Sex Police

Whoa! Oh my, the things i dream about when i’m taking nyquill…! ~n~

She sat watching the flashing blues pull tight behind her. Her fingers twisted nervously on the steering wheel of her car. What had she done, she wondered? She’d been driving the speed limit, her car had just passed inspection last week, and there was no one else on the road except for her.

“Lower your car window.”

She complied instantly.

“Step out of the car.”  Looking up at him through the window, all she saw was unsmiling lips and mirrored glasses.

“O-oh, okay,” she said, her voice quivering just a bit. She had nothing to hide, but who didn’t get the nervous butterflies when being pulled over by the law?

Her fingers shook as she released her seat belt and opened the door.

“Hands against the the door. Grip over the open window frame.”

When she hesitated, he pushed her forward, pressing her hands over the curved edge. He tugged her hips back until she was partly bent over. His booted foot kicked her legs wider.

“You haven’t had sex in over a year.”

Oh. Oh! So that’s what this was about. How had she forgotten the law that a female had to copulate at least once a calendar year? Fucking government! First they controlled her reproduction, now they actually controlled her sex!

“I…no. My boyfriend left …”

“Save it. You know there are repercussions. There are agencies out there to aid in that. When we’re done here I’ll give you a pamphlet with all the contact information.”

“Oh…please officer. Please. I’ll take the pamphlet now and get on it right away…”

“It’s too late, you’re more than a little overdue. I’m here to rectify that for you.”

He laughed a dry laugh and she knew instantly what was going to happen to her.

“Please, please no, please Officer, please.”

“I like it when my charges beg.”

She whimpered.

His hands lifted her skirt, baring her ass to the late evening air. A car slowed as it passed.

“UNFUCKED BITCH!” someone yelled, throwing a half-full soda bottle in their direction. The cap was off and her leg was splashed by the dark, sticky drink.

“Move along,” the cop said firmly, not even turning from his duty. There was the sound of wheels scraping through sand, and it gunned off. Then there was silence, and the feeling of his hands running over her ass.

Into the silence, she heard him pull It from the sheath. The sound of metal on metal was grating.

“This will only hurt a little. It’s self-lubricating. Be a good girl and push that ass back now.”

She shook her head, crying openly.

“P-p-please…officer please…”

Warm metal pressed against her cunt lips. Without a moments hesitation, he pushed it fully inside of her. She moaned, a deep sound of misery. A pair of thick rubber-like straps attached to each inner thigh to keep the huge metal beast inside of her.

She tried to move, found herself locked in stasis. She cried out as she felt it quiver inside of her. His fingers moved over her mound. There was a slight pinch, then a vibration against her clit.

“The mini-vibe will help get you over the hump,” he said with a chuckle. There was no humor in the laughter, only the sound of pleasure. “You can struggle all you want, but the billy-cock will hold you immobile.”

Her fingers locked on the window frame, her body bent and ready to receive her punishment could attest to the immobility. In her mind she was struggling, but her only movement was the involuntary quivers from her cunt, and the tears she cried silently.

“Now, because you tried to weasel your way out of your punishment,” he said, his voice sly, “I’m going to add to it.”

His hands slipped up and opened her blouse, tugging her tits free of the no-nonsense bra she was wearing. Pinching and tugging at her nipples forced them to tighten. Once they were hard, he fished in his pocket, and produced a pair of clamps. He dangled them in front of her.

“These will remind you to be a good girl in the future and have your annual fucking taken care of properly.”

He fixed a clamp on her nipple. She cried out at the shocking pain. The other nipple was clamped, and then a sudden surge rippled through them.

“They’ll keep shocking your tits while you’re being opened,” he said, his hands mauling her breasts, which were suddenly alive with sensations. It hurt, but there was also a new feeling quivering through her.

“There you go,” he murmured. “There’s your first. There will be many more, you know. Eighteen months. Tsk. You have been a naughty girl.”

She wanted to explain, but the words stayed locked inside of her.  What good would it do. When did her sex become public property? Her body arched as a second orgasm rippled through her.

“Good. Now you’re ready for the rest of your punishment.”

With the vibe on her clit, and the heavy metal phallus inside of her she was lost in a steady roll of orgasms. But she screamed when his cock pierced her ass.

There was a slam of a car door.

“I love it when they scream,” said the cop to someone walking up behind them.

“If she screamed when your dick went in, wait till she feels mine,” the other voice laughed. His partner. Of course. Cops always traveled as a duo. She did speak then, begging and crying even as another orgasm caused her to squirt down her leg.

“A wet one,” the other cop observed dispassionately. His hand lifted her face.

“This is what happens when you break the law miss. The law has to break you.”

Her eyes squeezed shut as she came again.


Southern Justice (2)













small confession here…i’ve done my novel writing for tonight, and was too tired to write a blogpost. I know this because i tried, and crashed and burned around 600 words…and then i went to my drafts folder and found that 90% of this story was written! Must’ve been interrupted by my kiddo’s when i was working on it, or my wife came home early or whatever…but just a few hundred words and voila! A post for you today!  

am planning to work on the final chapters of the Uralian series, so look for those later this week…

Its shaping up to be a flat-out busy week for me this week, but that’s life, and i’ll keep writing, including one “manditory humilating story” that Master is making me write for you all.  i love/hate when He does that!!  ~nilla~


She’dbeen sitting here for a while, and while she wasn’t happy about being behind bars, it sure beat the hell outta being stuck in her boyfriends shit car in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night.

At least here she didn’t need to worry bout gators comin’ to eat her!

She shifted on the hard wooden bench. Restless at last, she called out to the room beyond.

“Hello? Anyone out there?”

There was the sound of a chair scraping back, and then he was at the door, her “arresting officer”.


“Don’t i get a phone call? A drink? A chance to pee? Something?”

“Haven’t booked you yet.”

She stared at him.

“Waitin’ on the Chief.” He turned and disappeared from view.

“I neeed to peeeee….” she hollered.

“use the bucket” his voice came from the other room.

She looked at the bucket in the corner of the cell. It was disgusting. No FUCKING way was she pissing into that gross thing. And the bars made her every move visible. Fucking shitfuck of a town.

She stumped over to the bench, and huffed down on it.

Twenty minutes passed as the need in her bladder filled. Repeated calls went unanswered and finally, knowing she’d piss her pants if she waited, she peeled down her jeans and squatted over the foul bucket. The relief was incredible, and her eyes closed at the release.  When her stream trickled to a few last drops her eyes opened. She shrieked a bit to see him, leaning against the doorjamb, smiling wolfishly at her.

“nice piss, and what a sweet ass you have.” He turned and went back into the other room, while she blushed. How fucking humiliating. She pulled a tissue from her pocket, dabbing at her damp crotch, dropping the spent thing into the bucket. She pulled her lacy thong up, and her jeans, trying to show as little skin as possible.

She wondered how it was that he’d been able to see her ass. It wasn’t like she had turned around…she peered over at the bucket, and noticed the small cam imbedded in the wall. Fuckin’ prick cop had been sneaking peeks of her ass!

“PERVERT!” she yelled, face pressed hard against the bars.

“Shut the fuck up, or I’ll add to your time.”


“assaulting an officer,” came his amused voice from the other room.

“ASSAULT?” She screeched. She pushed away from the bars, pacing the small confines of the cell. She muttered under her breath. The sound of laughter came from the front room, deeply male, and very amused. The sound of the outer door clanging open silenced them both.

She heard low murmurs, then the sound of feet coming her way.

He filled the doorway, his girth as wide as his height. The long mustache might have been handsome had it not been flecked with odd bits of ‘stuff’.

The Sheriff, it appeared, was back in town.

“Well, little lady, it appears that you’ve been a very naughty girl. Smokin’ dope, parkin’ on the highway, and attempting to assault an officer of the law.”

“We don’t abide by that sort of thing around here, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to do something about that.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” She exclaimed, jumping up from the bench. She grabbed onto the bars, pressing her face out beseechingly.

“Sir, i swear to you, that was not my baggie. i don’t smoke pot, i’ve NEVER smoked pot…and it’s my boyfriends car and it just died on me there and i was so scared about the gators and when the officer came i was so glad because i was so scared to be there  alone, and then …”

“Everyone always says that, little girl.” He swaggered up to the cell, key held hard in his right fist. He unlocked the door, stepping inside.

“nice tits.”

She gaped at him.

“Take off your shirt, darlin’ so we don’t have to rip it off of you.”

Her mouth opened wider. Her head shook of its own accord, no, no.

This could not be happening.

Southern Justice (1)

with apologies to my Southern readers, this story came from a little masturbation fantasy i’ve been enjoying of late….

She wasn’t quite sure how she’d ended up here. Somewhere along the line, things had gone remarkably wrong. She sat on the hard bench of the jail cell, and tried to think back. Was it when Dwyane had left for Vermont out of the blue? Was it when she had to work overtime one more shift before she took off for Maryland to visit her friend?

She was somewhere in East Bumfuck, US of A. The twang was deep, the heat was oppressive, and the night had been filled with the chirrrrrr of insects. Last thing she recalled was that hum, just filled with all sorts of critters of the night, and the goose bumps that skittered up and down her arms as she wondered what-all was out there in the dark.

She’d sat in her car watching a possum family cross the road through her headlights, and a larger animal, gawd she hoped it was a deer, eyes gleaming for a second, silver-green flashes and then gone.

Her fucking car had chosen to die here, on a long and lonely stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. No lights broke the darkness other than her headlights. No houses. No city. Not even a two-bit bar.

Gawd she missed the city. The stink, the noise, the ebb and flow of large groups of people on the move. What had motivated her to take the scenic route north? She must be fuckin’ light in the head to have done this…this scenic America drive.

She turned the lights off to conserve the battery, and wondered, nervously, if ‘gators could chew through her floorboards to get at her. Well wouldn’t that be a decidedly gross way to die, she mused. Gators scared the holy fucking shit outta her, and that was the Lord’s truth.

Damn fucking asshole boyfriends and their shit cars! Figures he’d take her Camaro when he took off with that wild hair across his fucking ass. Left her his shit Malibu, the dickhead.

She was pissed, and she was scared. When she saw the headlights bouncing down the road from behind her, she felt such a surge of relief that she almost pissed herself.

She turned her lights on, tapping her brake lights.

The car slowed as it approached her.


She saw the bubble lights on the top flick on, the flashes of blue and white illuminating the darkness, adding to the surreal atmosphere. She almost expected Barney Fife to peer into the car as he pulled up almost parallel to her.

He was cute.

That was her first thought.

“Ya’ll are blocking a public access.”

“Yessir, my car died.”

“Gonna hafta take you in and book you,” he said, the beam from his flashlight darting around the inside of her car, looking at the diet coke in the drink holder, and her tits. Something sailed in front of her face and she drew back. The beam shot over to the passenger seat. It illuminated a baggie that was not there before.

“And looks like I’m gonna need to book you on possession, too.” He said with a smile that was wicked and frightening.

She wanted to protest, but understood that she was being railroaded, and there wasn’t a fucking thing she could do to prove it was his pot and not hers.

Maybe the jerk needed a quota or something. She opened her door and stepped out, when he slammed her up against her car, whipping her around.

There was a flurry of movement as she fought him, frightened. A hand grabbed her tit, squeezing hard, then slid down to her crotch and grabbed, harder. She wriggled and writhed, and in seconds was cuffed.

“Gonna hafta add ‘resisting arrest’ to that charge. Things are totin’ up for you, little girl. You’re gonna be in some big fuckin’ trouble when I get you back to the station.”

She heard the smile in his voice, and felt a chill run through her.

***********                  ***               ***********