Camp Nekkink

**with special thanks to Kaya and the other bloggers who told wonderful tales of their summer camp adventures…in your adventures, I lust, and when I lust..well, those that can, do…those that can’t… write…Nilla**

She wandered around the gorgeous campus of the campground. Looking, while trying not to look …”oh, c’mon, ”  she chided herself, “you know you want to shouldn’t be staring at people setting up their personal spaces.”  And yet, she did. After all, despite camping many times in her life, she had never, ever been to a campground quite like this one.

She’d seen the ad on a blog, a special camp that catered to a kind of lifestyle that she had always fantasized about.  She thought about how her life had changed over the last 5 years. Divorced from her husband when he traded her in for a younger version of herself…blonde, perky, and breasts like cantalopes.  “At least mine  are real,” she said to herself, looking down at her still impressive chest. Yes, middle age, giving life to 3 boys, and gravity had all done their part to give a bit of jiggle to her tits, but they held their own.  Despite the various activities  going on  around her, she was back inside her head again. She thought of those three boys, men now, with lives of their own;   one would soon be making a Gram out of her. Still, at 48, she was finding life was okay.

She was comfortably set financially, she had a lovely although quiet house in the ‘burbs, and she could spend as much time as she wanted trolling the internet, looking at all those lovely blogs and sites showing and talking about men and women performing all kinds of kinky sex acts on each other. If there was one thing she missed more than any other, it was the lack of a sex life.

“Harder to ‘hook up’ when you hit a certain age,” she mused. Her ex had been a good provider, but a total bore in bed. “Thank goodness for online toy shops, ” she laughed to herself.  She had a pretty good collection of dildos and vibes. Too bad that was as far as her collection wen….She was quite literally knocked  from her train of thought as she collided, clumsily, with …someone.   Her braless breasts, lightly encased in a lemon colored silk tank top, mashed hard into his bare back, her belly pressed against his ass, which was nicely outlined with thin leather pants, she noted rather crazily. The breath whooshed out of her, and she blushed, deeply embarrassed by her gracelessness.

“I, oh gosh, I’m so very, very sorry…I…well, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I…. ” her voice trailed off as she looked up, into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. There were crinkles of laugh lines sprinkled at the outer edges of his eyes, and his hair was long for a man of his age, windblown yet sexy.

“Well, obviously you weren’t here …” his statement was also a question, and with a lift of his brow, demanded an answer.

“Woolgathering, ” she replied, nervously. “uh, this, um…it’s my first time here,” she blurted out, hating that she sounded so damned stupid.

“Ahhhh, a bit overwhelming the first time, isn’t it ?”

She nodded, knowing that she looked like a puppet, her blonde head jerking back and forth like a rag doll. “Stop it,” she spoke in her head sternly to herself. “He is just a man, okay one HELL of a man…” Staring up at him, she visably drew in  her courage, and thrust her hand out at him. “Corinne,” she said.

“Welcome, Rina. I hope you enjoy your time here.” and with that, he strode off, while she stood stock still, mesmerized. Shaking herself a bit, she glanced around, orienting herself. Heading to the main lodge, she noted a kids wading pool positioned outside one of the bathrooms. She laughed aloud at the sign hanging above it, a send up of one she’d seen at a friends’ pool. Her friends’ sign had read

“OOL. Please note, there is no Pee in it. Please keep it that way.”

This sign, however, let her know she was not in Kansas anymore, thank you Dorothy! It read:

“POOL. Please note, there is pee in our pool. Please keep it that way. Thanks for your contribution.”


Cori had worried that she would be “overdressed” in her silk tank top and shorts, but she was seeing that “peoples came in many flavors” as her youngest son used to say when he was small. Three times she had been mistakenly addressed as “Mistress” , no doubt in part because of her wide, funky leather belt which she wore low on her hips, a throwback to the ’70’s when leather belts like this were paired with flairing bell-bottoms and low slung tops.  She had seen Sirs (or were they officially ‘Masters’ …that was always so confusing to her) in leathers or just jeans and boots, true Mistresses in tight corsets that showed curves to lust after, subs in collars and leashes, and so many others. This being Thursday , camp folk were coming in, setting up camps and everywhere, it seemed, squeals of “OH MY GOD! It’s YOU!” as old friends and online friends met, hugged and talked fast and furiously. She felt a bit bereft, and wondered, not for the first time today, if she had made a giant mistake in coming.

She felt someone come up behind her, then he took her hand, raised it to his lips, and licked it gently on the palm.

“Rina,” he murmered against her palm. It was him, the blue eyed godfrom her earlier collision, and she realized with a start that she had been  looking for him all along.

“I, em, I’m afraid I don’t know your name, ” she spoke softly, overwhelmed by the blue intensity of his gaze on her face. She felt … measured. Not once did his eyes leave hers, and yet, she was certain he knew exactly how big her tits were, knew that her nipples were large hard gems,  tenting out the front of her shirt.

For a moment more he looked at her, then a soft smile crossed his eyes, and mouth.

“You are here alone.” It was a statement of fact and she wondered how he …she broke off that thought, realizing he was silently demanding a response.

“Yes,” and she felt her damned head start the puppet nodding again, and forced herself to stop. “Yes, I came alone. I wanted…”

He interrupted her. “you wanted. Yes, I understand that. And that makes me very, very happy. Come, ” he commanded, and continuing to hold her hand, he pulled her  firmly along in  his wake.


Cori felt herself pulled along behind the blue eyed mystery Dom. There was no  mistaking him for anything other than a Domly one, a Master, a Top, however….

“whoa…wait!” she dug in her heels, and pulled hard on her hand. Surprising him, she felt her hand pull free of his grasp with an audible “pop” !

“Okay, okay, ” she looked up at him, head tilted back to make eye contact…no that was a mistake, she could feel the pull of those eyes, and looking away, she paced a step or two, then back. Jabbing him with her forefinger, she directing her attention to his chest (still not the best idea as his softly rounded, furred chest just turned her the hell on).

“Now look here, buddy, ” she began, using her best  “Mom on an anger trip” voice, “I may be here alone, and new, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to …to…”  she stuttered to a halt as he reached for, and retrieved,  the finger and hand that was poking him in his chest.

“Go on,”  he spoke softly, not bothering to hide the amusement in his voice, “you were saying?” As he looked down at her, his fingers began playing with hers, pulling and stroking each of her digits, rubbing the pads of her fingers with gentle pressure, then squeezing the webbing between with a firm hold, then back to massaging..

“I, er, for crying out loud, ” she practically shouted at him, “will youstop that!”

“Stop? But why? You are very obviously enjoying it. I’m guessing your panties, should you be wearing any, are even getting a bit…moist… shall we say?”

The blush whooshed out of nowhere, flooding her face and neck with color. Oh, how she hated blushing. She was a woman grown, a mother, a divorcee for craps sake and here she was blushing like a schoolgirl. At least He didn’t make some sort of rude comment about it, but she saw the smile quirking around on his face, dammit.

Trying unsuccessfully to pull her hand from his grasp once more, she gave her attention to his face. “Look, Sir, or Dom or however I’m supposed to address you…”

“Dave,” he said.

“What?” she replied, annoyed yet again by his interruption.

“You can call me Dave.” Looking at her face,  nonplussed, he did laugh then. “Did you honestly think I was going to haul you over to the bushes and fuck the life out of you? C’mon Rina. This is a fun, sexy, awesome place, but unless a scene is set up properly beforehand, there’s no dragging off of women and raping in the woods!” He pulled on the hand he still held, bringing her up to his naked torso. “However, there are NO rules about not kissing a pretty thing if you get a chance!”  So saying, he used his free hand to raise her pert chin and laid his lips firmly on hers. Maintaining eye contact with her, he deepened the kiss, seeing the bemusement there yield and change her grey eyes stormy. Was she angry yet, or was he finally stirring up her pot a bit. She was one sexy woman, and he felt an immediate hardening in his jeans as her lips parted, her eyes drifted shut, and his tongue began to explore her warm, wet mouth. He tongue fucked that mouth, pleased and surprised when she returned the favor. The kiss turned wet, raunchy hotter than hell as he slid her captured arm around his waist, then used that freed hand of his do some more exploring, namely, her well rounded tits. He found the nipple hard, thrusting forward, and he took it between his fingers and tweaked, pulled and turned it firmly. Her back arched, pushing more of her tit into his hand, and a long low moan echoed from her mouth into his. He continued his assault on her mouth, the mating of lips and tongue becoming wetter and more frantic as she gave into her urges, licking and biting his lips.

“Whoa ho, Dave, what have you found?”  The laughing male voice came from right behind her, causing her to yelp and attempt to pull away. Dave held her for a moment longer than she would have wanted, and when he pulled away slowly, he looked deeply into her eyes. He glanced at his friend, scowling, then back to Cori.

“Rina, if you want this to go further, want to really explore the urges that brought you to Kinkcamp in the first place, you will find me at the Lodge at noon. We will eat together, then talk about our playtime. I think you and I will be very good together, and so, apparently, do they,” and with a smile, he pulled her nipples before walking off with his friend.

Shocked, aroused beyond anything she had ever experienced before, Cori stared down at her nipples which were sticking so far out from her shirt that she looked like she had her snakebite suckers  on them.


Cori collected her lunch tray and proceeded down the line, choosing a variety of foods. “Mmmm, those sliced peaches look good,”  she mused, taking a small dish of them,  “and so does the potato salad!”   She hadn’t had potato salad in so long, at least not since the boys grew up and moved out.   She speared a small amount of cold cuts onto her plate, a potato roll, and a bowl of green salad to “balance off the potato salad”   she thought with a smile. She was at camp, after all, and what was camp without good old camp grub? Grabbing a bottle of soda, she exited the line. Pausing, she looked around the cavernous room.

Although she knew he was there, she couldn’t see him, but she felt his magnetic  pull. She started across the room, and there he was.   His back was to her, but she knew he knew she was there.

“Sit,”   he said, pulling out the chair beside him. She set her tray on the table, and sat. Bracing his elbow on the table, nesting his chin in his palm, he looked at her. Looked into her.  To stave off her nerves, she speared a forkful of the potato salad, but he forestalled her, placing his hand on her wrist.

“Why did you come to this camp?”  he asked her.  “Tell me what you hoped for, in coming here.”  Hesitantly, looking into his beautiful eyes, she told him. Told him of the websites where beautiful women posed in bondage shots, websites where you could tell the women were experiencing real beatings and orgasms, web blogs of “lifers” as she called them. He stopped her flow of words, placing his finger across her lips.

“How does looking at those pictures make you feel? Do you wish to be the rope winder, or the woman in bondage? Are your panties wet even now telling me of these “wicked’ things?” he asked with a smile.

“I…I want to try, try, some of those things, er, have them done to me. And yes, it makes me wet,”   her eyes fluttered down for a moment, but he gently tapped her chin to receive her gaze again,

“a…and I’m not wearing panties!”  she blurted out, blushing.

“I think perhaps you may be  more of a kinesthic learner,”  he mused, using his finger to trace her cheeks, her lips, to whisp down her throat and back up to her ear.

A barely audible   “What?”   squeaked out of her.  She cleared her throat, gone husky at his gentle ministrations to her face. For some reason his touch made her cunt throb and heat; she felt her nipples rise and harden.  All morning as she had walked around camp she had seen couples fucking on picnic tables, men and women being pissed on in the wading pools, women tied to trees, floggings, chases and catching and rough and tumble sex. All varieties of naked men and women, all kinds of sexual positions (who knew there were so many?) but all united in one thing…they were all enjoying their sexual freedom,  here in this sexual Utopia. Yet, nothing she had seen thus far affected her as much as this man. He was not the most handsome man in the room, middle aged, slightly rounded in the tummy, but his eyes…that sexy just-out-of bed, too-long hair…made her weak in the knees. The power she felt flowing from him, the confidence…it just connected them. She felt poleaxed and supercharged at the same time. It was so confusing!

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”  she spoke, realizing that more than a few moments had passed while she stared at him, lost in her thoughts.

“A kinesthic learner. Someone who learns by doing. Did you come here to watch, or to play, Corrine?  Hmmm?”    She looked at her lap, but knew he’d only allow that for a moment. Raising her eyes to him before he could coerce her to do so, she looked into those mesmerizing eyes of his and said, “play.” He smiled. Not exactly a cat-with-a-canary-in-it’s-mouth smile, but not far from that either.

Corinne swallowed, suddenly nervous. “I, I’m not certain that I want to be beaten, I just …”  her voice trailed off, then  “I do want to play with you, but I want to make sure …”

“We will both be well satisfied by play time, Rina,” he said in a sexy, husky voice as he leaned into her space, and spoke softly into her ear.   She felt his warm, moist breath slide into the whorls of her outer ear, and shivered.

“There is plenty of time for you to learn what pleasures us both. What pleases me now is your willingness to try. Let us begin. Are you afraid of the dark?”

“What?”  she wondered to herself, looking up at him,    “um, no, I’m not.”   She saw him take something from his pocket, oh my..

“Close your eyes, Rina”   and as she complied, she felt him slide the blindfold into place. He took her hands, and placed them into her lap.

“Lunch time, ” she heard him say quietly, into her ear again, felt him gently lick her lobe, then suck it into his mouth, where he pulled and tugged on it with lips and teeth. A shudder wracked her body as a sexual spark ignited deep in her clit, causing her to shift in her seat.

“Be still.” came his quiet order. Then, “open your mouth.” She felt his fingers at her lips and then something cool, and wet. Oh, it was a peach. She opened her mouth to take the slice, but he withdrew it, and said “no, just a bite.”  She complied, gifting him with her acceptance of his command. He smiled as he continued to feed her,  one bite at a time,  both of them lingering over each savory morsel he allowed her.

Then it was potato salad, served on his finger. He taught her to tongue off the food from his finger, then suck his digit clean. Each time her lips closed about his finger, she felt the heat of him, felt an answering heat in her loins, felt her cunt begin to leak. She knew her seat would be wet by the time this meal was done!

It took more time then she could ever have imagined to eat the sensual meal, small bite after small bite. Occasionally between bites, his hands would come to her breasts, forming and shaping them, then he would pull on her nipples, pull hard and out, then squeezing them, then rolling the hard nubbins between his fingers. Halfway through the meal, he’d moved her hands to his lap, let her fingers wander over his hard shaft, letting her know that she affected him, too. Lunch would never be the same for her ever again.

Ch. 5

He lead her into the Dungeon.

He could feel her tremble, felt her hand reflexively squeeze his harder, as she crossed the threshold. Quite a different thing to see a dungeon in the flesh, so to speak, than on your computer monitor. He glanced around the room, trying to imagine how shocking, exciting, stirring, and fearful this place would look to a first timer. His new sub, Rina, was so new to this, he could sense her shock even as he could smell the wonderful aroused aroma of her.

“Then again, that could be the leftovers from lunch,”  he mused to himself with a grin. She wasn’t even fully aware that he was in the process of claiming her for his own. It had been a long time since he’d been partnered with  a woman that so instantly left her mark on him. He could feel his cock twitching in his pants as he recalled the feel of her mouth and tongue on his fingers. He imagined how it would feel to have her kneeling at his feet, then thought

“what the hell,”

and he turned to her, even as he pulled her attention away from the scenes around them, turning her to face him.

“Commitment time, Rina,” he announced firmly. “Unless you have changed your mind, my sweet sub, I am asking you to be with me, exclusively, for the rest of your time here at Camp Nekkink.   All you need to do to agree, Rina, is drop to your knees. You know what will happen next, don’t you?”

She looked at him, rather shocked, but yet, looking deeper into her eyes,  he saw desire begin to bloom, and the flush in her cheeks was not a blush, but the beginnings of lust.

She slowly lowered herself to her knees, maintaining eye contact with him. A slow, seductive smile broke upon her face.

“I guess you have a hard task for me now, right Dave?”

He laughed, amused and charmed at her insoucient attitude. This was  no doormat, no, this one was fiesty, and he did like his women with some spice. He stepped back, leading her on her knees, until he felt the couch behind his knees. He sat, pulling his zipper down with one hand, pulling her forward with the other, until she came to be fully between his spread legs.

“Take out my cock,” he told her.  ” Oh, and you will start calling me Master, or Sir from this point on,” he added, firmly.

“Well, yes sir,” she snapped out, still feeling frisky.

He lifted her chin with a finger, looked at her. “Uh uh,” he admonished her, “now is not time for you to be sassy, my sweet cunt.”

She blinked, unused to the ….nasty? dirty?  …name he was calling her.

Reading her expression, if not her mind, he smiled. “You’ll get used to it, cunt, I promise you. And I bet if I slip my fingers under your shorts, I’ll find a nice wet juicy hole, won’t I?” She blushed, and he nodded, almost but not quite smirking at her.

“Wait, ” he added, stopping her reaching for him, “remove your blouse and shorts. I want to play with your tits while you suck me, I want to watch your cunt leak your sweet juices onto the floor when I pour my cum down your throat.”

A moment that felt like an eternity passed before she grasped the bottom edge of her silk tee, and pulled it over her head. Her pendulous tits swung free with her movements, their deep rosy aerola’s a sharp contrast to her pale skin. As embarrassment washed over her, her nipples hardened, jutting out,  looking so much like the erasers on new, #2 pencils, that he smiled.

“Ahhh,” he thought, “school was never like this!”

He continued to watch as, rosy cheeked, she shimmied, on her knees still, to rid herself of her tight shorts. Finally she squatted before him, gorgeous, naked, vulnerable. He could see the history on her body, that she had borne children, the faint etching of stretch marks on a softly rounded belly,  a faint scar where she must have lost her appendix, a sweet mole just above her neatly sculpted, hairless pubis.  He caught the barest view of her puffy outer lips, and a lovely whiff of aroused female.

“Oh, this was a very good thing, ” he mused, in the manner of that tv home fashionista mogul woman. Martha something or other. His attention was fully riveted on his slave as she reached almost reverently for his cock.

Pulling it free from his pants, she stroked it, palms and fingers gliding over the hard length of him. His cock was pretty average, he thought, looking down, but what he lacked in “porn industry length” he certainly made up with his girth. One slave had mockingly referred to it as “one fat cock, dude!” That relationship hadn’t lasted.  Rina, on the other hand, was near to salivating over it. A good thing, too, because he planned to…

Her lips closed over the head of his cock. He groaned. With an audible slurp, she sucked and sucked his cockhead, then, letting spit pool in her mouth, she began sliding him deeper into her juicy, hot mouth. She struggled a bit taking the girth of him, stretching her mouth into a wide, open “O”. As she worked to get the whole of him into her, he “helped” her by jerking his hips up, as he pushed down on the back of her head. Twining his fingers into her hair, he held her down, counted slowly to “5”. He could feel her throat spasming, her pulse racing as he held her, then her gasping, trying to catch her breath. He didn’t allow  her to recover, instead pushing her head down again. He felt her resistance, then, she slid back down on his pole. He felt the suctioning of her beautiful, slick mouth, felt her toungue swirling around his shaft, and again he bottomed himself out deep into the back of her throat. Over and over they danced over his hard shaft, up, then down, her gasps encouraging his firmhandedness, until she began to catch the rhythm of breathing, sucking, swirling.

She felt him harden still more, felt a pulsing begin deep at the base of his shaft, which her lips were wrapped around. She felt the liquid begin to cascade down her throat.  He slid his cock from  her throat bringing the head to the edge of her lips. Now she  felt his cum accumulate in her mouth. His hand slid from the back of her head to her throat.

“Wait to swallow it,”  he ordered from between clenched teeth, his eyes closed in rapture.  One last gout of cum spurted from him, and he pulled his cock from her lips.

“Show me,” he said, smiling weakly, sated.

Obligingly she opened her mouth, showing him the fluid accumulated within. At his order, she swallowed, then, licked around the outside of her lips, and smiled up at him.

“Ummm, yum,” she said, looking deep into his eyes.

He wondered which of them had the true power just then.

Ch 6

They sat together on the sofa, where she had just given him one hell of a blowjob. He watched her looking around the room, erotic scenes being enacted all around them, here in the Dungeon at Camp Nekkink. He knew where they were headed next, and he enjoyed her confusion, and he could see stress lines form around her mouth. He leaned closer to her, lips brushing her hair.
“Don’t worry about it so much, cunt.”
She turned, stared at him. Shaking her head slowly, she confessed,
“I don’t know if I can do this. I want to be pleasured, and to give you pleasure…”
“you just  gave me a mouthful of pleasure,” he interjected with a wide, boyish grin on his handsome face. He laughed as the blush suffused her face, and seeped down her neck to her chest. “Even your tits are blushing,” he noted, leaning away from her a bit, obviously oogling her ample breasts. Reaching up, he grasped one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting it firmly. She jolted at the sharpness, torn between pleasure and pain. As he continued his assault on her nipple, his eyes locked into hers, and she felt the fly to his spider, caught in his web of words, of pleasures and “Ouch!” she gasped as he pulled her nipple as far away from her chest as was possible, stretching her tit.
“Pleasure, my pleasure that is,” he clarified, “is in watching you succumb to your inner slave. We both know she is in there. It’s time you let her out to play, cunt.” With that, his mouth closed over hers, encouraging hers to tongue fuck his mouth, as his hands continued their torturous play on her nipples and tits. She moaned into his mouth, the pain in her tit was searing now.  Even as their saliva swirled together, leaked from their locked mouths, dripped down onto her hurting breasts, she found herself relaxing into his grip, felt her cunt wetting, found herself releasing something dark from inside of her, setting herself free. He was there, after all, to control her beast, and she felt herself trusting him as she had no other before. Knowing that her release caused his Beast to come forth was power in itself, and she reveled in the knowledge that she could affect him, too.
With a growl, he grabbed her hand, pulling her up from the couch, and pulled her across the room. Positioning her under a low beam, he walked to the side wall, taking a pair of wrist cuffs, and strode back to her. He locked eyes with her for a moment, nodded, then affixed the cuffs to her wrists. He lifted her arms and secured the cuffs to the chain that hung from the beam, then pulled the blindfold from his pocket. He pulled her ponytail up, and secured that to the chain that held her arms up, forcing her head to look slightly to the ground. Applying the blindfold, she heard him step back, then heard the soft swish of feet. She gulped. Somehow, when he was touching her, she forgot that there were other people around. Yes, she had seen and watched other people being tormented  and now, well, she knew that avid eyes would be looking at her first….what? Beating? Flogging? Whipping? And did it matter, really? She was here to submit, and now she’d not merely jumped into it, but dove headfirst. She felt a soft, warm hand caressing her left breast, softly tweaking her nipple, felt another womans breast just touching her side.
“He told us it was your first time,” a soft voice whispered. She continued,
 “I just wanted to say, keep breathing, remember that. There is nothing like the very first time you take his pain.”  A pause, and then that whisper went on,
“Know that there are many here who are envious that you caught his attention!”  With a last brush of a hand against her breast,  the woman with the soft touch and voice was gone.
The silence was deafening. She knew that other scenes were happening, but she could not hear them. She was totally in the moment here, arms feeling the effects of being restrained above her head for quite a few minutes, hair pulling as she tried to move to gain some sense of space, feet feeling the smoothness of the cool wood floor. She thought she caught an essence of his scent, just a whiff, and then all thoughts flew from her head as the first blow from the flogger lashed her back. She was unprepared for the sting, hadn’t known that she would feel each and every tassle on it, as it danced fire across her flesh. She recoiled, dancing away from the source of the stinging pain. She felt tears dancing under her closed eyelids, but held them back. She took that deep breath, and as her lungs inflated, he struck her again, across her large tit, and a  quick second blow to the other tit. She drew her body back again, twisting and twirling, nearly losing her balance. He’d come around her so quietly, or perhaps the blood pounding in her ears deadened his approach, but no warning was there before each blow. Sometimes he would strike several blows in fast succession, leaving her gasping, moaning, tears and snot and spit draining from her, running down her face to drip on her body, and the floor. Twice she danced away, only to skid in her own fluids, and receive even harsher blows on her asscheeks, which felt raw and aching. She wondered if she was bleeding, remembered that she hadn’t mentioned that she didn’t want permanent damage to her body. She felt.
Alive. The word floated into her consciousness. She was drifting, feeling the pain, but standing, not defeated, but accepting of his blows. Her body would lurch at each strike, but she was in a hazy place, her body a searing mass of fire. She felt molten, that he was beating change into her as he melted her resistance away. After an unknown time, she felt hands, his hands, cool and caressing on her skin, became conscious of his murmuring encouragement, praise of her performance. She felt him release her hair, then her wrists, felt him guide her to the couch, press a cool glass of water to her lips.
He peeled away her mask, looking at her with deep admiration, and lust. Her gaze, still hazy, drifted from his eyes to his crazy sexy mouth, down his hairy sexy chest, down to where the bulge in his pants caught and held her gaze. His finger tapped her chin, and she looked up at him, a half smile on her face, while a few errant tears spilled from her eyes. Gazes fused together, he pulled her up and behind the couch, bending her over it. She heard his zipper release, felt his cock probing the entrance to her dripping cunt, and without a word, he buried himself in her, releasing both of their beasts into the night.
Ch 7

OMYGOSH are you guys kidding?? You really want to find out what happens on Friday, the rest of the camp weekend?? Okay, okay, I’m workin’ on it!  If you are lurking and reading, just a quick wave would be nice, just so I know I’m pushing your….buttons!!    nilla


She woke slowly, missing the feel of his arms around her. Without his body heat, it was chilly in the predawn hours, and her sleeping bag was not quite warm enough for sleeping naked, which she most assuredly was, thanks to His presence in her tent last night. She took an inventory of her body…sore tits, check; sore ass, check; sore cunt, check check; sore back, oh yeah! She smiled, rubbing her mons gently. The pzzzzzzp of the tent door zipper startled her, as well as his form crowding through the small doorway.

“Brrrrrr, it’s fucking cold out there,” he said, diving down onto her. “Quick, let me in!” She threw back the sleeping bag that covered her, and he slid in, his chilled body causing her nipples to rise, and her to gasp at the sudden cold of him landing on her.

He looked at her, took in the surprise she tried to hide.

“Did you think I was leaving you?” he asked, amazed. She nodded, slowly.

“Slave,” he said, patiently, “I told you yesterday that you were mine for the weekend. We made a great start yesterday, and a better one last night,” he pulled away a bit to look down at her bruised tits, smiled and continued, “no, sweet cunt, you are mine, and I’m staying. Besides, where else can I get warm so quickly after having to take a leak when it’s so damned cold?”

“And I know just how to warm up again,” he said, rubbing her tits with his icy hands. It didn’t take long for his energetic body to heat them both. When they were both sweaty and out of breath, he nuzzled her throat, scratching her soft skin with his lightly stubbled face. She pulled away a bit, but he didn’t allow her to move away far before reeling her back in, and scruffing his face all down her chest to her tits. She moaned, he chuckled.

“See, I would have stopped at your neck, but you were a bad little cunt, and I need to punish you when you are bad.” He looked at her with mock severity.

“All done being a bad cunt?”

She gazed at him, a bit unsure yet, then nodded, slowly. Taking her by the back of the head, he pushed her down to his cock. Nearly folded in half by the sleeping bag, she was afraid she would suffocate down here, but she followed his unspoken command, and took his now soft cock into her mouth.

“You’ve already given me a great morning work out, cunt,” he told her as she softly mouthed him, “but tomorrow, and each morning we are together I will expect your  lovely mouth to service me.” She looked up towards the opening of the sleeping bag, making eye contact as much as she was able. Although he didn’t harden, he left her to play with him for a while, and when he was satisfied that she knew what he expected, he pulled her back up to his face by her hair. He kissed her fiercely then, not merely a kiss, but a taking. He dove deeply into her mouth, mingling their juices, drew back, puffed air into her, took air from her. Sliding his mouth from her mouth to her neck, he bit her hard on her throat, sucking and marking her. She writhed a bit under the torment of it, it hurt, dammit, but she understood deep inside that he was marking his territory, claiming her as his. Not that anyone who saw them last night at the dungeon would have any questions about that. No, he was truly becoming her Master, and she wondered what would happen to them once camp was over.

“Like “Same Time Next Year” she mused, thinking of that movie where a couple meets each year for a weekend of sex and life lessons. She knew she would never be satisfied with one weekend a year, but knew it was too early to talk about post-camp life. No, better to enjoy the here, the now. Learn the pain, learn what turned him on, learn how to be a freaky woman on the outside, and not just in fantasies any more.

“By the way,” his voice interruped her musing, “there is a very cold slave sitting in the wading pool outside the bathroom. When you go up there, be sure to pee on her. It will help warm her up.”

She stared at him, torn between horror and amusement, and shock.

“Really? I mean, really?” she asked, completely bemused. “You want me to pee on another person?”

“Unless you want to join her. Two bodies being warmer than one and all…” he trailed off, looking at her with one eyebrow cocked in that coy manner that she was beginning to know well.

“Uh, no, no, um, if you’re giving me an “out” here, I’m going to take it! I will pee on her if that is what pleases you, Master, but I would very much prefer to not join her. If that’s okay with you,?” she stammered out, quickly, hoping that he would not, please great One, would not insist on this.

“Okay, you can do it tomorrow morning instead,” he replied.

Her mouth gaped, she could not believe it. An out. Indeed.



They strolled around the campground after she cooked them breakfast on her camp grill. When He had complimented her prowess of her cooking on such primative tools, she had smiled, and told him she had many years experience at cooking for 3 boys over a camp stove.

“Kind of like riding a bicycle,” she told him, grinning. “You’re lucky I only had 6 eggs with me or you’d be waddling right now!”

“So, you’re used to cooking for a crowd, eh?” He smiled down at her, pleased.

She rubbed his chest, bare now that the morning sun had chased off the chill from earlier.

“I could turn this,” she grinned up at him, tapping his slightly rounded belly, ‘into one that Santa himself would envy in a very short time!”

He snorted out a  laugh.

“You are some kind of wench, aren’t you, my cunt? Sassy, that’s what you are,” and he squeezed her, hugging her tightly under his arm.

They walked on towards the lakefront, strolling like any other couple in the world, except for her nudity, which she was really forgetting about. Suddenly she stopped, turned to face him.

“What do you get out of this?” she questioned, placing her palm against his furry chest once more.

“I mean, aside from the sex and blowjobs?” She made a moue at his quick grin. “Seriously, Master. Is it all about taking my control away? Because that’s where I’m finding the most issue in my head. Giving up all my freedom, my choices…” she drifted into silence, caught again by his look. It was deep, moody, serious.

“It is more, and less, than just taking your power. It is in the offeringof your power that is the start of my pleasure. You give me your body, let me strike it, mark it, claim it. This increases my pleasure. I enjoy every tear, every gasp, every single twitch you make as you fight your urge to flee, to continue to feed that power to me. This is oversimplification, perhaps. But can you even explain to me, how you felt when you submitted to me last night? At the knowledge that my blows made you hot, make you hot, make you wet or simply, makeyou.  Can you say why the act of submission makes you feel your self worth? Because you are, you know. Worthy. You made yourself worthy when you gave to me. Your flesh. My desire. Your desire. We fused all of these parts  together and became.  When I fucked you, had my cock buried deep inside you, felt your cunt squeezing me, milking me, we became physically one, but before that, we had already become linked. Linked together over your burning flesh.  Fused as one.”

She looked up at him, he looked back at her. Fused. She liked that. She really, really liked that. Smiling, she slid her hand to his crotch, rubbed there.

“How about a bit more fusion, then?”  she asked, a woman’s sly smile playing about her mouth, as she dropped to her knees before him, took his cock from his pants, and merged into him.

Ch 9

They were laying entwined on the beach. They had just enjoyed a lusty watergame He called “Dunk ‘n Suck”.  She was still a bit red faced, between oxygen deprivation and the damn lusty fortitude of this man, oh my, it was hard to catch her breath!

She hadn’t known what to expect when he waved her into the water. He had stood where the water reached just past his waist,  obviously relishing the coolness. The day had warmed considerably, with a sky so blue, so cloudless,  you could feel your heart just skip a beat, looking up at it. It was late in August and while the pond was warmer than she thought it would be,  she stood in the shallows, letting the water kiss at her calves.

“Cunt!” He bellowed at her from the deeper side of the bathing area. This side edge of the pond was cordoned off for swimmers, while the other was for launching a camp canoe. Sex in a canoe was a ridiculous prospect, or so she thought.  Apparently so did other campers, as the only ones taking advantage of that recreation were paddling, or at least the slave half of the couple was!  Also,  it was nearing the lunch hour. Then, most campers would head up to the Lodge to partake of the one camp-provided meal of the day.

She looked out to where he stood, and shook her head “no”.

“CUNT!!”  This time she knew he meant business.  She could see the little furrow between his eyes, which was his “getting pissed” look. Already, just 36 hours into their relationship and she was learning the visual cues all slaves (she supposed) needed to know about their master! She took a reluctant step forward towards the deeper water. Onward she went, slowly, on to where he stood, arms crossed, looking rather …displeased.

“um, Hi?” she said, looking up at him, slanting her head and giving him her best cocquettish smile.

“Took your time getting here, didn’t you, cunt?” he asked in a menacing, firm voice.

“The water is …” she looked at him, looked down where sunlight sparkled on the dancing water, shimmering light nearly blinding her.

“yes, Master, I am sorry Sir.”

“While I don’t want a doormat to yessir me to death, I do expect, no, Idemand  obedience from my slave. My Cunt. YOU.” All this was delivered in a firm, even tone, but she knew he was not happy with her.

“I want you to suck me off, cunt.”

“HERE?!” she looked down below the water line, to where his cock bobbed between his legs. “I thought men couldn’t get hard in cool water…you know, the whole cold shower thing?”

He laughed, just threw back his head and roared at her.

“Well, slut, it depends on our motivation, doesn’t it? Or should I say…YOUR motivation. You will have to dive down and get it going, come up for air when you must, dive down and work some more, come back up, go down, come up…”

“I get it, I get it,” she waved her hand at him. “Sheesh.” Again she waved her hand, splashing a bit of water at him. Slanting him an innocent look, she apologized for the splash, but the twinkle in her eye gave it away and he dunked her, held her a moment, then released her.

She came up, sputtering and nearly mad, long tendrils of blonde hair sheeting water, covering her face.

“You look like a blonde cousin It,” he laughed. “You know, from the Addams Family…hahahahaw.” He was pleased that she would spar with him, but knowing that she was also delaying her ‘work’, he gave her the Master look. Yes, she was learning that one, too. With a final pleading look, which he ignored, she slid into the water, grabbing at his legs to stay submerged, and began sucking.

It took a very, very long time to get him off, but finally, finally he shot his load into her mouth.

They reclined on the beach.  Time passed, and he knew they would need to head up to the lodge for lunch soon, and now would be a perfect time to tweak her for what was coming right after lunch.

“Do you remember back in the day when guys would get an new car, and they couldn’t wait to show it off? They’d park it at the local hangout, and their pals would come and check it out. They’d look under the hood at the engine, discuss it’s merits. Kick the tires. Sit behind the wheel. Do you remember that?”

“Yes, I guess I do. I mean, I had a boyfriend like that once. ” She wondered where this conversation was going. They had shared bits and pieces of their “real” life with each other, but this was certainly odd.

“And today. Guys still do that sort of thing. Buy a giant TV and invite the gang over to watch the game. Comment on the blades of grass you can see, the blood on the quarterbacks chin.”

“uh huh, ” she responded, not sure at all where this was going, but getting a sneaking idea.

“Yeah, well, ” He rose, took her hand and pulled her up, “after lunch, I’m going to show my new cunt to the boys.”

He smiled down at her, her mouth hanging open, and pulled her along the path to the Lodge, and lunch.

Ch 10

They walked from the beach up to the lodge for lunch. He was leading her ,  fingers wrapped around a long tendril of her blonde hair, as he fingered the soft silky strand. She enjoyed his hands on her, the possessive gesture of his hand holding her thus, possessive in a way no man had been about her before. Her husband had taken her for granted, she knew, but she had been as comfortable in her old life as she though he was…until he dumped her for the dental hygenist who worked for him. Or should she have said “under him,” she mused with a wry twist of her lips.

“Where are you, slave?” he asked, looking down at her, tugging not too gently on the captive hair he held. She gave herself a mental shake, smiled up at him, wincing as he tugged that strand yet again.

“Sorry, Master, I was…”

“Woolgathering?” he asked with a grin, remembering how they had met just the day before.

“Done now,” she assured him.

“Good. I want all your attention on your tasks, you have many that lay ahead of you today. I know you will do well, because I sense you would not want to disappoint me in front of my friends here at camp. Some leeway will be granted as you are still new and learning, but I believe in starting as I mean to go on. This means that you will receive…corrections…” he drawled that last word, pausing for emphasis before he continued,

“when you have made a misstep. I will be  gentle at first but … I  will not continue to be, if you do not  fully surrender. And I will know if you are holding back, cunt, ” he spoke kindly, but firmly, gazing into her eyes.

She was captured once again at the mesmerizing blaze of blue, at the power that came from him, power that caused her to shiver with deep anticipation. She had come here just for this. To understand what it was that drove people  to let themselves be consumed by a Master. And she was beginning to understand. At this moment, she would let this man do anything to her, to gift him with her essence, with her pain, her body, to please him.

As they approaced the steps of the Lodge, he took out her blindfold, and placed it firmly around her eyes. Leading her steadily up the steps, she wondered how she would make it through the lunch line like this. She needn’t have worried, as she felt his hand guiding her away from the meal queue, turning to the right and heading for the tables.

“Huh,” she thought to herself with an inward smile, “the Master serves the slave!”  She heard the heavy scrape of a wood chair against the floor, and he pushed her down into what felt like a very large chair. He placed her right arm along the wooden arm of the chair, and she felt coarse rope wrap around her wrist, securing her arm in place. He repeated this with her other arm. Pushing her back into the chair, he positioned her head against the back, and she felt more rope snaking about her neck. She was surprised, and a bit apprehensive now. His finger pushed against her lips in the age-old “hush” position, and she took this as her cue to remain silent. There were a few moments when she heard nothing, then she felt his hands pushing against the folds of her cunt. Something cool and rounded…he was pushing it inside her. It felt like…an egg? He caressed her head, and she heard him walk away, then a click, and the egg inside her sprang to life.

“Oh MY!” she thought, sitting up even straighter. “A Vibrator. In her cunt. At the Lunch Table. Oh MY!”

There were loud conversations, laughter, admonishments, sucking sounds all around her, but nowhere could she hear her Master.  She smelled food, and her stomach growled. She was hungry!  She could feel the vibe working inside her, felt the vibe increase, then decrease, then increase again.

“It must have some kind of variable function” she thought, trying to be nonchalant about having a vibe inside her in such a public venue.  Suddenly, and  without any warning sounds to alert her to anothers’  presence,  she felt a hand caressing her tit, pulling her nipple.  She jumped, but the restraints held her firmly in place as the hand continued to stroke and shape her other breast and nipple. She wanted to protest, but the vibe had done it’s work, and the caress aroused her further, pulling a low moan from her.

“Yeah, she does have a nice pair, Dave, really great nipples!” and she flushed with embarrasment. Dave was showing off her ‘charms’ to one of his Master-type  friends.  How long they’d been there gawking at her she had no idea but this was truly mortifying. She felt the blush spread from her cheeks to her neck to her breasts, causing even more laughter and chatter. Not only that, but the vibe was still performing  it’s magic  deep in her cunt, and she was having trouble sitting without squirming, and she knew the seat of the chair was wet. Because the seat was rattan, this meant that a puddle of her juices was pooling under her chair.

As if to confirm her thoughts, she heard one of Master’s friends laugh, then he said very loudly  “There’s some kind of puddle under your slaves’ chair, Dave,”  which only served to increase her embarrassment, then another voice saying   “Look at those large Pink tits ….and not a  lash in sight! ” Of course, that was not the only remark but it was  the loudest. These observations, which elicited laughter in the chairs around them,  caused her to attempt to slump down to hide…but she forgot about the rope at her neck holding her in place. She heard chewing and slurping and other sounds of eating, and realized that HE was eating, while she only had a tummy full of his cum. She was feeling pretty pissed, very horny,  and a lot hungry when at long last, she felt his finger at her mouth.

“Open up, cunt,” and when she complied he gave her a large, double fingerful of ketchup.

More laughter as she made a distasteful face at the stuff in her mouth. He had been rather generous with the portion, and she was really unhappy about…

“Open up, cunt,” he said again. She hesitated a brief moment, and she felt her nipple get a hard tweak.

“OW!” she squeaked, and when she opened her mouth, more ketchup was squirted inside. She would have erupted in outrage, but she felt his hand, or rather, the heat from his hand, just a fraction away from her nipple, and she remembered the conversation outside the lodge. His friends were silent now, but she knew they were watching her, judging him by her actions. Less from fear of punishment, and more from wanting to please him, despite the horrible taste of the ketchup, she swallowed, and waited for him to command her again. Four more times he forced her to open and eat something distateful, which she swallowed hastily. Finally the test was over, and when he told her to open, a bit of  a soft roll  and butter was placed between her lips, soon followed by chicken slivers which were delightfully seasoned. To be fed so lovingly by his hand tripled the lust within her, and she moaned as he traced her lips with his fintertip, felt the orgasm building inside her.

He leaned forward, placing his lips right by her ear, and whispered, “I want you to cum for me, slave, cum while I feed you, cum in your chair, cum all over the floor where everyone here can see you.”

And once more his finger was at her lips, a large chunk of watermelon dripping it’s juice onto her legs. She felt it slide with sensual coolness to pool in the hot V of her mons.  His other hand slipped down to her clit, rubbing firmly. As she bit into the melon, she felt her cunt convulse around the egg. She threw back her head, mouth full, cunt full, and keened her orgasm. Breasts sparkling with sweat and  lust-blush, heaving with her gasping breath, hair sluicing down her shoulders, knees clamped tightly together, capturing his hand in her crotch, she made a wildy erotic sight, and many in the lunch room were seen to fondle a breast or cunt or cock as they gazed at the wanton sight. He was more than proud of her, and  his jutting cock complained in his suddenly too tight jeans. As she came out of her orgasmic haze, he began removing her ropes and blindfold. She blushed as she saw the Masters gathered at their table, and continued to blush when several of them applauded.

“One hell of a lunch, Dave, ” remarked his oldest friend, Nash. “So, ” he drawled, “what’s for dessert?”

She looked at her Master. She had a feeling that she knew exactly what was on the menu.

Ch 11

He hung her.

She wasn’t quite certain how he’d gotten around her protests, but he was a Master, her master now, and she had given herself to him. She didn’t take any committment lightly, but this was so new, so different. Oh hell, so exciting! This was her. Corinne the Boring. That’s what her best friend had called her, just a week or so ago. Ha! Wouldn’t Eva be surprised at her “boring” friend if she could see her now.

She was reclining, poised on one foot. Laying in the air, horizontal to the floor, her body made a perfect capitol “T”. A rope twined about her body, beautiful, the patterns and twists of rope, but also binding her tightly in place. At 48, she was still a lovely woman, but she had no idea that she would be able to be posed thus. Her arms were bound behind her back, a rope wrapped from her shoulders, cinching her large breasts, making them balloons that were slowly turning a deep crimson. More rope snaked down her torso, crossing on each side of her cunt, wrapping down to her left ankle, and back up to the beam she was suspended from. With her right foot planted on the floor to hold her steady, she could only watch as people came up to her, admired the rope work and her body. Hands fondled  her tits, pulled her nipples. Her Master stood behind her, one hand on her hip, the other lightly stroking her shoulder, occasionally reaching for her nipple and pulling it, hard.  She moaned, he smiled. He watched as some of her cunt dew accumulated on her inner thigh, then slowly slid over the soft flesh, to drip onto the floor.

“You may think you hate this, cunt, but your body says differently. You’re oozing so much wetness that the floor beneath you is  wet. That’s becoming quite a habit for you, isn’t it, little slut?” He laughed at her discomfiture. Sliding his fingers from her hip to her ass, he fondled that globe, then slid down the crack, following the hemp rope down to the opening of her cunt. He slid two fingers inside her, and wiggled them. She jerked and moaned, embarrassed, no, mortified. She was not slipping into any kind of “subspace” laying as she was. There were too many outside things bringing her awareness….strange hands on her body, his fingers arousing her, playing her like some kind of sex instrument, strumming his toy to a thrumming near-peak, but always leaving her just shy of completion.

“May I?” a voice asked from in front of her. He was standing much to close for her to be able to see him, just the jutting cock that was staring her in the face.

“Certainly,” said the voice of her Master.

WTF?? No! He couldn’t, he wouldn’t, would he  ??? And yet, the cock in front of her banged at her mouth forcefully, and He swatted her on the ass, while commanding her to

“Open your mouth, cunt!”  While she was facefucked by the strange Master before her, her Master was fucking her with his fingers, driving deeply into her wet hole, causing moans to mewl out of her around the cock in her mouth. It seemed like hours before a spurt of cum filled her mouth, then he pulled his cock out of her lips and spurted the rest of his load on her face and tits. She showed him what was in her mouth, as he grasped her chin, a neat trick since she was hanging sideways, but she did it, and was congratulated and ordered to swallow what she had.  Again her Master stopped fucking her just as her orgasm was ready to crest over. Again she moaned her frustration.

“My pleasure, cunt, remember that,” he whispered, leaning close to her. She felt his hands drop away from her, felt him stepping away from her.  Across the room from her, she could see a …a slave, she supposed, being beaten by two people, each taking a turn striking her with short crops. She couldn’t hear it, but she could see the woman jerk each time the crop met her flesh, and see the welt rising, and reddening.

She could hear a high whishing sound, then a moment later, a burning erupted across her back, snaking over her hip. She jolted, cried out in shock. Another whish, and other line of fire fringed from her hip around to her belly. Again a whish, again the sear of her flesh. She could feel the welts arise across  her flesh, her ass and back and hip, belly and breast. He left her legs alone, thank goodness, and then as quickly as it had begun, it was over. After the initial cry, she had been silent, although tears filled her eyes, and dripped silently onto the floor. She felt cool hands caressing her welts, heard one man say to Him, “she takes pain well,” heard her Master agree,  then felt him kiss her hip.  As the rope master bent to his task of unwinding her, she caught him smiling at her. She returned a weak  smile, sore, weary, but proud that she had taken yet another step on her journey. Damn that man could hit! An eternity later, she was free, and in His arms.

Ch 12

If Corinne thought that being hung and facefucked and whipped was the end of afternoon playtime, she could not have been more wrong. After some lovely cuddling, something he called “aftercare” and  which she hadn’t heard of before, he rose from the couch in the Dungeon. Patting her on the head “like a good dog,” she fumed, annoyed, He told her to “sit and stay put, cunt.” And he walked away. She watched him leaving the building, startled. Had she done something wrong? Before she could dive into the pity pool, a woman sat heavily down beside her.

“Phew” said the slave  while fanning at her rosy face, (surely she was a slave, with all those red marks all over her tits, Cori thought silently),  “I’m glad he’s done with me for now. I’m Cassie, by the way. I saw you hanging over there. You looked gorgeous!  That Rolf  is a wonderful rope worker, isnt’  he?  He did me up last year  when we were here. Couldn’t move an inch but I looked damned good!”  With a large grin, the effervescent woman chattered on, and suddenly Cori didn’t mind that they were two nudes sitting on the sofa. They were women, chattering about life, and that was all that was important!  She and Cassie continued  talking  until Cassies Sir came to collect her. Cori was a bit shocked when he strode up to them, grabbing Cassie by the hair at the back of her head  and raising her up from the couch in one swift, almost brutal, move. But when he ground his mouth down on her, she could tell that this really was something that Cassie liked, as she began to moan deep in her throat. Cori swallowed a lump of jealousy, felt a quickening in her clit, and tried to look away. She could still see them in her periphial vision, however, and she was amazed at how long that kiss went on. She wondered who was consuming whom, as both were entwined so deeply in the kiss. She knew the Master…uh, Sir, Cassie had called him, was in control, as his grasp on her hair never wavered, and perhaps even tightened as the kiss went on and on. Finally, they broke apart, Cassie, red faced and panting, and her Sir, smiling. They  went across the room to a cross contraption there. Halfway across the room, Cassie turned and threw a wave at Corinne, who waved back. Wow. What a place!

She closed her eyes, leaned back into the sofa. There were groans, grunts, and even screams echoing around the large room, but she was adapting to the sounds of tortured flesh, of whips whistling through the air, of heavy duty vibes getting people off in amazing ways. She slipped into a light doze. She awoke with a start, but she couldn’t see. She lifted her hand to her face, but another hand stopped her. That hand secured her arm into a stiff leather cuff. Then her other hand was retrieved from beside her, where it rested against her thigh, and was  secured in a similar cuff. This was odd…her arms were spread apart, and she couldn’t pull them apart, nor push them together. Something kept them widely apart…ahhh, a spreader bar, she remembered the name now. It was heavy, too. She had no idea who had secured her thus, but hoped like hell it was Master Dave. When she opened her mouth to ask “Who’s….” a thick rubber ball was pushed deeply into her face, and pulled very tightly around her head and secured. “ouuunnnounnn?!” was all she could say, in protest.

“Shut the hell up, cunt,” came a gruff voice.

Not. Master. Dave.

“uh oh,” she thought, nervously. Her heart rate came up quickly, and she was sure that  her  pulse would be visable as it  beat  it’s rapid tattoo in the hollow of  her throat.

He must have been pulling on the bar, because suddenly she felt herself pulled forward, though no hands touched her body. Cori was becoming  frightened for although she knew she was “safe”  here at camp, what was happening to her now was an unexpected event. She found she could not swallow the spit that was forming in her  mouth, and a glistening rivulet of it began to drool from the edge of her mouth, tracing a silver trail across her tit, while a second trail began oozing down her belly. She shuddered in distaste. “Ugh, spit! And it was getting all over her. Ugh!” Gagged as she was, and ordered to silence as she had been, she could make no protest, but inwardly she was …angry…turned on…angry…submissive..angry…turned the hell on…oh gawd he was pushing her submission this strange man, and she liked it. Loved it. Hated it. Loved it. She was wet, a rivulet of her sex juices was running down her leg to join with the spittle that was sliding down to coat her foot. Onward she was pulled, firmly, quickly. She fought to keep her feet under her as he torpedo’d them across the room. He came to a sudden stop, nearly throwing her off balance again.

“Learn to anticipate my desire and  do not smash into me again,” came the voice. She could almost see the angry glare he was throwing at her, despite the blindfold. She was throwing one right back at him, so it was probably  a good thing that there was something covering her eyes.

She remained silent, although words of protest formed in her head. How the HELL could she anticipate if she was blinded and gagged?  She felt herself pulled forward, felt a cool surface in front of her. Her feet could move forward no further, her knees came in contact first, then as the pull continued, up as well as forward now, her spit slick belly, her breasts, and finally her face were leaning forward, tilted at an angle. She was being held against what felt like a smooth wooden tabletop that was tilted upwards. She heard a click and felt the bar weight taken from her as it was secured somehow at the end of the table that rose above her.  A sound of feet moving around her, more than one pair.  Heavy boots joined the sounds around her.  She felt many hands securing straps around her, holding her firmly to the tabletop. A strap was secured around her knees. The man who put that strap on had a birds eye view of her leaky cunt, and joked about it with the others.

“We need to put a caution sign  near this one,”  he laughed, to her mortification.

“Yeah, what should it say?”  replied the man securing a strap around the back of her neck. The position allowed her to tilt her head enough that the spit could continue to ooze from her mouth and not drown her in her own fluids.

“Slippery When Wet!”   chortled the asshat Master, lightly swiping his finger up her thigh through the fluid trail there, and caressing her womanly folds.

“I think we need a treasure map,” spoke another as he strapped a thicker belt around her waist, “one that has a big old X to mark  the spot.”

“What, you don’t know the spot by now?” laughed leg-strap Master. “Maybe Dave will let you practice finding it on this one,” and he slapped Cori’s ass playfully.

“mmooommmmuuuuu” she grunted, trying unsuccessfully to wriggle her ass away from the hand that was lightly rubbing her sore spot.

“Told you to be silent, cunt.” This growled warning was from the first man.

“Uh oh,” came the voice of waist strap man, leaning into her back and speaking against her hair, “cunt’s gonna get punished now…” and she heard him move away. Not far away, but the other feet also shuffled a few steps back, which made her very…

“AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM” she screamed behind the gag as she felt a firm smack on her ass. Before she could draw breath, two more fast smacks in the same spot caused her to bite down on the gag. Tears and snot and spit began leaking from her face, adding to the misery she was feeling on her ass.


More tears, more fire on her asscheek.

A pause. Then he spoke,

“it always hurts more to strike the same spot over and over, doesn’t it, cunt?”

As much as she was able, she nodded, trying fiercely to quell the moan that was building in her throat.

He continued, “Since you are new, I’m going to cut you a bit of slack. But word to the wise, cunt, never disobey a Master. Especially one who is helping out your Master.” She nodded solemnly.

Seven…this was applied to her other asscheek…as was Eight….

a pause for breath….


“Oh, oh, ” she thought, dazed, “oh my ass, my ass is on fire!!”  She felt a soothing hand rubbing her posterior, gently, almost….kindly.

“Well, you do take pain well for a beginner,  cunt, I’ll give you that.”

And with that, she heard him moving off. Resting against the table, ass afire, she wondered what would befall her next.

Ch. 13

Corinne braced her forhead against the smooth tabletop beneath her. Resting at a tilt, she could feel the spittle oozing from her mouth, which was securely ball-gagged. Her neck was securing her to the table, held so that the river of drool had become a small lake, gathering in the Vee where her breasts pushed against the smooth polished wood. With her eyes blindfolded, she could not see Lake Spit, but she could feel it, and she was grossed out beyond words, not that she could speak them, even if she could find enough to describe her humilating condition.

“Well, well, well, my cunt, what did you do to piss off Master Michael?” It was the sweet, dark voice of her Master. She could hear, dammit, laughter in  his voice, and felt his hand glide along the heated curves of her ass.

“Your ass looks lovely with paddle marks on it, cunt. Long red marks, with polka dots!” he laughed out loud this time.  “My cunt with the polka dot ass!”

She stayed silent, but fumed inside. ‘Polka dot ass, indeed!” she thought, “just you wait, Master, just you wait.”

Although she knew he didn’t need to explain anything to her, she was very grateful when he told her that he’d gone out to the parking lot to his car. Since the lots were far away from the camping area, it had taken him a bit longer than he’d planned. Along the way he’d met up with his friend Michael. He had asked Michael to help prepare his cunt for her next adventure.

“Let me guess,”  he mused aloud,  “Michael prefers his cunts to be silent, so I’m guessing you either sassed him,” she shook her head vehemently from side to side, ” no? Good. Then you must have tried to speak when he commanded you to silence?”  he asked her. She nodded, slowly.

“And I can see you are ashamed by your mistake?” he paused, she made no move.  “Embarrassed?” Another nod, yes. This pleased him, for he would rather have this cunt of his be proud of her accomplishments, and embarrassed by her failures. Embarrassment was a powerful deterrent to future failures, he knew. Shame, well, that was a spirit breaker, and he did not want a doormat for a slave.  He wasn’t looking for equal partnership, but he wasn’t looking for a hangdog, life-has-no-meaning wimp, either. Frankly, he was pretty amazed that this newbie had so much fortitude for her first romp through BD/SM, and that she tried it at something as intense as a Kink Camp…spoke volumes as to her spirit. He had plans for a future for them. He wasn’t ready to speak to her of them, but he knew he was not going to let this slave go on her merry way once Camp was over.

She heard a strange crinkly sound…a shopping bag, she thought, with him fishing around in it. She heard a soft scraping sound, smelled sulpher. Then, vanilla? He’s lighting vanilla candles? ooooohhhh…..something she had read about often, and that always,always brought sticky heat to her crotch…wax play. She shifted a bit on the table, felt Lake Spit shift, and drain down straight from between her tits, cascading down her belly, and pooling  up against her belly button. She could feel the warm oozing as it escaped the pool there, and slithered down the soft curve of her waist, running now alongside her hip and the tabletop. She felt the blush begin then, suffusing her hidden face with crimson, felt the blush cascading down her neck to her tits, and even across her shoulders. She prayed he wouldn’t notice.

He noticed.

A laugh came from behind her. “You are one ick covered cunt, aren’t you,” he hooted, “or should I say, one rosy-red, ick covered cunt?”   His guffaws drew the curious from around the room, and she heard people moving over  to where she was imprisoned, heard him describing her current state in lewd, graphic detail.

Then there was silence. She felt and smelled him approach her. His hand drifted down her back, caressed her still glowing ass. He smoothed her hair away from her back, tucking it to her front, and she knew the ends would be drenched in spit when this was over. She sighed as quietly as she was able, but he heard her nonetheless.

“Buck up, cunt. You are more fun than….hmmm, than farting silently in church!” He laughed again, and several of the onlookers guffawed at his humor. Men. She sighed again. Cori was reassured by the silly byplay.  She sensed his laughter was a common thing, and this made her feel safer than any words could have.

Then she felt it. Burning tendrils flowing down her shoulders, then stiffening. Over and over he poured the liquid wax down her shoulders, her back, her ass. Because of the inclined position she was in, the wax would run quickly down her flesh, then harden slowly as it reached it’s cooling point. She could feel her skin pulling as the wax hardened, the tautness felt so good after the burning wax. She felt herself releasing so many things, felt herself flying free, the pain a distant thing, the pleasure pulsing deeply between her thighs. Was it hours or days later that he released her? She was foggy, dazed by all she had experienced in the dungeon since lunch. Her body was curiously relaxed, but her cunt was thrumming with need.

Around her on the floor was  evidence of their play. Chunks and bits of wax peeled from her flesh lay like fall-tossed leaves, wet whorls of spit and cum created fantastical splat marks. She felt used up, dirty, and high as a kite.

She was certain he’d throw her in the shower now, as she was so ….ugh! …she could hardly stand herself. He pushed her against the wall, face first, told her to brace herself on her tired arms. He was behind her, fondling her ass, then her cunt, then her asshole was probed by his curious fingers. She grunted as he inserted two of them, fucked her with them, squeezing yet another moan from her.

She wanted him in her cunt. Like NOW! It was torture to need him so much. Pleasure began to blossom in her as he worked her ass steadily, then just as she was getting into it, he with drew his fingers. Not for long did she have an empty ass, for he quickly inserted his thick cock into her stretched rectum. First the large head went in, with a small inaudible  “pop” . It was a feeling, not a noise. The only sound she did hear was when He moaned as her sphincter released and allowed him entry, then squeezed him tightly. She moaned as her ass took him in, having never had anal sex before. She was surprised that she wasn’t screaming in agony, but truth to tell, there was no agony. The need that beat a steady pulse in her cunt had moved to her ass, and she felt herself thrusting her ass back gently, asking without words for more of his stiff rod.

He complied. He was pushing forward,  impaling  his shaft deeply into  her ass. They moaned together. Then, it was all she could do to hold her position, her arms locked and braced as he withdrew and slammed back into her. Gone was any yearning to give her tenderness. Instead, possession was the urge that drove him deeper, and deeper into his property. He owned this cunt now, this slave, and he was taking her for the ride of her life.

She could hardly wait to see where he took her next.

Ch 14

He was holding his sleeping slave close to him, playing with her hair. It was early evening, but they both needed some rest and recovery after an intense afternoon. He didn’t think he’d fucked this many times in two days…in years! Something about this new slave of his made him, and apparently his cock, feel years younger. Perhaps it was her uninhibited enjoyment of all the new things she had been exposed to. She was not jaded, and yet not pre-programmed by what ‘her’ needs were. It was a good balance. She knew who she was, and that was the fundamental root of why this was working.

He was certain that she was having the most intense experience of her life at this kinky camp, and enjoying every moment of it. Well, maybe not every moment, he amended, smiling to himself. He recalled her look of total revulsion  when she finally got her blindfold removed, and could see herself. God how he had loved that look on her face! It gave him one hell of a rush to know he’d done that to her, made her experience that level of submission to him.

Spit and snot had dried on her neck, while soft gooey spots still existed under her breasts, in her belly button, not to mention their combined cum that stuck her thighs together as she walked across the Dungeon floor with him.  He had showered with her, a gentle experience as he laved her body with soap, feeling all her soft contours. She moaned as he rubbed the places that were starting to form bruises; he was pleased that she wore his markings so beautifully on her soft skin.

Afterwards, they headed for her tent, and fell asleep in moments, cradled in each others arms. When He woke, her head was nestled into his shoulder, her body curved into his side. He could feel  the soft mounds of her tits pressing into him, the warm moistness of her mons pressed against his hip, her leg drawn up and over his.  He played with her hair. He loved her hair. The soft silken texture of it, the way she would peer through it when she was being coy with him. When it was plastered to her head, drenched with the sweat that he caused, or up in a ponytail restraining her. Smiling, a tendril of hair twined about his finger, he drifted back into slumber.

She stirred. Slowly she awakened, her body sending signals of “ouch” from her back and ass and tits and hell, the list was endless. But within the burning soreness was pleasure, and she smiled deeply to remember how much she had pleased Master, and how much that had pleased her. She had never known the depths of her submissive nature until yesterday. Was it only yesterday?!  She felt like she had been his slave forever. All of her life had culminated to bring her to this place, and while she regretted none of the past, she worried about her future. What would she do without him? She looked up at him, sleeping. His fingers were tangled in her hair, but she had a bit of revenge to offer him, for the comment he had made earlier. She had no idea if she still had a polka dot ass, but still, there was honor at stake here. Slowly, gently, she kissed his neck. Slowly, gently she nibbled wee spots along his throat. His arms tightened around her, but he lifted his head to give her greater access to his neck. She continued her gentle ministrations, moving over and over his throat. Pulling back, she examined his neckline. She smiled, cocked her head at him, whispered huskily,

“hello, my polka dotted stud Master”, then threw back her head and laughed aloud.

“What did you do, minx?” he looked down at her, raised a hand to his throat, felt…small, very small rises in his flesh where her busy teeth had nipped him to welts.

“I just thought that we should go to the dance tonight as a coordinated couple…me with my polka dot ass, and you with a polkadot necktie.” she chortled again, vastly amused at herself.  Truth to tell, he was pretty amused too.

“Would’ve been …more effective to match us, ass to ass.”

“Like you would have let me bite your ass!” she laughed, but he could sense the question.

“Let you? No. Ordered you to…to be sure I would. And perhaps I shall some day. Maybe the same day I tell you to lick my asshole and balls.” He smiled down at her somewhat poleaxed expression, then hugged her.

“Thank you for giving me that idea, cunt. Might even have you do that tonight, after we’re all sweaty and tired from the dance.” He squeezed her again, hard.  “What a good cunt I have! ”

She sighed. You just couldn’t win with these Masters. Even when you won, you lost.

Ch 15

She knew exactly what she would wear to the dance. She had no idea what had prompted her to bring a sarong to this kind of camp, but the flowing, bright colored silk was too tempting to pass up.  It would be the perfect outfit for the dance. She could hardly wait for Him to see her in it. A quick dash of make up, some earrings, and she was ready.

He knew just what she would be wearing to the dance. He called for her to come out of the tent, then blinked. She was gorgeous……but…..     She smiled up at him, grabbing the edges of the silk dress, twirled in front of him.

“What do you think, master?” she said, looking up at him. He looked…stunned.

“Stunned is good”   she thought to herself.

“Cunt,” he sighed. “You are not going to the dance like that. ”

“w-Why ever Not,” she practically whined. Oh, she hated whining. Could scarce believe it was coming from her mouth. But, but…

“Because you are my slave and you do as I tell you. Cunt, for one thing, you are seriously overdressed. For another, I have your outfit right here.” His hand dove into his pocket, came out with a …. a collar?

Now it was she who was stunned.

“A-a…a collar?” she questioned him, staring up at him with luminous eyes. “You are going to collar me? B-but you hardly know me an..and..” she stuttered to silence, teary eyed.

“Will you accept this collar as token of my ownership over you, Corinne?” He held the beautifully wrought leather collar in  one hand, while reaching for her with his other, drawing her close. He murmured into her hair. “It’s too early yet for us to speak of what comes next, and yet. ” He paused.

“I am refusing to let you go, sweet slave.  You have exactly 10 nanoseconds to say no, and then I will secure your future around your neck. Times up.”

She turned her face up to him, a small smile playing about her mouth at his highhandedness, and yet she relished it. His hands gently drew the collar around her neck, the butter soft leather warming quickly to her skins temperature. She heard a click then, and his voice…

“You are locked and taken, Corinne, now to be my slave, my cunt, my pleasure tool. I hold the key to your collar, your happiness, and your future.”  He held the small key to her face, then pocketed it. Then he kissed her. It was a wet, sliding, deep kiss, as he sought to possess every inch of her. His teeth bit her lips, her tongue, and she moaned, caught in a whirlwind of emotion and lust.  He broke the kiss, caressed her face.  He tore the sarong from her, dropping it to the ground at her feet. Turning her to face him, he dipped into his pockets once more. He withdrew a pair of slim wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs, which he had her fasten on as he gazed at her. She could almost feel his eyes stroking her tits, and her nipples rose in response. As she bent to secure the ankle cuffs, he stopped her.

“No, do it this way, cunt, I want to see you. I want you to know that I’m looking at every inch of you, inspecting my property.'”

She shivered, still caught in the throes of desire. Placing her foot upon the picnic table bench, she bent slowly to fasten the first cuff. He moved around her, and she felt his gaze taking in her ass, her cunt, her thighs. Shifting to the other leg, she caught him gazing lustfully at her, smiling at her in that way of his that shot arrows of pure need to her cunt, which responded by weeping for him.

She turned and stood before him, collared and cuffed. He inspected her, pleased.

“One more thing, and your outfit will be complete, ” he told her. Reaching into the pocket of his shirt, he pulled out a strange pair of objects.

“Musical clamps for those sweet nipples  of yours,” he explained, as he tweaked first one nipple then it’s sister to sharp points of hardness, then clamped them.

She moaned at the sudden painful sensation, and  when he reached out and swatted her  breast, blushed at the tinkling that followed. It was going to be a very musical night.

Ch 16

They lounged in her sleeping bag, nestled so tightly to one another that it was hard to see where he ended and she began. His cock was buried deeply in her cunt, further blurring the lines  separating them. One notable difference was the sparkle of metal on her neck, faint light from the dawning day glistening on the “D” ring that lay at the front of her new collar.

He spoke softly into her ear, blowing a soft huff of breath into the whorls and causing a shiver of response in her.

“Cunt, do you know what today is?”

“mmmmm,” she murmured, raising her ear and cunt to further his ministrations on her body, “Saturday?”

“And do you know what Saturday starts with?” he asked, teasing those whorls with the tip of his tongue.

She giggled, shivered some more, causing her cunt to tighten around his cock, making them both moan.

“Fucking?” she asked with a suggestive thrust of her hips, driving him a bit deeper into her wet fuckhole.

“mmmm, good idea, cunt,” he whispered into her ear, “but no, I meant, what letter does Saturday start with.”

She moaned as he pulled out halfway, then slowly, ever so slowly slid his thick cock back into her cunt, roughly rubbing her clitoris with the angle of his thrust.

“S!”  she finally managed to gasp out, “Saturday starts with ‘s’ ! ”

“Not for you!”  he announced gaily, rolling suddenly off of her,

“for you, my sweet cunt,  Saturday begins with Pee!” Laughing, he pulled her from the sleeping bag with startling strength. Grasping her slim wrist in his large hand, he used the other to unzip the tent door, and thrust her before him. When she wiggled and tried to evade him, he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder, giving her ass a firm swat, commanding her to “be still or be dragged”.

His long strides ate up the yardage up the pathway from their tent to the bathroom. Outside the bathroom was a kiddie pool. Already there was pee in it. Unceremoniously, he dumped her from his shoulder into the pool, jumping away as her ass landing in the puddle caused a small spash of yellow to froth across the bottom of the pool.

“EEEWWWWWWWWW!” She gasped, grossed out and suddenly chilled. The day was not cold like yesterday had been,  the late August heat finally arriving at camp, but the urine in the pool was no longer warm.

“It’s cold!” she protested, wrapping her arms around herself, and shivering in overdramatic fashion. “Why, Master?” she pleaded.

He put his hand out to stop her before she could protest further.

“I told you yesterday when you chose to not join the other slave that was suffering here, that today would be your turn, slave.” He leaned forward, removed her leather collar, alarming her. “Be still. I am not uncollaring you, merely protecting my investment.” He reached into his pajama pocket, withdrawing a thin metal chain. He used the lock from her ‘good’ collar, and secured the chain around her neck. “There,  now you won’t ruin the leather. Pee is so hard to get out of good leatherwork!” He laughed at the expression on her face.

“Oh slave, you amuse me. ” His pleasure was evident on his face, and she could see he was even getting an erect…no….no

“Let’s see if I can warm you up a bit, cunt,” and without further ado, he pulled out his cock and began peeing on her. He aimed for her face, grinning as the splash of hot urine dashed across her nose, splashing her eyes. She cried out and gasped at the sting of his piss in her eyes, tears gathering quickly to wash the stuff away, and to show her humiliation. Before He had finished emptying his morning bladder on her, a second master had come up and was pissing on her back.

“I’ll be back for you later, cunt, but you’ll be in my line of sight, so no moving until I return.” She nodded her assent, head bowed. She sat there, pissed on by masters and their slaves. A mistress came up, mashed her pubes against her cheek and let loose a torrent of urine against her face. Grabbing her by the hair, the Mistress then ordered Corinne to lick her dry. Disturbingly enough, this rough and disguisting treatment made her cunt twitch, and she swore she could feel herself oozing into the pool which was becoming much deeper than she had ever imagined it could.

At long last, Master returned. He surveyed his dripping, piss covered slave, and smiled down at her.

“You are one fuckingly disguisting pet, you know that?” She nodded, greatly subdued.

He chucked her under the chin. “What’s up, cunt?” he asked, reading into her silence.

She shot him a glance from under dripping bangs. Glared at him.

“I’m horny.” she stated in a petulant tone. “I didn’t think something this gross would make me horny.”

He laughed. Threw back his head and guffawed, bent over and slapped his thigh. She stood, arms crossed, toes nearly tapping (but she decided that wouldn’t be a good move just now) and glared at him some more.

“I’m so very glad I amuse you,” she spoke acidly.

“Oh, cunt,” he said, wiping laughter tears from his face. He grasped her by the back of her neck and guided her into the bathroom. He thrust a bag at her, her toiletry bag she noted with surprise.

“Shower. Now. Immediately. I wouldn’t fuck you at this moment,  for any reason!”     He fanned his hand in front of his face.   “Sorry, cunt, but you smell worse than a men’s room in the bar on  ‘free round for every touchdown’  night!”

“Sorry? Sorry….?? ” she sputtered, but his  hand on her neck pushed her into the ladies room, and he firmly closed the door in her face. His voice receeded as he strolled away. “Don’t come out until you smell like your regular sweet self!” She swore she heard the brute chuckling.

He was chuckling. Wait until she saw the pictures!

Ch 17


They looked at the sign on the Dungeon. He smiled. She frowned.

“Why would they close the dungeon on Saturday? We still have the rest of today before we have to break camp and go ” her voice hesitated, and she drew a deep breath  before she continued softly,  “…home.”

He could tell she was racing ahead of herself, worrying about leaving tomorrow, leaving him. Although he relished her pain, absorbed it, breathed it, he was loath to delve into that just yet.

“You’ll see, cunt,” he replied, a shade too nonchalantly.

She stared up at him, trying to read his expression. It was impossible. When he wanted to, he could blank his face completely. She could tell that whatever it was, it amused him, because the lines around his eyes were crinkled, and the brilliant blue light was just flashing from them in that way that she called “devilish” . Hmmm. Somehow she knew she was not going to be quite as amused as he was. They moved on, heading to one of His friends campsites.

She glanced up at him. “Do you pick up a new slave every year when you come here?” she asked.

He looked down at her, smiled. That drove her wild, that smile. He was so incredibly sexy, and yet he was tormenting her, too. “And not a paddle in sight”  she thought with some amusement.

“So, you’re not going to tell me? Or are you going to tell me you’ve been coming here for 10 years and I’m going to be part of a collection of old slaves you’ve gotten over the years?”  She was treading on dangerous ground here, she knew, but thought she might just tweak an answer from him somehow.

“Don’t borrow trouble, cunt,” he replied, his long gait never faltering, even as they passed a slave tied to a tree next to the path, a long pony tail streaming from the plug in her ass. She was on all fours, a gag that resembled a bit in her mouth, tied by that gag to the tree. Clamps squeezed her nipples, the chain between them swinging gently with her breathing.  Her wrists were cobbled together with hemp rope, her knees braced apart by a spreader bar, raising her ass several inches above her head. Cori stopped a moment, but  Master pulled her onward.

“Thinkin’ about takin’ a ride on the pony, cunt?” he inquired, drolly.

“no, no, it’s just that I’ve never seen that in real life before. Only on my computer. It’s very…..” she cleared her throat…

“do go on, cunt,” he prompted her.

“…very ….erotic, isn’t it? I mean, I thought it was rather demeaning when I saw it online, but…it’s …” her voice dropped to a near whisper…”it’s really kind of hot!”

“Hot as in you want to be the pony? Because I can arrange that….”

“No!”  she interjected quickly…”I mean, geeze Master. Can’t I just admire something and not have you take it as a way to embarrass me or sexually stimulate you?” Then she flushed, realizing that she had criticized the man who, in all essence, owned her.

He looked down at her, one eyebrow raised in silent condemnation. She flushed, embarrassed. Dropping her gaze to his feet,  she decided to try to undo her mistake, and fell to her knees, laying her head against his leg. Her voice, muffled against his pants rose to him.

“I, your slave, am very sorry, Master. I didn’t mean that how it came out. Forgive me? Please?”

A long silence. She held her position. She felt his hand, after a very long while, come to the back of her head. She thought he was going to stroke her hair in forgiveness, but instead, felt her head pushed to the ground. When her forehead was planted on the earth between his feet, he gruffly said “hold” and released her. She saw his booted feet move, felt him come behind her. She felt him removing her rubber soled sandals, then *SWAT!* he smacked her upraised ass with one. Over and over again, hitting the spot that had been beaten by Master Michael at the dungeon yesterday, setting that bruise deep. She broke into moans after 10 hard strokes, then tears began after 25. At 50, she was sobbing openly, but held her  position. There was a pause.

“I sincerely hope you will think before you speak so rashly to me in the future, cunt,” she heard him say. She nodded. She did a lot of nodding around him, she thought, trying not to think of her blistered ass. If it was dark, she mused, her butt would be glowing. She started to lift her head, but he counseled her to hold position.

His fingers found her cunt and it was wet.  “Hot, wet and juicy,”  he told her, “just like a good little cunt should be after a good beating”.  Pulling her to her feet, he steered her to a nearby picnic table, bending her over it. His cock slid easily inside her, and he fucked her steadily until his cum spurted inside of her.  He withdrew before she reached her orgasm, and she knew that was the final part of her punishment.  She had never thought that orgasm denial was interesting.  Not.At.All. And yet, his punishments never seemed to stop her from getting hot. Really, seriously hot.

Horny, with a sore ass to boot, she followed behind him to his friends campsite.

Ch 18

Corinne wondered what her Master had in mind now. She’d just gotten one hell of a spanking for being rude to him, and now he was walking along like nothing had happened.  As if reading her mind, he tugged her closer to him, then snuggled her, tucking her under his arm. Her head nestled into his armpit, and although she tried to pull her head away, he would not allow it.

“You gave me a workout back there, slut,” he told her with a laugh, “now see how sweaty you’ve made me?”  She wrinkled up her face. While she did enjoy his scent, not just the woodsy scent he wore, but the man smell of him, it was a bit…intense, buried as she was in the heart of his sweaty pit.  She was more than willing to accept this, however, rather than risk another spanking on her already sore and bruised ass. When he sensed her capitulation, he released her.

“Good cunt,” he praised her. He was pleased at her progress. She was training much easier than he had thought she would. She had been an independent woman for quite awhile, he knew, and although he admired that streak in her, the strength of her, he also wanted his slave to be completely under his control, to comply with his desires and orders,  and to crave his control over her.  It was a fine balancing act, to give her enough freedom to be a woman he respected and would cherish, but to be a slave he could use to fulfill his darker cravings.

As they walked towards his friends campsite, he knew this would be yet another new experience for his love slave. He could hardly wait to see how this went over. He’d had more hard-on’s this weekend then he’d had in quite a long time, and he was certainly enjoying it! He laughed to himself. She never failed to get a rise out of him!

As they crested the small hill and looked down at his friends campsite, she was amazed. Ropes hung from the trees around the campsite, and on one picnic table (why did they have two?) was an open box with a huge variety of…whips? floggers? and what was that ? or that ? It looked just like the dog toy she used to have when the boys were  young and they had that large Setter. A Kong, yes, that’s what it was called. Why would that be in what was obviously a toy…… Oh. My.  Once again Cori felt like Dorothy lost in a much stranger version of Oz…she figured she knew where that big Kong would go after all.

Her Master called out “Hellooo Camp Chris!” The tent flap swished open and a large man came out, followed by a somewhat smaller woman. Both were naked, and judging by the jutting cock of Master Chris she had a feeling they were interrupting. The woman knelt by her Master’s feet and went to work on his hard-on, and Cori watched in near amazement as his large cock disappeared with ease into her throat. Her Master watched appreciately, too, and she could see the scene before them was exciting to Him, as he took her hand and rubbed it against his hardening member through his jeans. She cocked her head at him, but he shook his head “no”, and she was relieved…wasn’t she?   Truth to tell, she was more than a bit envious of that slave woman kneeling at her master’s feet, sucking on his dick like it was a giant lollipop.

Her Master watched her watching his friend get what looked like a superb blow job. His little slut was jealous! He could all but see the wheels turning in her head, but again he forstalled her attempt to unzip his jeans. As much as he would love her lips wrapped around his cock, there was more entertainment to be had here than that. Later, well, that was a different matter.

Cori watched as Master Chris came in his slaves throat, could see her throat move to swallow his gift to her, watched as he pulled all but the head out, to spurt the last bits directly onto her tongue.

“Hold” she heard his command to his slave. Her own Master broke her reverie by tapping her on the shoulder.

“Go make friends, cunt. She is a lovely slave and Chris and I are good friends. We want you two to become friends as well. Get very friendly. Start with a nice, deep kiss.” Cori stared up at him. Kiss. Another woman. One with a mouth full of another man’s cum. She took a step. Then, another. Somehow, without knowing how she made it, she was in front of the other woman. Bracing her hands on the womans soft shoulders, she bent down, and placed her lips gently upon the kneeling slaves lips.

She dimly heard  Master Chris say to his slave, “Slave, share your gift with your new friend now,”  and she felt the womans tongue press against her own still-closed lips. Slowly she opened her mouth, took in the cum gift. Tongues played, entwined, shared the cum, then toyed with each others inner moistness. Their tongues slid and danced across each other’s teeth, exploring inner cheeks, then each sucked and nibbled on the other’s tongue.  Somehow, almost amazingly, a warmth began deep in Cori’s belly.  Slave rose up, lips still locked with Cori, and the kiss deepened, although that hardly seemed possible,  lips slashing across each other’s mouths, the sounds of sucking and wetness, of suction and wet friction filled the clearing. What started as a small spark, became a passionate wildfire that spread between them, consumed them.

Soft, but strong hands explored Cori’s breasts, pulling her nipples, twisting and turning them, hard, and she returned the favor. The Slave had lovely perky breasts, likely a “B+” cup, she thought idly, as her hands shaped and moulded the lovely tits. Even as her own nipples became engorged and swollen, she pulled and pinched the Slaves nipples. Moans rose between them. Lips still locked, after what seemed an eternity later, the kiss broke. The two women, nipples high and tight, flushed with passion, stared at each other, and smiled.

Master Dave looked at his cunt. He could see she was intriqued by what had happened, but he wanted more from her. “What are you waiting for cunt? I told you to get friendly. Explore. I want you to make her cum before she can make you cum. Chris here owes me $50 if you win, so do your best. Remember, slut, I know full well what you are capable of, so, no holding back.”

Cori blinked. He’d placed a wager about her cumming? Er, the slave cumming first? Truly, odd Oz.  The woman leaned into Cori. Whispered into her ear “I’m Dot, but you can call me Slave, as He does. You’re Cori, er Cunt, right? ” At Cori’s nod, she smiled again, and took her hand. “C’mon, I’ll go pull a sleeping bag over here, and you can get the fur cover. It’s liquid repellant, so we won’t get the sleeping bag wet…er wetter than he and I made it already today, ” Slave said with a wink and a quick grin. They made short work of creating a small pallet for them to stretch out on. Although she should have felt strange about it, Cori was actually excited. She had never ‘made it’ with a woman, although there had been a few hot kisses when she was in college.  She felt Slave exploring her legs, working her way up to her cunt, where her juices were already stirring. Ohboy! She’d best get exploring herself or else the Master would be out his fifty bucks, and who knew how he’d extract payment for that?!

She let her lips drift from Slaves’ smooth cheek, down her throat, biting gently at the base by her collar bone. Slave arched, moaned. In the background Cori sensed the Masters’ watchful eyes, heard them discussing tits and legs and cunts, and saw them walk over to the game table, as Slave’s Master called it. Then she tuned them out, as Slave bit her inner thigh, causing pain and an intense bolt of pleasure to scream through her body. She arched herself, and keened with the mixture of hurt/lust, then she responded, biting hard where slaves shoulder and neck joined, a particularly erogoneous zone, judging by Slaves moaning response. Cori jolted as she felt Slaves tongue begin to lave at the crack at the top of her mons, and slide slowly, flirting around her clit, but just missing it with each gentle lap. Cori felt her hips thrust up, trying unsuccessfully to generate contact with Slaves taunting tongue, then, grabbing Slaves legs, pulled into the classic position and began her own tonguing of another woman’s cunt. She sucked on Slaves lower lips, pulling them through her slightly closed teeth, and then shoved her tongue deeply between them, missing the entry hole and causing Slave to lurch and push her cunt harder onto Cori’s face.

Turning her head slightly to draw a quick breath, Cori breathed in the scent of another females arousal, and found it intensely stimulating. The smell, the taste rose up a wildness inside her, and she found herself ministering to the woman above her with rapt attention to detail. She latched onto Slaves clit, which was swollen and faintly pulsing just like a small prick, and sucked it, hard. Slave screamed her delight at this treatment, the echo of it sliding into Cori’s cunt, causing a near geyer of fluids to rush from each woman as their excitement mounted.

Tuned out to everything except for the honeyed cunt in front of her, Cori stabbed her tongue into the twitching folds, and began to fuck the dripping hole with it, then rolling her tongue, strawlike, she would suck deeply, drawing more moisture from Slave into her mouth. She slid her teeth up and grazed the swollen bud, then bit down, at first gently, then harder, causing Slave to treat her in a similar fashion. Cunt throbbing, Cori could feel her orgasm swelling, pulling her in a tidal wave of feelings, the suck and swirl of Slaves tongue were doing their job, and as she crested, she felt cum explode from inside her, even as Slave’s own cunt twitched and churned out her own orgasm. Licking and sucking, they consumed each other’s fluids frantically, until hands pulled them apart, and her Master’s cock slid into her aching cunt.

“So.Fuckin.Hot.You.Were.Amazing.”  He growled into her ear, staccatto fashion, as he ground his cock deeply into her. In moments he came inside her, and she noted, feebly, that Slave’s Master similarly engaged.  Spent, the couples lay side by side, panting.

With a high five slap of palms, the two men grinned at each other.

“Well, guess we’ll have to call that a ‘Draw’.  Hafta try that again sometime….” drawled Master Mike.

“oh. Ye-ah. And soon!”

The two women, sprawled, filled with their Masters’ cum in their cunts,as well each other’s taste in their mouths, looked at each other. Smiled. Oh. Yeah.

Ch 19

It had already been a full morning and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. Her cunt  was still leaking a bit of her Master’s cum, while her breasts still bore the lingering traces of teeth marks from the Slave owned by Master’s friend, Chris.  Her mouth still tasted the juices of Slave’s cunt. Who knew woman-cum tasted so sweetly erotic. For that matter, who knew that erotic even had a taste? For certain, she had not, at least not before driving 800 miles to spend 4 days at this camp for Kinksters.  As her car had driven closer to her destination, she had second thoughts. Several times, she nearly turned the car back to her sedate home in the sedate burbs, back to the sedate pace she had grown accustomed to. Now here she was, walking buck-ass naked next to a man, a sexy, handsome, middle-aged Master, who had done things to her over the last  two and a half days that she had never, ever imagined having done to her. And she liked it. Oh, she very much liked it.

She shivered, and he drew her close, seeking to warm, to comfort her, even as he kept walking on. His caring of her was a very nearly unconscious gesture, she realized. She had become a cherished possession, and she was the beneficiary of intense nurturing from this man, her Master. The kind of care that her former husband had reserved for few of his belongings, except his fucking car. But never for her. In fact, when he told her he wanted out of their marriage, that had been what he’d said to her…”it isn’t about you, Corinne,” and she wondered if it ever had been. Now there were no regrets for what had been, because all of that had led her to here. To this place, snuggled right in the smelly armpit of a man she was almost afraid she was falling in love with. Her body responded to his every whim, his every demand. He took what he wanted, and in the taking, caused her to offer herself up to him. He saw that as a gift.  She saw it as becoming really, truly alive for the first time in 48 years.

He watched, although she didn’t know he watched. He was learning to read her, his little slave. She was dancing in the past and it was time to bring her back to the here and now. There was so little time left. Casually, his arm slipped off her shoulder, reaching under her armpit, and grabbed her tit, squeezing. He felt her jolt, just a little bit, when he gripped her nipple, pulled it, stretching the pointy tip as far as he was able. A soft groan came from his armpit, where he had once again shoved her head as the foursome walked up to the Lodge.

“Does she know…”  Master Chris broke off at Dave’s quick nod no, and the finger raised to his lips to show he didn’t want Chris to spill anything, either.

Cori’s muffled voice wafted out from her Master’s armpit. “Master, nothing personal but you stink!”  A giggle, then  “Of course, I mean that in the most respectful of ways, Sir!”

He pulled her nipple, one last firm tweak, then let go and swatted her ass instead. Reaching up, he grabbed a hank of the blonde hair he treasured. Tilting her head back, he asked her, in a mock threatening voice,

“Wanna smell something even stinkier? Like my asshole, cunt?  Because I’d be happy to have you right here, on your knees, your tongue cleaning my shit hole, if that’s your desire ?”    That wiped the smirk right off of her face, but evoked a giggle from Chris’ Slave. Master Chris likewise grabbed his Slave by her hair and told her

“think that’s funny slave? Because if she goes to town on his ass, you’ll be a true kindred spirit, on your knees and lapping at my asshole, too!”

She saw Slave try to wipe the grin from her face, but it was obvious it was a struggle. Oh the woe’s of being a submissive, she mused, laughing  just to herself. Who would have thought an exercise in laughter control would be the subject of a Dom/sub conversation? Of course it did start with her flip remark to him, but he appeared to enjoy sparring with her.

They came to the Lodge a few moments later. To Cori’s surprise, the Closed sign was gone, the doors were braced wide open, and the cavernous room was filled with Masters, Mistresses, Dom’s and their property. The Tops were gathered around a large chalkboard, discussing, laughing, pointing at their slaves, writing on the board. Cori and Slave were instructed to go to the far side of the room where the other slaves had congregated.

“What’s going on?”  Cori whispered to Slave.  “No Talking!”  At her Master’s loud order, Cori looked back at him, mouthing ‘Sorry, Boss”, which cracked a smile out of him.

After a brief wait, nodding at the other slaves gathered in the “Pen” area (‘sheesh” , thought Cori, “how un-original”) a Staffer came forward to the center of the floor. He dumped out a bag of knotted hemp ropes. A group of junior staffers jumped up and began stretching the ropes in straight lines across the room. There were 15 lines when the work was completed, and Cori was completely stumped.

An announcement from the portable mic startled everyone, as it began with a backfeeding squeeeeeel. With everyone shocked into attention, the speaker smiled. A handsome Woman, dressed in thigh high boots, a tight corset, and leather armbands, she was stunning, both in looks and authority.

” Time for Fun and Games, boys and girls, Masters and Mistresses, Doms and Domme’s, slaves, cunts, slutboys, toys. ” She looked around the room, her wet red lips glistening. Cori found her stunning. Frightening. Awesome.

“Will the rope bearers please take your positions on the ropes?” An assorted group came forward, and each rope was risen to waist height.  Several others came holding small white jars, and anointed every other knot with some kind of  ” …lubricant, it looked like,” mused Cori, who was very curious about what was happening.

“Master’s, take your positions. Slaves, go to your Owner if she/he is at the end of a rope. Masters, prepare your slaves.”

Cori watched, uncertain as her Master approached one of the ropes, then hesitantly made her way to him. He lowered the rope enough for her to straddle it. He gestured to the staffer holding the near end, by them, to raise the rope. Once the rope was off the floor again, Master took a pair of ankle cuffs, put them on her ankles, and then attached them with a very short chain to each other. She was effectively hobbled. Another pair of cuffs went on her wrists, and were secured behind her. A ball gag, bright pink, ugh, and a pair of jingling nipple clamps completed Master’s arrangements. Glancing around her, she noted that the other slaves were decked out just as she was. When  the last Master was done, the Mistress explained to the slaves what their task was. The Masters went across the room to wait for their slaves at the far end of the ropes.  Cori felt the rope rise tightly against her groin, then even higher until it rested rather tightly in her sex crack. Her eyes widened as she realized the implications of the knots…each time she came to one, they would abrade her clit…why there must be 15 knots, she blinked, knowing that more than one slave would be having an orgasm before the end of the rope race.

“One other thing, slaves…no cumming! If you cum, you are out, and who know’s what your Master’ or Mistress’ punishment will be? ”   said the  Mistress with a very large smile.

“At least,” Cori thought,  ” every other knot or so is coated with lube,so we won’t get totally rubbed raw.”

“Ready? Steady? GO!”

The slaves surged forwards on their ropes, despite their hobbled ankles, and Cori was surprised to find herself ahead of the pack. If she took a deep breath, she could almost raise her cunt above the worst of the friction. She  hit the first knot, grimacing with the flick across her clit. It was rough rope, and the sensation was intense. She kept moving forward, gazing at each knot like a handhold. She was up, over and just past the next knot when the shocking gel hit her.

“AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa” she screamed behind her gag, drool cascading from her mouth, running in a thin river down her chin, down her tit, dripping from her pinched nipple to the floor. Tears erupted at the intense tingley burn in her cunt. That wasn’t lube at all…it was freeze ‘n burn cream! Sonofabitch! The pain caused her to move forward faster, nearly pitching forward in her haste to rub it off her burning bits. She looked wildly for her Master through tear-blurred eyes. There. An island of calm in her ocean of pain. He stood, arms crossed across his wide chest, legs apart, looking for all the world like a captain on a ship. His face, while firm, had a hint of smile dancing around the edges. She would kill him. Twist his nipples and bite his cock head. The angry thoughts buzzed like bees in her head, or perhaps the buzz was all the moans from slaves around her. Still she blazed forward, nearly prepared for the shock when she hit her second lubed knot. The fiery pain exploded with even more intensity, she was even more raw and sensitive now. No, she knew what she’d do. When he untied her, she would climb up him, and shove that cock of his deep inside her. While it would undoubtedly push some of the noxious gel inside, a good portion would no doubt slither across the sensitive head of his cock. It was a good plan. She nodded to herself, then, staring at him, she went on. And on. When she came to the end of her rope, she barreled straight into the staffer holding it deeply in her crotch, causing him to drop the rope and dance back a step. The expression on her face was not slavey, it was, frankly, rather fearsome. Her Master grabbed her arms, forestalling her further attempts at running down the hapless lad, and laughing, gathered her into one of his stunning bear hugs. He released her ball gag, being certain to swoosh the spit that poured out of her pouting mouth across her chin, down her throat, and breasts, coating them liberally with it.

Releasing her hands and hobbled feet, but keeping the cuffs in place, he was stunned and amazed when she threw herself on him, nearly climbing him.

“Fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me”  she was chanting.

But he was a wise Master, and he knew exactly what that nod in the middle of her ‘run’ was about. He knew for certain who would be fucked if he let her have her way.

Later, when she could bask in the glow of her first Slave Games victory, she would smile when he told her of the look of determination that crossed her face, her horror when she discovered the true meaning of the ‘lube’ and all the rest. But for now, there were other challenges to be attempted…or else!

Ch 20

Corinne’s cunt was on fire. Not only was it raw from “Walking the Rope” , but the Ice ‘n Hot gel applied to the knots as they dragged through her sex slit burned like nothing she had ever felt there before. She looked up at him, nestled in his bear hug, gazing at him through slitted eyes, while her cunt burned. Even through the pain she adored him.

He reveled in her submission, her need to do all the tasks he set for her. Watching her, seeing how she thrived on submitting to his needs filled him. He thrived on her strength, for he knew it took strength to take what he doled out to her. Strength for what he expected her to let him do to her body, so that he could reach her soul.

He wanted her to describe the sensations swirling in her body to him. She  wanted to share them with him more intimately than mere words. Smart man that he was, he was not falling for any of her  “Please, please Master, fuck me now!” lines, knowing that her fuck hole was chock full of the gel. He  knew his dick would never forgive him if he drilled it deep  into his slut, transferring the tormenting stuff from her burning cunt  onto his shaft.  He might as well take a match to it, he mused, absently rubbing the member in question through his jeans.

“Tell me,”  He ordered her. “Tell me of your cunt-fire!”  He laughed. She glared. Then, she told him, using very short words.


” On.”

” Fire.”

” You.”

” Bastard.”

He tossed his shaggy hair back out of his face, and laughed.

“So, my slut, that must mean you are ready for the next challenge in the Slave Games?” She gave him a look that would have melted rock. Molten, likely just like her cunt was at this moment.  He leaned around her, looking at the floor between her feet.

“You might think you’re pissed, but sweet cunt, you are leaking. Again. How many times have you had to clean up the floor since you’ve been here? ” He gave her an amused look, laughing aloud when she too peered down, and saw the drips of her arousal, liquid evidence that her submission to even the most painful of tasks turned her on.

The flush that whooshed down her cheeks and breasts was one that he had come to expect, and adore about her. Walk naked across a cunt high rope and not flush a bit, but see her own arousal dripping on the floor and …blush.   She was charming!

Tweaking one nipple, he turned her around and pushed her forward. When she reached a white line of tape across the floor, he pushed on her shoulder, indicating she needed to kneel. From behind her, she felt him re-fasten her wrist cuffs, locking her arms behind her, then her ankles. To further restrain her, a longer length of chain was attached from her ankles, through her wrist cuffs, and latched securely.  Although her nipples ached fiercely from being clamped earlier, he once more decorated her with the jingly clamps. He walked around her, admiring her. He did love to see his cunt kneeling and chained. He leaned close to her ear.

“I’m hoping you’ll have lovely black and blue nipples for me later, cunt,” he whispered, smiling at her grimace. “It will match the lovely  marks on your ass!”  he continued, poking the bruises on her round cheeks. She winced, he chuckled.

“Such a lovely shade of blue on you, cunt. Now, be a good girl and make me proud!”

Gripping her chin, he kissed her firmly, his tongue dancing around her mouth, making her moan. He bit her pouty lower lip, then sucked the wounded bit into his mouth. His hand reached down to fondle her tit, making her bell jingle.  With a grin, He strolled away, to stand with a group of other Masters, watching the proceedings.

Cori was in the middle of  a group of 12 slaves, and the announcement came over the mic….

“Oral Fixation Challenge  …..Center Floor!”

The speaker sounded quite excited, but that didn’t always mean a good thing for a participant as she had cause to know. Or rather, as her still-burning cunt knew.  She wondered exactly what “oral fixation’  meant. Then, craning her neck a bit, she saw. Gaped. A Domme was going down the row of slaves, who were in positions similar to Cori’s, kneeling. She held a very large, fat dildo in her hands, marked in one inch increments. A condom was carefully smoothed over the dildo, and the first slave was told to “open and suck it up”. Slowly the dildo was stuffed into the slaves open mouth. How she managed to breathe was anyone’s guess, as there was not a sliver of room between the lips of the slave and the sides of the massive tool entering her mouth. One inch disappeared quickly, but then two inches, three, four. By now the slaves mouth was distended, and her eyes were widened too. At four and a half she was gagging, and attempting to  pull away. The Domme followed her, pushing steadily. Taking the resisting slaves head in her hand, she managed to force almost 5 inches of the super cock into the slaves resisting mouth. Using a black grease pencil, the Domme wrote “4.75” on the slaves forehead in big dark numbers.

Peeling off the condom, she reloaded the cock, and proceeded to the next kneeling slave. Despite the determined look on the slaves face , and her enthusiasm when the big cock was presented to her, her tiny mouth was no match for the giant dong, and a big black“3” embellished her forehead. Patting her cheek, the Domme spoke to her, in a voice that carried across the line,

“Well, little kitten, I’ll give you an A for effort!”  The Domme threw a look over her shoulder towards the knot of Masters, smiling at the Master who nodded at her.

On down the line the Domme came, until finally she stood before Cori. She, like the Domme from the earlier contest,  was another magnificent woman. Her tightly laced corset showed her body to advantage, her beautiful full tits rose above the top, the nipples pearled and hard. This was a woman enjoying her work; and the scent that wafted to Cori’s nose, on a level with the Domme’s cunt confirmed it.  She looked down at Cori, and Cori smiled up at her, before opening her mouth for the fresh-sheathed dildo. Her Master’s body had prepared her well for this challenge, she knew.

The first three inches disappeared quickly, and as the fourth inch was pushed between her lips, she could feel the bulbous head starting to hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, trying to relax the muscles in her throat and control her gag reflex.  The push was becoming more insistent, and another inch was forced deeper into Cori’s mouth. She looked for Master standing so far away, watched him watching her. There was a look of pride on his face, that his …cunt…yes, she could finally tell herself that this was what she was to this man, his cunt,  was doing this for him. Finally she broke eye contact with him, needing to concentrate on the rubber rod drilling deeply into her face hole.

Her eyes began to tear up with the effort of receiving the mock cock deeply into the cavern of her mouth, and despite her trying to relax, she could feel her throat resisting any further forward motion. The Domme held the cock deeply in her throat, gazing just as deeply into Cori’s eyes. She felt the power of this sexy, female Mistress wash over her, hold her timelessly. Without being aware, another half-inch of cock was gently, persistently slipped into her openness. Gone was the burning in her cunt, replaced by the burn of the Dommes look into her own tearing, streaming eyes. When the beauty before her became blurry and her vision wavered, the dildo was withdrawn.

Turning to look at Cori’s Master for permission, the Domme took Cori’s chin and kissed her mouth, whispered, “lovely, lovely” and wrote a big black number on her forehead.

Cori was awash in sensation. She was tingly all over, her nipples, pinched and tormented in the clips were hard as they had ever been before. Blinking away the blinding tears, she stared at her Master, who was looking at her with an odd expression on his face. Tender and Master-y at the same time. Her cunt was churning and she knew it wasn’t the Ice ‘n Hot, but the total, complete feeling she embraced, submitting to the man across from her.

When all was done, Cori came in second place, as Master Chris’s slut was able to inhale nearly 7 inches of the dildo, topping Cori’s 6 1/2 by just a wee bit. Cori punched her new friend in the arm.

“Dammit, I almost had it, you slut!”

“Guess I’m the baddest slut, huh?!” teased Slave.

“Or the slut with the biggest hole to fill,” came  Master Chris’  voice from behind her, “one I’m more than ready to cram full of some nice hard meat.” Grabbing her by her hair, he slammed his lips onto hers, and Cori watched them, the persistent ache in her cunt now a sexual one, and wondered where her Master was. Chris and Slave had moved to the side of the room, not far from Cori, and she watched, unembarrassed now, as Chris pulled his very hard cock from his jeans, and rammed it into his Slave’s open and willing mouth.

“See something  you like, cunt?”

She turned as quickly as she was able, kneeling and shackled still. She cocked her eye at her Master.

“Obviously Master Chris has a well-trained Slave…I should have won that challenge, ” Cori pouted.

“Well then, I guess you need more practice, sweet cunt,” and without releasing her from her bonds, he released his throbbing cock from the confines of his jeans. It bobbed a bit in front of her face, and the ache in her cunt intensified, even as her mouth watered for a taste of him. Reaching for her, he gripped the sides of her head and pushing his cock forward, slipped between her lips and fucked her mouth. She vaguely heard him, concentrating as she was on pleasing him, as he murmured that her mouth was as hot as her cunt, that he was going to bang her face like it was a second cunt, that she was his wet, juicy slut. When he came, his cock buried deeply in her throat, she could feel each separate pulse as he spurted his seed into her stomach. He was clenching her head like it was a life ring, groaning as she sucked the last dewy drops of cum from his shaft, only releasing her head as she lapped at the length of him, cleaning him.

Reaching down, he wiped the number off of her forehead. Wrote something else. Smiled.

Ch 21

Cori and her Master walked slowly towards their campsite. It was late afternoon, and the ebbing of the day presaged the final hours of Camp Nekkink. There was an aura of sadness that permeated the air, dancing with the ebullience of the total freedom of these kinksters. Naked people still dashed to and fro, some chased, some errand running, some were just health nuts out for their afternoon jog, kink style.

Her ass and back were a mass of fire, her cunt still raw. She wore only a stainless steel butt plug, size medium, which she and Master had won for his whipping skills. A dubious honor, she felt, as she waddled towards the tent site. A butt plug was a strange thing. It filled one, and stretched the anus, but it also aroused. The weight of the plug was a constant reminder of its presence in her ass, but the neck was still small enough, the flare large enough, that she wasn’t worried that her ass would swallow it.

“And wouldn’t that be a fun visit to ER?” she mused with a grin.

She was having the time of her life. If you were going to jump into the kink pool, you might as well go into the deep end, she figured. And she had. And come up a winner. She grasped his hand as it lay across her shoulder, squeezing it gently as she gazed up at him. He had taught her, led her, forced her to face….herself.  She’d done things this weekend she’d never, ever imagined she’d be able to do in a million years.  He smiled down at her. She wondered how long it would take for her to convince him to fuck her. Who knew she was such a needy, wanton bitch?  And at her age?  She’d seen more action here than she’d seen in…probably 10 years or more! She reached over to his crotch with her hand, subtle and stealthy, but his hand forestalled her.

“Not yet, cunt. I have a surprise for you later. We’re waiting until after the camp bonfire. All the slaves come out and dance for their Masters and Mistresses. I’ll expect you to be there and dancing for me. Turn me on with your wicked tits. Entice me with that gorgeous ass of yours. Let everyone see how much you need me, want me, and they’ll fall away for you, and there will only be me. I want to see that desire in your eyes, in your body, in your movements. Your only ornaments will be your bell clamps, and your collar. You will do  this for me.  Show me your inner slut. Let her dance for me.”

Mesmerized, Cori nodded. She would dance for Him. Give him the gift of her wantonness. Show him her woman’s body, her woman’s needs. The heat of the bonfire would be nothing to the heat that she would kindle between them.

Ch 23

The Bonfire was over. Dancing done. True to her promise to Master, she had danced like a woman possessed. And she had been, she supposed. Possessed of a need for him greater than her need for food, or water, perhaps even, of breath.  She was his playtoy, his painslut, molded by his hands to be so.

Camp had given her a taste of most everything she had ever wondered about. Nothing she read on the internet, on blogs, on sex sites had prepared her for this experience. The fire on her ass from her earlier whipping was nothing compared to the fire that burned, pulsing deeply between her legs. The fire of want. The fire of need. She was his living flame, and the wetness that glistened on  her  inner thighs was not likely to put out the flame, but to fan them to greater heights.

Master Michael had been there, sitting next to her Master. She knew they were good friends, but she still was wary of the sullen-seeming Master. He was very harsh to her earlier, and her mouth had gotten her in trouble with him, and earned her a spanking, which still rankled.  She had seen his eyes traveling down her body, watching her tits dance and writhe  as she moved to the music of the bonfire. She watched as he and Master inclined heads together and smiled. Laughed. Pointed. The jerks. In that  moment , she felt like a side of beef at the market. A thing.  Objectified. Oogled. She hated that.  And yet, the swollen slickness between her legs belied her womans lib attitude. She may have hated it on the top of her mind, but deep inside, where her darkest desires hid, she knew, or more precisely, her cunt knew, that she wanted to be wanted. To be used. To be His toy.

Later, Master Chris had joined them. By then she was deep into her slut dance, feeling the beast uncurling inside her, and she noticed little else than her Master, his arm braced against his bent  knee, watching her intently. From that angle she could not see his crotch, but she believed she knew what she would find if she came over and lay her face into the center of him.

He signalled her to come over, ending her dance. Lust curled in her belly, brought her  nipples to full aching hardness. He reached up, jingled one bell, then pulled the clamps from her. Her moan of mixed pain and passion made him smile, and he looked at the wetness leaking from her.  Rising, he grasped her upper arm, and steered her through the darkness towards their campsite.

She was surprised when they arrived. Trailing behind them were Masters Michael and Chris. And her friend Slave was here! She had lit lamps and the area glowed softly against the dark mantle of night. The sound of crickets  and the soft whine of mosquito’s accompanied Cori’s deep, ragged breathing.  The scent of water from the nearby pond permeated the air, but strongest of all was the scent of her. Her overheated sex was pouting with desire, and her juices filled the clearing with the aroma of wanton woman. As they passed the picnic table, Cori noted that Slave had spread several sleeping bags around the ground, all connected.

Master pointed to the bedding.  She went, hesitated, looked over her shoulder, questioning him, silently. He continued to point. She lay down. Watched as all three Masters slowly divested themselves of their clothing. Three very hard cocks sprang into her view. Three hungry Masters stared down at the sexy slut that had just put on a performance worthy of any pole dancer.

“Tonight, slut, we’re going to make you air-tight,” said her Master, as he came to lay beside her.  She watched Master Chris go over to his Slave, and give her directions, quietly.

“Master Michael wants your mouth, and I expect you to please him as you have pleased me so well with that sweet mouth of yours.” He stroked her tits, pulling on her bruised nipples, smiling at her wince. He continued, “I will take your lovely ass. You’ve been stretching it all afternoon for me, and I’ve been looking forward to sliding that plug out of you, and replacing it with my cock. That leaves your cunt for Master Chris. His slave will also play with you, and us.  Clean you up between rounds.  When all three of us are buried to the hilt in you, sweet cunt, you’ll be fully “airtight”!  Again, and again, sweet pet, until each of us have used all of your holes.”   He smiled. A hungry smile. Like a wolf.

She liked wolves.

Ch 24

Cori sat at her computer keyboard. Stared at the screen before her. It was still grey. No New Mail. Fuck. She stuck her tongue out at the monitor. Shook her head in disgust at herself. What had she expected, after all?

The long weekend at Camp Nekkink resonated in her mind, her body, her spirit. She still had a few faint bruises, notably one on her ass that she might have until New Year’s Day at this rate. Maybe that was an exaggeration, since it was only late September, but. Oh, the buts. She was so changed now, from the woman she’d been as she driven into the campground geared for the kinky set. She missed walking around naked, and in fact, did quite a lot of it when she was home.  She’d bought a set of nipple clamps with chains, but it wasn’t the same when you fastened them on yourself. She was much more careful of their placement than her Master had been. Well, to amend that, he was careful…careful to put them where they’d hurt the most! And that’s where the rush was.

She remembered that Sunday morning as if it were yesterday, waking in a tangle of arms and legs. A tangle that contained 3 men, a slave woman, and herself. There had been much hedonistic pleasure that night, some of it was just a blur now. Hands seeking flesh to probe, squeeze, open, or pull upon. Mouths, now biting, now licking, now sucking firmly. Groans, whimpers, the sounds of bodies slapping together. The smell of sex hanging in the air, surrounding them. They had awoken within minutes of each other, smiling and groaning as bruised flesh moved and flexed. Cori had been shocked to realize that there were an equal number of women to men, that Mistress Andi had joined them sometime in the night. She remembered eating cunt, she thought she did, anyway, but had assumed it was Master Chris’ girl, Slave.  They had shared a communal breakfast, with Cori and Slave preparing and serving the food. Master had made her lay down and put the food on her belly for him to lick off. That had started a fresh round of sex, and it was nearly noon before the six of them, 4 sated Dom/mes and 2 exhausted sluts parted. Master helped her take apart her tent, pack up her few things, and load them down to her car.

At the car, he’d taken her face in his two big hands, and pulling her firmly to him, kissed her with great tenderness and passion.

“This is not the last you will see of me, sweet cunt,” he had promised her. Then, he swiftly and skillfully brought her to an orgasm. Right there, leaning against her car.  Pushed his fingers into her cunt. Sawed deeply into her, pushing her back into the door, and pistoned his hand back and forth until she literally erupted on him. Breathless, she had leaned back against the car, his body the only thing holding her upright. He held her body close to his, and she recovered to the sound of his steadily beating heart. Gently he pulled away from her, kissed her softly on her mouth. Putting her into the car, he had ruffled her hair, and sent her home.

They’d exchanged emails. At first, several a day. Then her obligations and his had caused the flood to run to a stream, then a trickle. Now it had been 10 long days, and no reply to her last three emails. She sounded desperate. She hated that. She was not a needy bitch.

She rose from the computer. She wasn’t. Was she? Perhaps she would find out about a “munch” in her area. She was certain the City had at least one group. She could work up her courage and attend. How did one go about finding a Dom anyway? It’s not like one was just going to arrive on her doorstep and say “Hi honey, get naked so I can whale on your ass!” She wished.

She shook her head, annoyed at herself. And frustrated. Her self-pleasuring staved off the worst of the need, but it was always there, a pulsing, pounding need in her, to go deeper, darker. She loved the helpless feeling of the ropes binding her to his will. She loved that he took her further, higher, harder than anyone had ever dared before. She loved the challenges he forced her to face.

Making her way downstairs, she started the teapot and began to put away the dishes from last night. It had been nice to see her sons and daughter-in-law again. She was going to pop out that grandbaby any day now! Sheesh. A Grammy. She sighed deeply, patted her belly. Hefted her left tit. She still had it. She nodded to herself. She squeezed her nipple gently. Sighed again. This just wasn’t working. She was heading for depression alley, and that wasn’t going to do her any good at all.

Once the dishes were done, she made her tea and a light breakfast. She headed upstairs, and dressed for her day. She was going to hit the mall and look for some truly salacious underwear. Something truly sin-worthy. Then she was going to find out about a munch. And find someone to fuck her silly. She sighed again. How she missed Master.

She perused her closet. Lately she’d taken to hating her wardrobe. Boring, middle-aged lady clothing. Not that she was going to run out and buy 20 miniskirts, not at her age, but perhaps it was time to ….loosen up a bit. She put on a knee-high skirt, thigh high stockings with a garter and back seam and her tallest heels. She didn’t care that her feet would kill her by the time she was done shopping she just wanted to feel sexy again. Like she had at camp. All the time. Imagining Master’s eyes on her, she took out a blouse. Put it back. Went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a soft, silky camisole. This was underwear! But what the hell. Slipping it on, she admired the swell of  her creamy, large tits, the faint shadow of her areola and nipples, the way the soft rose silk complimented her skin tone. She smiled.

“There she is” she murmured to herself, admiring the sexy beast looking out from her eyes in the mirror.  Giving her hair a quick tousle, so far removed from her usual neat ‘do, she turned, admired her ass and checked the seam in the stockings, and headed downstairs.

As she hit the landing, the doorbell rang. A moment of panic. What if it was Mrs. McGillicuddy from across the street? Shit. Fuck. She glanced longingly upstairs, as the bell rang again. Remembering the beast that gazed from her eyes upstairs, she released her hold on propriety, and came slowly downstairs. Grasping at the remnants of courage, she pulled open the door.

Her red, gleaming lips parted into a giant O of surprise.  Standing on her front porch was her Master. And Mistress Andi. Smiling at her surprise, He stepped forward, inviting himself and the Mistress into her foyer.

His finger pushed gently up on her chin.

“Close your mouth, sweet cunt!”

“Hello, pet!” This, from Mistress Andy.

They reached for her simultaneously, and a lovely group hug ensued.

“I believe you’ve met my wife, Andy, ” he said to Cori. She gaped at him, turned to look at the Mistress. Looked back at him. And knew she had at last truly found all that she had ever wanted.


10 thoughts on “Camp Nekkink

  1. Okay. I loved this one. Sort of expected the ending, but O yeah!!!!
    Can we have a Camp? Hmmm? There is a pagan festival that has a ‘tent’ that is nothing but one big orgy and I always thought it would be fun, but I think I like your camp better. Especially if they have a ‘vanilla’ section. LOL…

    Granted, Wolf, woods… um… yeah.
    Love the pages idea too. It makes sense for the bigger stories.

    • *laughs*….i’m glad you liked this one, it was the very first serial piece i wrote…and wrote and wrote…gods…i’m so glad i learned how to make pages!!


  2. I bet. I learned those really early, but it took me forever to figure out how to do links! Oh, and the butterfly card didn’t show up in Transformations.

    • the site that i found that one on had “expirations”…not sure how that all works, but finding a butterfly pic baffled me, but i think i’ll attend to that at some point. thanks for letting me know that!


    • i love that you reread it.

      i really need to get back into those archived stories and do some editing…

      thanks for the reminder!


    • thanks for chiming in, lynn and letting me know you loved my story! That was one of my first “big” stories, and I still love it!


  3. This is so very GOOD! You have written a story that I can identify with, as Cori of course, which takes me further than my imaginings ever have. Thank you.

    • Thank you for such a great comment/compliment! I’m so glad that this story spoke to you. It was my very first “long” story, so to hear it still resonates makes me happy!

      Thanks for commenting…


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