Dark Storms


Madeline tugged her hood back over her head, even as the wind fought to toss it away again. She tried holding the front partially closed with one hand, but the wind-maddened rain ran down inside her sleeve, soaking her to the elbow. Fucking grand.

Her coworkers had warned her, each stopping by her office on their way out into the dark and stormy night. Like some novel of old, she’d thought to herself wryly, as each one uttered words of dread.

“It’s realllly coming down out there, Maddie.”

“You shouldn’t stay here alone, you know the power could go out at any moment.”

“Maddie, come with us…there’s strength in numbers you know!” This from Cat, her best friend at work. She’d looked up from the computer at that one.

“Strength in numbers…from rain? Cat…really?”  and she’d laughed.

“Well, you know, it’s pouring out. And it’s windy as hell. And you have a long ride home. You could come home with me…”

“Right, and watch you and Evan coo and cuddle each other.”

Cat had smiled unrepentantly at her. “I could have his brother come over…?”

To which Maddie had shook her head vehemently. Michael was a piece of work. Too danged bossy. She’d only met him once, but that was enough. She’d shooed Cat out.

“Look, I’m almost done. If you all will stop bugging me, I’ll be out of here in 20 minutes. Tops.”

Two hours and 20 minutes later, with the storm howling up a gale outside, and rattling her windows, the lights had blinked, then gone out. She’d gotten two worried texts from Cat, the last one just before she left. She’d texted back “going, worry wort, sheesh”, and closed down her computer. Deciding that the better part of valor was traveling light, she left everything except her purse in her desk, and headed down the stairs.

In the lobby, she stopped for a minute, catching her breath. Phew! She’d gotten way too spoiled using the elevator. The rain pelted the front windows, sounding like beebee pellets.

“Not a good night out there, Miss.”

“No, Charlie, not at all. Have a good night.” With a backward wave, she’d stepped out into the fray.

No one else braved the streets, and she wished she’d had the forethought to call for a taxi. The odds of catching one now were slim.  To maybe, none. Turning, she headed uptown. Within two steps, she had puddles in her shoes, and began muttering “fuck” every other step. Her toes curled, her heels rubbed, her elbow was dripping, and a wild gust of wind threw itself at her like an enraged harpie. Her hood whipped off her head, her neat bun was torn to shreds, her long hair blowing and blinding her. It was all she could do to stand upright. Grabbing for the nearest light pole she held on for dear life.

“You fucking idiot!” Arms came around her and supported her. She knew that voice…it was unforgettable. “What the fuck posessed you to go out walking in this?”

She looked up, rain streaming down onto her face, nearly blinding her.

“I don’t need your help, you know,” she shouted up at Michael Cox. He looked down at her, scowling as dark as the weather. He tugged her off the pole and all but stuffed her into his burly SUV. It was parked just behind the pole she had been anchored to; she’d never even heard him drive up behind her.


His door slammed shut. She cast a sidelong look at him, through dripping tendrils of hair. The shiver caught her by surprise, shaking drops of water onto her hands, which were clenched in her lap. Quickly she unclenched them. No point in letting him know he was getting to her already.

He sat and looked at her a moment, before he started the engine, and moved the purring beast out into the storm. Wind still threw buckets of water at them, but was unable to break into the dry and warm interior. Vainly she tried to finger comb her tangled hair into some semblance of order.

“You look like a drowned rat.”

She gritted her teeth, then decided to fight fire with simpering simpleton, which she knew would grate on his nerves.

“You always say the sweetest things,” she purred. Fuck him! Rather than glaring at him, she gave him a saccharine-sweet smile, one that slid away as she turned and looked out her side window. Better to look at the storm than him, the handsome devil. She tried to not recall the rain-slicked dark hair, the full lips that were curved into a faint sneer. Nor would she remember the feel of the strong hands that had muscled her in here, the same ones that were gripping the wheel expertly, guiding them safely through the storm. She remembered that he was special forces or something like that. Cock-sure bastard.

His brief laugh made her glance at him. Immediately she looked back at her hands. Damn, they were clenched in her lap again. He was too fucking handsome for his own good. And damned if he didn’t know it. Compressing her lips together tightly, she was determined to not say another word until he dropped her off at her apartment. Yet, peering out the window, she realized they were not going the right way. At least, she didn’t think so. It was hard to see much beyond the arc of the headlamps. The sheeting rain was silvered by the light. All else was lost in the gloomy darkness.

Seconds later, her guess was confirmed. A sharp right, and the sudden cessation of rain and wind made her blink in surprise. The silence was deafening after the cacophony of the raging weather. There were in a parking garage, lit only by his headlights. He pulled into an open space. A sign saying “Occupant only” was her first clue.

“Wait. Wait just a minute, bucco…”

His voice walked over the protest.

“I rescued you, but there is no way I’m putting us at risk by driving all the way to where Cat said you live. Deal with it. Or sleep in here. On second thought, you’re wet enough that you’d damage my seats. Grab your stuff and come with me.”

It sounded like an order. She wanted to balk, but that submissive streak she kept locked down in her deepest depths  responded to it. Responded to him. Unfortunately. She wanted to roll her eyes, to protest, to argue, even as she opened her door, and slid out of the SUV. Her feet hit the garage floor with an audible squish. Oh fuck. Her favorite pumps were ruined. She took a deep breath, and turned. He was right fucking there. In her face, in her space. ‘Challenge, much?,’ she thought to herself. Oh, he pushed her buttons. Made her mad as hell. That was it. Mad. She kept her eyes on the middle of his shirt. One that was soaked through and clung to his taut frame like a second skin.

“If you move I can…” Her words were cut off as his hand gripped her chin, as his lips came down and savaged hers. His tongue pierced her lips, slamming into her mouth, and tasting her. He stole her breath, her brains, even. She shivered again, as a gust of wind cut through the concrete garage, and drove up and under her skirt. He tugged her closer, the heat of him branding her as her chest pressed against his. He was hard, and hot and strong; she was soft, and wet, and lost.

As quickly as he had begun, it ended.

She stood there, almost panting, as he stepped away. He spoke, not of the kiss, that searing, branding of his mouth on hers, but instead, called for her to follow him. Like a dog. Like a servant. Like…a slave. Swallowing down the burst of savage lust that nearly boiled her blood, she took a step. And another.

He took her arm and led her up the steps to his apartment. The emergency lighting cast a green and eerie glow over his features. Yet she continued to move with him, caught in a spell woven so fast, so intensely, that she could do nothing else.


There was a rattle of keys, the creak of a door, and his terse “wait here” as he let them into his dark apartment. She couldn’t see her hand in front of her face, but she heard him move away.  Yet in moments, a soft glow became a strong beam as he returned carrying a safety lantern. He took her by the arm and led her down a hallway. She caught ghostly outlines of artworks without any idea of what she was seeing. They could be Picasso’s, or cartoons, she couldn’t tell. Still affected by his kiss, she mutely trailed him, her fingers locked in his hand. He tugged her into a bathroom, setting the lamp on the back of the toilet. His hands went to work, pulling her skirt down over her hips until it plopped with a wet splooshy sound onto the floor. Those clever fingers unfastened her coat, then her blouse. The pile at her feet grew, until she was standing in bra and panties before him. Gooseflesh erupted along her wet skin, then suddenly a thick towel was draped around her. He rubbed her body vigorously, arms, legs, belly, back. Her bra fell to the pile, then her ruined hose and panties joined it. Tugging the towel around her tightly, moving her hand up to hold it closed,  he began to remove his own wet clothing.

Her lips tingled. Was it the remembered kiss, or the baring of his skin that was waking the need in her? This was a new feeling for her, the animal craving that made her blood boil. She felt like that storm outside, something raging and wild just under her skin.

Without thought, her hands rose to his buckle, as he tugged the sodden shirt out of his pants. Trembling a bit, whether at her temerity, or the chill, she released his belt, then the fasteners of his slacks. Her thumbs slid inside the waistband, and tugged off his pants and his boxers simultaneously. Lower they slid, over his slim hips. The towel fell away, leaving her as naked as he, and kneeling at his feet.  His hand moved to her head as he stepped one leg, then the other, free of the clinging fabric. His cock bounced, just at face height, and already thick and half-hardened. In the strange illumination from the camp lamp, his prick cast a massive shadow on the far wall. She tilted her head back, then rose up just a bit to lick the tip of it. His hand curled around her head, pulling her forward onto his shaft, as he sank into her mouth. She choked a bit, gagging for breath as his hand forced her onto him relentlessly.

He wasn’t going to ease up on her, she realized. She swallowed, taking him deeper into her mouth, relaxing into the moment, accepting that she had given the control to him. Her nipples tightened, the skin of her breasts growing taut as they hardened into little beads of lust. She moaned, deep in her throat, vibing along the head of his cock. He pulled out, then slid back in, fucking her mouth quickly.

He pulled away, his cock slick with saliva. One thread of precum attached them for a moment, a silver strand of sex juice that stretched from the head of his raging dick, to her swollen lower lip. And then he moved back, pulling her by her hair.


‘As if she had a choice,’ his fingers tangled tightly against her scalp, she thought.  Her pussy throbbed. How many fantasies had she had about this kind of dominance? She had known he’d be trouble. Deep in her pussy she had known that he could be just this way.

Pulling his hand free, he reached for her nipples. Despite the darkness, he found them immediately, pinching them between his fingers and rolling them this way and that. She gasped, would have fallen to her knees, if he hadn’t pushed her up against the bed.



“OH! Ow! Ow!”

“I notice you don’t say ‘stop’…” his voice was amused, dry. Popping one hand free of the torment on her tits, it coursed down her body, to cup her pussy. Those long fingers found the slit and followed it to the hot wet place between her legs. The other arm released her, then tugged her close, holding her with his arm around her neck. Her nose pressed into his chest, the mat of hair there tickling her nose.

Gods, he smelled divine. Hot, masculine sweat. A faint tendril of cologne applied hours ago. And rain. The temptation was too great; her tongue slipped out and began to lick. He was stirring a dark storm inside of her- the tempest outside was nothing in comparison to what was happening in here. His fingers probed deeper into her slit, her tongue slid hotly on his skin.

“You’re so fucking wet.” His voice was a low dark murmur against her head as the probing fingers found her weeping hole and began to tease. Groaning, she felt her hips sway to ancient rhythms, pulsing with the beat of her heart, and the pulsing of need. His cock pressed between them; the hard length of him was a promise in the dark. She swore she could feel him throb against her belly.

His hand fisted in her hair, pulling her backwards, and she fell onto his bed, feet still on the floor. His hands cascaded down her body like a waterfall, until they caught behind her knees and lifted. Her legs slid over his shoulders as the head of his cock bumped against her slickness, and without a second of hesitation, he banged into her.  Arching, she took him deep, her ankles crossing and pulling him closer. Hands on her hips biting deep as he tugged her down the bed, down onto his cock, her ass hanging in space. Withdrawing a bit, it took only a heartbeat for him to screw his cock into her cunt again. It was a rough brutal fucking, banging hard into her, his balls a slap on her ass with every beating stroke, her hands fisted in the comforter, her ass rising in invitation for him to come deeper, deeply into her belly. She welcomed the brutality, welcomed the animal mating, his hands bruising her hips, then rising to tug himself deeper into her fuckhole, by holding her tits like guide ropes. There in the darkness, storms raging inside and out, they came together, a fusion of need and power.


Sunlight sluiced across the floor, casting questing beams across the bottom of the bed. She stirred, feeling like she’d been run over by a bus. She tried to ignore the sun, burying herself under the heavy dark blanket. It wouldn’t budge. She came awake trying to figure out why her blanket was stuck, until she turned and remembered every fucking moment of last night.

He was looking at her with that smile on his face. The smug one. The annoying one.  Frowning, she pushed up on her elbows. She was not a morning person, not by a longshot.

“What’s so funny?” She tried hard not to glare. She settled for squinting. It was pretty damned sunny in here.

“You look like you just went through a hurricane.” He laughed, then ran a hand over the tangle of her hair.

“Hurricane Michael, so, yeah. I guess I did.” She gasped as the hand against her hair tugged. She moved up his body, fast, until she was plastered against him, and still he tugged on her hair. His lips slid over her throat, biting softly, making her gasp at the discomfort and the fast stab of lust.

“Lookout, it’s going to blow!” He murmured against her collarbone, before rolling her over and letting the storm carry them away.


**storms, even impending ones, do something primal to me…I wrote this in one (two-hour!) sitting, including edits…I guess the storm swirled through me and released this one! I don’t think I’ve ever written a story this long so quickly…it virtually wrote itself! ~n~**

Gas n Guzzle

i’ve had Vanilla-life-interruptus…and Master and I had a long and lovely phone sex session Friday night. I have the very last chapter of Tanked about half done, and simply no time left tonight to finish it. Saturday is a very, very long day, and I’m “offline” from my computer all day.  So, rather than leave you bereft of masturbation material, I offer you this sexy tale. I’ve been working on this one for a few weeks (and whenever I needed a break from tentacles!). It’s different, and very long. A novelty from nilla…a full story in one shot! Hope you enjoy my “spaghetti western”…~n~

Dust kicking up under her wheels, she pulled into the gas station. She was more than half-way to nowhere.  Off in the distance, mountains formed a frame for the  landscape of sagebrush and tumbleweeds. She was headed there, soon as her tank was filled.

Her tummy rumbled, reminding her that it had been a while since she had eaten.  She peeled her sweaty thighs from the seat of her sedan, and wished for the hundredth time that she had air conditioning. Likely her car had been built way before the idea of a/c in a vehicle had even been dreamt of! Taking out the nozzle, she pumped $40 into her tank, then sauntered into the weathered building. Hopefully they’d have a cold soda and something to munch on…it was a long while until she arrived at her destination.

It was hot inside, almost as hot as out. A fan as ancient as her car beat the air to no avail, serving only to push dustmotes through the slashing sunbeam that lit the chip and dip aisle. She opened the cooler along the back wall, and tugged a large cola from the back, feeling the cool chill of the neck of the bottle against her fingers.  She ran it around her face, down her throat, feeling the sudden change in her temperature. She gasped, enjoying the sensation of cold glass against heated flesh.

“Ya look ta be injoyin’ that soda. Kinda wishin’  I wuz that bottle.”

She jumped, squealing. Turning on her heel, she saw the man, old, wizened, as dry as the desert. He was smiling a gap-toothed grin at her, watching as an errant drip from the now-sweating bottle plopped onto her chest, and trailed slowly down into her cleavage. He licked his lips.

It was like a scene from a bad Western. What had her dad called them? Spaghetti westerns! That was it. This guy looked like a bit-player. Except…he was the real McCoy.

“Them real?”

She blinked. He was pointing to her tits. The way he looked at her, so hungry-like was kind of turning her on.  Although he wasn’t much to look at, he was a guy and she hadn’t had a good fuck in weeks. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

“Might be.” She gave him a slow wink, a smile, and wiped the bottom of the green glass across the top of her breasts. His eyes followed every move of the bottle as it traced along her peaks and pressed down into that shadowed valley. She watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down sharply as he swallowed.

“Wanna find out?” she said, leaning forward and breathing in his ear. Her tits were inches from his lips. He licked across his bottom lip, which quivered, just a bit.

He pulled back. Glared at her.

“Doan you go makin’ fun of me, you city girl.” He threw it at her like an epitaph. She shook her head.

“You misunderstand. I…” Throwing caution to the wind, she decided to be blunt. He was short, and dried up looking,  but a pecker was a pecker.

“I want you to fuck me.”

He stared up at her, still not certain if she was playing some citified joke on him. She peeled her tee-shirt off and dropped it onto the dusty floor. Her bra may have cost more than the entire inventory in the store, but that too followed the tee-shirt to the floor. Her tits, unenhanced by the knife, sprang free and bounced.

“That ‘un’s bigger than the other one.” He pointed at her left tit.

“Happens that way, sometimes. That’s how you know they’re mine and not something I got in a doctor’s office in LA.” She thrust them out, hands on her hips.

“So…you gonna touch them or something?”

“Be right back, darlin’…I fer sure have a “something” on my mind.” He took two fast steps away. Then darted back.

“Nah, you come with me.” He grabbed her wrist in a surprisingly strong grip, and tugged her down the aisle to the front of the store.

“now, youall stay here, got it? Keep yor hands on the counter, and I’ll be right back.”

He darted off, surprisingly spry for a man of his age. She shivered as the old fan whirled some dusty air over her skin. Her nipples pearled, and her pussy gave that familiar tug of longing. She hoped no one else came in the store; then again, it kinda looked like she was the only one who had been in here in a decade.

There was the sound of  a door opening, closing. Some odd scrabbling sounds, then the squeak of the door again. Footsteps came first, then the man. He was holding something in his hand.

“Now girl, turn ’round here and lemme see those purty titties.”

She turned, curious as to what the hell he was up to.

“I’m not into that tying up stuff,” she warned, seeing rope in his fingers. It was a thin strand but still.

“Nah, for your titties. See this here? Goes right here.” He affixed a silver roach clip onto her left nipple, making her gasp. It pinched but wasn’t unbearable. There was a sudden upsurge in the pulse between her thighs.

“An’ this one gonna go right on here.” The mate to the first clip went onto her right nipple. He took the twine and wrapped it in a figure eight around each end of the clip, securing the clip a bit tighter on her nipple. It was kind of a kinky thrill to look down and see the gleam of metal, and the harsh fibrous twine holding onto her soft skin. There was a thin string between the two, making a small rope bridge between her nipples, and a long tail that hung down from the center of the bridge. The end of the twine hung to the top of her pussy.

“Oh, so purty. Really purty. But! Not done yet! I’m guessin’ yor feeling that in yor pussy, huh?” He peered into her face. She nodded. He smiled his crooked-toothed smile at her.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out another loop of rope.

“Yor not gonna fight, you want to be fucked. This just makes it funner for us. Not gonna tie you up, just put yor hands behind yor back. It makes yor tits thrust out, and yor back arch, and there ain’t nothin’ that makes me harder than seeing a purty gal with her tits poking out like that, and her ass begging for some action.  Turn ’round now so I can show yew.”

Taking a deep breath, and with a bit of reluctance, she did. She had come in for soda and chips. Suddenly she had pinchies on her nipples, and a growing wet spot on her shorts. He tugged her hands to the small of her back, and made quick work lashing her wrists together. Then pressed her down to the counter.

“Bend over now, tha’s it.”

He came around the counter, and wiped the soda bottle over her nipples. There was a faint chink as the bottle hit the clamps and she moaned. Pleasure, cold, and pain. She shivered.

He tugged on the string between her tits, and she bent down.  As quickly as he had tied her hands, he tied that dangling piece of rope to a nail on the far side of the counter. She couldn’t fully straighten. Squatting, he rummaged under the counter, mumbling to himself.

“Here it is!”

He rose, brandishing  a metal box. It looked like an old tackle box or something. It was battered and bent and rusty in places. He placed it on the counter. If she laid down across the counter, the sharp bits of twisted metal would poke her belly, and rub against the underside of her breasts.  It kept her leaning, but not quite touching.

“We called that ‘perdictament bondage’ back in the day,” he said, his voice cheerful as he came out from behind the counter. “Yew can’t lay down ’cause it hurts to lay on the box. Yew can’t stand up ’cause it pulls yor purty nipples.”

She heard the rasp of a zipper, then the sound of jeans hitting the floor. In a moment his hands were reaching around her,  working her zipper, tugging her shorts down.

“No panties? Well ain’t that convenient?” He laughed, rubbing his hand over her ass. “In between the two places, the nipple pain and the getting poked with the old metal box pain? That there’s where the pleasure point is. We’ll find it. Oh, and sure enough yor lil pussy is …why it’s plumb soaked!”

She expected to feel the piercing of her hole with his shaft. Instead there was a sudden sharp crack. She yelped, jolting. Forgotten was the clamps on her tits, which bit down hard. Pain in her nipples, pain on her ass.

“You hit me!”

“Yup. Gorna do it again. Been a long time, girl…but it shore feels good to have such a willing and ready slut. Yew know yew are one, doncha? Shirt n brazeer down the aisle there, shorts round your ankles? Pussy drooling down yor thigh?”

There was another crack of his belt against her exposed ass. She remembered the nipple clamps this time, and pressed down onto the box. Rough metal pressed against tender skin. She lifted up again. Her thighs trembled with the strain.

She didn’t know how many times, nor for how long he hit her. Her ass was a throbbing, welted parcel of pain.  She felt the heat of it, imagined it was glowing. She was crying, snot and tears dripping onto the counter, when she felt his cock pressing into her. He sighed loudly.

“I fuckin’ love pressing mah belly up against that burnin’ ass ‘o yors. Feels so good, that heat. Makes mah cock fair to sizzzzzzzle as I slid into yew. Yor so fuckin’ wet, so tight…” He stopped talking, moaning instead as he pressed deeply into her tight, wet hole.

Her eyes opened wide as he speared into her pussy. Omygawd! He was fucking huge! He kept pressing and pressing, delving deeply into her belly. He hit her cervix, and kept pressing. Withdrawing, she swore she could feel every vein, every gnarled inch of flesh. Long, thick, impossible. That an old troll like this would have a cock like a porn star…she almost blacked out as he drove his dick deep into her, piledriving her pussy.

Bang! against her cervix, Bang! her belly hit the metal box. Pain, pleasure. Her nipples throbbed, her belly throbbed, her pussy throbbed.

Lights danced before her eyes as he folded her tied wrists up over her back. She arched, offering more of her opening to his ravaging tool.

She came with an explosion of colors. When she roused, he was still fucking her, grunting with pleasure. It didn’t seem possible, but he grew thicker, each driving thrust taking more and more effort to jam inside of her.

He stiffened, his fingers grabbing her lower arms, and squeezing. With a wheezing cry, she felt his cock pulse in her gut, heaving and throwing great quantities of cum into her.

When she roused again, her arms were free, her nipples were free. She lay draped over the counter as limp as a rag doll.

The strange little man was nowhere to be seen. Shaking her head to clear it, she walked down the aisle, leaking cum, to retrieve her tee-shirt and bra. She found her shorts over by the silver rack of nuts, which she found rather amusing. Her shirt was still on the floor, but the bra had gone missing. That funny old coot had stolen her bra! She thought about banging on the back room door, but decided against it. Let the old guy keep it. He’d certainly given her something delightful in trade! She dressed quickly, leaving fifty bucks on the counter for the gas and treats. She stood a moment, rubbing her aching nipples through her tee-shirt, now smeared with dust and grime, and chugged the cola down. She was fucking parched! Snagging a bag of chips, she headed out to her car, started it, and drove off in a cloud of dust.


Nightfall, another small town

She sat at the bar, nursing a beer.  The hotel was closing up for the night, nine-thirty on a Thursday. She shook her head. Small towns. Still, she was only crashing here for a night before she moved on.

Rising, she turned to go back to her room, almost bumping into a myth. Yeah, he was tall, dark and handsome. What was it about the desert southwest that grew them out here? This was so spaghetti western!

“Miss,” he tipped his hat at her. She smiled, then attempted to move past.

“whoa, lil lady. You were at the Gas n Guzzle earlier today.” It was said as a statement of fact. For a moment she was bewildered. Huh? She had many miles under her wheels today…oh. The fuck station. That’s how she’d thought of it all day.

She nodded.

“You left these behind.” He handed her the alligator clamps with the string. She blushed.

“uh…” she stammered, “those…aren’t mine.”

“nope, weren’t. But. They are now. I kinda figured that, since you gave ole Ernie a helluva sendoff, you’d earned ’em.” He smiled at her, his teeth white as snow against his tanned face. Her pussy woke with a soft “rawr” as she looked up into eyes as dark blue as the desert sky. He took her hand, folding the clamps into it, and curling her fingers around them, hard.

“Send-off? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

He took her elbow, steering her out of the bar. The bartender threw him a look of gratitude.

“You gotta room?” He was tugging her towards the stairs as he asked.  She nodded, confused. The second floor stair door closed behind them as she fumbled the key out of her shorts pocket. He took it from her fingers, and inserted it, slowly, while holding her eyes.

“Hmmm…a perfect fit…”

There was an underlying sensuality to that statement. Again, her pussy twitched. Dumb. Dumb dumb cunt. Her mama had always said she had no brains when it came to men.

“I…uh…” He pushed her to the bed in the center of the room, and sat her down upon it. He stood in front of her, long, long legs encased in tight denim. Why, she could almost see the outline of his…no. She wasn’t going to look.

But it was a really big cock.

“Went by the station not long after you left, I guess. Found Ernie on the floor in the backroom.  He was laying there, with a big ole smile on his face and his cock hanging out of his pants and dangling to the side. Uncle Ernie had the biggest cock in the county.  I could smell cum…and not just his. Lots of sticky stuff on his hairs, if you know what I mean. Then I moved him a bit. Found this in his hand.”

Reaching into his back pocket, he tugged out her bra. She blushed.

“I wanted to say thanks to the woman who gave Ernie one last good fuck.”

“Wait. A last fuck? You mean…he’s……” her voice dropped to a whisper. “…dead?”

“As a doornail. Don’t worry ’bout it…we all knew it was a matter of time. I’d say you gave ole Ernie plenty to smile about. He was a big porno star in the 80’s. Guess you could figer that out with the clamps and rope and all.”

“Rope? I didn’t say anything about rope…”

“Nope. You shore didn’t ma’am.” He broadened his accent to sound like Ernie.

“But you know, ole Ernie, he loved his porn…” He fished a disc out of his back pocket, handing it to her.

She stared at the disc, at the cowboy holding it with that grin. He hadn’t. Had he? That fucking old coot! He’d gone into the back to turn on a video recorder? That wiley old fox.

She laughed. She wanted to be mad. But she laughed until she flopped back onto the bed, holding her belly. She laughed right until Cowboy laid on top of her, silencing her with his mouth on hers.

“I think scene one needs some ….editing…” he drawled against her lips.



The pick-up truck might have been white, once upon a time. It jolted across the dirt road, and pulled up behind the Gas n Guzzle. He stepped out of the truck, tall and lanky, pushing his hat back on his head. Using his key, he opened the back door, and entered the storage unit. Where once there had been dingy lights and moth-eaten curtains, there was now a gleaming window and tidy racks waiting to restock the shelves out front.

He stepped out the side door, and into the store proper. Going to the back of the store, he opened the cooler and snagged a cold bottle of pop. He sauntered up to the front counter, and put the cold bottle of cola down, and winked.

She looked up at him, and slid the bottle closer. Lifting it, she traced a path along the top of her low-cut tee-shirt, leaving a dewy path.

And smiled up into eyes as blue as the desert sky..

Tanked (6)

(this is a micro chapter…sorry, all I have time for today! ~n~)

“Wider.” His words were a soft, rude grunt. There was the sounds of squirming, of wire coat hangers squeeing across the closet pole, the crunch of plastic-covered clothing. Hooking his arm under her leg, he boosted her up enough to make contact.

She moaned at the feel of the fat cock poised at her entrance. Pressing down with her pelvis, it ground and slid along her sopping cleft, slipping up and twanging her clit, before pressing past and up to her belly. They moaned in unison as he missed the mark.

“Up” he grunted, “fucking hurry…. up…”

She lifted her torso, and using the hand that wasn’t gripping his shoulder for support, grabbed at his thick shaft, and pressed the swollen, weeping head against her opening. Fingertips kept him aimed correctly as she leaned down, dropping her pelvis to encase his cock with her swollen, dripping pussy.

He hefted her knee up, urgent in his rabid need. He slid home, thick rod meeting wanton flesh. She growled, and shimmied down on him, screwing him deeper into her hot body. Her fingers turned to claws, she reached up under his t-shirt, and tore at his chest. His nipples rose as she raked them, and giving into the beast raging inside of him, he slammed her back against the wall and pounded into her, savagely plundering.

Her growls turned to whimpers, eyes closed, but rolling  up in her head at the pleasure of being so well used. Her pussy made sucking noises in the darkness with every thrust, unwilling to have her invader leave for even a moment.

Fully buried in her snatch, he ground his hips, rubbing his belly against hers, the thick swatch of his hair tickling her and kindling the first orgasm. It rolled through her like a wave, a tsunami of sensation as she succumbed to the pleasure.

Hot and thick, his cum boiled up from his toes, pumped by his balls and pressed through the thick tube of his shaft. His seed sprayed, geyser-like, from the engorged head of his cock. Her belly was filled, quivering as she milked him with her own convulsions.

Wordlessly, he pushed her off his spent cock, ignoring the sound of her hitting the back wall, sprawling there. Opening the closet door a bit, finding no one around, Wyeth slipped out of the closet, leaving the catering wench to find her own way back to the kitchen.


“So the boys’ll be over in a bit.”

The sounds of skin slapping, moans and the sharp tang of sex in the air fill the room.

“I…” she gasps, unable to speak from the incredible pleasure. He holds the vibe against her clit, making her squirm.

Each squirm moves his cock in her pussy, pressing and touching sensitive areas.

“Yes…” He hisses as she squirms and his cock is sucked deep, as her inner muscles clench around him like a  hot velvet fist. He feels the vibrations inside of her as he presses the tool hard against her swollen, sensitive flesh.

He’d worked that flesh hard with his mouth not long ago, sucking and biting it to rouse it, to prepare her for the torment to come.

“Pleasure. Pleasure and pain, slut.”

She barely heard his words, as her clit seemed like it would explode from his torment.

“Please….” the word devolved to a guttural whimpering moan.

The orgasm swept through her, intense, wild, like a storm unleashed within her body. She felt the spray of her juice squirting around his cock, felt every inch he pressed into her body. Felt his own quivering response and his seeds filling her.

The vibe stayed, remarkably, on her clit. Her throbbing, aching clit. Hurt so much. Felt so good.

She squirmed.

She moaned.

She writhed.

She exploded again, even as he withdrew from her body. He hung over her,  panting from his own release, and watched her body shiver and shake as he kept the vibe on her throbbing cunt.

“Take it,” He growled at her.

“omhngsssirrrr” her words were undecipherable as her head twisted. Knees tied open and up, bent and open and exposed, her pussy ran with wetness.  He watched her inner leg muscles quiver and shake as she convulsed again under his assault.

Switching hands, he pressed the vibe against her clit, and slid four fingers into her, finger- fucking her hard. She shook through another orgasm, all but spent.

Finally he flicked it off. She was covered in snot, spit, pussy juice, and his jism.

The doorbell rang.

“That’ll be the boys. Don’t worry, slut, I’ll tell them your poor battered pussy is off limits…for a while.” His finger poked suggestively at her exposed asshole.

“But there’s still room for fun…”

Camp Nekkink ch. 18

Corinne wondered what her Master had in mind now. She’d just gotten one hell of a spanking for being rude to him, and now he was walking along like nothing had happened.  As if reading her mind, he tugged her closer to him, then snuggled her, tucking her under his arm. Her head nestled into his armpit, and although she tried to pull her head away, he would not allow it.

“You gave me a workout back there, slut,” he told her with a laugh, “now see how sweaty you’ve made me?”  She wrinkled up her face. While she did enjoy his scent, not just the woodsy scent he wore, but the man smell of him, it was a bit…intense, buried as she was in the heart of his sweaty pit.  She was more than willing to accept this, however, rather than risk another spanking on her already sore and bruised ass. When he sensed her capitulation, he released her.

“Good cunt,” he praised her. He was pleased at her progress. She was training much easier than he had thought she would. She had been an independent woman for quite awhile, he knew, and although he admired that streak in her, the strength of her, he also wanted his slave to be completely under his control, to comply with his desires and orders,  and to crave his control over her.  It was a fine balancing act, to give her enough freedom to be a woman he respected and would cherish, but to be a slave he could use to fulfill his darker cravings.

As they walked towards his friends campsite, he knew this would be yet another new experience for his love slave. He could hardly wait to see how this went over. He’d had more hard-on’s this weekend then he’d had in quite a long time, and he was certainly enjoying it! He laughed to himself. She never failed to get a rise out of him!

As they crested the small hill and looked down at his friends campsite, she was amazed. Ropes hung from the trees around the campsite, and on one picnic table (why did they have two?) was an open box with a huge variety of…whips? floggers? and what was that ? or that ? It looked just like the dog toy she used to have when the boys were  young and they had that large Setter. A Kong, yes, that’s what it was called. Why would that be in what was obviously a toy…… Oh. My.  Once again Cori felt like Dorothy lost in a much stranger version of Oz…she figured she knew where that big Kong would go after all.

Her Master called out “Hellooo Camp Chris!” The tent flap swished open and a large man came out, followed by a somewhat smaller woman. Both were naked, and judging by the jutting cock of Master Chris she had a feeling they were interrupting. The woman knelt by her Master’s feet and went to work on his hard-on, and Cori watched in near amazement as his large cock disappeared with ease into her throat. Her Master watched appreciately, too, and she could see the scene before them was exciting to Him, as he took her hand and rubbed it against his hardening member through his jeans. She cocked her head at him, but he shook his head “no”, and she was relieved…wasn’t she?   Truth to tell, she was more than a bit envious of that slave woman kneeling at her master’s feet, sucking on his dick like it was a giant lollipop.

Her Master watched her watching his friend get what looked like a superb blow job. His little slut was jealous! He could all but see the wheels turning in her head, but again he forstalled her attempt to unzip his jeans. As much as he would love her lips wrapped around his cock, there was more entertainment to be had here than that. Later, well, that was a different matter.

Cori watched as Master Chris came in his slaves throat, could see her throat move to swallow his gift to her, watched as he pulled all but the head out, to spurt the last bits directly onto her tongue.

“Hold” she heard his command to his slave. Her own Master broke her reverie by tapping her on the shoulder.

“Go make friends, cunt. She is a lovely slave and Chris and I are good friends. We want you two to become friends as well. Get very friendly. Start with a nice, deep kiss.” Cori stared up at him. Kiss. Another woman. One with a mouth full of another man’s cum. She took a step. Then, another. Somehow, without knowing how she made it, she was in front of the other woman. Bracing her hands on the womans soft shoulders, she bent down, and placed her lips gently upon the kneeling slaves lips.

She dimly heard  Master Chris say to his slave, “Slave, share your gift with your new friend now,”  and she felt the womans tongue press against her own still-closed lips. Slowly she opened her mouth, took in the cum gift. Tongues played, entwined, shared the cum, then toyed with each others inner moistness. Their tongues slid and danced across each other’s teeth, exploring inner cheeks, then each sucked and nibbled on the other’s tongue.  Somehow, almost amazingly, a warmth began deep in Cori’s belly.  Slave rose up, lips still locked with Cori, and the kiss deepened, although that hardly seemed possible,  lips slashing across each other’s mouths, the sounds of sucking and wetness, of suction and wet friction filled the clearing. What started as a small spark, became a passionate wildfire that spread between them, consumed them.

Soft, but strong hands explored Cori’s breasts, pulling her nipples, twisting and turning them, hard, and she returned the favor. The Slave had lovely perky breasts, likely a “B+” cup, she thought idly, as her hands shaped and moulded the lovely tits. Even as her own nipples became engorged and swollen, she pulled and pinched the Slaves nipples. Moans rose between them. Lips still locked, after what seemed an eternity later, the kiss broke. The two women, nipples high and tight, flushed with passion, stared at each other, and smiled.

Master Dave looked at his cunt. He could see she was intriqued by what had happened, but he wanted more from her. “What are you waiting for cunt? I told you to get friendly. Explore. I want you to make her cum before she can make you cum. Chris here owes me $50 if you win, so do your best. Remember, slut, I know full well what you are capable of, so, no holding back.”

Cori blinked. He’d placed a wager about her cumming? Er, the slave cumming first? Truly, odd Oz.  The woman leaned into Cori. Whispered into her ear “I’m Dot, but you can call me Slave, as He does. You’re Cori, er Cunt, right? ” At Cori’s nod, she smiled again, and took her hand. “C’mon, I’ll go pull a sleeping bag over here, and you can get the fur cover. It’s liquid repellant, so we won’t get the sleeping bag wet…er wetter than he and I made it already today, ” Slave said with a wink and a quick grin. They made short work of creating a small pallet for them to stretch out on. Although she should have felt strange about it, Cori was actually excited. She had never ‘made it’ with a woman, although there had been a few hot kisses when she was in college.  She felt Slave exploring her legs, working her way up to her cunt, where her juices were already stirring. Ohboy! She’d best get exploring herself or else the Master would be out his fifty bucks, and who knew how he’d extract payment for that?!

She let her lips drift from Slaves’ smooth cheek, down her throat, biting gently at the base by her collar bone. Slave arched, moaned. In the background Cori sensed the Masters’ watchful eyes, heard them discussing tits and legs and cunts, and saw them walk over to the game table, as Slave’s Master called it. Then she tuned them out, as Slave bit her inner thigh, causing pain and an intense bolt of pleasure to scream through her body. She arched herself, and keened with the mixture of hurt/lust, then she responded, biting hard where slaves shoulder and neck joined, a particularly erogoneous zone, judging by Slaves moaning response. Cori jolted as she felt Slaves tongue begin to lave at the crack at the top of her mons, and slide slowly, flirting around her clit, but just missing it with each gentle lap. Cori felt her hips thrust up, trying unsuccessfully to generate contact with Slaves taunting tongue, then, grabbing Slaves legs, pulled into the classic position and began her own tonguing of another woman’s cunt. She sucked on Slaves lower lips, pulling them through her slightly closed teeth, and then shoved her tongue deeply between them, missing the entry hole and causing Slave to lurch and push her cunt harder onto Cori’s face.

Turning her head slightly to draw a quick breath, Cori breathed in the scent of another females arousal, and found it intensely stimulating. The smell, the taste rose up a wildness inside her, and she found herself ministering to the woman above her with rapt attention to detail. She latched onto Slaves clit, which was swollen and faintly pulsing just like a small prick, and sucked it, hard. Slave screamed her delight at this treatment, the echo of it sliding into Cori’s cunt, causing a near geyer of fluids to rush from each woman as their excitement mounted.

Tuned out to everything except for the honeyed cunt in front of her, Cori stabbed her tongue into the twitching folds, and began to fuck the dripping hole with it, then rolling her tongue, strawlike, she would suck deeply, drawing more moisture from Slave into her mouth. She slid her teeth up and grazed the swollen bud, then bit down, at first gently, then harder, causing Slave to treat her in a similar fashion. Cunt throbbing, Cori could feel her orgasm swelling, pulling her in a tidal wave of feelings, the suck and swirl of Slaves tongue were doing their job, and as she crested, she felt cum explode from inside her, even as Slave’s own cunt twitched and churned out her own orgasm. Licking and sucking, they consumed each other’s fluids frantically, until hands pulled them apart, and her Master’s cock slid into her aching cunt.

“So.Fuckin.Hot.You.Were.Amazing.”  He growled into her ear, staccatto fashion, as he ground his cock deeply into her. In moments he came inside her, and she noted, feebly, that Slave’s Master similarly engaged.  Spent, the couples lay side by side, panting.

With a high five slap of palms, the two men grinned at each other.

“Well, guess we’ll have to call that a ‘Draw’.  Hafta try that again sometime….” drawled Master Mike.

“oh. Ye-ah. And soon!”

The two women, sprawled, filled with their Masters’ cum in their cunts,as well each other’s taste in their mouths, looked at each other. Smiled. Oh. Yeah.

The Handyman

“So, um, can you fix it?” she asked, leaning over to peer where his torso disappeared under her kitchen sink.

He tilted his head a bit, caught a perfectly fabulous view of her cleavage, observed the deep shadowed V “pointing to the promised land,” he thought, smiling. That Vee was located between two of the prettiest mountain peaks he’d ever wanted to climb. An avid outdoorsman, he knew he’d not seen a prettier view in a long while.

She caught his smile, saw his gaze, stood quickly. Not before he’d seen her flush. Was it embarrassment, or something else, he wondered, now catching a glimpse of smooth flesh as he looked, completely unashamed, up her skirt.

The shadows under there hid a wealth of dips and curves, and as he slid out from under the sink, and rose to his full height, he smiled again.

“Sure can fix that for you, darlin’, but it’s going to cost you some.”

She threw him a glance, looked away. There was a gleam in his eye. Oh, he was a wonder to look at, and she had stolen more than her fair share of glances when she watched him get into his truck each morning. But neighbors did that, didn’t they?  Watched each other, and watched out for each other? 

“Um, like more than $100?” she asked, worry in her voice. It was early in the  month and already two unexpected car repairs had dipped into her savings taking a bigger bite than she liked. Now this.

He took her hand, which had been nervously twining in  her hair. Most of it was still up, but the long day had taken it’s toll on her style, and small whorls of hair had slid down to frame her face. He reached behind her, pulled out some pins, watched the rest of the mass fall past her shoulders. Moving into her personal space had her backing up to the wall. He followed her, still holding her hand, squeezing her fingers, then raised her hand  to his lips. One digit at a time he began to suck them, never breaking his gaze from hers.

Her lips parted, her breath hitched. She felt that she had just mainlined sex right to her cunt, which began to throb in time with his suckling on her.  She hadn’t had a boyfriend in  many months, not since Rob had decided to move out of state when his job transferred.  The lack of sex hadn’t bothered her too much. She was, well, Rob had called her borderline frigid in bed that last time. She was not feeling frigid now, not with the heat uncoiling in her belly and sending tendrils of fire down to her clit, to her toes, to her nipples. She could feel them poking through her thin shirt, rubbing against the scratchy lining of her jacket.

“Hows about we do some negotiating on that price?” His voice broke the silence that had lingered while he’d laved her fingers.

“I…Rob…he said…” she broke off, frustrated. Sighed. Looked up at him, this tall, lanky man, a hunk in denim from head to toe. She could clearly see his cock outlined against the buttons on his fly…she tore her gaze away, looked again at his face. He knew where she had been looking, and he grinned at her; she broke eye contact, stared at her hand still linked with his.

“Look, my last boyfriend,” she began,

“The Jerk,” he clarified, interrupting her.

“I beg your pardon?”

“The Jerk. He stayed here, and had several girls he was fucking on the side. Used to brag about it down at the pub some nights. ”

She gasped, astonished. This was news to her. The Jerk.

“So, what did the Jerk tell you that was so important to  our  here and now?” he asked her solicitiously. A small smile played about his mouth.

She looked at the floor, then up at him. Tears shimmered in her eyes as she confessed that Rob aka the Jerk had told her she wasn’t good in bed.

He looked at her, at the curves, pulled her forward so he could view the sweet round ass behind her. Running his hand down her side, curving up her shape, he laughed. Laughed and laughed.

She tried pushing her fist into his gut, but he pulled her closer, hugging her to his body. She felt his cock, a very big cock, push against her lower belly through his jeans and her skirt. Finally his mirth ended, and he reached under her suit jacket to caress the beautiful tits hiding there.

“You going to believe a low-down Jerk like him, or are you going to believe my cock?”   He started peeling clothing from her, first her jacket, then her blouse, dropping them to the floor at her feet. He continued to strip and touch her, while she stood there, shocked, and aroused by his actions. Finally, they stood flesh to flesh, he pushing her against the wall. As he entered her she could hear her sink dripping into the bucket underneath, an annoying ‘ping! ping! ping!’   Soon, very soon, she could only hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears, hear the sound of skin slapping wetly against  skin.  Faster, harder, deeper, his cock slamming into her. Wetly, wildly,   her mouth was plastered to his.  She screamed when her orgasm blew through her, as his talented fingers pulled on her nipples, as he pounded deeply inside her again and yet again, until she rolled into another explosion. She saw stars, felt darkness threaten at the edges of her vision…she felt wanton and wicked and wonderfully woman. She stared at him dazed, felt him pulse and thrust once more before he released his cum deep inside of her with a moan of his own.

They rested, locked together, his arms tight around her, his cock, softening but still inside her, there  on the floor, where they had collapsed in a heap.

“Nailed your ass to the wall, didn’t I, ” he grinned at his carpenter’s pun. She moaned at his joke. She couldn’t move, didn’t want to move,  only wanted to feel this way forever. Then she smiled, a pun of her own rising to her lips.

“I think I’m the carpenter now,” she giggled, ” because I screwed the hell out of you!”

Laughing with her, he began rubbing her backside, sliding his hands up and down and around the globes of her ass, tracing her crack with his fingers, drawing a shiver and soft gasp from her.

“If I ever, ever hear you say that you’re not good in bed again, I will spank this sweet ass of yours, got it?” She nodded, aroused and amazed.

“Of course, I may spank it anyway, because you have an ass that just begs for spanking!” He gave her a smack on one cheek. She jolted, squeaked, then aaaahed, as he rubbed his hand over the red print. Again and again he smacked and rubbed, pinkening the flesh on her bottom, until she squirmed and moaned. When he dipped his fingers between her legs, he found her cunt wet, as he expected. Rolling over until he was poised on top of her, he nudged at her slick wet hole with  his now hard cock.

“Now I have two leaks to fix,” he smiled down at her. “And I have just the tool for the job,” he added, as he pushed slowly, deeply home.

In Good Company…

She languished in her bathtub. What a week it had been, between work, errands, duties to the Man, her parents divorce arguments…she felt like a piece of taffy that you see in those ocean-side taffy shops, pulled and twisted this way and that,  stretched so thinly that she felt a snap was imminent. Thank goodness her Man knew her so well. As she had dragged ass into the house, He had pulled her into the bathroom, showing her the candlelit grotto, tub filled with the bubble bath she adored, finger foods laid out on the edge of the tub, and His promise of more “goodies” for later, when she had restored her spirit. After He’d carefully fed her, He  placed the tiny stereo ear buds into her ears, and she melted back into a peaceful place, the gorgeous notes of Vivaldi clearing her head of all but the lilting beautiful melodies.

Nearly asleep, she started a bit when she felt His finger on her lips, His other hand covering her eyes. She felt fabric sliding over her head…. ahh, yes it was the silken bag He loved to hide her with. He liked to keep her in suspense, never knowing what He would do next, but always keeping her enthralled with His touches.

She felt Him take her hands, helping her to rise from the tub. She felt the softly scented water sluice away from her skin, carrying with it all the cares and worries that had plagued her. She stepped out of  the tub, guided by Him, and was wrapped lovingly in one of their huge bath sheets. Expertly, His hands glided up and over her body, molding the sheet to her, letting all the water drops be sucked away from her warm flesh, and then, He pulled it away, dropping it to the floor by her feet.

Carefully she was guided to the bedroom, pulled gently up the bed and secured to the bedpost.  She was warm from more than tub water now, for excitement and anticipation were building a fire deep in her loins. The wetness between her womanly folds was not from the bath, but from lust.  His hand traveled a path down her body, from her captured wrist down to her ticklish underarm, causing her to squirm a bit, around the side of her breast, down her gently rounded sides to her hips, which were padded more than she liked, but just the way He liked her, so he told her often.  Down her leg, across the ankle cuff around her foot, and back up, up. She hoped He’d make a pit stop at her center, she was near to panting for more than just a gentle caress. Still, neither of them spoke. She had been commanded by His finger in the tub, and He, well He would do as He wished, as always.

Sadly, He bypassed the Love Canal, heading instead up the road to her naval, twirling and tickling there, resulting in still more squirming by her. Up between her well rounded breasts, until His hand was  cupping her throat. He squeezed, gently at first, then firmly, momentarily cutting off her air, letting her know He was in charge of all her functions when He chose to be. Finally He released her throat, and she  drew in a quick mouthful of air through the thin fabric of the silk bag.  She felt the hand traveling around her face through the bag, then begin to explore her other side. Slowly, tortuously, His hand travelled and explored the other side of her,  but not touching those places she most wanted, most needed His attention to wander to.

As He again avoided her lower lips, she began to writhe on the bed, as much as she was able, begging with every undulation for Him to take her, to touch her. She felt His weight leave the bed.

“Ogodogodogod,” she panted, silently in her mind, the need clamoring to be released.

A soft swishing sensation caught her off-guard.

“What the hell,?” she wondered, bemused. Tracing figure eights around and around her tits, the swishing was driving her mad. It seemed an eternity before the swirling, twirling, multi-stranded sensation stopped.


The first lash of the flogger hit full on her thrusting tit. Her nipple rose to a peak, even as a squeak of shock passed her lips. Again and again he lashed her tits, sometimes several blows in a row in the same place until she was whimpering, then mercifully the angle would change and the other tit would suffer his love touch.  He worked the flogger down her abdomen, and lashed blow after blow on her exposed cunt, several times hitting her clit. A scream would geyser from her, her body arch in pain and ecstasy, and her cunt began to leak. Her juices ran down to her ass-crack, soaked the sheet below her. 

Finally,  at long last , she heard  him move closer, then, the bed creaked with His weight, and she felt His cock at the entrance to paradise. With one smooth, hard thrust, He was there, a second thrust brought His balls banging on her ass. There was something…different tonight, and she couldn’t place it. He was hitting her in all the right places, bumping her cervix from time to time, scraping her G-spot, making her wild. As His body moved against the weals and welts He’d placed on her body, as His cock moved in a fierce rhythm within her, the sensory overload sent her spiralling into  orgasm, then rolled into yet another. Gasping for breath, dying from the pleasure, she felt Him loosen the silk bag on her sweaty head.

 He was leaning across the bed as  He pulled it from her, soflty stroking her sweatsoaked, dishevelled hair from her face.

“What?”  She gasped out in shock. For He was standing to the side of the bed, while another  man was pounding into her, preparing to blow his gasket inside her! Her Master continued to stroke her face with one hand and His hardened cock with the other, a wide smile on his face. He had certainly surprised her this night!

“I am proud of you, my sweet cunt, for you have greatly pleasured Master Steven, hasn’t she, Steven?”   With a final deep grunt, Master Steven unloaded his contribution to the evenings festivities deep into her cunt, groaning out,

“Ye-ssssss, so fucking good, your cunt is so fucking goood!”

“Oh my sweet slave,”   her Master complimented her, “you have done so well for me this evening.  You have brought me much pleasure.” 

She knew He spoke in earnest, that he was deeply pleased by what had transpired here tonight, but she was becoming  afraid of what was coming next.   Her heart began to beat in her chest so hard she was amazed it stayed inside her. Was He cutting her loose after all their time together?   Was this, then, a transfer of  Ownership, and her bed performance a test she had passed, all unknowing? She felt tears gather in her eyes, for she had loved no man but this one, her Master had saved her, molded her, made her.

 He looked deeply into her eyes, seeing her tears, and understood instantly what she was fearful of. He was pleased that she controlled this fear, just as she controlled her responses to all the delightful torments He had given to her over their years together. Finally, he slid his hand up to join hers, still locked at the bedpost.

He spoke quietly to her heart.

“I know you have always wanted a baby, and you know I cannot provide you with one. I have decided to grant your wish, my lovely cunt.  Steven and I have been friends for nearly all our lives, and He has long admired you, my slave. When I mentioned that you wanted a baby, Steven  graciously offered to contribute his potent sperm.”   He smiled at Steven, who sprawled at her side, playing with her reddened, welted tit. He was pulling her nipples, occasionally slipping one into his mouth to suck and chew it, causing her to shiver with pleasure.

And so it began their new life, together. For three is company, and not at all a crowd.

The Boss

What a fucked up day it had been. She’d had the worst day of work in her life, culminating in a screaming match with her boss. She’d called him a fucking bastard, and just before she’d stormed out of his office, he’d called her a fucking cunt.  Now, hours later, the argument still stung, both at  her loss of control, and his.

Well, she’d best brush up her resume, because she didn’t think she’d have a job tomorrow morning. Oh, she’d show up, but. ..her thoughts were interrupted by a loud knocking on her apartment door.

“What the hell now?” she wondered wearily, tired of the world and craving her bed. 

She opened the door a crack, and to her amazement, it was her boss. They looked at each other through the slit in her doorway, exchanging no words. Finally, with a deep sigh, she opened the door wide enough for him to pass through, and motioned  him inside.

“Living room’s down there,”  she gestured behind her as he passed into her entry hall.  Turning back to the door, she shut and locked it. When she turned back to the room, he was right behind her.

“Oh!” she gasped, taking a small step backwards, coming up hard with the door at her back.

Looking at her face, he took a large step, forwards. Her breasts were nearly touching his chest, so close was he to her. Dammit! She’d liked this man, ever since they first began working together several years ago. She’d even had quite a few orgasms over him, masturbating to the fantasy where he and she did the nasty together and her way, kink style.  She was becoming overwhelmed by the man-smell of him, that wonderfully musky aroma of a male,  of sweat, with a hint of cologne or aftershave. She tilted her head back to look at him, when he bowed his head and took her lips.

She looked different to him, here in her own territory. He noted how long her hair was, nearly to her waist, full of soft and delightful waves. She always wore it braided, pinned tight to her head at work, so he had never seen the full beauty of her tresses. Her trim waist accented her perfectly proportioned, not to mention, obviously braless, tits, which would fit his hands quite nicely, he suspected. Her  Henley shirt was tucked into a pair of worn jeans that hugged her cute ass tightly.  All this he noted in the few moments it took her to close and lock the door, locking them in here, together.

Her lips parted in amazement as his mouth descended on hers. He took full advantage, sliding his tongue deeply into her warm and wet mouth. He tasted and explored her fascinating textures, and her tongue followed his back into his mouth to explore his. Back and forth their tongues parried and thrusted, low moans passing from her mouth to his and back again until neither knew who had begun. As his mouth slid over hers again and again, his hands were pulling, tugging her shirt out of her jeans, reaching under to fondle her tits, squeezing each ripe fruit, pulling and tugging on nipples raised at attention. He finished pulling the shirt over her head, breaking the kiss long enough to remove it from between them, then kissed his way down her throat to her neck, biting firmly where the two met. She groaned, arching against him.

She could feel his fingers working her jeans buttons apart, felt him pushing her pants lower. Half formed words, orders, instructions passed between them…”move,”  “ohyes!”  “lift that foot,” “ohmygawd!!”  “no…no…yes!” and suddenly his overheated cock was buried deeply into her cunt, driving her up and up against the door, which responded with a rhythmic  “bang–bang–bang.”

Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, keening her first orgasm.  He both watched and felt her body thrumming with the power that ran between them. Pulling her left leg up, and hitching it around his waist, he drove deeper, ever deeper into her tight wet love hole.He pinched her nipples hard, making her scream even louder, and he felt a squirt as one orgasm blossomed into another, her cum dripping down his balls to pool on the floor between their feet.

“oh my god, I’m gonna stain the rug,” she moaned, feeling the wetness on her inner thighs, hearing it splash below them.

“nah,” he responded, “isn’t that why you have a Wel-cum mat at the door?”

She gurgled out a laugh, then caught in the throes of yet another orgasm, she sagged against him, moaning.

“Omy,” she groaned, “I can’t stand any more. Oh this is so good, so good.”

“Hmmmm, ” he smiled down at her, amused and touched. “Wait until I get you horizontal, cunt.”

She looked up at him, smiling weakly.

“Well, you fucking bastard, you ARE the boss!”

“And don’t you forget it!” With a swat on her ass, he hefted her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom.