“You would play God,  Argus?”

The voice was incredulous.

Dr. Argus looked at the three men assembled in the room. They all wore the same disapproving looks on their faces. He shook his head, unbelieving.

“We’re scientists,” he began, vehemently. “We are capable of manipulating our environments,” and he waved his hand to encompass the open room, in a ship, 2 parsecs from Earth.

“Why then, is it such a leap for you to take this next step?”

“It’s quite one thing to manipulate the environment…” sputtered one.

“And quite another to …to create this blasphemy in the name of science!” finished the other.

“There needs to be adaptations,” Argus began, patiently trying to explain. “This is the most basic way to make that happen. She has been receiving treatments for months now.”

“Treatments? What sort of treatments?”

“Hormones, basic cell receptors…that sort of thing, ” he equivocated.

“And is she aware?”

“Of course she is. She knows she’s making a valuable contribution to the future of our society. She is thrilled to be the first to attempt interspecies contact.”

Which may have represented Miranda’s position a bit more positively that was true. She had volunteered to be a communicant with the natives of Dargon, being an empath certainly enhanced her abilities there.

And she had made a tentative mind-touch with one of the ‘natives’ from inside the landing pod.

However, scooping up that resident and transporting it to the ship had been something no one knew about.

Until today.

Will they, nill they, the experiment would commence.

He leaned towards the console, keyed a switch to turn on the microphone. The large viewscreen illuminated, and a beautiful woman became visible.

She had large round tits, something that made Dr. Frey suck in his breath. Definitely a tit man, as Dr. Argus knew. Her ass was pleasing, round globes that curved into shapely thighs.  Her nipples were distended now, a result of all the hormones she’d been receiving. Argus knew she’d be horny and wet, again from the exclusive cocktail she’d been taking.

He needed her to be somewhat receptive. He’d told her that these natives had a keen sense of smell, and the odor of arousal was pleasing to them, and thus would increase their chances of peaceful cooperation.

They needed to settle and soon. Dargon was a perfect planet for them, but only if they could get the natives to agree.  Miranda was the key to unlock that door for them, little did she know.


Before her was an enormous tank. She looked in shock at it. She’d not known he’d taken a native. Instinctively, she placed her fingers upon the glass. On the other side, ghostly, finger-like appendages mirrored her touch.

She looked imploringly at the view screen.

” Argus!! You must let him go!” Her voice was tortured. Her tits were heaving with her passion. He depressed three buttons on the panel.  A blue mist dropped over her, and she disappeared.

There was flailing and frenzy from the tank. He pulled back in shock as one arm smashed at the panel where Miranda had been. Then the blue mist bubbled through the water as she reappeared, this timein the tank, with the creature.

She shrieked and beat at the water.

“Argus….” and she slipped below the water. A moment later her head broke the surface, and she gasped air before sliding under again. It appeared that Miranda could not swim. He was appalled at that one oversight. Gods, she was *perfect* for this…

During his pondering, a giant ripple appeared in the tank. Miranda’s head appeared above the fluid-filled tank, as she coughed and sputtered. She did not sink again. This time she was supported. A giant bulbous head broke through the water. The eye of the creature was nearly as big as her head. Miranda tilted her head back, her body apparently supported by the beast.

One small human hand reached out and touched the beast on its head. A host of fingerlings poked up, followed by giant, rippling arms. The thing resembled and octopus from Earth, he mused, watching as the beast and Miranda communicated silently. He noted that several of the appendages waved near her breasts, until one little finger brushed her nipple.

She arched, cried out, her voice muted through the mic.


Her readings were erratic, her heart rate had increased, and her electrol-stim chart was off the graphs!

The Dargonian must be sensing her hormone-laden receptiveness. This was going to work after all.

Argus preened.

Perhaps he was playing God after all.


Ch 2.

She knew nothing of the buzzers, bells and readouts happening in the Control Center. All Miranda knew was that the touch of Fflaad, the Dargonian that Argus had illegally transferred to their ship, was electric.

She knew Argus had been giving her certain drugs to enhance the relationship between the Dargons and themselves,  as their forms and habitats were so very different. She had absolutely no idea of the full effect of many of the ‘herbs’ in the concoction he’d given her daily ever since First Contact.

Dargon was a wet world, with very little land mass. In order to settle those land areas, they would need to impress the native dominant species, that they came not as conquerors, but as scientists, scholars.

They wanted to know them as a native culture.

It seemed pretty silly now, to contemplate all that. Her logical mind was whirling off someplace, her body, and feeling-mind were totally, wholly focused on her nipple.

All her learning, her experiences, her skills, and it came to that one tiny bit of  flesh, all of 10mm in size, to draw the full attention of her corporeal awareness.

He touched her again. Again that sudden sizzle of shock, the surge of energy against the protuberant flesh, stirring an  intense, respondent ripple deep within her woman’s channel.

Her sudden anger at Argus’ decision to send her here, to pull the Dargonian here against both of their wills drained away. She lay, suspended above the fluid that she’d nearly drowned in, wrapped securely in his tentacles.

They weren’t “pure” tentacles as seen on Earth octopi, as each arm had a series of finger-like appendages. And not every arm had the same number, either. The arm currently palpating her left breast had  seven fingers, while another arm, wrapped twice around her belly, had a mere four.

Other arms wrapped around her legs pulling her apart, and she had a moment of intense fear that the creature would rip her asunder.

worry not, little one, i will have a great care of you

Miranda blinked. Of course he would. What was she thinking. A great calm overtook her and she relaxed into his many-armed hold on her. They had been talking for weeks now. This was Fflaad, her friend.

i will explore you little one. there are many scents of you, and i shall taste of them

She remembered him telling her that they learned their environs by taste; fitting for creatures who lived primarily in water, although he had mentioned that occasionally they would venture onto land. There was a particular fruity food that grew on a series of islands that many of the creatures…um, Dargonians….

she was losing her thoughts as fingers began to probe at the folds between her thighs. Already the sensations in her breasts were making her dizzy with lust, and now this!

His ‘fingers’ were chilly and rubbery, but with a series of bumps along the ‘pads’ that were sensors, he had said. Sensors perhaps, but they were giving her a thrilling sensory experience as they slipped over her clit.

He seemed to note her response, a little jolt, and a short whimper, as he went back over this little fleshy nubbin again. Then he touched her with his ‘electric finger’ and she came, explosively, startling them both.

you liked that little one. my stunner certainly stunned your bead. your musk is delightful…

She not only heard his pleasure, but she felt it…as if linking with him allowed them to share more than thoughts, but physical sensations. She should tell Dr. Argus, but she was too swamped by sensation, as more fingers began thrusting up inside her cunt, her anus. The twin invasions were accompanied by his ‘stunner’ once more stroking her clit, sending her once more into orgasm.

When her pussy clamped down on the probes sliding up inside her belly, she felt and heard his own grunts of pleasure.

you are receptive to my probes…i will give you more, deeper. i must know you better, and will share my musk with you…

Another probing tentacle pressed inside her, and she was full of writhing things. The sensations were like nothing she had ever experienced before. She couldn’t stop the continuous orgasms, his ‘stunner’ and his stuffing were overwhelming.

She gasped as something pressed up against her cervix. It was a sharp stab of hurt, then a more intense feeling of pain in her belly.

“Wait, hurts,” she managed to moan aloud.

i fill you with musk, little one

She felt the sudden fullness in her belly. The feeling of pain left her as the fullness grew. She watched in shock as her belly began to distend. His stunner stroked her clit, pressing it harder now and she arched back, erupting into her most powerful orgasm yet.

Her cunt clenched around the tentacles filling her, milking them. She felt pulsing, uncertain whether it was her or him she was feeling. And the world went dark as he continued to fill her belly with his ‘musk’.

She never saw the pink mist descend to remove her from the Dargonians grip, and was still unconscious when his roar of outrage filled the ship with a sonic sound wave that made most of the 30-and younger aged crew fall to the deck where they were, stunned.

Dr. Argus quickly relayed the outraged Dargonian back to his home sea. There was only one on the ship who could have heard  Fflaad’s response to the event, and she lay, unconscious, in sick bay.


Ch 3.

Dr. Argus paced around the com room, waiting for the med teams to finish evaluating the crew who were at last, groggily sitting up as the stun of the  sonic sound wave wore off.

Some were still shaking their heads, others merely sat, forehead in palm trying to breathe through the headache that pounded through their heads.

Even Dr. Argus wasn’t immune to the twinges of headache, yet he waved off the Medotech who approached him. He needed every facility about him, not some drugged stupor just for a wee head-pain.

Around him, various computers were beeping, flashing or tinging. So many readouts, so much raw data.

They’d never seen the like of it.

Impatient, he stalked off the bridge, heading for sickbay where he could, he hoped, talk to Miranda about what had happened. Sensor readings had clearly shown penetration, and sexual mating, yet the creature had fogged the water with an inky substance which was typical of Earth octopi, but unexpected here on Dargon.

In short, he hadn’t seen a fucking thing! He stepped into the lift, and punched the code for sickbay. When the doors closed, he adjusted his cock, which was hard and throbbing. It had been hard all during that raw scene. Miranda had fantastic knockers, to be sure, and a fine ass- he’d been disappointed to not see the monster slide one of those fat tentacles up her butthole.

If he kept thinking about it, he was going to need to visit a sexdroid before he shot a wad in his pants, he thought. Fucking alien!


Miranda came awake, slowly. A medotech stood by her head, gently smoothing her hair as she woke.

“There you are Doctor,” the tech crooned, her voice soothing. Miranda’s body was tingly with the aftershocks of the most intense sexual experience of her life! She wondered where Fflaad was.

Reaching out to him, she felt…nothing…

“Ogod,” she yelled, yet her voice came out a thin whisper of sound. “Fflaad? Fflaad?”

“shhhhh,” soothed the tech, but Miranda pushed her away before she could administer the hypo. She didn’t need medication…she needed to find Fflaad!

She and Dr. Argus all but collided in the doorway.

“Miranda! You’re up and looking well,” he spoke, noticing she was covered in a thin shift. Her nipples protruded still. His cock stretched taut in his pants and all he could think about was fucking.

He pulled her all the way out of the medical center and down the hall to his office. If she’d fuck an alien, by all the gods, she would fuck him, too!


Fflaad bore through the current, flashing past schools of terror-struck mincefish, swirling with the rushing underwater stream. Riding the fast-flowing river, deep in the heart of Central, the main ocean between the largest of the land masses and the micro-islands could be dangerous, but was the fastest way to make it from here to the nesting grounds.

He was filled with rage.

The bipeds had come making overtures of peace, but once he had been abducted onto their ship, it had been clear to him, that many on this ship had no interest in ‘peace’.  Indeed,  scanning their brain-patterns was much easier now that he was closer. He supposed that he would appreciate the irony of the ‘captors’ aiding in their own defeat later.

Miranda was, as she had been on Homeworld, a sweet innocent, driven by the purity of her yearning to learn.

The Doctor, whom Fflaad now recognized as ‘enemy fish’, had a plan that far surpassed what others on the star ship recognized. The captain  had thought, with a palpable longing, of warm breezes and tropical foods, naked bipeds, and relaxing. Reaching further, he had noted that several of his officers had thoughts of settling here, and mating with a chosen shipmate, and yet others had conquest on their minds.

But the Doctor who had brought Miranda to him had plans that were terrifying,  wrong, and  perverse. His goal was to force copulation with Fflaad and his male brethren,   and biped females like Miranda, with the purpose of  creating a blended race.

Fflaad plucked the heinous thoughts from the doctor, repulsed by them.  Any offspring born  as bipeds, and with Darvon mind-skills would be kept, the others, destroyed. The living offspring would be molded and taught to use their brain-skills to influence other bipeds, with the plan to sell them into servitude to other offworlders.


Oh, he would  pay. Since the Doctor had brought Miranda, he would refrain from killing him by slow dismemberment. That one good deed would spare him his life…barely.

The Joining with her had far surpassed what he had thought possible. They had melded in mind and body; her receptiveness to their joining had been a gift beyond measure, and one he’d never dreamed of having with a bipedal.

Yet, despite their differences, they fit. He swam furiously, as he thought of his body sinking into hers, wrapping in and around her softness, the taste and texture of her musk, the sweet cooing sounds as he fingered and flared her buttons.

Such a delight!

For now, he swam towards home, knowing he would need the combined might of his Family to prevent Homeworld from being infected by the blight of humans in their sky vessel. They would be repelled – one way or the other.

He swam on, with furious intent.


Miranda fought Dr. Argus. He was disgusting, and insistent. Yet the entire crew seemed affected by a rampant sexual fever. As Argus pulled her down the corridor, she saw several other sexual assaults happening around her. Most were men on women, but several women had trapped two men in a conference room, and as she was dragged past, she heard one of them scream, almost female-like, as he was seized.

She could only wonder what had happened next.

She felt the insistent throbbing between her thighs, and remembered Fflaad, and their Joining. That was a word rife with symbolism for his people, thought she didn’t fully understand the context, she did get that it had deep significance.

“Fflaad,” she called out, thinking it was only in her head she cried for her lost lover.

“Shut the fuck UP, Miranda, you fucking, alien-loving cunt,” gritted out the doctor. Her arm hurt from his pulling on her, his fingers gripped around her upper arm like a steel vise.

“LET. ME. GO!” she pulled hard, and surprisingly, her arm slipped from his grip. She didn’t waste a moment, turning and sprinting away. He caught her in the elevator compartment, and he was tearing at her clothing as the elevator began its descent to the apartment levels.

She screamed, as his hand fisted around one breast, pinching hard at the swollen and distended nipple, still tender from Fflaads touch.

His cock was out, rampant, throbbing, precum leaking from the turgid head as he prepared to slam into her. The gown was hiked to her waist and though she pushed and slapped at him, his urgent sexual fervor was stronger than her attempts to thwart him.


She heard the voice, and felt the strange sensation of pulling, even as Doctor Argus attempted to stab into her pussy with his cock.

Miranda…come to me, my Joined…

She fell into water that was teal blue, with a wild frothing of whitecaps. Tentacles  held and supported her, many more than just Fflaad’s. She heard the cooing croon of many Darvonian voices, singing her their welcome song,

welcome, Joined of fflaad, welcome  sister of our hearts….and be safe with us….

Beyond, she saw a skinny pair of legs kicking through the foaming sea. A head popped up, and she saw Argus. For one frightening moment, she thought he had come after her, but she saw that he was restrained, then heard the crooning of another Darvon native, singing to the unhearing, unaware Doctor.

hush toy, cease your cries

your struggles only increase desire

come, let me share my musk with you..

His screams as his rectum was stuffed full of probing tentacle drifted off, as the Darvoinian, Ffwac, began playing with his new ‘toy’, heading off to his den.

She looked at the face of her lover, his giant eyes filled with humor. “You saved me, twice.”

twice? t’was only this once that i retrieved you, my Joined.

“You saved me the day you Joined with me, beloved, and then today, when Argus…”

his name is no more. his purpose is to please his Master now. status-less, he will need to work hard to earn a place here.


The crew of the exploration ship Ranger shook their heads almost in unison. Some invisible wave seemed to pass through them, through the ship, yet nothing triggered any alerts on any computer system.

“What was that?” queried the Captain.

“Apparently a subspace phenomenon,” replied the Science Officer.

“The planet? What are the possibilities?”

“Atmosphere seems uninviting, Sir, and not enough land mass on the spectrometer to justify sending a landing party.”

“Very well, mark this planet as “UnHab” and lets move into the next sector,”

“Yes Captain,” responded the Con Officer. The ship winked out of orbit, and was gone.


Doctor Argus lived a very long time. He grew to love his owner, the touch of the many friends his Master required him to service, and never remembered the ship or his life before coming to Darvon.

Of Miranda, he recalled little, but for her being Joined to the leader of Darvon.

As for Miranda and Flaad?

They lived, very happily ever after.

The End


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