Lazy AF

I’m having a lazy day. There are assorted ramblings here, somewhat disjointed thoughts as I’m writing in a stream-of-consciousness mode. Mostly because of *points to title* that. Lazy. A.F.*

After an insane, 14 hour workday yesterday, and a fun family gathering later on, I quite literally fell into bed and slept a solid 8. That happens so rarely that I always have to happy dance when it does. After taking care of the pets, we all went back to bed and had snuggles and pettings, and facebook , and a bit of dozing for another hour.

It’s fucking cold today.

That’s why I went back to bed…it was warm there with assorted 4-foots to cuddle with. Our winter has been so very strange. Mostly above average, very little snow, but off an on ice storms. They have their own sort of treacherous beauty, but gosh, I’d really love just one more whopper of a snowstorm. We were down south when the big storm(s) came in early December…since then we’ve had barely three inches.

oh, and it’s my birthday. I’m feeling neither old, nor young. Somewhere happily in the middle. Recovering from my surgery had a setback for a few days, but we’re back on the upward swing.

M is back to only writing me when I write him. Literally, 6 words in the last week. He’ll probably forget it’s my birthday, too. (If he doesn’t I’ll come here and publicly apologize, but really, one would think in 10 years he’d remember mine?) And I can’t say it’s a new problem, and really, just now in my life, having a Dom who would demand tons of my attention (yeah, I know that’s back-assward in the D/s thing but stay with me for the nonce)…well, it just wouldn’t work out. So maybe he’s just tons smarter than I’m giving him credit for, knowing that I’d freak out if he added to my stress.

And it is taking me for-fucking-ever to get my strength back, which makes me mad. I know, I know, I’m not 20 anymore. I’m a long way from that and truly past middle age now. I still can’t get the discount seats at the movie theater yet, so there’s that…! LMAO. But understanding that my 100% at 20 is not the same 100% in my 60’s..that takes some getting used to. (Please note that I didn’t say I was resigned to it…I’m gonna keep pushing that envelope!) I’m eating better, and taking it easy when I can, and hopefully in a few more months I’ll be back better than I was last summer.

So happy Sunday, may it be awesome wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. As for me? Why, I’m off to write, of course.



*A.F. = As. Fuck.

Gym ~5

Ignoring the alarm clock would do nothing to forestall Monday. With great reluctance, she slid from her bed, and plodded to the shower. Under the warm spray, she rubbed soap onto her body, pinching her nipples as she’d dreamed about someone doing, all fucking night long.

“I’ll only do one for now.”

His voice echoed in her head. The threat, the promise, intertwined with pain and lust. She’d masturbated over and over again last night, coming harder and harder until she’d squirted all over her bed.

Getting up and changing her sheets at 1 a.m. hadn’t made it any easier to get up.

Her pussy was tender now, the throb a blend of the surreal fantasy of yesterdays torture, and last nights use. She rubbed soap between her thighs with vigor, leaning against the shower wall as she fingered her clit and nipple. The sudden gush from her cunt surprised her, making her knees tremble.

What the fuck had he done to her?


Shutting and locking her car door, Ellie leaned against it for a moment. She hadn’t said anything about yesterday to Maggie when they’d done the car switcharoo yesterday. She, who told Mags everything, could not even figure out how to begin to explain this. Hell, she couldn’t explain it to herself, let alone anyone else.

Should she quit? Gods, but the money was great. And she had to take some personal responsibility for disobeying her boss, for coming in when she wasn’t supposed to. Now she knew why – but serioiusly, who would have ever thought that there’d be a BDSM party at a gym?

She reached for the door, but before she could unlock it, Daniel opened it, startling her.


“Actually, I’m surprised, and pleased, that you’re here.”

Locking the door behind her, he flipped the sign to Closed.

“Family emergency,” he said, before pointing to the back offices. “Let’s go back here and wait for Dane.”

She swallowed the rise of nerves. She had no idea how to deal with this. None. Should she stay? Should she quit? Should she…

“Sit. Coffee?”

“uh…uhm. No, no coffee.”

“Ellie, you have nothing to be nervous about. It’s Dane and I who are worried. What you went through yesterday was a mistake. It was ..”

“I’ve had six orgasms since yesterday.”

They stared at one another. How the fuck had that come out of her mouth?

“How interesting,” came a voice from behind her. A voice she recognized instantly.

“Ohmygawd it was YOU!”

She jumped from the chair and whirled around. Framed in the doorway was a man who was not at all what she expected. The voice was deep and sensual, but the face did not at all reveal…the monster? No…the pervert.

“You touched me.”

“And for that I’ll apologize, since we did not have an understanding between us. I mistook you for another, a submissive who had been sent to me for correction.”


“Submissive. A person-male, female, they, who want to be dominated-usually sexually, but sometimes in lifestyle choices, by a Top, or Dominant.

“Yes…I understand that. AND I get that I made a huge mistake in coming here when I was told not to…”

“But?” He asked, sensing she was not done.

Her mouth opened, then closed. She looked at him, then down at his feet.

“My gawd you have big feet…” her voice trailed off, as that urban myth gobsmacked her into silence. She looked up at him, mortified by her wildly out of control mouth.

One eyebrow raised. One corner of his mouth raised.

“Curious?” His voice was silky, all soft, sexy, slick. She knew he was teasing her but she felt hot and cold shivers all over her body. Surly that was why her nipples were suddenly engorged. She couldn’t look at him anymore, and dropped her eyes. He continued.

“You did have all those orgasms following our mishap.”

Her eyes flashed up, then down. Dammit! She could feel the blush stain her cheeks pink, could feel too, his deep amusement. And dammit, could feel the heat building between her thighs.

“Stop…’re doing that on purpose!” she said, keeping her eyes fixed on his third button.

Daniel rested in his chair, amused. This was taking a direction far and away from what he’d anticipated when he woke up this morning. He’d dreamed of lawyers and lawsuits, million dollar payouts. This? No way in hell. Still, Dane had a way.

“I’m not doing anything. But I’m glad you are feeling.”


He smiled.

Gods she wanted to melt into a puddle. He wasn’t her type. Not even close. Oh, he was slick and self-assured, and he was attractive. But…. He was older than she was used to, with grey hair mixed liberally through the brown. He had a way of looking at a person. His eyes were piercing, intense. Like he could see inside of her. She wasn’t sure if she was afraid of what he saw…or of what he made her feel.

“Those orgasms you mentioned. Tell me…how did you enjoy them?”

He took a step closer to her, until his toes nearly touched hers, until she could feel the heat from him. He leaned closer, whispering in her ear.

“Did you think about my tying you up so that you couldn’t move? Did you remember the way that my hands touched your tits?”

She flinched at the naughty word. And yet it was so fucking hot, that he just said “tits” in a matter-of-fact way like that. Tits.

“Or did you touch your nipple like my clamp did? A tight bite of pain to awaken your clit?”

A shiver ran up her spine.

“Tell me you hated it. Tell me to go away and leave you the fuck alone, if this is not what you want. Tell me that you hate me and never want to be near any of this dirty, sexy, hot, wet, throbbing scene again. Tell me, and I’ll go, and you can do your job from 9-5 and go back to living your regular vanilla life.”

He paused, then. Her eyes were closed but her breath had thickened in her chest. Her clit did throb. Her mouth was pooled with spit, and she swallowed hard. When his fingers pinched her nipple, she moaned.

“I….I want…” she breathed out the words softly.

His fingers twisted her nipple hard to the left.

She came, hot juice leaking from her undies, running down her thigh.


The car pulled alongside her as she stormed up the street.


She kept walking.


Despite the cajoling tone, she kept walking.

“ELLIE, for Crissake.”

The car zipped ahead of her by 20 feet, nipped into the curb and parked. Daniel leapt out and stomped down the sidewalk towards her.

“Not talking to you.”

She tried to move around him, found herself blocked.

“Listen. No…stop…Listen to me.”

She stopped, just long enough to give him a hard shove. He barely moved, the jerk.

“Oh, I get it. You’re stronger than me because you “work out” right?” She insultingly wagged air quotes.

“People don’t do that anymore. The air quote thing. It’s juvenile.”

“Juvenile? JUVENILE??? Let me tell you juvenile, you…you…horny monkey-faced man!”

He stopped walking backwards, staring at her with a strange expression on his face.


He paused, swallowing hard.


Something in his face triggered her, and she stopped walking, and started laughing. She laughed until tears ran down her face, until she had to bend over to stop the ache in her belly. Dragging in a hard-won breath, she spoke.

“Your face. Your monkey facey..”

And she laughed again. He shook his head. He was a dom of some measure, but he could truly say this woman had flustered the fuck out of him.

“You’re strange, you know that? Monkey facey? Really?” He paused, rolling his eyes skyward.

“Besides,” he continued, forestalling her attempt to once more walk away. “you’re a woman without a car. Let me drive you home at least… please?”

Taking a deep breath, whether to quell any last giggles, or to supress annoyance as her clit throbbed softly, she gave him a fierce scowl.

No hanky panky. No walking me to the door. You stop where I tell you and I get out.”

He nodded his agreement. When he would have taken her arm, she shrugged him off and moved purposefully to his car. He bent around her, opened the door, then stood there a moment as she fastened her seatbelt, one hand on the door, one on the roof.

“I hope you’ll come to work tomorrow. We’ll talk. I’ll…” he paused a microsecond, but she noted it. “I’ll make sure Dane is there, and you two can finally meet.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Okay, good,” he said, shutting the door and rounding the vehicle to drive this mystifying creature home.


Unlocking her door, she slipped into her apartment and sagged against the counter. Holy fuck what an experience. Holy motherfucking hell.

Well, at least had her phone back. Pulling it from her jacket pocket, she was going to call Maggie…but what could she say? How on earth could she tell her friend about this mornings…mishap? She’d been one of the million or so people who spent that summer reading all about the domination of that simpering girl who bit her lip so often it was a wonder she still had a lip. And okay, she might have, maybe, okay yes she had, masturbated to some of those fantasy teases of being tied up, of being flogged, or being …anything.

Hell. There was nothing going on of a sexual nature, not in a long, long time. She assumed that anyone looking at her vajayjay would have to blow off 16 months of dust to get in there…but that certainly wasn’t the case now.

She put the phone on her night stand, and took off her clothing. She paced around her bedroom, before standing before the long mirror on her closet door. Her left nipple was red, with a hint of a purpling bruise. Lifting her hand, she poked it with her finger, felt the tingling ache, and the answering echo in her clitoris. Placing her other hand over her pussy, she pushed with her forefinger, entering the slit.

She was wet, juicy and slick. It was hot, so hot. Her fingertip brushed her clit, and she moaned. Watching herself in the mirror, she pinched her abused nipple, and rubbed her clit again. Her head fell back, her eyes closed to slits as she watched her body shiver out a chain of goosebumps. Her hips thrust towards her probing finger, her breast, nipple distended, arched upwards.

Another rub and the wetness poured from her, her cunt clenching.


She slipped a finger inside herself, feeling the intense heat of her slick hole. Rubbing her nipple and stabbing her cunt with her fingers, she came, hard. So what if she’d had the feeling of cuffs around her wrist, or of a vibrator buzzing away on her crotch.

No one needed to know.