Titty Break! HNT

I didn’t do a HNT post last week because my story really has a grip on me, and I actually forgot there was a Thursday last week. LOL.  I was going to sub-in a pic from the past (see what I did there? Sub…in…hahaha), my Patriot’s shirt boobage, but I know not everyone is a Pat’s fan (gasp!!)…so today, we’ll just opt for a little black lace, and cleavage!


(go Pat’s!)

Almost Missed the HNT!

EVERYONE has been shut down today, the north east has been Bombogenisisisised. We’ve had a shit-ton of snow, winds to rival the wolf of 3-little pigs fame, and now the thermometer has begun to fall again. Oh, the warm up to 28 was SO nice. Finally to be able to shed some layers.

But then it got cold again. And my nips …well you all know what nips do when it’s cold.20180104_223341

Baby~ It’s FUCKING COLD Outside!


Not just chilly. Not merely cold. Not even brrrr it’s a cold night. It’s totally fucking cold. I can handle a few days of this, but penguin-walking is getting old (fucking ice!) and by damn,  my tits are about to freeze off.


So, okay,  not really.

It just feels that way, dammit! And my nipples have been hard for days, practically. (And no let up in sight…tomorrow will “warm up” to 16. Woofuckinghoo.

Need proof of my poor sore nips? (I know you do…which is why this is a better-late-than-never HNT!)



HNT~A Little Bit Skinnier

I made it! It’s still HNT day (but hey, pervie peeps…it IS just 4 days before Christmas and I WAS in the store an hour ago {dammit!} so I think I get some creds for getting a post up at all! (I love the holidays, but this year the bustle seems to be even more bustle-y than usual. Or is it me?)

Anyway…It’s HNT day, and I’m down well over 10 pounds and proud to show it. I wish I could tell you the “miracle” diet, but really it’s just too many working hours vs the time I have to eat anything. The good part is that it is very very VERY gradual, so I’m toning up as well as slimming down. Nilla is NEVER going to be a skinny gal, not ever. And I don’t want to be. But a little bit less of me isn’t a bad thing either.

(are you still reading? are you not about to stamp your foot and say ‘for crissakes, nilla, show me your fucking tits already?)


see? I know you. Pervs.

(my people!)

Okay I’ll stop teasing…at least for tonight.


The girls aren’t any skinnier, but look! I have a wee bit of nip…in my waist as well as…well, you know.

Happy HNT, pervie peeps!

HNT~Tropical Lace

It’s frigging cold up here in the Northeast (though I admit today was warmer at 44* than it’s been in quite some time!)…and we’re not ready!

Okay, *I’m* not ready.

Places north of us have snow. ON the GROUND. *shivers* We didn’t have much transition, nor any true Autumn up here. It stayed warm and lovely right up until Halloween when the temps plummeted–and haven’t warmed much at all until today, of course, when I wanted to whine just a bit about the chill.

But it’s warmer, so that meant break out the tropical colors, and put a little sizzle into what was a dreary, cold, f-ugly week. It must’ve worked too, because the sun came out! First time in days ‘n days. I guess it’s okay if I take some of the credit for the Sun shining, if he came out to see boobage, right? *laughs* Happy HNT, pervie peeps!


HNT~ Better Late than Never


I’ve been very lax in titty pix lately, mostly because I keep forgetting it’s Thursday…until Friday rolls around and remember that I forgot.

Clear as mud, right?!

Anyhoo, this pic is from our post-playtime this summer, as the bruising had nearly faded away. Sigh. No playtime until after the first of the new year, I’m afraid. But my gosh am I craving it, the pain, the M, the all of it. Until then, I have the memories…and the pictures.



Okay, maybe only for 21 minutes in MY time zone, but yeah. I’m late late late. This working gal has put in waay many hours this week…but I did have time to snap this pic for M, then decided it was cute enough to work for this week’s HNT

Which should be called “A Little Blue”…a pun, because M and I did NOT get the playtime we’d hoped for, unfortunately as a member of his family took ill quite suddenly. That person is now doing better but it killed our weekend plans. So, yeah, blue. In blue.