Gym 6

it‘s been a bit since I last worked on this. You can scroll back to reread, or use this link here to refresh your memory! ~nilla~

She had to be dreaming. This wasn’t really happening to her- not to boring, mundane Ellie, was it?

Wet underpants between her legs informed of the reality. Dammit, she’d just cum! In her work clothes. In her boss’s office. She stood frozen, transfixed by a man whose fingers were firmly pinching her nipple. The same man who had tormented the same nipple yesterday. Who had tied her up physically, and certainly, mentally.

“Ohmygawd,” she moaned, suddenly remembering that she was not alone with this pervert. Turning her head she saw Daniel sitting with a stupid smile on his fucking handsome face. That black mane of hair had fallen over his forehead, but for once he wasn’t running his hands through it. Rather, he was holding a pen with two hands, stroking it lightly as he watched the scene playing out before him. In his own office. She watched his fingers moving up and down the smooth surface of the pen, and she knew without a doubt that the action was a poor substitute for stroking something very different.

Look away, she told herself. She was not going to think about her bosses cock. It was enough to think about the long, strong fingers that had captured her breast, her overly sensitive nipple. She pulled her gaze from Daniel, focusing on the tall, shapely form standing in front of her, her eyes slipping down the firm chest, to strong, denim clad legs. The dark sneakers he wore reminded her of her earlier gaffe. She was not going to think about HIS big feet, and maybe big…no!

Holy shit, Daniel had watched her shudder through an orgasm–standing right there in his office, for fucks sake!–while her nipple was touched! More than touched. Tortured. It was then that she realized Mr. Perv was still holding it.

“Stop!” she gasped, pushing him away with both hands on his chest. He didn’t move an inch, but his hand released her aching bud. She felt her face turn red, her body flush with heat, felt the thick throb in her nipple, the matching beat in her clit. Both were keeping time with her racing heart. The ache to be fucked had returned, ten times as intense as it had been yesterday when he had tied her up.

The chair squeaked as Daniel moved. She couldn’t bear to look at him.

“Perhaps it’s time for a more formal introduction.”

Dropping the pen, Daniel rose smoothly from behind his desk, moving to stand beside the pair locked in seeming stasis as they stared at one another.

“Ellie, I’d like to introduce you to Dane, my business partner, who is also know as Sir, or Dom in the playroom.”

“Dane, this is our secretary, Ellie Diamond.”

He paused for a moment, looking at each of them.

“Although you have already met one another on a whole other level, and I can see that there’s still a great deal to be sorted out, I’d like you both to take a step back and sit, while we work things out here.”

His words hung in the air between the three of them.

“Fuck that,” Dane spoke in a near growl, before hooking his arm around Ellie.

“Come,” he said.

Daniel watched as Dane pulled an unresisting Ellie out of the office, and into the playroom. Damn if things weren’t about to become very interesting, and a whole lot more complicated, he thought.

Practicing Happy

Hey, peeps, how’ya doin’? (if you know someone from Boston, specifically Southie, you can read that in appropriate accent!)

It’s been a wearing, weird-ful March, hasn’t it?

Up until this week I haven’t been in quarantine mode, or not much. But as my jobs began to dry up, much like wet sheets on a clothesline, at first, a lot of weight, then lighter and lighter…until all that’s left is one dry sheet.

hmmm…I’m not sure that metaphor actually works for what I’m trying to say. But I did go from having a full, heavy schedule, to working about 4 hours a week. Which, I know, is a blessing. I’m in a semi-necessary job, but not in high demand. I’m being vague, I know. But the bottom line is–I’ve been home a LOT.

And today, for whatever reason, I finally jived with it.

Instead of being scared/mad/sad/depressed/pissed/annoyed, I *enjoyed* being housewife/mom/petperson. I had fun hanging my laundry on the line, on joking around with my kiddo’s, and puttering around the house.

The situation didn’t change. I did. I’ve been doing a light breathing meditation for 10 minutes a night while I’m in bed. I’ve resigned myself to being broke enough that I won’t be able to pay some bills. SO many people are in the same position I’m in that I don’t feel like it’s just me barely scraping by. Like so many others, I almost live paycheck to paycheck, only being able to put a few dollars aside for a rainy day…and there’s been a lot of rain this past year!

Anyway, I found some inner peace hidden around all the pockets of panic and fear, and have been harvesting them, stitching them into a blanket of calm. Whenever the fear tries to rise up-and it does, often-I mentally envision that calmness wrapping around me. I will get through this. Yes, I’m actively practicing “happy”.

My wifey has been a big help through this. I get news-obsessed, and hanging on every word of every new “fearful thing”. She made me stop. I limit myself to one news cast a day. Plus, I only have to see #45 on the tube once a day, since he makes me crazy mad. (I swear if he says “it was a beautiful meeting” or “I’m a smart guy, a very smart guy, yes I am” one. more. time….I will eat my remote control!!)

(Yeah, I know I don’t usually get all political here, but this IS my blog and I can state my opinion!)


As to M and I…well, one of the things I have to let go of is my slut-phone. Yes, I had a separate phone just for slutty stuff. Where I look at porn when I masturbate, where I text with M…I can’t have that stuff on my Mom phone, because someone is always looking at what texts I have pinging onscreen.

Definitely not a plan.

So, I had to write to him and tell him that I was going offline until I’m no longer laid off from my main job. He sent me his email address, so we won’t lose full contact, but it’s not the same. I don’t check my email every day, but maybe that will change, too.

Here is a bright side, too: I should have more time to write. With my previous work-load, I had so little time to sit, let alone compose something slutty and fun! I was running all the time, juggling all kinds of things. I know, most if not all of you grok that-hey! Wasn’t life was supposed to be simpler and easier by this century, with lots of leisure time?

*falls over in hysterical laughter*

But now I have LOTS of time on my hands. And frankly, at this stage in life, time is more precious than money.

Currently I’m catching up on all the house tidying/cleaning that has been shunted aside while I was Crazed Worky Slut. It’s only taken 3 days to really make inroads on my personal to-do list, so I’m hopeful that after a final push this weekend, by next week, I’ll be able to really get on a writing jaunt!

Until then….I’m sitting here sending a heartfelt wish that every one of you will be safe and healthy. And that if you get sick – influenza, Covid-19, or even a cold, that you come through it and out the other side and come back to read all the slutty, naughty stuff that I’ve written for you- those wet and slippery tales that give thrills to all of us weird fucks.