Musical Chairs

Ch 1

She chose the stilettos because they showed off her beautifully rounded calves to perfection. The manicurist had painted her nails a sinful red, both her feet and hands coordinated. The crisscrossed straps of black velvet showed her toes to advantage, and ran up to caress  and wrap her ankles in seductive decadence.

The thigh high stockings were fishnets, black, of course.  Held in place by sweet garters, with black rosettes and ribbons dangling down,  they were a secret only the perfect Dom would see.

Her skirt came to her knees, and hid the little rosettes, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties. The color matched that found on her nails, the silk soft and seductively light. Any movement would ruffle the edges  and give teasing glimpses of what lay beneath.

Around her middle was a black velvet corset. Faux diamond ‘buttons’ winked in even the dimmest lighting, drawing attention up from her legs to her bosom, now rising imperiously at the crest of the corset.  She loved the feeling of constraint this outfit gave her…not too tight, but the way it lifted her boobage was spot on.

Her hair was pulled loosely back in a black velvet scrunchie, soft tendrils curling around her face. She wasn’t young, yet she wasn’t ‘old’…whatever that was.

The chime of the doorbell interrupted her reverie as she looked in the mirror one last time. She rolled over to the door.

Debbie, her best friend since grade school, and fellow submissive was resplendent in blue brocade.  Her blonde locks tossed fetchingly over one shoulder, shoulders bare in the early spring warmth despite the lowering sun.


They spoke in unison, reaching out to punch each others shoulders to holler “JINX”, and knocking knuckles accidentally.


“You blonde bimbo!”

And they dissolved in laughter.

Sam wheeled out onto the porch, and Debbie walked beside her down the ramp. They talked excitedly about the munch. They’d never been to the city munch before, always staying local. But they were both looking, searching for something…more.

More lasting. More satisfying. More committed. More …dangerous.

Sam threw that word out, and Debbie stared at her.

Driving down the interstate, she was silent for a full minute.

“C’mon Deb, can’t tell me you’ve not thought about it. The guy you totally can’t manipulate? The Dom who finds your boundaries and pushes back to help you grow? The Dom who’s way more on the dark side than you are?”

“i never said thati was looking for that.”

“No, but that’s kind of what we want…”

“Speak for yourself. *i* want a tall beefy guy to string me up and make me cum a gajillion times. ”

“But i thought you had that in Master Jakob?”

“i do. He’s meeting us there, actually.”

Sam stared at her bff. What exactly was going on here?

“Are you doin’ the blind date thing for the crippled friend routine again? Coz i swear if you are, i’m gonna nail the side of your head with my crutch so fucking hard your stars will see stars!”

“You ass!” Debbie roared with laughter. “You’re not crippled to me. But you know, and i know that there simply was no one back in Drudgeville that met your needs. Those needs you just happened to mention all of thirty seconds ago? Remember?”

She grumbled. She did want more. But geeze this so smacked of blind date.

“Besides, Jakob has this friend..”

“I knew it. I fucking *knew* it…Geezuz Debbie…fu…”

“Shush. Let me finish, bimbo.”

They crossed glares for a moment before Debs eyes returned to the road. They were at the city limits now and not far from the club.  The gps lady was warning them that their turn was in 1 mile.

“Fine.” She huffed.

“As i was sayin’ before i was so *rudely* interrupted….” and once more Debbie threw an admonishing glance at her stubborn friend. “Master knows a Domme at the club, so we will know who the wannabe’s are at the outset, who’s taken, who’s trolling for newbies, that sort of thing. So we don’t hook up with any asshats. Coz you and i know, sistah, that every group has ’em.  That was my point, you ding-dong.”

And she rolled her eyes expressively.

Sam hated being a ding-dong…and Deb was right. She had been. And she should have known better.
“Guess the butterflies in my stomach got the better of me. Sorry. It’s always nerve-wracking to go into a new place, and doing it Domless? Well,  lets just say i’m glad your Master is going to be here.”

“Ha! Who’s the dumb blonde now?”

“I was never a dumb blonde. Brunette, remember.”

“Well, i like you even if you act like a dumb brunette sometimes!”

They traded arm smacks as Deb turned into a well-lit parking lot. The long-slanting rays of sun bounced off the many cars parked there.  Deb parked at the lone handicapped parking slot, and looked around the lot for her Master’s car.

The adventure they’d all been looking forward to was about to begin!

Ch 2

The pulsing backbeat of the bass thumped through her ass as she sat in her chair.

There was the expected ebb and flow of people, and she got almost as much of a thrill people watching as she did getting some play action.


Perhaps not that much of a thrill, but still. Different crowd, different ways, different, very different from their little S&M group. The city drew its own special gathering of freaks, and she was diggin’ it.

Debbie was off getting them some liquid enhancement, while her Master was taking  a leak, and she, alone but not lonely,  sat at the edge of the crowd, taking it all in.

One of the best parts of the BD/SM scene was that she wasn’t “the elephant in the living room” sitting here in her wheelchair. Not invisible, no, she’d caught more than a fair share of admiring glances, from Dommes and Doms alike, and not a few submissives as well.

But also, not ostracized. The chair didn’t define her here as it did in her vanilla life. Here? It was only a small part of her..her mode of transport. It was noticed, but then…accepted.

Master Jakobs friend, Mistress Lauren, had already pointed out a few of the guys n dolls to be aware of, and darned if one didn’t try to hit on her as soon as she had been left alone here.

Him, she’d brushed off quickly.  She was also used to handling that sort of idjiot. Those came in every flavor, vanilla *and* dark chocolate. (or what they supposed was ‘dark’…and was really watered down coffee…)

She felt her chair bump a little and turned to see who had come up behind her, just as He swung around to her side and sat in Deb’s vacant chair.

“Hello, darlin’ girl. Sub or Domme?”

Well, He definitely got points for not assuming she was a sub. She studied him a moment before she answered. He was tall, muscular with a bit of fat run on his belly, common in older men who had worked body-tough jobs as youth. He was tanned from outdoors, not a  tanning booth, His face a bit weathered. His eyes were a compelling warm shade of honey, thickly lashed and smiling.

There was something there in them. She found herself yearning to know what it was.

“Sub. And you?”

She tilted her head, offered a saucy smile.

He tipped his head back and barked out a laugh.

‘Okay,” she said, “Dom, i get it. But really, if i’m supposed to call you Sir Dark Knight or some such, we should just nod politely as you walk away…”

He laughed again.

“How about just Sir Dom?”

She laughed. He raised a brow at her, and she stopped laughing, but a giggling snort escaped.

“i must assume that it’s Dominick, Sir? and not Dominant?”

And she dissolved into gales of giggles. His mouth twitched as she bent double, snorting and snickering into her hands.

She sat back and caught her breath.

“Well, Sir Dom, that was a hella icebreaker. You see, i’m not one for huge formality at these sorts of things. ”

“I have a hard time believing you take anything seriously, actually.” he said, his voice droll.

She gave a little hiccup of a giggle, but was spared an answer by the timely arrival of Debbie with their drinks, and Master Jakob.

Introductions were passed around, and He continued to sit with them, talking with each of them, and often pointing to various people who moved through the room, helping them get to know some of this extended group.

He also adroitly gathered information on them. That they were friends, that Jakob and Debbie were a D/s couple, and that she, Sam, was a dear friend and fellow sub of the couple. That Sam had ‘rescued’ Debbie from some hassling 4th grade bullies when both girls had been in 2nd grade, threatening to bash them with her crutches. That she could walk and stand for small spates of time with the crutches, and wasn’t at all intimidated about using them as weapons.

That she was Domless.

She wanted to punch Jakob in the arm when He let that bit out. He smirked at her. He knew she wanted to strike Him, that He’d gotten her dander up when He’d gone on to tell Sir Dominick that she was a “horny slut who needed some action, and soon, as she was becoming impossible to deal with and He was close to taking corrective actions…because, after all, isn’t that what D/s friends were for?”

The nerve of some people’s Dominants!

As her drink emptied, He stood, and took her hand.

“subgirl? would you play with Me for a bit? You’ll need to coach me on your needs and restrictions, but I think we can make some magic happen here tonight…if you say ‘yes, Sir’.”

He looked at her, into her eyes. She was drowning in the sweetness she saw there, and barely registered that her hand took on a life of its own, and rose to fit into His.

Ch 3

It took trust.

And trust took time to build.

Yet, here she was, suspended by trust in a Man she’d met a scarce hour ago.

Well, trust…and a thin line of rope.

He’d helped her from the wheelchair, and with Master J’s help she had shown Him how to support her legs, to check and double-check the straps, explaining her physical limits.

He got it.

She could see it, feel it. He was calm, patient, confident. It didn’t matter to Him that she’d needed to teach as well as submit.  And didn’t that say much about him as a Dominant? Always learning. That’s what she’d always thought was the strength of a good Dom. The willingness to be open to learning about more than a subs lusts and fears. No matter the sub, a Dom should always understand limits that may be a physical requirement, rather than simple “skittishness”.

She gasped as she felt the ropes tighten around her, felt the floor fall away from her body as she rose, stretched majestically into the air.

She felt the room tilt, spin as He turned her, until her head was near his. Gawd! She was up so high! And herself with no panties on! Dang, that would come back and bite her in the ass, wouldn’t it?!He looked at her, and once more she fell into the warmth of his honey-colored eyes.

“Okay subgirl?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Was that her ? Gone was the strong, confident woman, and in her place, a soft-spoken submissive.  Still strong, but almost breathless by what He’d done to her.

She felt the rope biting into shoulders, around her tits. The centering of knots and loops at the mid-point of her spine, her belly, pressed into her like the hands of a lover, holding her firmly in a grasp that was both commanding and powerful. She couldn’t move on her own now, beyond her lips, and fingers. Her arms were bound behind her, pressing against her lower back. Sensations faded below her hips, yet the feeling of flying persisted.

She was free, for now, of the pull of gravity, of the responsibilities of life. All she could do, would do now, was accept.

What a precious gift!

His hand cupped her head, his eyes drinking in her face, her expressions.  His lips pressed to her forehead briefly, before he spun her round. His hand caught at her ankles, and her head still felt the swing though her body had stopped. There was a metallic clink and she tried to clear hair from her eyes, to see what the fuck he had up his sleeves now.

He addressed his commentary to the crowd of people who surrounded the base of the stage.

“She is suspended animation, but how animated can a slut be if she is bound so tightly she cannot be used?”

Again the metallic clinking. By the smiles on the crowd, what he was doing was making them happy.  She had limited sensations through her pussy, but she definitely could feel the rush of cool air as her legs were scissored open.

“A spreader bar works as well in suspension as it does in bed, or in the living room.  And obviously, my little slut enjoys the attention..”

She felt…something …and blushed beet red as she watched his hand, now wetly gleaming, waved in a flourish to the watching, waiting crowd.

She had given him permission to play, including penetration, as long as he was suitably ‘covered’. Trust a Dom to take full advantage of that opening! Another twist of the rope and she was once again face to face with him.

“ready? okay?” His voice was quiet, meant only for her.

She nodded.

He stepped out of her line of sight, and she felt herself moving, changing positions…moving lower, rolling back. She was on her back, as surely as if she was on a bed. Laying there, she watched in amazement as her legs, spread and widely spaced, were lifted.

Inch by inch she watched the gleaming metal bar that held her limpid legs in stasis raise, until they were up over her head.  He returned to her sight, stepping up and checking the restraints on her legs, her calves.

He remembered the little things.

His head slid under the gleaming silver bar, into the open V of her legs, and then he stood. His cock jutted out and as he stepped forward, it lay, hard and pulsing, against her pussy. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She wanted it.

Craved it.

Needed it.

He pulled back, sawing on her pussy, which she only barely felt. She’d explained that, but she knew that much of this  was playing to the crowd as well as to her own hungers.

“Want my cock, slut?”

She licked her lips. Ooh, gods, how porn star of her!! She nodded.

He pulled back, his cock dropping out of sight and pressing into her asscrack, as his hand smacked down on her unprotected pussy.

It was loud, and she felt it!


“Big-girl sluts use their words, baby sluts nod. I only fuck big girl sluts. Which are you?”

“b-b-ig gi-girl, Sir”

“Good, progress on the forward road. Do. You. Want. My. Cock.?”

He spaced the words out, each a hard, forceful thrust. As she imagined it would be if she ever got his cock inside her.

“Yessir! Please may i have your cock?”

“where?” His voice was slick, silky, coy, almost.

He would make her say this. Out loud. Yet, the thought of verbalizing this wantonness, in front of a group of like-minded kooks? Gave her a deep thrill. Fuck if she wasn’t turning into a bit of a slutty exhibitionist!

“Anywhere, Master. Please put your cock in my hole?”

“Where, slut?”

He had that look on his face. The “I won’t ask again slut” look. Was that something they got at Dom workshops or bought online?

“in my ass, Master.” she almost whispered her request.

“Couldn’t hear you, slut. Try, try again….”

She was crimson now, but whether it was embarrassment, excitement, need, or a braiding of the three was unclear.

“Please Sir, PLEASE! Put Your cock into my asshole!” She all but shouted it at him.

“aaah, the slut wants this nice hard cock shoved into her poopshoot! At last she tells it like it is. Are you a dirty little ass slut, then?”

She felt the rubbing of his cockhead pressing and releasing against her anus. The moan that came from her mouth was guttural, raw. Sheneeded.  Suddenly the group watching avidly was gone, and all that existed was Him.

Please.”  she begged, her voice husky with her desire. “Please fuck me in the ass. Please Master, fuck me!”

The ropes creaked gently as He pressed against her. She saw the wink of the gold foil in his shirt pocket, the top torn. Silent reassurance that he was, indeed, covered.

He pushed into her, and moaned himself as her anus squeezed around his surging shaft. He fucked her, hard, deep.  He pulled out before he released his seed, pulling off the rubber, and pumping his salty essence onto her tits, which were falling plumply from the top of her corset, then pulsing again onto her chest, her hair, and a final ejaculation on her cheek.

Holding the rope, steadying himself, He rubbed his cum into the skin of her cheek.

“Wear me.” He ordered, quietly, then “I’m not done with you, not by a long shot…”

He moved away before she could answer.  She hummed in frustration. She’d not cum. She needed to, wanted to, but He’d not pushed her hard enough to the edge. She felt the pulse deep inside, the unsated lust making her twitchy.

And herself bound up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

She felt herself lowering, a frustrated bundle of slut, slowly to the floor.

Ch 4

“I’m not done with you, yet.”

The words rang in her head, long after the exhilaration from the suspension and subsequent ass-fucking had ended. It took her a good forty minutes to return from subspace, and attend to the conversations swirling around her.

At one point, Deb had prodded her.

“Looks like you keep drifting away… going anyplace special?” and then she’d laughed that wicked laugh of hers.

Sam found herself blushing.


How strange was that? She rarely blushed. And being embarrassed about the blushing? Made her blush deeper, and more pronounced. It was visible, even in this dim lighting.

Fer gawdsakes, she was a woman grown, sexually mature, and experienced.  Yet there was something about this Dom…

She smiled. A dom named Dom. How appropros.  He certainly gother juices flowing, and that didn’t happen with just any canny Man.

Okay, it sometimes did.

She was a horny slut, after all! Still, there was this…knowing…inside of her.  She wasn’t really into all that mystical crap that Debbie espoused from time to time, but still…she felt the tingle.

And no fucking way was she even mentioning that tingle to Deb. She glanced at her friend, who was staring, entranced, across the room.

“What?” she hissed, sotto voice, at her friend.

Deb just nodded her head. A tall, statuesque woman wearing a ginormous strap on was face fucking an ardent sub. That the man was wearing only a thong, and his wrists were behind him, was only part of the show. The main event was the repeated disappearance of the pale faux cock sliding deeply into his mouth, his throat. All the while, he stared, his expression ardent, at his Mistress.

Ah, love and lust. Often so inextricably intertwined, she thought. Still the trust and caring were palpable. This was a couple and not a one-hit wonder such as she had been with Sir Dom.

Her pussy throbbed.

‘shut up ” she all but growled to her cunt.

“I’m not done with you yet,” her pussy reminded her of His words. The cadence, the intensity, the promise.


She shifted in her chair, slipping a hand under her. Yes, wet as a guppy.  She remembered again the feeling of floating in the air, the pressure of his cock filling her, filling her, the almost-there feeling just before her release…and the sudden empty feeling as he pulled his shaft out from her grasping ass.

She remembered, looking up in to those honey-glazed eyes,  questioning wordlessly as he’d pulled out,  His look of almost violent triumph as he’d all but ripped the condom from his  swollen dick, just in time to spurt his juices onto her.


She blinked. Debbie was looking at her, with her chin cupped in her palm. Her eyes were serious.

“He really got to you, didn’t he?”

“No!” The word burst from her.

“Well, okay, yes. But…” her voice trailed off for a moment, then continued after swallowing, hard.

“Deb? He makes me nervous. And horny. Needy in a way…i’ve never felt before. He’s strong and he’s bossy and he’s such a Dominant.  He played with me, played so fucking good with me! Unexpected, that’s how it was…unexpected that it would be so good, that He got it all……got it right…my legs, my needs…”

She sighed again, shifting subtly on her still throbby slit. She wondered if the wet spot would be visible. Or smell-able.

“Now i’m all jumpy, like a cat on a hot tin roof! i mean, what the fuck am i thinking? of Him. Like that? He’s…”

she thumped the side of her head with force enough to make Debbie wince.

“He’s stuck in here! And nothing can come of this…we’re not from the city. Remind me, Deb. Tell me why this won’t work anymore than the last 2 relationship fails wouldn’t work, will you…?”

Debbie stared at her friend, wide-eyed and a tad amused at her vehemence. She straightened suddenly, shoulders back, tits thrust forward, back into her ‘proper’ posture.

“Well, don’t look now, sweetie, but Sir Nothing-Can-Come-Of-This is headed this way! And look who’s here…Hi Sir! We were just talking about You and your fabulous rope work.”

She felt his hands settle on her shoulders, as Deb segued into light conversation with Him, as Sam fought to regain her wits.

Even this light touch sent shockwaves through her body.

Damn the man!

Ch 5

Her heart beat thickly in her throat.

She was bent over a spanking bench, and firmly secured. Not only could she not get away with her less-than-facile legs, but she was snugged in tighter than a size 16 slut  in a size 10 corset!

Not that her corset was a size 10, but dayam it pinched, bent over the bench this way. She’d never seen anything quite like this set-up, which it made it possible for her to be fully supported with her torso. Though she was barefoot, the bulk of her body was supported by her belly on the mat. Her wrists were secured to the lower legs, while her ankles were snugged against the bottom legs of the structure.


He’d walked beside her as she rolled her way through the crowd. The absolute “kewlest” thing about a full-on BDSM party was that she was accepted. Not looked down on for her wheels. Everyone had their own kink, and accepted, even if they didn’t embrace, the kink of others.

He’d stopped finally, in an out-of-the-mainstream nook.  Once more He helped her up, gentle, but so firmly; there was no misunderstanding that He was in charge, and she was the subbie, here to submit.

He’d buckled her here. For fucking *ever* ago. Time passed as she waited. Her ass in the air, blood rushing to her head. And she found that wonderful place inside.  Where suddenly things slowed down, stopped, then whirled around again. She was one with the stars, it seemed.

She felt…a presence. She tried to turn her head to look, but the canny Dom had slipped a collar around her neck, and secured the ring to the bottom of the stand, keeping her bent over, and unable to move even her head. That tie-down, and her hair flopping into her eyes, effectively blocked her view.

“So, you want to cum?”

The words from out of the blue startled her.

“Yes Sir.”  Egads, it was that same meek, little-girl voice again.

She heard the hummmm of a power-vibe. The deep vibrations penetrated the dead-nerve zone, and she felt it shaking her belly, stirring her.

“Getting wet back here…” He laughed, stating the obvious in an over loud voice. She heard other voices, heard pauses, chuckles. He was drawing another crowd.

She wondered, briefly, about that. Was he merely a showman? Playing to the crowd?

The humming sound and the feeling of pressure against her pussy steadied, and she jolted when she saw his feet come into her line-of-sight.

He squatted down, pushing her hair back, tucking it almost tenderly behind her ear.

“I set you up over here to avoid the crowd, but it can’t help but draw attention when someone is set up here.  This isn’t a main traffic area, but you’re a newcomer to this playgroup, and not everyone uses this bench. People enjoy watching. Some like to see how the equipment is used. Some like to see a submissive “getting it”. And some? Who knows. ”

“I have the vibe pressed against your pussy.  I expect you can feel it?” He waited for her nod, and the low-voiced ‘yes Sir’ before he continued.

“You’ll feel it a lot better, soon. No cumming until I give you permission. Understood?”

Once more she nodded agreement, accompanied by her soft assent.

He slid his hand around to cup her chin for a moment, his gaze lingering on her mouth, his thumb reaching up to caress her bottom lip,  before he rose from his crouch and disappeared from her view.

That little touch, his thumb on her lip, had sent a streamer of raw lust into her belly, where it rolled about, seeking exit. Damn he knew exactly what buttons to press to stir her pot!

She *knew* this was a spanking bench, dammit, but the first blow of the paddle still caught her off-guard. He’d remembered when she had said that she needed intensity….and this was fucking intense!!!


The ripple from the hard swat pushed her pussy hard against the strong massager, sending a fast thrum of pleasure through her clit. Heat bloomed across her ass, even as a different heat grew between her thighs.

Another hard blow with the paddle, same cheek, rewarded by another press of her clit to the vibe.

Pain blew in a hot wind across her buttocks, while pleasure swirled inside her pussy.





The pain with its immediate reward of pleasure was sending her far away in her head, on a starship headed into subspace. That paddle was striking with amazing accuracy on the same *fucking* spot on each cheek, yet was immediately negated by the pleasure of the vibe on her clit.

Never quite enough to tip her over the edge into Orgasmland…but so damned close! It was frustrating.

And freaking hawt.

This Sir Dom knew exactly what he was doing to her.

There was a sudden, total silence.  His hand came to rub on her bruised ass, cool flesh on burning embers.  His other hand slipped into her cunt. Or part of it. Hard to tell really, but she felt full…

“You are so fucking wet, slut. Your pussy is practically sucking my hand into you…what a little needy slut you are…”

The feeling of fullness left her, moment before she would have come to an explosive release.

She sobbed out a “please Sir” but the sensation dissipated quickly.


She might have growled that aloud. Wasn’t sure. Lost in frustration, need.

His laugh confirmed. He’d heard her.

His hands were quickly undoing her straps, and he firmly but gently lifted her from the bench, supporting her as she came upright, dizzy.

Dizzy from being downside-up for so long?

Or dizzy from the longings He was stroking to full, raw need within her? He wheeled her back to where Debbie and her Master J were nursing drinks. Debbie’s mascara was smudged, her lipstick smeared. Obviously she’d been playing a bit too.

Sir Dom leaned down to speak in her ear.

“I’m not done with you, yet.”

She wanted to growl. Damn the man for releasing her beast and setting it loose to prowl wild, but not free.

She watched, stunned, as he slipped through the crowd, and disappeared, once again, from her view.

Ch 6

“What is He doing?” She turned to her friend Debbie, her eyes stormy. Was it need, or aggravation turning her friend’s cheeks pink, Deb wondered.

“You know i can’t answer that. I’ve got no idea what the Big D’s are up to.  I will say that Sir J really likes him. They went off looking like kids planning mischief, that’s for sure.”

“Ha! Maybe it’s YOUR turn to get tormented then. Though you at least got to cum. Lucky bitch!”

They grinned at each other.


They turned to look at the woman who came up their table. She had shoulder-length curly hair, and wore a short black skirt, skimpy scoop-necked top, and kick-ass boots.

Sam loved the look of boots, but with her leg and ankle issues, it was often hard to find ones that suited. These were stunning, knee-high, and cross straps around the calf. And the heels were killer high. Luscious to look at, to be sure.

“Hi!” Sam and Debbie greeted the newcomer.

“i’m Alix, and i wanted to say hi. And, well,” she paused, smiling. Her voice was mellifluous, and sounded gently of the south, her soft twang matching her welcoming smile.  “I’m also by way of being a messenger. Your Master has sent me over to…’fetch’ you. And i know if you’re at all like me, that word makes you cringe, it did me too…but He was quite specific in his word choice…” Alix looked at Debbie, apologetically.

She held up a forestalling hand when the women tried to interject.

“Wait, there’s more.  Sir Dom has also requested that i ‘fetch’ you as well. You’re both to come with me.”

The two women looked at Alix, who looked back at them with her beautiful smile.

“I wonder what that Man has in store for me now,”  Sam grumbled to her companions as they left the table and followed Alix.

They made their way from the main room, down a corridor through a second room, and into a third room.  Here the mood was different. The crowd was thinner, and there was a ton of bondage equipment lining the walls. Alix turned to them.

“This is called Dom-town for obvious reasons. Kind of a D/s ‘mancave’. Your Dom’s are down here at the end. Ah, i think they have something special for you two…”

That was all the warning they got, as they came to two strange bondage frames.  Sam parked her wheelchair.

Master Jakob stepped forward, and grabbed Debbie by the chain that dangled between her tits. The one end was fastened to the “O” ring  on her collar, the other end was now wrapped around his fist and he tugged her forward, hard.

The other two women watched as Deb was manhandled by both Doms, as she struggled and fought, resisting being shackled to the strange stand. Sam knew that this kind of play was something that turned both Deb and Sir Jakob on, but Alix actually gasped when Sir J slapped Deb hard across her face, and grabbed her left arm in a punishing hold.

“it’s okay…they both like this rough play,” Sam whispered softly to Alix.

In moments, Debbie was lashed to the metal frame, her arms pulled behind her, and secured to the metal pole that rose like a maypole over her head.

Despite her kicking and whining, her legs were splayed open, and buckled  to the sides of the “A” frame base, secured by a mountedspreaderbar on the frame. A single pole rose between her spread legs, though its purpose was as yet unknown.


Sam looked up to see Sir Dom looking at her. His hands were extended. She reached up and placed her palms into his. He pulled her from her chair, not with the sharp yank she’d expected, but with a slow and steady pull, allowing her to get her footing, and maintain her equilibrium. He guided her halting steps to a metal contraption similar to the one Debbie was mounted on, except that this one had a seat to accommodate her lack of leg strength. She sat, finding that the split “vee” of the seat ensured that her legs were splayed as widely as Debbie’s were. Her arms were fastened behind her, also like Deb, and her legs were strapped securely to the frame to hold her steady. The two women were facing each other, one standing, one sitting. Deb was panting, her cheek flushed red where she’d been slapped. Sam felt her own wetness begin to flow once more. Just being here was stimulating. She wondered what would happen next.

“We’re going to play a little game, sluts. No, Alix, don’t leave.” Sir Dom called to Alix as she turned to leave them to their amusements.

“You’ll be our little assistant,” He continued.  He handed her two extension cords. “Plug these in.”

“Yes Sir,” she complied instantly.

While Alix was busy, Sir Dom attached a bulbous-headed ‘massager’ into the metal tube which sat between Sam’s legs. The head pressed against her captive pubes.

He turned and did the same to Debbie, leaving the final adjustments to Master J.

“The rules of the game are simple. Whomever comes first, wins. Theother girl  takes the punishment. A punishment that will be administered by either or both of us. And will vary depending on our whim.

So, if you cum, slut,” He looked at Deb, “then your friend here gets it.” He thumbed over his shoulder at Sam.

Their wide eyes told him that they understood. Neither girl wanted to inflict harm on her best friend.

Sam was worried…she needed to cum, and badly. Yet she didn’t want Deb to take her punishment. Both Doms were grinning widely. They’d created the perfect Dom game, damn them!

The churning hummmm of two powerful vibes filled the corner. Instantly both women threw their heads back and moaned, nearly in unison. Alix watched with awe as both women fought back the urge to cum. She knew the girl sitting, Sam, was in pretty dire need. She’d seen Sir Dom toy with her. It was good to see that He finally found a play partner; it had been a long time for Him, looking for a sub to fill his needs. It seemed as if they were well on their way to pushing through mere ‘play time’ and into something a bit more intense.

Sam couldn’t hold back another second. Helpless as the deeply penetrating vibrations pushed her over the brink, she arched her spine, throwing back her head and yowling her orgasm.

The vibes were not turned off.

Master J pinched Debbie’s right tit, working down to her nipple. The clamp was a clover, and the chain dangled down her body. He took his sunglasses and hooked them through the loose clamp for added weight.

“sorrreeee Debbie,” Sam panted.

“izkay” Debbie panted too. Just before orgasm, her nipples were insanely sensitive, which her Master knew. The bastard. The bulb continued to churn against her clit and with the added stimulation of the clamps on her nipple, she felt herself rocketing towards her own thundering orgasm.

Sir Dom stood behind the frame supporting Sam and slapped her ass hard with the flat of his hand. Six slaps, then four more, all on the same side and virtually the same place. It was useless to try to squirm away, besides,  any wiggling just pressed her slit harder against the vibe.

Sensation slammed through her, the feeling intense and uncontrollable. This time, the orgasm was a wet one. She heard the embarrassing sound of it, splattering on the floor between her splayed legs.

She moaned as the vibe kept humming against her sensitive clitoris. She was unable to focus on poor Debbie, who whimpered as her other nipple was clamped. She opened one eye, to see a different style clamp being attached. The chains snaked down her belly, moving and writhing as she twisted just a bit trying to get away from the grinding rod that was fucking with her swollen nub. She came with a yodeling scream and Sam braced herself for yet another swat. By now her clit was a throbbing mass of tissue, and she felt herself headed up that mountain of pure lust.

Yet, rather than another series of spankings, Sir Dom clampedher nipple. She wasn’t sure at first what he was doing, fiddling with the end of the chain. He wasn’t using it to clamp her other nipple. He stepped away, and then she could see that He’d actually clamped the free end of Debbie’s clamp chain to a third chain, and the other end of that third chain onto her own clamp chain, effectively attaching her and Debbie together.  If either of them  pulled they would further torment the other.

Both girls were whimpering, moaning, begging. Drool slipped unknowing from open mouths, gasping for air and begging for it to stop, please stop.

“You needed to cum, slut! I can’t shut you down now!” Sir Dom’s voice was silky and sly.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” she screamed as she came again, and she heard Deb scream as a crop hit her tits. Snap snap snap snap! She heard every popping one as Debbie came, came again, and hard. She felt a sharp snap on her breast, feeling her own tit receive blows at the hand of Master J. He struck hard at her nipple and she cried out at the beautiful pain of it.

At long last it was over. She didn’t remember Sir Dom releasing her from the Forced O tower, but when she came to her senses, she was sitting…in his lap.

He was resting in a recliner, and she was sitting on his lap.

He looked down at her with those sexy honey colored eyes.

“Been playing Musical Chairs all night, little one. Thought you wouldn’t mind ending up in my chair.”

He held her tightly, as if he wasn’t planning on letting go.

“no Sir, this is lovely,” and with a smile, her head dropped back down on his shoulder, like it had always belonged there.


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