ABV’s-Abbreviations and Other D/s “Lingo”

BOB- battery operated boyfriend (vibrator)

BD/SM- BondageDomination/Sado-Masochist

B/d –Bondage and discipline

BFF- Best Friend Forever

BFFH- Best Friend Forever’s Husband

Bottom/sub- the submissive in a D/s relationship

D/s- Dominant/submissive

Domme- female Dom/Top

FNF–another nilla/Master special term, stands for Friday Night Fuck, our standing phone sex date…which is generally preceeded by ZNN on Thursday

FSCT–this is a personal ‘nilla’ acronym…for a tool of torment that belongs to my Master…the Fucking Silver Cake Thingy. It’s a silver cake server, wedge-shaped, now curved gently to the shape of my butt…that’s how much He enjoys using that particular “weapon of ass destruction” on me…!

HEA- Happy Ever After (something editors call for when asking for submissions of stories…or a designation for a reader so they won’t be disappointed when everything goes kaflooey…as in “This is not a HEA novel…”)

HFN-Happy For Now…you may not know what happens to the characters “later”…but for now…it’s good!

HNT- Half-Nekkid Thursday

MIL–Mother in Law

OPB- Other People’s Blogs

PIA (or sometimes PITA)- pain in the ass

SAHM- Stay At Home Mom (or D for dad in same role)

SIL–Sister in Law

STFU- shut the fuck up

Top/Dom- The Dominant in a D/s relationship

TTWD- This Thing We Do

WEG–Wide, Enormous Grin

ZNN–Master’s term for my being totally shut off from the wonderful world of orgasms. This includes No touching,  no rubbing, no nothing, hence…Zero, Nada, Nyet…

Note: i will add more as they occur…if you have suggestions to add, or want to ask about, email me!

10 thoughts on “ABV’s-Abbreviations and Other D/s “Lingo”

  1. Waiting for an explanation for HEA (tapping foot, crossed arms…)

    And would it be too much to ask, that the list be redone in alfabetical order?


    Lady P

    • whoops! Did I use HEA? Without explaining it?

      It is Happy Ever After (and it’s “sister” is HFN…Happy For Now) which are two styles that editors will call for when looking for author submissions (how much I’ve learned already!)


      ps…you are so right…they should be in Alpha-order and i was going to get to it…”someday”… now, someday, soon!


      • You did it already!
        I had sort of pondered if I should do it for you, but you’re too fast for me *grins’

        Can’t offer to do your proof-reading in exchange, but will promote your blog here where I live…have done it already…

        Lady P

      • 🙂

        Thanks Lady P….I’ve only had bits n bobs of time to do anything on the blog lately (tho I finally had time to write a story this morning, yay!), and since I’ve been working with my kiddo on alphabetizing…it had a natural flow to it! Glad you suggested it, really. I saw an acronym the other day on someone elses blog and now i
        have forgotten it…it’s like a fascination for me now! Thanks for spreading the vanillamom word!


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