The Garden

He rubbed his hands together gleefully. At long last it was here…the plant he had long searched for. Said to be nearly extinct, said to be housed in carefully guarded, extremely private conservatories, he had finally found a purveyor of the exotic.

Carefully, gently, he sliced through the packing tape, and eased open the box. Inside a second box, wrapped in plastic, with several moisture packs. He knew that inside that box would be self-heating pads, meant to keep his precious darling safe on its journey to him.

“Uvam Lignam Viriditas.” He spoke in a hushed whisper as he sliced through the plastic, and opened the inner box. With hands that trembled from sheer joy, he reached in and lifted the plant.

“Sour Stickweed, indeed. Your Latin name sounds far more elegant that this mundane name.” Bringing it to his face, he kissed it softly. It was the last thing he ever did.

Twenty-five Years Later…

The house had been listed for sale for more than two decades. The previous owner had disappeared, and his great nephew had no desire to take on the crumbling manse. Because the property had been let go, the roof caved in on the north side, letting rain water seep into the attic. It eventually led to a hole that extended, over time, all the way to the first floor. Bird roosted in the rafters, mice skittered on the second, but only the plants in the conservatory occupied the first floor.

Cori stood looking at the ruined building. She supposed that once upon a time it had been grand. Her boss must truly hate her, to give her the assignment of assessing the building, and putting an auction price on it.

“Zero,” she muttered. “I’d pay zero dollars for this. The land is great, but so overgrown it could rightfully be called an jungle. The house is a goner.” With a sigh, she adjusted her helmet, with headlamp, and grabbed her flashlight. “Might as well do this before all the light goes,” she grumbled.

The stone steps were still sturdy. The front door hung just slightly askew and she worried about rats. She had her workboots on, but still. The air inside was warm, humid, actually, and smelled of a sweet perfume.


She turned on the headlamp, and her flashlight, playing the beams around the front entrance. With a deep sigh, she pushed open the door, and discovered wonderland. Plants grew in mad profusion everywhere. Tall trees that must be oranges bore thick and luscious balls that were shades of green and orange, just like they were supposed to be. She walked on, mouth open. There were tall grasses, and pathways winding through the foliage. She heard running water, and turned her light in that direction. Somewhere upstairs, a pipe had broken. The stream ran down the marble staircase and cascaded to a dip in the floor, filling a shallow pool of water, before spilling out of the pond and sluicing off between two thick trees. She didn’t see any sign of humans, nor animals. though she had seen a few birds winging out of the roof when she’d pulled up in her truck.

Following the flow, she stepped into the deep tropics. The solarium had several broken panes where tall palms had pushed through and reached for the sky. Below, vines and shrubs bloomed in humid profusion. Here, the little stream from the foyer trickled down three short steps and pooled over the sunken floor. Water lilies bloomed in shades of purple, pink, white, and yellow. The flowering vines gave off more of the intoxicating scent she’d smelled when she first came through the front doors.

“This is amazing. A-mazing.” She turned in a slow circle, trying to take it all in. Nature was definitely reclaiming this space, and in grand fashion. “It’s wicked hot in here,” she said, shaking out of her jacket. She laid it over the twirly knob on the door. “I need to find the living quarters, the kitchen,” she mused, lifting her phone to snap pictures of the space. Something bumped her boot and she squealed. Looking down, she saw a plant.

“Well, where did you come from?” she asked it, laughing at her nerves. Two tendrils shot up and wrapped around her ankles.

“Whoa!” she said, trying to kick free. They might as well have been made of steel. Bending down, she began tugging at the vine around her right ankle, even as the left one began creeping up her leg.

“Hey HEY! OMG I can see it growing. This is weird!” Grabbing for her phone she tried to dial 911, but another seeking tendril plucked it out of her hand.



The voice was soft, muted. She was sure she was hearing things. A vine wrapped tightly around her upper thigh, slipped up her belly and into the space between two buttons on her shirt. She felt the warm softness of it, like a pussy willow, almost, as it slithered up against her skin.

“Jeeze NO…om…shit! Stop…”

Her wrists were captured, and somehow it had tugged her slowly to the ground. She didn’t fall, she knew she didn’t, but one moment she was upright, and the next she was laying on a cushion of vines. She was wrapped too tightly to move. Another vine was creeping under the waistband of her jeans, others slipping up inside her pant legs.

She felt a tug on her left nipple, a quick piercing prick. She arched as she felt it, felt it stabbing her nipple. The nipple began to tighten, then throb. It grew bigger, harder, feeling like it was going to explode. Inside her jeans, vines merged, pressing against her underpants, seeking the warm apex of her thighs. She felt quivery, lightheaded, and an incredible heat bloomed between her legs.

Head thrown back, body bowed, her nipples now both injected with some sort of plant venom, she stiffened as the most intense orgasm of her life shuddered through her. As the moisture dampened her panties, the vines wriggled under the elastic, and plunged forcefully into her cunt. The orgasm grew stronger, her mouth opened in a soundless scream as she came so hard she thought she would die. Her legs trembled, her nipples began to ooze milk, and her breasts pressed, fuller than they’d ever been, ready to burst free of her constricting clothing. The vines, twined together in a huge phallus, thrust into her, seeking more of her sweet juice. Several others sought entry, but she was full. Her anus slowly gave way to their probing. Another shuddering orgasm tore through her. The vines were squeezing her tits, coiled ’round them tightly, repeatedly stabbing her nipples with the small barbs. Shaking and convulsing, her pussy sprayed fluid, cum dripping through her jeans. The probing tendrils writhed in glory at all the sweet creamy goodness flowing over them, and continued to thrust until it found her deepest, warmest place. She screamed as the tendrils breached her cervix, pushing against her womb. There was a pulsing that she felt from the vine, and a sudden shocking feeling of terrible fullness. The pain was intense, but the orgasm that clenched her cunt around the intruding vines was even more wicked. With a gasping moan, she fainted.

When she woke up, she was laying on the floor.

“Oh shit, I peed myself,” she said to no one. “I must have slipped on the wet marble…” she felt her head, but didn’t find a sore spot. “Guess I was lucky. Don’t seem to be hurt.”

She put her hand on her grumbling belly. “Horny and hungry. Man. I need to get some time with my man.” The sexual need was intense, though she remembered none of the rape she’d experienced.

Rising, she gathered her phone, her flashlight. The day was all but faded.

“Okay, house, I’ll be back tomorrow.”


we babies will have

seeds were planted?

she carries them warm they come soon


tomorrow we finising using the huuman for babies

they come back to us she plant outside. we grow.

good. hooman femaaale taste better than hooman man.



a reminder to you all — this is fantasy, do not try this at your neighbors house. ty



The day had sucked. Big-fucking-time. Everything had gone awry, from the coffee that she’d dropped on the subway platform, to the report that she’d printed out to page 4, which skipped page 5, 9, and 11, and then her printer decided to upright die on her. She’d cussed some at that, then handled it.

She always handled it.

She missed the subway car by five seconds, thanks to Grab-ass Frank, who had blocked her in her office with some long-winded story as he looked down her blouse. And while part of her had been naughtily appreciative that he’d been leering at her, part of her was just impatient to go home. Her feet still smelled of this mornings latte, she had sweat through her deodorant in her panic of losing the fucking report…and she just wanted a shower, a glass of wine, and her dildo.

At long last she’d keyed open her door. Dropping her gear inside the door on the small bench, she hung the keys on the hook, else she’d never find them in the morning, kicked off her shoes, and began discarding clothing as she headed for the shower with the same greedy need that she might have shown a lover.

She didn’t notice that her apartment door had swung shut so slowly that the tongue caught on the edge of the faceplate and didn’t slip into the hole.  Mrs. Murphy across the hall might have noticed, but her cat tried to run between her legs as she left, and she was in a flurry of panic, chasing him back inside, before quickly shutting the door. Scurrying down the hall, she patted her hair to assure that her bun was in place before heading to the market.

Once an old factory building, there were now many apartments in each wing of the old brick business. Each had different elements, either a large open concept, or picture windows to view the city below, or multi-level lofts. Maintenance circulated through the building, attending to a variety of essential chores, but no one passing to and from their own units noticed that the door of B-41 was ever so slightly ajar.

He was a visitor to the area, meeting with clients nearby. His buddy lived in B-building, and  since old Mike had finally tied the knot and  was away on his honeymoon, he’d very kindly let his friend use his apartment. Mike was probably fucking his hot wife right now, he mused, looking out the window. Almost immediately he’d noticed the woman with the business suit moving briskly across the parking lot, and as luck would have it,  into his building. Holy fuck, she was hot. He wondered how big her tits were under that suit. Her legs were long, or maybe it was just the heels.

When she came inside, he figured he’d lost her, but by peering out the peephole, he could see her come into view. Then stop, just diagonally across the hall from where he was leering at her. Well, wasn’t that lucky. And didn’t she have a fine fucking ass under that skirt? He watched her shove the key into the lock, turning it. Just like his cock wanted to shove into her hole…

“Stop,” he admonished his rising cock. “Just stop.”

But there she went, pulling off her jacket as she entered. He caught the faintest hint of tit. As the door swung shut, he caught a glimpse of her hands working at the back of her skirt, unzipping it. It shut, but  he noticed that it didn’t close tightly behind her. There was a thick shadow where there should have been a thin one. Holy fuck. Her door was open and she was getting naked. His cock lurched.

“Down boy,” he said, but his tone lacked conviction and his shaft continued firming.

“It would only be neighborly to go and shut that for her,” he said. As if by saying it aloud he could get the image out of his mind of her ass molded by her pencil skirt. As if he could talk his cock into relaxing. As if he wouldn’t hope to get a peek at her naked body as he shut the door…after maybe bumping it open by accident.

Before he could leave the apartment,  however, the elderly lady from down the hall came into view. She was making little squeaky noises, and he watched an enormously fat black and tan cat waddling down the hallway. She chased after it, catching the portly beast and berating it as she carried it back to her apartment. He waited for her to disappear down the hallway. Finally the corridor was clear, and he slipped out.

His hand was on the knob but somehow he “accidentally” pushed it open. He saw the scattering of clothing, the briefcase, the purse piled on the seat next to the door. He could hear the rushing whoosh of the shower.

His cock became rock.

Peeling off his teeshirt, stepping out of his pants, he couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He was going to go rape a woman in the shower, and the thought drew a pearl of pre-cum onto the head of his rampant erection. He shut the door behind him, and locked it. Quietly, he followed the sound of streaming water and paused for a moment in appreciation.

Her shower was spectacular. No door, just a wide open, tiled box. There were 4 heads, all in full use, the room steamy.  It was about to get steamier.

He almost groaned at the sight of her perfect white ass. She was bent at the waist, her head being pounded by a waterfall of hot water. Her hands were tangled in the long wet mass of her hair which was pooled on the floor by her feet. Shampoo suds were everywhere, the floral scent heady.

His cock lined up with her ass-split as he stepped silently behind her.


The water streamed over her. The pounding of the hot water on her aching head and neck was such a relief to the tight muscles that had turned into knots of pain. Her fingers massaged her scalp as she folded in half, letting the heat and moisture soothe her.

She was almost purring with the pleasure of the shower when a hard object was thrust into her vagina.

“Don’t stand up.”

A foot kicked her legs apart, and stood on her hair. She could not stand even if she wanted to.

“What…who are you…what are you…no…noooo…stop…”

“I’m fucking you. That should be kind of obvious. Your cunt was right there begging for this. You were flashing it, and my cock found it. My cock likes it. Your cunt is hot, and tight, and so very, very wet.”

He withdrew, then slammed back into her. He didn’t intend to be so merciless, but the circumstances made him feel like William the Conqueror or something.  A rotten super hero, maybe, Captain Fuckman. He drove into her again, enjoying the squeaking noises she made each time he slammed ruthlessly into her. And gods, her pussy was so fucking juicy. And hot. The heat inside of her was amazing. He’d never fucked a cunt so hot before. He figured the heat of the shower had something to do with it, but by damn, her cunt was getting slick.

“You like being used this way, you little whore, don’t you?”

“no! NO!”

She tried to shake her head, to move, but she was trapped, his foot curled into the long tresses. He kept punching his cock into her, and she tried to not feel herself responding. He was using her, raping her on his thick hard shaft. Her pussy ached at the abuse. That’s what it was, just the pain of being used.

He fucked her harder, his hips driving into her so quickly that her knees nearly buckled. His fingers held her hips, pulling her back to meet his thrusts, as his cock began to tickle, as the tightness grew in his balls.

“I’m gonna come in you. I’m going to blow my entire fucking wad up into your cunt. My baby juice is going to fill you up. My swimmers are going to race up your tight cunny, looking for that magic egg. You’ll be a momma this time next year. I’ll watch you pushing a stroller through here, and think about swinging by for another bang of your cunt, and drink some milk out of your big titties. Won’t that be fun?”

“Noooo,” she moaned but it was far too late for struggling. He held her impaled on his cock, driving the spurting tip deep into her belly, shoving the thick ropes of his jizz into her deepest tunnel. She knew, in that moment, that he had fucked a baby into her.

Still hard, he pulled away from her cunt, and rammed his way into her ass. Her scream as he broached her anus made him quiver, made him powerful.

“Take it up the ass, you cunty whore. Right up your ass pipe…”

He groaned, the head of his cock tender despite his hardness. A wash of sensations poured over him; her silent struggle to fight the entry of his dick into her ass, her butthole gripping tightly as if to keep him out.  With the tight ring of muscle squeezing on him like a fist he knew he was going to cum again. One hard push, he knew would do it. He pumped hard into her before the last of his cum was drained from him. He moaned to the feeling of her ass struggles, to her screaming that he was ripping her ass apart. He exulted in this final violation of her body. He was William the Conqueror, and he now owned this whore’s body. With a shaking quiver, the last of his seed spurted from him, into the ass that he now claimed as his.

“I own you now, slut.” He grabbed a fistful of hair, and pulled her upright. “I’ll be back next year to visit you…” He bit her bottom lip, “…and my son.” He then kissed her hard before pushing  his fingers into her slick pussy, fingering her roughly. She moaned, then came hard in his palm.

“Slut. Fucking dirty rape-whore.”

He pushed her to the floor.

“Stay there,” he said firmly.

In moments he was gone. He closed the door behind him as he dashed across the hall clad in his boxers and tee. Before heading to the shower, he asked his phone to remind him to return here for a visit, same time next year.

“I’ve set a reminder to suck the tit-milk of your babymomma on October 16, 2018,” replied his phone is a cheery voice.

Ah, technology. Wasn’t it great?!

Setting the phone aside, he locked the door, then disrobed and walked naked to the shower, whistling.




When she screamed, he stuffed her panties into her mouth, then slapped her. Ignoring the two fat tears that slipped out of panicked eyes, the frantically shaking head, he slapped her again, harder. Her cheek pinkened, the outline of his fingers clearly delineated.

“When I say roll over, I mean roll over.”

Rising up, he flipped her over, despite her flailing arms. His hips held her down to the floor; he could feel her buttocks churning under his ass as she kicked and bucked. It made his dick hard as fuck to feel her desperate struggles.

Rising, he watched her squirt forward on the hardwood. He loved when they thought they could get away. Catching her ankles, he tugged hard, back towards him. He sank to the floor, letting his hands slide up her thighs, holding her tightly, knowing he was leaving a trail of bruises in the wake of his touch. Reaching up he shoved her skirt up, and slapped her ass. She whimpered, making little kitten noises at every hard slap. Her ass jolted, her body quivered. His hand tugged aside the crotch of her panties, his fingers found her fuckhole.

She might have been fighting but by God her cunt was wetter than the Colorado river. With one hand he tugged down his joggers. His rigid cock popped free, slid right into the burning heat of her pussy. His cock was cocooned in the succulent wet warmth, her straining muscles working along his shaft. She was squealing like a fucking pig now, as he worked himself deeper. She was tight, slick and tight and by God he was going to fuck the fuck right out of her.

His fingers bit into her hips as he pulled her back onto his shaft. He was buried full to the hilt, his balls resting against her swollen pussy. He pulled out, all the way out, and reached under her. She responded so well to being hit, he thought, that it would be fun to see what happened when he slapped her fuckbox. She jolted hard enough at the first blow that he grabbed her hair to hold her in place. The sounds could be used to dub a porno, he mused, before he slapped her again. Her head was tugged back hard, her throat extended as she whined around the panty gag.

“Oh, did that hurt your little pussy? Even more than my big cock ramming up into your belly?”

His tone was mocking, his hand firmly striking her now, hard and fast. Just the way he was going to fuck her in a moment. He might explode if he kept going. He could feel her meaty lips begin to swell, could see them hot and red, beckoning him to enter, to take. Grabbing her hips again, he pumped himself into her as he tugged her back. They came together with a loud smack, followed by moans. She was so fucking hot, so wet. His cock seemed to grow longer, harder, the intense throbbing increasing his need to pummel her slick fuck hole.

He fucked like a man possessed, his cock dipping into, then out so quickly he was a blur. Each time he shoved his dick to the hilt, their bodies came together in a loud slapping crash. Snot and tears rolled down her face, leaving a trail as he fucked her across the floor. He came with a roar, grinding his hips against her swollen vulva, pressing his come deeply into her belly.

“All done, my succulent little fuck hole.What a lovely tight snatch you have.”

He grinned, pulling out of her. With a last hard slap on her ass, he rose. Tucking his cock inside of his pants,  he sauntered to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water. While he drank, he walked back into the living room.

“Don’t fucking move for an hour, got it?”

When she didn’t reply, he toed her foot.

“If you don’t answer, I’ll get hard again, and fuck you in the ass. And I won’t be nice about it this time.”

Taking her nod for assent, he left the way he came in, through the sliding glass door.

He jogged back up the street to where he’d parked his car. Taking up his cell phone, he made the call.

“She’s all done. Hope she ‘catches’…if not, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you try again.”

He turned on the radio and pulled away from the curb, thinking of his sperm swimming hopefully upstream. By all the gods he loved his work.



Petty Thievery

seriously…the places my mind goes in the shower…it’s downright frightening at times…! All to your good, pervie peeps, all to your good. ~nilla~


“You stole from me”

“I…I di..dn’t…Mr. Morgan….” Her response was breathy.

“Stop it. No more lies. I know you stole from me.”

He nodded at the two men who were always in attendance. They took her by her arms, tugging her easily across the room, stopping in front of the built-in television monitor in the wall. Mr. Morgan raised a remote and a black and white picture appeared.  Her breath froze in her throat. There she was, looking stealthily around, then opening his top desk drawer, and removing a bank envelope. She saw herself pull out the bills and count them. Five, there were five of the one-hundred dollar notes. Barely able to tug a breath into her burning lungs, she watched herself  lift the hem of her sweater, and stuff the bills into her lace bra. Her hands quickly put the empty bank envelope back into the drawer, before shutting it. Lastly, she placed the files she’d been told to bring to him on his desk. Taking one last furtive look around, she walked out of the frame.

Oh. My. Gawd. He’d had security cameras in his office the entire time. She was totally fucked. Her heart pounded so hard it was a miracle no one else could hear it. His voice was firm, jolting her out of her frightened reverie.

“You owe me.”

There was no swallowing the huge lump of fear in her throat.

“Hold her.”

In one fluid movement he rose from the chair where he’d perched to watch her watch the video  of her theft. Slowly his hands moved over her, squeezing her tits firmly before sliding his hands up and under her pink camisole. Skin on skin, those fingers searched her bra most carefully.

“I can’t say that your bra is empty, because it’s certainly full of tit, but, alas, no cash here.”

With a suddenness that shocked her, he yanked her skirt up over her hips. Her gasp made him smile, a chilling thing to see. In his smile she saw a glee that frightened her more than any words he might have said. His hands peeled away the thin barrier of her pantyhose, pushed aside the illusion of protection of her panties and roughly searched the hot valley between her legs. His eyes never broke contact, pinning her in place with the fierceness in them as his fingers pressed inside of her.

“Cunt is empy…oops…not now of course….”

Helpless to stop the yips and moans as his fingers dug deeply into her pussy, she shifted, trying to move away, but his men held her tightly while he fingered her. With a sigh, he looked down at her, shaking his head. His hand fell away, and they were gone, those invading digits. She flushed with embarrassment as he wiped the dampness of her pussy on her cheek.

“Check her asshole.”

Hands pushed her over, held her even as she squealed in protest. Thick fingers swirled around her cunt then pressed hard against her anus. She yelped when the first finger entered her, moaned when a second one joined it. Again the pain and embarrassment fought for the lead. She whimpered, shifting, trying to move, trying to stop the invading fingers up her butt. It fucking hurt. It felt like he was sticking his whole hand up there. It felt like he was going to explore every inch of her bowels. The fingers thrust and twisted, and she moaned and whined. A quick slap to her cheek and a ‘hush your mouth’ didn’t stop her from trying to ease her ass away from the assaulting hand. At long last they pulled out, leaving her feeling intensely relieved.

“Nothin’ in there but shit,” came the deep voice of one of them, then came the feeling and scent of poop being wiped across her ass.

“You owe me restitution.”

Abruptly she was pulled upright. A fist held her head up, looking right into those dangerous smiling eyes once again.

“I…” She started to speak. “oooh” she moaned as the fingers tightened painfully against her scalp.

“Shut up. You need to listen now, and understand the consequences of your actions. I could call the police. Have you arrested. Yet your work here is above par, and frankly, you’re stunning to look at. And yet, I cannot have a petty thief walking around unchecked. But I have a solution. I shall have your work off this debt you have created. Come with me.”

A hard shove and she was free, walking behind her boss, while being trailed by his two thugs. They moved to a door in the wall, thankfully not out to the outer office. She tugged her pantyhose up, her skirt down as they walked through the door and into a capacious bathroom.

“This is the executive bathroom. Where you will spend several hours a day, servicing upper management. There, I think.”

He pointed to a corner near the sink. A heavy leather chair was there, a small table beside it. A series of grab bars on the walls caught her eye.


She shook her head, backing away, bumping into the two men she’d somehow forgotten were there.

“Strip. Or should my men ‘help’ you?”

The sound of cracking knuckles came from behind her. She slipped her camisole over her head.

“The bra, pretty as it is, must also go.”

There was that lump in her throat again. It got bigger as she slid down each strap, delaying the inevitable baring of her breasts.

“Help her.”

The clasp was released; her tits fell free as the bra slipped to the floor. Her wrists were held behind her now, and she felt the kiss of cold steel. The bastard had handcuffed her!

“Consider this ‘house arrest’ during your working break. You owe me $500. You’ll pay that back to me by helping my management team relieve their stress, pay with that lovely body.”

As he spoke her skirt fell to the floor over her bra. In moments her hose was tugged down, her panties ripped away. A pad was thrown on the floor by thug number two; she was pushed across the room and made to kneel upon it.

“Blowjobs will be your number one function, but your pussy, ass, and mouth will all be mine until your debt is paid.”

There was a pause as he drank in the fear on her face.

“And at .50 cents per service ‘visit’…it will take you some time to pay your debt–with interest–in full.”

He strolled away, smiling at the look of horror on her face.  Pausing in the doorway, he looked back at her, at his two men who had remained behind.

“Looks like you’re about to earn your first dollar.”

The sound of releasing zippers and belts echoed in the marble-walled room as he closed the door behind him.




Masterbation Fantasy number nasty

“I know, little slut… you can hear them. So close. So almost-possible that they might, maybe, hear you.  If only. If only I hadn’t put that duct tape over your mouth, after stuffing your panties in there.”

“That’s it girl, squirm. Wriggle. You can’t, can you? No.”

“I made those nice and tight. You can certainly try to move, but here you lay, open and exposed. Your pretty little cunt open to my assault.”

“Your sexy whimpers don’t move me a bit, slut. Well, that’s not totally true. They do make my cock hard as a rock. You’ll enjoy the irony, being fucked by a cock that your pleading noises helped to harden.”

“That vibe is right on your clit, isn’t it? mmmmm, I’ll bet that makes you all quivery. Oh, too much? I see you tossing your pretty head ‘no’…but that doesn’t matter, you know. I like seeing you try to fight me. I’m still going to slide between these open thighs.”

“Yesss….just like that…”

“My cock will still slide into your fuckhole. Yes…you’re pretty hot and wet for someone who doesn’t want this. Your nipples are all tight too.”

“Oh, man. That was a good one. Lovely moan. I know, little whore. That had to hurt, didn’t it? I am guessing that no one has ever put anything on these fat nipples of yours, have they? Oh maybe someone’s kissed them, or sucked on them…but stick a tight clothes pin on it? No, that’s all mine. Hurts doesn’t it. I know, I love that it hurts that much. I found two old ones in the back of my kitchen cabinet, just for you.”

“Yes, I did say two. And there’s still just one on one nipple. Let’s fix that…”

“Look at you, writhing again. I think I should distract you from the hurting on your poor lovely fat tits. Turning the vibe up all the way should help you. Oh? No?”

“I love the way the vibe makes your cunt feel. I can feel it too, deep inside your belly when my cock is all the way inside you. I feel the hummmmm of it, and the way your body clenches up around me, like a hot velvet glove.”

“Tight. So wet and tight…”

“I think you’re liking this too much. Here, now, pay attention.”

“Oh, no tears. It was just a little slap to your cheek. Toughen up a bit, slut.  You’ll get all snotty-nosed if you cry and then won’t you have a hard time breathing, what with your dirty panties in your mouth…”

“Oh, I hear car doors….they must be moving away.”

“O…yeah…take it cunt…take my dick up your pussy…all…the ….fucking…way…”

“You fucking whore….I’m….gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd…..”

“No, I’m gonna keep this vibe right here. I know how sensitive your clit will be after cumming. Yeah…wriggle. Writhe. Try to get away.”

“You won’t.”


Sacrifice (2)

The door opened. She heard it through the haze of lust that boiled in her blood. The focal point was at the apex of her thighs, where an insistent throb made her want to rub, made her want to rise up and impale herself on any rigid surface.

She needed to fuck.

Her hands were held fast, over her head, secured to something. Her legs were pegged open, she had no idea how. The lethargy in her limbs was a direct counterpoint to the throbbing need in her cunt.

There was no fear, not that she could speak of it anyway. Something hard and rubber filled her mouth.


Not realizing he was that close, she jumped a little. A finger, covered in leather, stroked between her breasts, swirled around her belly button, and paused just above where she craved touch the most. When it left her body, she whimpered, begging.

He laughed, the sound full of pleasure.

“Oh, you’re a needy cunt, aren’t you?”

Suddenly her tits were grabbed, taken hold of with fingers that grabbed as if pinched in a vise-grip. Little mewling noises came from behind the gag as she tossed her head. It hurt!

“Very pretty titties you have, slut. They chose well for me.”

His hands relaxed, and she breathed, but in moments she squealed as he grasped again,  his hold painfully harsh. It seemed like forever that he held her thus; she thought she’d die from the pain. He released her tits, then slapped each one and moved away. Footsteps crossed the room, followed by the soft sound of someone disrobing. Gasping breath through her nose, swallowing spit and fear, she tried to breath through the pain memory, each hard-won breath easing the ache in her breasts. A shoe hit the floor, making her jump, then the other. A belt tinkled as it was unhooked, and the whissssper of it being pulled from the loops carried to her. She did not hear that fall to the floor, though she strained for the sound of it.

Footfalls, quieter now, returned to her. She felt his heat between her thighs.

“You mark well, girl. I like that in a sacrifice.”

The swish came just as the belt struck her left breast. Her scream was muffled, and drowned out the sound of the next blow. He hit just above the first strike. The third stroke caught her nipple. The pain bloomed, making her choke for breath. Several more blows, and she gagged, choking on the rush of tears and bile in her throat. The flurry of strokes stopped, his hands moving in her hair, removing the gag.

“Breathe. I like to hear your sounds anyway. Cry for me. Beg. Wail. I enjoy every sound that will squeak from you.”

Some of the fog cleared from her head, as it was intended to, she supposed. Drug her to be quiescent, then leave it to fade away, making her struggle against him, against the bonds that held her tight, open and available for him, which she instinctively knew he would enjoy. And burning through it all, the heavy weight of lust, making her crave fulfilment. She’d take it. Take all of his pain, if only he would fuck her.

She must have spoken aloud.

“Fuck you I will. Hard, as hard as ever a man takes a cunt. Using you, all of you. Ass, pussy, mouth…until I am done with you. You are the sacrifice, after all. Mine to dump my seed into. Mine to use. Mine to touch. Mine to cover with pain. I’ll spend you well, fill you, hurt you, pleasure you.”

His words echoed the dark thoughts that had been whispered in her ear by her preparer. Her nipples peaked, her pussy swelled, oozing honey. Her whole body sought to entice, to satiate the boiling needs in both of them.

The belt whistled through the air, the sizzle of the leather against her tit filled the room with energy. He beat her tits until they felt heavy and thick with burning bruises. When the first blow hit her pussy, she was rigid with shock, then screaming with the pain of more, always more. Her clit, rigid in sex-need, felt close to exploding when the edge of the belt struck it.

Her body convulsed, spasming in orgasm.

“Fucking slut.” His words ground through her body. There was an insistent push against her pussy as his cock sought entry. It was huge. She could feel the enormous head, and feared. He would rip her apart. He would destroy her. He would…

The lube heating her blood smoothed his entry. There was pain…nothing that large would enter so small a chamber without pain. Yet she craved the pain. He pushed deeper; alarm flooded  her. He was girthy, and long. So long. He wouldn’t fit. There was pressure deep inside of her, and she cried out with the pain against her cervix.

And came, hard.

He groaned as her cunt pulsed around him. Her head tossed as she shook with the powerful effects of drug and stimulation.

“Fuck meeee!”

She couldn’t believe she was begging for more, for pain, for friction for all of what He would do to her. His fingers wrapped around her nipples, tugging her breasts for leverage, as his hips began gyrating, figure eights interspersed with hard jabs.  She cried at the pain, begged for more as he filled her, used her rough like the whore he called her.

When he pulled from her pussy, she knew.

The massive head pressed against her anus. Here he could fully embed his full length. Here he would be unencumbered, able to thrust into her, bury himself balls-deep into her heat.

Her scream was nearly drowned out with his groan of pure pleasure. His fingers tightened on her nipples, and pain assaulted her at both ends. Her fingers clenched into fists, her asshole felt torn, and she would have sworn that she was damaged beyond repair.

Yet the quiver in her pussy betrayed her. Pain and pleasure beat through her. Her cunt compressed, squirting juice where their bodies met. His cock filled her ass, taking all her sacrificial body had to offer.

Ripples of orgasm tore through her, shrouds of pleasure weaving through her, stealing her breath, robbing her of coherent thought, leaving her drained, wrung out.

He pulled from her ass, driving deep into her pussy once more. His yowl warned her that he was cumming, filling her with his hot load of sperm. Her entire body quivered, trembling as her orgasm welcomed his, drawing his juices deep, deep into her belly. Back arched, arms and legs straining within the bonds that held her, she took, giving all of her to him, the fire in her belly blooming in one final explosion.

Her world went dark.

Someone to Watch Over Her

She thought she was “safe” he thought with a mental sneer. Up there on her umpty umpth floor, alone in the clouds. He’d watched her for months, amazed that she truly thought no one could see her as she touched, as she fucked herself, and as she was fucked by others.

He’d watched her watch porn.

Not just any porn, but the dark and dirty kind. The bondage and beating kind. The cum in her mouth and her ass and her tits kind.

In his bedroom was a telescope, hooked to a monitor, so that he could lay in his bed and watch her touching herself. He’d seen a few guys come through, never the same one twice. He’d watched as she’d been trussed open, her pussy spanked then fucked by one masked marauder, watched when the tall bald guy had come by and whipped her until juice drizzled down her thighs, watched as the black guy had fed his cock into her mouth, and later, between her ass cheeks as she had knelt, doggy style, on her big bed. It seemed she’d do just about anything, and with just about anyone.

Thankful that his gig was security, he began digging for information about her. He got her name, address,  phone number, the place where she worked, and the dungeon she frequented.  He knew that she lived alone now, but that she’d been married and divorced, no kids. She made a lot of money advising others how to handle their greenbacks, and her  taste in movies ranged from Up to Die Hard.

He’d been to one who had called the police the night a scene went bad, and had made sure the guy was paid back in kind, a task he attended to personally. Soon, very soon now, he’d meet her. With a tight smile, he continued to watch as she ran her vibe up and down her tight pussy, back arching as she pleasured herself. He stroked his cock as he watched, timing his orgam to spurt when she did.


Stacy Jo Keenan stepped out of her condo building, looking at her iphone and frowning in annoyance, when she walked-full on- into someone. She would have fallen flat on her ass, if strong arms hadn’t grabbed her, and held her upright.

“Careful,” a voice spoke far above her, despite her 5-inch stiletto’s.  Her head tilted back and back.

“You be careful. You walked into me. And dammit!” She teetered, realizing her left heel had broken. “Now I’m going to be late,” she huffed, fuming.

“I was just walking down the street when a sassy-assed girl slammed into me. Good thing I have good balance or I would have fallen and hurt my dainty ass.”

She narrowed her eyes, glaring up at him.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Whyever would I do such a thing? You’re such a sweet little thing.”

“You are making fun of me. . . and it’s not my fault you’re a frikking giant.”

She muttered under her breath “and a clumsy oaf”.

“Did you just call me an … oaf?” His voice, amazed, caught her attention, as did the little shake he gave her.

“I did. Sorry.”

“Now you’re being terse, and it was all your fault, too. Calling me such an archaic name, and hurting my feelings. I could sit right here and cry.” He whined.

She bit her lip. She was not going to laugh. She wasn’t.

The giggle escaped. Clapping a hand over her mouth her blue eyes clashed with his tawny ones.

“Stop. You’re being silly.” She managed, swallowing her smile.

“I can’t help being silly. I’m an oaf!”

Now she was embarrassed.  And giggled again. “I’m sorry I called you an oaf. Really.” Her phone chimed in her hand, but he took it, turned it off.

“Let me help you upstairs so you don’t tip over and knock down any other oafs.” Taking her arm he turned her back towards her door before she could protest. They passed the doorman, who smiled at their exchange once they were inside the thick glass doors.

They were in the elevator before she even thought about what was happening.

“Wait…you can’t come to my apartment…I…”

“I’m not the first guy you’ve had up there, I imagine.” His tone was dry.

She wasn’t sure how to answer that one, really. Her cheeks turned rosy and her brows tugged into a frown.

“I promise to be a good oaf.”

She rolled her eyes. He was like an oversized puppy…but puppies could bite. The doors slid smoothly open and he helped her towards her door. She opened the three locks quickly, then kicked off both her shoes. As she bent to retrieve them, his hands landed on her hips, tugging her back against his legs.

“HEY!” She yelped.

“Little girl, you need a keeper. What the fuck were you thinking, letting a strange man come into your apartment with you? How can you be that complaisant in this city…anywhere? I could kill you. I could rape you. I could tie you up and feed you corn flakes. You have no idea.”

He shook his head, spinning her around to face him. His large hands moved to her shoulders, giving her another shake.

“This was your stupidest idea yet.”

“I…I beg your pardon?” Her tone was frosty, but he heard the thick sound of fear behind the words.

“You’re right about that-you will beg.”


dragon2Fist in her hair holding her face to the bed.

Hands on her legs, tugging up her skirt, ripping down her pantyhose.


The voice came from behind her, and she felt her wrists tugged to her back, the slick feel of plastic looping around them, tugged tight enough to bite into her wrists.

A finger probed her slit, finding her hole.

She tried to shake her head, but the hand in her hair held her still, held her face into the mattress, nearly cutting off her breath.

There was a sound, she recognized as a belt coming undone, the metal chink of the buckle tugged open, the unmistakable sound of a zipper being quickly lowered.

And then he was in her.

Two hands on her head, two hands holding her forearms, as he pummelled her pussy from behind. Her legs hung off over the edge of the bed as he reamed her, pumping so hard that her left shoe fell off with a thunk to the floor.

Fingers biting into her arm as she felt the cock in her pussy pump its jizz into her belly.

A sigh, a soft moan, the pop of release as he tugged out of her. She felt the mattress below her cunt wet with the drizzle from her leaking hole.

Hands moved, tugging hairs from her head, other hands taking over, mashing her face in the bed.

Fingers probing her pussy, and she knew, she knew what was coming. Fingers smearing wetness on her asshole, fingers poking into that tightly muscled ring. She tried to scream then, voice muffled in the bedclothes, tried to struggle, but to no avail.

There was pressure, as the finger was withdrawn,  as the hot flared head of a cock replaced it. The thick head was relentless, and her anus was sprung open as the invader popped inside.

She screamed again, deep into the mattress, her body taut with the pain.

And then he was withdrawing, pulling all the way out.

A moment of relief, just like after having a big poo, and she thought, hoped, prayed that was it, that he was done, that it was over.

It wasn’t over.

Between one breath and the next, he pressed forward into that tight bundle of tissue, sliding even more deeply into her bowels . He withdrew yet again, she whimpered,  understanding now that he was enjoying the sensations of her ass fighting his assault.

He thrust hard, her asshole relenting to his pole. He slid deep, filling her shithole with the thick hard prick. He ground his hips into her, until she felt the crinkly hair of his crotch against her asscheeks, working his tool all the way into her ass. She tried to push him out, and he ground deeper, corkscrewing his shaft up into her gut.

And holding.

“I’m in.”

There was a sound, which she couldn’t identify. Her head was lifted, and a wad of something shoved between her lips, then sticky duct tape over that.  Something was wound around and around her head, taking her sight. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t fight, couldn’t stop them.

She was rolled to her side, then her back, the other cock still lodged deeply in her ass. The throbbing there was intense, she felt the need to shit, to expel that which filled her so.

She felt, too, the throb in her clit, her nipples.  She felt the flush of shame at that.

Her hands hurt, pressed under her back, against the shirt of the man under her. The bed shifted again.

She shook her head, even as hands came to her shirt, ripping it open, as her bra was ruthlessly shoved up over her tits, baring them.

A cock probed her pussy slit, fingers pinched her left nipple, teeth clamped over her right.

And then he was inside her in one hard thrust.

The man under her moaned against her ear, a soft “fuuuccck”.

The man on top fucked cruelly, a steady pounding into and out of her hole, while the rub of jeans against her stockings tore long tracks where the teeth of his lowered zipper scraped her thigh.

It seemed like it went on forever.

Her pussy ached, throbbed, hurt with the relentless thrusting. Her clit, banged relentlessly, quivered. The orgasm, when it hit, was like a tsunami. She stiffened, back arching even in this awkward position, her cunt clenching and grabbing at the pumping rod, slicking her tunnel with hot juice.

“Whore,” he growled at her, his hands mashing her tits, exciting her body to more paroxysms of orgasmic clenching.

His pace slowed, withdrawing as if reluctant to leave the steaming hole, slammed back as if trying to punch her belly with the swollen head of his cock.

He came, buried in her, hot thick gouts filling her as he growled. The man under her shifted, flexed his hips once, twice, and she swore she could feel his cum jet from him, pouring into her bowels.

They pulled from her, cut her wrists free, left her laying on the bed.

Mechanic, test run

Prior chapter here…Yeah it’s been a while… and remember here be MEGA dragons….

The cars filled the drive, the chairs pushed around the table. Beer and shit- talk and cards moved around the tabletop.

“No you don’t, you lying sack of shit!” This from his best friend, James.

He nodded.

“I sure as fuck do.”

“No, no way,” the chorus of dissent rang through his friends as they leaned back in their chairs, staring at him. He appreciated the jibes, the shit they were dishing out, but he whistled once, sharp, as one would for a pet pooch.

She came out of the kitchen, wearing only a pair of clothespins on her nipples. He’d had her fuctard of a boyfriend, who he now called ‘pussy’, drill holes through the wood, then fasten a long piece of chain to each pin. As she moved, the chain bounced, highlighting every jiggle of her big tits. The look on his friends faces was priceless, the look on hers, murderous. She came reluctantly to his side, her eyes burning at him. He could understand it, really. He’d threatened to put the pussy’s nuts in his vice grips and start squeezing. He’d seen her hesitate for a moment, and wondered if he’d be forced into a demonstration to get her to comply. Pussy had looked on in horror, his cock shriveled, his balls hugged between his legs.

He had also told her she could wear something, he recalled with an inward grin. He hadn’t mentioned that it would be clothes pins on her nipples, but he had kept his word. He doubted she would see it that way, and frankly that didn’t bother him in the least.

He put his arm around her hip, hugging her close.

“Isn’t she purty?” He flicked the chain, watched her eyes narrow.

“She’s not just decoration, boys. She’s got a lot of hot, wet holes that are, currently, empty. So if you have a bit of an itch to scratch, you can take her in my bedroom, or bend her over the arm of the couch, or I can tuck ‘er under the table and let her move around the table sucking you off.”

He wished he’d thought to bring his phone to the table to take pictures of the shocked  faces of his friends. All three  of them just stared, bemused. The smiles started to grow as he unzipped, took out his cock, and pulled her into his lap.

“Ride me.”

Each rise up, each jolt down set her titchain to swinging.

“Now that’s fuckin’ hot shit.”

James watched her big bobbling tits with awe. He loved girls with big meaty boobs, and had jacked off many times to the fantasy of fucking a big fat pair.

“‘scuse me, Michael, but I think I’ll have some of what you’re having.” He pushed back his chair and moved around the table.  He took her by the chains, and said, “come here, girl.”

“Tiger, her name is tiger. And she likes it rough.” He watched for a moment as James led her into the bedroom, leaving the door open. To his friends surprise, Mike whistled again.

“You got two?” Eyes agog, the brothers Mark and Andy turned towards the kitchen, but they sat back in shock as a slim man, naked except for  a pair of socks, came forward.

“Two house sluts for me, and this one is fully operational too.”

“No way I’m letting a guy suck my dick!” Mark turned shocked eyes on his friend.

“A mouth is a mouth. Under the table you won’t know which one is-”

He was interrupted by a short, shocking scream from the bedroom.

“MAN is her ass TIGHT!” came the cry from James.

Four pair of eyes turned towards the bedroom, three chairs pushed away from the table, as they crowded down the hall.

“You…stay.” Mike pointed back as pussy came, bringing up the rear.

“But she’s my girl…”

“No. She’s MY cunt. Stay. Here.” He mimed squeezing with his thumb and forefinger, then pointed at the floor. Another short yelp had him stepping up to the bedroom. Mark and Andy had moved close, watching as James plumbed the depths of tiger’s ass. His hands held her by her wrists, folded over the small of her back as he drove into her.

“She’s a fighter all right, but boy she’s cum hard already. Soaked my foot the first time.” James laughed. “I’m gonna shoot so much cum up her shitter she’ll be draining for a week!”

“Look at that,” marveled Mark, as he watched James’s fat cock working in and out of the woman’s anus. She let out another short, hard scream as he filled her, and he moaned.

“Oh fuck, she’s cumming again!” He groaned. “Squeezing my cock so hard, fuck fuck fuuuuuuck I”M CUMMING…” 

He drove his shaft hard against her bum, bearing down on the round globes as he pressed as deeply as he could to dump his load. He pulled away, leaving the other men to stare at the stretched and gaping asshole.

“I’ve only seen that in porno’s…and I thought it was fuckin’ fake! Look at that round open ass…” As if moving through a fog, Mark was standing behind her, his pants around his ankles, and his own cock pressing towards that gaping opening. She moaned a weak protest as he pressed inside, hmmmming at the intense feeling of the rectal ring grabbing at his cock, the heat and slickness within. He shoved hard, fast, deeply, and had to work hard at holding back. He’d never fucked an ass before. He wanted to savor it.

Rocking in and out, popping the head of his cock through that not-so-tight-muscle gave him a lot of pleasure. He wondered if he had a bit of a sadistic streak, for every whimper made his cock tighten and swell a bit bigger, until he felt like his shaft was forged from steel. His skin was taut, his penis incredibly stiff. His balls slapped against her slit with every deep thrust, and he was surprised to hear and smell the wetness there. Sure enough, when his fingers ran under her, he found her pussy dripping.

“You fucking whore! You like being ass-fucked!” His tone was incredulous. He popped in and out of her sweet backdoor again, then slid unresistingly into her cunt from behind. He swore he could feel steam boiling as he glided into her hot, soaking cumhole. He fucked hard, slamming into her with a force that pushed her across the bed. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her ass.

“stay. just like that. I want both. both holes.”

He slid out of her pussy, and back into her ass, not noticing when the bed shifted and Andy crawled up, shoving his cock into her mouth. Andy grabbed a hunk of hair and shook her.

“You bite me, you’ll regret it.”

“I don’t bite, Sir,” she gasped as Mark slid deeply into her butthole.  It was the last thing she said before Andy’s cock filled her mouth.

Poker was long forgotten as the men used her holes.

“I bet you’ll cum before me.” Mark threw the challenge at Andy, who was enjoying the feeling of a woman taking his entire shaft into her mouth and throat. His girlfriend rarely sucked cock. It might be time for a new woman, he thought, savoring the wet, hot, sucking mouth, the stroking tongue, the clenching throat.

“You’ve been at this longer than me, old man,” Andy replied, gasping as she gagged on his dick.

“You’re not gonna be able to hold back if she keeps sucking you off like that, little boy,” retorted the older brother. “I’ve got experience on my side…”

“You got age on your side, man. That ripe ass is gonna suck your dick dryer ‘n the Sahara!”

“Put your money where your dick is.”

“Thanks, but my dick is happy right where it is…and so’s my money.”

“Girl, you make him cum, you get half my winnings.”

Before long, wagers were placed with all the men, on what Mike dubbed “Poke-her”.

For the first time, tiger began to fully let go. To be a fucktoy because of her boyfriends lame-ass, that was humiliating. This was sexually humiliating, but she’d never cum so hard, so many times. Her ass hurt, but it felt…good, too.

She squeezed her ass tight as Mark slid inside her again, and sucked deeply on Andy’s cock. She wondered what would happen if she got them to cum at the exact same time. She kind of wished her owner would get more involved. Her pussy was wet and empty, and she was suddenly almost desperate for him to fuck her, use her, take her hard and beyond her control.

“Stop cheating!” Mark slapped her ass, her hip, her thigh. Distracted, she stopped clenching, moaning around Andy’s cock.

Somehow it didn’t matter to her anymore which man won, she knew she was the ultimate winner. It was true that her boyfriend had gotten them into this mess…but now she began to think she owed him.  Not that she’d ever share that with him.

Is It Mindfuck? oooOOOh my…

Dateline: Friday

We have been texting sporadically during the day. He was teasing me and I was teasing back…

So when I got the text that said “well, better stock up on the red lipstick because you’ll be sucking cock and licking pussy on the 4th” …




That should say *BLINK*

If only I knew how to make that font bigger, it would fill the front of your computer screen.

Oh. My. Gawd. Did I just read what I *thought* I did? I read it again. And again. Yes. It said exactly that. So I ponder that for a few minutes…and then text back.

“I thought this next time together would be just Master and nilla.”

And then I went outside to play with my kids. But when I came in and checked a while later? He’d already responded.

“Well…I guess you thought wrong, n’est pas?”

I’m feeling…fluttery. Nervous. Aware, suddenly that this isn’t a vanilla affair, but a true D/s dynamic. This could be a total mind fuck…or it could be His way of giving me a bit of warning that things will be verrah different next weekend.

This is not, by the way, on my “forbidden” list. There’s only one thing there and I’d guess most of you know what that “thing that can not be mentioned” is….and this…challenge? This…whatever you want to call it that He says will be happening…makes me nervous.

And hot.

And…yes. I’ll admit it here. This is a D/s Blog, is it not? I’m wet. Wet and throbbing with that incredible balance of nerves and …whatever it is about being a submissive that is such a turn on.

Well, that and not having had an orgasm in days and days.

The bottom line here is that I know He will be alert to my safety…he won’t let me be maimed, or injured beyond the …well, I was going to say reasonable, but sometimes after being just with HIM it seems like it’s not “reasonable” doesn’t it?!  Okay, so I won’t be injured beyond what would be appropriate  to allowing me to continue living my vanilla life normally…ie not armless, legless, titless or brain-dead, or incapacitated… or any of those type nature of extremes.

And if I trust Him implicitly ~and I do~  then I can allow the other feelings…the submissive feelings, the lust feelings, the nervous feelings…to rise up and be part of the experience that awaits me next weekend.

There was one last text from Him  Friday…after I had expressed my “nervous” state of mind to Him…

Don’t fret – she’ll be eating you at the same time.


Geebers! Now all I can say is …strap in for the ride boys n gals…coz it for sure will be a bumpy (and interesting) week ahead!