Plumber (a fantasy)

She looked up, startled and not a small amount alarmed when he
walked in through the back door, heavy red toolbox in his hand.

“What the-” She began, but he interrupted.

“Look, lady, I had to bump several other folks to get here. You said you had an urgent problem. Yet, here you are, washing dishes in the sink you said over the phone was clogged.”

“I…I never…”

“Look, I don’t have time for this shit.”

His face was intense, angry.

“Are you telling me you didn’t call? Are you lying to me now?”

From somewhere, she found her spine, slapped some of her own angry into her reply.

“I didn’t call you. I don’t know who the hell did, but it wasn’t me. You should-“

Her words were cut off as he crossed the room in three quick steps, and slapped her.

“Shut up! You’re going to have to pay the price for pissing me off now,” he said. Dropping the tool box on the counter, he pulled her across the room by her blouse, and across to the living area where a large sofa divided the rooms.

In one quick tug, he ripped her blouse open, tugging it down her arms.

“No…” she managed, before he slapped his hand over her mouth.

“You don’t want to do that,” he growled. Her eyes widened, and she shook her head fractionally to signal compliance. He slapped her again, harder this time. Her cheek burned, and she shivered as she cupped it.

“Please,” she whispered. “Not…here. In the living room. Anyone could drive by…”

He looked down at her, hawk-sharp eyes making her stomach flip. His hands were so big. They could hurt her so badly. Those eyes said more than his words. A promise. A threat. She dropped her gaze to the floor, trying not to see the huge lump in the front of his pants.

“I really don’t give a fuck who sees. Pull down your jeans. Not off. Leave ’em around your ankles. So you can’t run away, got it?”

A tear ran down her cheek as she unzipped her pants, pushing them to her knees, then lower. As she bent, his fingers poked at her, pushing her underpants into the slit between her ass cheeks. When she tried to rise, his hand pushed her back down. The crack of his hand across her bum caused her to jolt, her head hitting the back of the couch. He struck her ass several times, until the burning made her whimper, her hand sliding around to try to cover the aching area.

“Good, hold that ass open for me,” he chortled, even as he struck the other cheek. His cock slid into her pussy.

“You DO have a leak after all,” he said, his voice mean. “It’s coming from this tight little hole. I think I need to do some deep exploring to find the cause.”

She moaned as he jabbed his cock into her cunt.

“Oh…ooh…’s toooo big…” she whimpered.

“Did you say I was too big? Too big for your tight little pussy? Oh, don’t worry,” He continued at her nod. “I’ll make it fit.”

He raped her cunt hard, slamming roughly into her. Her slit responded by juicing even more, until a steady stream of it drooled from her with every stroke.




He growled the last word as his cock began pumping semen deep into her belly. Fucked from behind, bend nearly in half, she could feel the juice filling her. With a shudder, her orgasm overtook her.

Slapping her ass with both hands as he pulled away from her, he watched her pussy spasm, looking like it was gobbling his spunk up and holding it in.

A quick tap behind her knee sent her to the floor. Falling on top of her, he roughly fondled her tits, tugging at the nipples. He kissed her rudely, jabbing his tongue into her mouth in simulation of the rape of her cunt.

Dazed, she lay beneath him. She cried out when he bit her tender earlobe.

In a soft whisper he spoke.

“Still making lasagne for dinner?”

She nodded. With a final kiss on her cheek, and a slap on her ass, he rose.

“Gotta go to work. Bye bye…little whore.”


WARNING! Very dark…my mind has been in a dark, sultry place of late. Enjoy (but you don’t have to admit you did…) ~n~


His cock pounded into her asshole as she squealed and squirmed. No matter the fight she put up, he was going to continue to ream her ass. Her struggles only made his cock harder, thicker, longer. The penultimate moment came as he jabbed deeply into her, buried to his balls, his shaft throbbing as he spewed his spunk into her bowels.

She lay quietly, sobbing into the dirty mattress as he rose. Tossing a bottle of water and a granola bar onto the bed, he left the small room.

The door closed with a quiet snick, followed by the deeper sound of the lock shooting home. Wrapping her arms about her head, she shivered.


Tied wrists-to-ankles, ass thrust high, she yelped around the large black ball buckled in her mouth as he punched his cock into her tight cunt, thrust a few hard rough strokes, then pulled out and jabbed into her anus.

The way her screams went higher as he penetrated the tight sphincter never failed to turn his dick into fucking stone.  She wiggled and waggled trying to escape the dual thrusts, but that was all part of the fun…for him.

Buried in her cunt, he spoke words of terror to her.

“No condom. Alll this hot semen pouring into you, tight against your little baby nest…”

Tears always followed that announcement, little tremors through her body that always drew a few more pulses of jizz from him. Reaching down, he groped for her tits, squeezing them.

“Maybe I’ll keep you here, milk your titties for profit. You’ll be worth your weigh in granola by then, slut. Full of baby, full of milk, full of my hot, hot cum. Can’t fuck your pussy once you get to a certain point, but hey, that’s why you’ve got an asshole and a mouth hole, right? Imagine how good it will be when I rape your tight rosebud, then shove my cock into your mouth. You’ll taste your own shit on my cock, on your tongue, all the way down your throat.”

Shaking harder now as she cried fulsomely, he released her bondage, slapping at her flesh with the rope ends as he freed her. Curling up into a tight ball, she wept as he left, ignoring the water bottle and granola bar he always left for her. The door closed with a snick, and then the raspy sound of the bolt shooting home for the lock.


His cock pounded her asshole, sliding deep into her belly from behind. Though she cried still, she stopped fighting him. Slapping her round bottom didn’t rouse her from her lethargy, nor did pinching her nipples.

He came, a disappointing volley of cum into her rumphole. He left no water, no granola.

Closing the door, but not fully. She didn’t hear the snick of the latch, or the grating of the lock. Rising to her knees, she saw the door ajar, smelled the thick darkness of woods. Stumbling to her feet, she stepped outside. Her car was there, hard to see in the gloaming. Holding the cool metal as she moved around it, she found her clothing folded neatly on the drivers seat, and under them as she dressed, her keys. Her purse was tucked neatly under the seat.

With a shiver, she turned the engine over, and drove away.


He watched her drive away, pleased that he’d broken her at last, yet knowing it was time for the next reservation to be dealt with. He loved his job.


She drove through the night looking for the small cafe. There in the distance, she saw a shining sign. As she pulled into the lot and parked in the far slot as directed, she closed her eyes. Was she making the right choice here? Was she a fucking idio…

The back door opened and something slipped over her neck, cutting her supply of air to a minimum. Her hand rose to her throat to gasp for more breath, but the man in the seat behind her reached forward and slapped it.

“Drive,” he said, tersely. The new game had begun.



“You wouldn’t. You….couldn’t…” her voice trailed off into a squeak as he launched himself across the room and onto her.

Not only would he, but he did. It took only seconds for her taunting gibe to be silenced as he flipped her onto her belly, trapping one hand under her, the other behind her back. Trying to open her fingers and pinch him was for naught–he pressed against her firmly.  His hands dug under her skirt, hooking her panties in his fingers.

“Seth…I was jok–”

With a rough tug, her panties were torn from her bottom. With a quick twist, he secured her hands together. His belt was tugged from his pants, looped through the panty-tie on her wrist and quickly looped through the headboard.


Her words were garbled as he shoved his tie into her mouth. The bed shifted as he moved away.  From the other room she could faintly hear his voice, then the chirp of the phone. More words, another chirp.

She looked over her shoulder as the door flung open. He stood, framed from behind with the light pouring into the living room window. He looked…daunting. He strode to the bed, unbuttoning his shirt, tugging down his pants, revealing a hard-swollen cock.

“Told your boss you were a bit tied up at the moment, and not feeling good. He said he hopes you feel better soon. My boss was understanding that I had to stay here and take care of you, since you’re feeling so poorly.”

She looked at him. He lied? He never lied.

“Oh, don’t worry little girl–you will be feeling verrrry poorly by the end of today. You’ll be sore just about everywhere.” There was a sparkle in his eyes, the one he got when the sadist was walking in his skin.

His hand stroked down her thigh, but she kicked out at him. Her heart pounded–excitement and a bit of fear. She loved him like this, truly, but he was also very daunting in this mood.

“okay, little girl, you want to play rough eh?”

He tugged her skirt up over her hips, baring her bottom fully. She’d only had her skirt and panties on when she had begun taunting him about being too work-oriented. About leaving her, hot and horny, to go hang with his old, shriveled boss whose cock was likely hadn’t seen pussy since the great depression. He turned and went to the cabinet where they kept their toys. She struggled in earnest when he took out the cane. She hated that whippy thing with a passion. Whimpering and struggling to get free, the quick lick of fire on her thigh made her stiffen, then shriek behind the gag. Before she could recover there was another blow, and a third.

“I see I have your attention now, little girl.”

She kept her back to him, refusing to look at him. Always a mistake, didn’t she realize that by now? The cane sang its way up her body, over the curve of hip, lurching at the sway of waist. She was cringing now, holding back the moans of pain at the bites of the wooden tool  upon shoulder-blade and arm. His weight shifted the bed, and she half-rolled. Her tits felt the sharp assault next, her nipples rising as they tightened in response to the torment.

No soft caress followed the sound of the cane clattering onto the nightstand, just the sharp crack of his hand upon her ass as she lay curled on her side. Fuck! Ow!

Fingers pried between her folds, rubbed wetness, spreading it.

“Wet little dirty girl.”

His fingers scooped the slickness, slid into her anus, her pussy, two by two. A sadistic and sensual move, pain and pleasure dancing arm in arm. She was not a fan of anal.

She was so fucking aroused.

At her asshole, the press of his thick head. She shook hers, no, but his fingers tugged her head back and growled ‘yesssss’ as he pressed deep. Whimpers, hers; moans, his, the sounds of pain and pleasure mingling with the slip and slide of wet flesh. Fingers found her clit, rubbing hard, moving up to pinch her nipples.

Driving hard, deeply, filling her belly from behind, she felt the tightening against her bottom, presaging his orgasm. Whimpers were left her in her throat.  She couldn’t speak around the tie gagging her mouth. She was close…so close…

He came with a rumbling groan, hot juice ssssquirting into her bumhole. She felt the quivers in her belly, the longing for her own orgasm, even as his cock began to shrink. He pulled out, falling back, away from her. She grumbled loudly around the gag, tossing her head to show her displeasure.

He lifted his head, chuckled at the glare she threw his way.

“awww, poor little girl didn’t get hers? Too bad.”

He fell back again, but she could see the smile on his face. Smirking bastard. She wanted to kick him, but didn’t quite dare. Look where that had gotten her, here, filled with his cum, and unable to get her own release.

He rose up, flipping her onto her back, his mouth working at her breast. Biting and sucking he played with her. Close, instantly she was that close again.

He rolled away.

“All good things come to those who wait. And to those who dare taunt their Master.”

He rose, stretching.

“I’m off for coffee.”

He tugged the gag from her mouth before he trotted downstairs, and enjoyed his cup all the more for the yelling that filtered down to the kitchen. It was going to be a fine fucking day.


 thanks for the idea, Kayla!

Slut on Call (4)

His hands stroked over her bottom. Somehow he’d flipped her over, when she had been limp and fight-less after cumming for what felt like hours. The slap of his palm on her flesh made her jump, gurgling out a cry against his pillow.

“Your ass. Sweet.” His hand cupped the round smiles, then a single finger slid from the top of the divide, down, down, and down until the digit rested against her anus. It was clenched tight. He felt the resistance. He slapped her butt again. A slight rise of the hips, a grunt. Another blow, another rise of the bottom against his finger. Hard to tell if it was surprise, or her body so stimulated that all sensation was overwhelming.

He very much enjoyed overwhelming her.

The finger slid further, wetting itself in the slickness that wept from her pussy in a constant river. It twisted into her cunt, rubbing against that spot that no one had ever touched before. Hips rolled as he cajoled another orgasm from her.

While the paroxysms boiled in her blood, he pierced her ass with the slippery digit. Sliding his lubed finger in and out of her butthole, he twisted and wriggled it. She moaned. She whimpered, and while he watched, she spurted even more juice.

She was one horny fucking bitch!


She didn’t know what she was even asking for now. Please stop? or Please never stop? The sensations were overwhelming. Forgotten was her empty stomach. Forgotten was the mail she’d brought to him. Forgotten was everything except for the sensations pouring through her body. Every wiggle pressed him deeper.

And then a second finger joined the first. Her gasp of surprise was expected. As was the deep moan when a third stretched her wide.  He fucked her ass hard then, pressing the three digits palm-deep into her butt, his cock throbbing like a fucking toothache. A steady drool of precum leaked from him, and he knew he had to be inside her now or he’d squirt all over the sexy bottom in front of him.

His fingers slid out to her moan. His cock pressed in, immediately. She stiffened, but her ass had been broached before she could stop him. Lubed by her own cum, and his, he slid balls deep in seconds. Her head fell forward, after rearing back. He took a fistful of hair, pulling it back so he could watch her face as he slid out, then back. Her anus clenched around his shaft, milking him. He breathed shallowly, using every trick he’d ever learned to hold it off. He imagined his feet in ice water, his balls in the ocean, his mom walking into the room.

The firey need to cum boiled through him.

Slamming into her ass, he yanked her hair back, hard, making her spine arch, a beautiful and inviting curve, lifting her buttocks high, inviting his infernal probing of her nether regions. Eyes half-closed, her mouth open, his eyes traced all the round curves of her, cheek, spine, lips, ass, hip. He listen to the raw raggedness of her breathing, exciting him, adding more fuel for his internal fire. He felt her cunt convulsing, knew the slut was cumming.


His balls threatened to explode. The combination of heat and sexual submission, the curves and softness, the strength and wanton arousal…all assaulting his control.


Her scream as she jetted a geyser onto his thighs startled him for a moment, pressing him deep into her butt, his balls saturated by her squirting fluid.

“You fucking whore! You sprayed your cunt-juice on my balls!” He laughed, teeth clenched. No slut had ever done that before.  He needed to cum. She was draining his control one yelp at a time, one powerful orgasm at a time.

“You’ll have to clean that up. Later.”

Twisting his hips, feeling the grab at the base of his cock, her anus sucking on his root, he could hold back no longer. Her hair slid from his grasp as he reached for her hips. He withdrew an inch, then rammed deeper, pulsing and filling her buttpipe with his jism.

With a final pulse, he fell forward, lying atop her back.

“Sweet fucking whore.” His words whispered against the back of her neck. Her hair was sweat-soaked, and clung to the roughness of his beard as he nuzzled there. He wanted to bite, to possess. Instead, he licked, tasting the salty tang of her.

His fingers found her tits, and grabbed them, clutching tightly, as they both fell into a totally depleted slumber.


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WTF? (pt 1)

There were  many things she’d never done before, and this was another. Go to a munch?


Go to a play party and do more than watch?


Serve a Dom, then break up, serve another Dom, break up, repeat?

Check, and check.

But this was new. This was different. She craved that, on this journey into darkness.

But this was also …stupid.

She wasn’t sure why she was getting into the car of a man she had just met at this play party.

He’d stood out from the crowd, an older man, oozing self-confidence.

He had Dom mojo, bigtime.

He’d asked if she was unattached.

she’d nodded, a bit shy, a bit nervous. she was always like that with Doms. Even other sub’s Dominants.

He’d asked if she wanted to play.

she’d nodded again, then a shy ‘yes, Sir, i would like that,’ squeezed its way through to her lips.

He’d taken her by her hair, a big rough fistful of it, and pulled her along with him.

He’d tied her, expertly. The rope was a sensual experience at the worst of the best it was sublime. she was floating in no time, her head spinning into the ether, her body connected to Him by the nest of rope he wove.

When it was done, she was tired, but smiling. Always, it amazed her how much it took out of her to be bound. He’d not made her cum, nor let her cum, although he had toyed with her nipples a bit.

Tweaking them.

Pinching them.

Twisting them.

Making her moan and writhe, which pulled the ropes in conflicting ways, which were painful and arousing.

And now, now she sat in his car, as He leaned across her and fastened her seatbelt. Her hands were tied in her lap, secured in front by the waist-belt he’d wrapped ’round her.

Quickly he pulled a hobble around her ankles, and then in a trice, was closing her door, opening his, turning on the motor.

They pulled away from the curb in silence, coasting through the darkened streets. The light would flash past as they drove,  squares of brilliance briefly illuminating the darkness that surrounded them.

she didn’t ask where they were going, and doubted he would say anyway. He didn’t even look at her, as he drove through the night.

It wasn’t long until he pulled into a driveway between two houses. Normal, suburban area, she saw, taking in what she could under the wash of streetlights, and headlamps.

And then it all fell to darkness as he killed the engine, turned off the lights.  She saw his silhouette turn towards her, and then felt the release of the seat belt.

His door opened, the light flashed on, until the door shut behind him. He crossed behind the car, and opened her door, and helped her out. He didn’t release her from the hobble, tied in a loose figure 8 around her slender ankles, so she had to take tiny, mincing steps.

She tried to keep pace, which she knew he expected. Still, she felt a bit like a pony clip-clopping just behind his left shoulder. Thankfully there were no steps up to his back door.

In a moment the door was open and she was in…whereever it was they were. His house? Though she’d originally discounted that, there was the unmistakable  scent of dirty dishes from the sink, the tang of fried something hanging in the air.

He took her arm and pulled her forward, and in a second the room was illuminated by a small lamp over a door. He bent and removed the hobble.

Still, no words had passed between them since she had agreed to play. Her heart fluttered wildly in her chest, a moment of panic.

What the fuck was she thinking ?

He led her downstairs.