinched tightly together with something that purred against her private area with an insistent buzzing that was starting to make her horny. What the everloving fuck was happening at the GYM for the love of fuck.

Suddenly she felt his body pressed up against her back, her butt. The warmth of a male body snugged tight to her only added to the stir of sensations. He smelled of musk, of man, of sex. His voice was a quiet whisper in her ear, the humid breeze of breath tickling an erogenous zone. His words, however, were startling, pulling her away from the sensations, for a moment at least.

“You are such a naughty girl, Cassie. But we’re going to start fixing that reckless streak and help you become a better subgirl. Your Daddy sent you to me to break you, and to build you back into a good babygirl. Let us begin, hmmm?”

His hands reached up, and tugged her breasts free of her tank top. The strong fingers began molding and squeezing each tit, ending with a firm tug of her nipples. She arched, the pain mingling with the throbbing of her clit until she felt…felt…

She moaned. She’d never felt like this ever before. Hot, cold, wanting a hard fast fuck. He continued to talk to her, but she had no idea what he was saying, swamped by the assault on her senses. She needed to cum. She needed it so much.


Dane turned, looking over his shoulder at Daniel, who had tapped him.


“Yeah. I see that. But…come here.” Daniel whispered.

Dane leaned against the moaning sub, whispering in her ear. He reached around her, hefting one meaty breast.

“I’ll be back…until then…enjoy.”

Expertly, Dane slipped a clamp on her left nipple. A long chain hung from the clamp, swinging wildly.

“Just one. I’ll do the other one later…and we’ll add some weights.”

With a chuckle, he slapped her ass as he backed away, looking for where Daniel had moved off to.

“Keep an eye on her, Chris,” he instructed his floor manager.


Daniel stood beside a petite blonde girl, dressed in a scarlet bustier and heels, and nothing else. Her generous tits spilled from the top, and her nipples were rouged, deeply pink.

“Nice. What did you need, Daniel, I’m in the middle of working with Cassie and…”

“No,” Daniel interrupted him.

“WTF…” Dane began, looking annoyed.

The blonde interrupted both men. Thrusting out her tits, she tapped one and stepped into Dane’s space.

I”M CASSIE!” If that bitch told you she was, it was because she wanted your attention, the whore. You’re supposed to be working with me!”

Dane blinked.

“Well, I can certainly see why your Dom sent you to me, you rude child.”

“It’s …”

Dane held up a hand, universally the ‘Stop’ signal.

“You will shut your mouth, and go stand over there.” He pointed to the wall where there was a single loop of rope hanging. “Put your tits on the wall, and your hands up over your head and hang onto that loop like your life depends upon it.”

Her mouth opened, but catching his stern stare, she prudently closed it again. With a frown, and a pout, she turned on her heel and stomped across the room. Once she was out of earshot, Dane turned to Daniel.

“If that is Cassie, who the fuck am I torturing??”

“Uh, I think that is our new secretary. I didn’t see her face but I recognize that auburn hair. What the fuck are you going to do?”

“Well, you know…I think… maybe it’s time we introduced her to this side of things. Explain that there was a Dom that went a little overboard and the situation has been corrected and don’t for the love of all that’s holy, let her know it was me!”

“Fucking Coward.”

“You know it.” He rubbed his face. “Geezuz. What a clusterfuck. I’ll figure something out for tomorrow. Just…get her out of here now. I suggest taking the mask off of her OUTSIDE so she doesn’t see anyone just yet. And I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Tell her to come in at 9 and we’ll have a meeting.”

“If she doesn’t quit. Maybe we should keep her here for the day?”

“And risk someone else molesting her? No, cut her loose.”


“Oh yeah. Double, DOUBLE Fuck.”


There was a click and the torture device between her legs was silenced. She heard the rip of velcro and felt her legs become free. Her arms were freed, and rubbed. The huge ball between her teeth was gone. At last, with a soft warning, the clamp was removed from her nipple. She whimpered, rubbing furiously at the tender skin where the rubber teeth had bitten. When she would have taken off the mask, a gentle hand stopped her, and a voice she recognized said “Wait”.

“Please…” she said, her voice shivering.

“Please what, Ellie? I’m so, so sorry. This space is rented by a private enterprise on Sunday, and no one knew who you were. They found me and asked me to release you and apologize. You’re not hurt, right?”

“I’m….I’m gawd …ooooh.”

She stopped moving, folding over.

“Are you hurt?”

“HURT?? HURT?” Waving her hands, searching for him, her voice was a low growl of sound.

“Where the fuck are you, Daniel?”

Hooking her arm through his, he steered her quickly out of the play area, out to the front door, and took off the blindfold. The light here was dim, but still sunlight bounced in around the shade on the door.. She blinked furiously. Looking up at him she grabbed a hank of hair and pulled his ear to her mouth.

“I’m ssso fffucking HORNY, you bastard. You fucking jerk. How am I? HOW AM I? How would you EXPECT me to be after having my girly bits shaken and stirred for the last 100 hours? HUH??”

She let go of his hair, and bit his earlobe, then turned and stormed out into the Sunday sunshine.

He watched her storm up the street, not towards the parking lot. Frowning and rubbing his sore lobe, he muttered.

“It was less than an hour.”


Gym ~2

All things considered, her first few days were fairly easy. She’d worked all kinds of temp jobs, so she had an easy time grasping all the log-ins, check-in’s, and the like. The only thing she hadn’t managed, she thought as she tidied her desk for the end of her workday, was meeting Daniel’s elusive partner.

“Partner”, she mused to herself. Did that mean sexual, as in ‘he and I are in a thing’, or just a business arrangement? Daniel was certainly pretty enough to be thought of as gay. Gods knew he had a thing about his hair, always running his hands through the thick waves. But Ellie had not seen a single other guy hanging out with Daniel, although there were several female gymrats that were always cooing “Oh Daniel, could you correct my form?” or “Daniel, I’m not sure this is the right weight for me. It’s so much easier than last week!” She rolled her eyes. Never in a million, she thought.

Still, she wondered about the other half of this dynamic duo. Dane had yet to swing over to introduce himself, though it was his bold signature on the bottom of her first fat check.

“Well, as long as he pays the bills, that’s just fine with me,” she muttered as she logged out, then shut off her computer and headed out, promptly at 5:00, as her boss ordered.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dinner downtown with her bestie was just what she needed after a long week, her third at the Gym. Not that it had been arduous, this new gig of hers. But it had been nerve-wracking, losing her job because of her cunt of a boss. He was too much of a jerk to be called a dick, really. Firing her after she declined his generous offer to bang her in the men’s room, it was a cunty move. She could have taken it to HR, but it was his (well respected) word against hers (less than 2 years on the job). She could see all too well how that would have gone down. Besides, he was the company prince, bringing big names to the table of finance, and she was a secretary of one of his team, not even that close to him in the office hierarchy.

Dumping her purse and her heart out to Maggie was cathartic. She felt good, she said, because she hadn’t let walking away from that job get to her (she ignored Mag’s snarl). Rather, she went right out and got herself hired straight away and at an even better pay.

“Besides,” she leaned against Maggie’s shoulder, “He, Daniel, is wayyyyy cuter than Mr. Thomas Martin.” “But likely not richer than…” Maggie said.

“Whaaaat?” She sat upright, staring at her friend. “You think I should have fucked him..?.”

“OH! NO, no no no! That isn’t what I meant. Not at all. No he was a fucking asshat, and you were right to walk out. Just…. he did have all that mon-eee….which you could have blackmailed him for if you took some pix in the bathroom…”.



She stared. Her mouth was open. Maggie’s eyes watered and she fell over, laughing like a loon. “OMG your face. OMG OMG… ” her giggles became guffaws, as she held onto her belly, shaking with laughter. “Ellie, sometimes you are just way naive. Oh, GAWD…” she wiped away the laughter tears, as she watched her friends jaw drop.


A quick giggle escaped from Maggie, as Ellie gave her a stank-eye.


She didn’t remember much about coming home later, well lubricated and very relaxed. She woke up with a fuck of a hangover, and Mag’s handwritten note on her bedside table, next to three asprin and a bottle of sports drink.

take these! drink this! you’ll hate me this morning, until you do! Call me later!

With a soft moan, she swallowed the pills with the gross drink. Her stomach did a slow churn, then settled. She fell back against her pillow, moaning as her head hit. Somehow she fell back asleep, but when she woke for real, she felt so much better.

After a shower and a semi-stale blueberry muffin slathered with cream cheese, she shook off the last niggles of her hangover, and reached for her phone to let Maggie know she was alive. Her phone wasn’t on her nightstand, not surprising, considering how blasted she was last night. Looking in her purse, her jacket, and even the pockets of the jeans laying crumpled in the corner did not reveal her phone. What the ever loving hell had she done with the thing?

Maybe she left it at the club? Thinking back through the haze, she remembered hugging Maggie when she spotted her at the table, shrugging off her jacket, but not clear on the phone. Had she left it at work? Now that she thought about it, the charge had been getting low, and she did remember plugging it in. The plug was to her left, so kind of out of sight of her normal work space, so it probably was still there in the charging port.

Probably, no one would mind if she just popped in and grabbed her phone. But damn! She wasn’t supposed to go into the gym on Sunday’s. Daniel had absolutely stated that she was to be gone at 5, every day, and only work a Saturday if requested, but no Sundays. At the time she thought maybe it was a church thing, but he didn’t really strike her as particularly religious. She sighed. Well, if he caught her there, she’d get a warning, maybe. Or maybe he’d understand. A girl could not be without her phone!

Throwing her jacket on over her weekend tank to ward off the morning chill, she grabbed her keys and her purse and headed over to find her phone. And maybe she’d stop at the bakery first and grab something and bring it to Maggie’s as a thanks for helping her drunk ass last night. She was halfway down the stairs when she remembered that Maggie actually had her car, since she’d cabbed to the club, and had driven Ellie home.

“Well, fuck.”

With a sigh, she headed out to flag a taxi.


She paid the driver, told him not to wait. It wasn’t that far to Maggie’s from here, really, and if Daniel saw her and decided to ream her out for coming in on Sunday, she didn’t want to be paying a driver to sit outside during that. She noted the alarm was off when she went in, but if either man was there, that would make sense. She scurried up to the desk, and there it was, her elusive phone. Quickly unplugging the phone from the cable, she rounded the desk and was blindsided by something…or someone.

“Subs don’t sneak out to the front and steal things in my place. You are definitely in for a very bad time, little girl.”

Before she could open her mouth to protest, a gag was forced between her lips, and a blindfold covered her eyes. She felt herself being turned, and despite trying to fight him, for it was definitely a him holding her, her hands were quickly tied behind her back, and she was pushed away from the door, heading for who knew where.


A Note from Nilla: Hi. After a few short stabs at writing, I got an idea for a story. Most stories have a “formula”…you know mine do, too. I’m recovering from surgery, so now is as good a time to write since I have to “rest” (laughs). So pull up a chair, or better yet, get a gym membership…*wink*.


She stood outside the gym door, licking her dry lip. Actually, her entire mouth was dry, and her hands were shaking and her knees were knoc-

“‘Scuse me…going in?” The helpful young man who nearly knocked her onto her indecisive ass paused, holding the door open. Her mouth opened, just a fraction, and a wee ‘thanks’ slipped through, manners having been ingrained at her Gram’s knee. Having no choice other than letting the guy stand there staring at her, she stepped in. The foyer was well-lit, the floor some kind of cushiony stuff, and over the wall that guided one to a desk, she could see a giant open space, all steel girders, and supports and such.

With an inner admonishment to straighten the fuck up, she took a breath and a step, repeating until she stood in front of what some plebe would have called a desk. It was immense, and curved. Modern and functional. And no one was there. She rolled her eyes.

“Hullo?” she called quietly.

There was no reply. There was no bell, no ringer, nothing to alert anyone inside that she was there.

“Oh fuck” she whispered.

“Yup. That’s what I keep saying too. Sorry, we fired our clerk a few days ago and we’re trying to keep things running. So, are you here to work out?”

The man was built. Dark glossy hair that hung low across his forehead, long at the nape. He flashed her a curious look. In her jeans and top and jacket, she didn’t look like a typical gymrat.

She stared at him. Fuck but handsome men just dried her mouth spit right up.


“Uh, right, no, sorry. I…you…this…” She thrust her phone at him, at the ad displayed there.

“You want to work here? To man the desk? Oh my fucking god you’re hired.”

She blinked. “But…you don’t know my qualifications…my-“

“Are you breathing?”


“Can you read?”

She pointed at her phone, still in his hand.

He ran his free hand through that gorgeous mane of hair, and she stopped herself, barely, from sighing. “So, yes, again, obviously,” he said.

“Trust me, you’ll learn as you go. But in about an hour, members are going to start pouring through the door for evening workout. That’ll be until 7, which is when you quit for the day. You must be punctual about leaving time. Doesn’t matter who is here, the regulars will be in or not, and no one else will be.”

“Since it’s after the New Year, there was a dash of newbies at first, but that’s tapered off somewhat. Dane or I will walk you through a new sign up when that happens. We don’t do early in’s; all of our clients come at noon or later. So you’ll be here just before noon, and be done by 7. Saturdays are optional, as we don’t take any newbies on the weekends, but the hours are noon to 4 and you’ll be paid double time for any Saturday you want to work.”

She blinked. “For real? Like you don’t want a grace period or anything? What if you don’t like my work?”

“Then Dane or I will fire your ass.” He grinned. “Dane is my partner here, and I’m Daniel. We’ve built the Gym over the last five years and it’s doing great. We just have a hard time finding someone who wants to work a full time job.”

He paused, leaned over the desk, grabbing a pen and a posty note. He tore off the top page, and pressed it on her phone, handing it back to here. On it was a very generous salary figure. “If you like that number, then pull up a chair. You’ll only have a few hours tonight, but Dane will be out soon to say hey. And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll pay your weeks wages and say a very sad, depressed, kind of imploring “bye”…”

He grinned, and she did sigh.

“I have never been offered a job quite this fast, nor accepted one, but I will. I won’t be one of those girls in leotards, and low-scooped bra’s and working on those fancy machines. Exercise and I are only passing friends…I really enjoy walking.”

She grinned up at him, as he rolled his eyes.

“Well damn. And here I was picturing you in one of those thong type things…Well, at least you’ll answer the phone. And I hope you’re not going to be all prudish about swearing because there’s a LOT of it around here.

“I would swear too, if you made me use one of those freakish machines!” Taking a very deep breath, she thrust out her hand. “Hi. I’m Ellie, and I’m going to accept your job, Daniel.”

A Short Tale

Teeth hurt.

Not the actual teeth. Okay, the actual teeth made hurt. Teeth on her inner arch. On her ankles. On her thighs, her ass, her tender nipples. A very D/s kind of “tooth ache”, really.

The rational part of Emma’s brain tried to sort out the grammar, right up until the object in question bit into her pussy, grinding the lips of her labia between strong white teeth. She arched, mouth straining to generate any sound other than mewling, arms and legs tugging futilely at the ropes that bound her, quite firmly, to the bed.

hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt HURT!

The words, gagged behind panties and tape, could not be released, and He wasn’t paying any attention. Or maybe he was, and just enjoyed hearing the small animal sounds coming from her. His hands cupped her ass, lifting her cunt to his feasting mouth. For a moment there was a break, his tongue gliding wetly against her sore lips, rubbing at her swollen clit. Her cries changed from high, pain-filled grumblings, to the deeply pitched moaning of bliss.


She. Was. Almost. There.

Her thighs trembled with the need to clamp around his head, begging for more, just a little more. The ropes refused to give, and she whimpered in frustration.

The lapping tongue ceased its teasing rub. With a fierce pull, the tender nub was sucked into his mouth so hard that she feared that he would pull it from her body. She arched rigidly, held on the crosspiece of pain and pleasure. It was so intense she thought she would cum right then.

But earlier, when he had finished tying her to the bedposts, when he had plucked at her nipples, and made her desperate for more, he’d said ‘wait’. Held by her desire to please him, the desire to be his obedient little slut, she waited. And besides, it wasn’t quite enough.

She moaned when he finally released her from his command. His firm ‘COME NOW’ wasn’t permission, but an order. But it wasn’t quite enough, even then.

And then he bit down, teeth slashing at her swollen, sensitive pleasure hub.

Arching, erupting, shaking, screaming, she came.

Like a Phoenix

Rising from the ashes of …however many months it’s been since I last logged in here.

Can I just say, life has been full, and busy, and really, really great?

It has NOT been full of fantasy, sexual situations, nor much contact with my M. I’ve had health issues (nothing life threatening, more maddening, and slow to get through.

We still text, but we’ve not spoken in 3 months, (my fault), and haven’t had ANY face time in nearly two years. It’s weird sometimes, to even call us a “couple”…but we have this connection that neither of us seem able to break. Not sure we really want to, either. I feel bad, because this past year has really been about my issues. I’m really, really busy with my work. I have a hidden frustration from the past, when my kids were little, that I’d eke out some time for Him,and then he’d blow me off…and it really pissed me off, that I’d had to wriggle and finangle to get time away from home, and he’d dash my plans.

I’m afraid, I guess. Afraid that, now that it’s harder than ever to get any free time (yes, I’m a workaholic), and he blows me off, that it WILL be the end for me. Sometimes I get so annoyed, that he hardly texts me, and then I think, well, maybe he feels that I’m not reaching out. But really, isn’t that a Dom’s job? To check in on his sub? Or is that me not fully sharing the blame…because undoubtedly some blame rests on my shoulders.

Well, it is what it is. And it will take time until I’m back in any kind of shape to be beaten. When you’ve been in some kind of pain for months on end, it’s really hard to think of pain as sensual. But yeah, I still look at porn that’s violent and fierce and still get off on it, so that beast is still inside me. She’s been tamped down of late, but she still raises her muzzle and snorts from time to time.

I’m trying to make a committment to writing here. To being more proactive about taking time to do something that isn’t work, that is soul-filling. Mind you, I LOVE my work, it is very Zen and makes me happy (and yeah, income!). But it doesn’t answer the need to put myself into slut mode. As if I’ve tamped that down too, as if I’m afraid to let that part of me free. Repression, that’s what the shrinky dinks call it. (apologies to readers who are in the psychiatric field…!)

So I’m repressed, but not depressed. I’m here, right? After all this time, I hope some readers are still out there, still looking for a naughty nilla fantasy. One of these days, I’ll sit down and right yall one, okay?