Lazy AF

I’m having a lazy day. There are assorted ramblings here, somewhat disjointed thoughts as I’m writing in a stream-of-consciousness mode. Mostly because of *points to title* that. Lazy. A.F.*

After an insane, 14 hour workday yesterday, and a fun family gathering later on, I quite literally fell into bed and slept a solid 8. That happens so rarely that I always have to happy dance when it does. After taking care of the pets, we all went back to bed and had snuggles and pettings, and facebook , and a bit of dozing for another hour.

It’s fucking cold today.

That’s why I went back to bed…it was warm there with assorted 4-foots to cuddle with. Our winter has been so very strange. Mostly above average, very little snow, but off an on ice storms. They have their own sort of treacherous beauty, but gosh, I’d really love just one more whopper of a snowstorm. We were down south when the big storm(s) came in early December…since then we’ve had barely three inches.

oh, and it’s my birthday. I’m feeling neither old, nor young. Somewhere happily in the middle. Recovering from my surgery had a setback for a few days, but we’re back on the upward swing.

M is back to only writing me when I write him. Literally, 6 words in the last week. He’ll probably forget it’s my birthday, too. (If he doesn’t I’ll come here and publicly apologize, but really, one would think in 10 years he’d remember mine?) And I can’t say it’s a new problem, and really, just now in my life, having a Dom who would demand tons of my attention (yeah, I know that’s back-assward in the D/s thing but stay with me for the nonce)…well, it just wouldn’t work out. So maybe he’s just tons smarter than I’m giving him credit for, knowing that I’d freak out if he added to my stress.

And it is taking me for-fucking-ever to get my strength back, which makes me mad. I know, I know, I’m not 20 anymore. I’m a long way from that and truly past middle age now. I still can’t get the discount seats at the movie theater yet, so there’s that…! LMAO. But understanding that my 100% at 20 is not the same 100% in my 60’s..that takes some getting used to. (Please note that I didn’t say I was resigned to it…I’m gonna keep pushing that envelope!) I’m eating better, and taking it easy when I can, and hopefully in a few more months I’ll be back better than I was last summer.

So happy Sunday, may it be awesome wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. As for me? Why, I’m off to write, of course.



*A.F. = As. Fuck.

14 thoughts on “Lazy AF

  1. Well Happy Birthday nilla, it’s to cold to do anything today anyway, so a lazy day is good to have. Just went out and filled the bird feeders in just my boat shoes, wasn’t a good idea, Here’s hoping that something or someone brings you something to smile about, and a good laugh or two. Tip

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Sleep does wonders for healing.. so that solid 8 is fantastic. Now all you gotta do is do it again for a few more nights…

    I never get enough sleep either. Bleaugh.

    • Thank you! It’s so hard to get a solid nights sleep. Between pets, and not finding the shut off switch to my brain…well, you know!

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