WARNING! Very dark…my mind has been in a dark, sultry place of late. Enjoy (but you don’t have to admit you did…) ~n~


His cock pounded into her asshole as she squealed and squirmed. No matter the fight she put up, he was going to continue to ream her ass. Her struggles only made his cock harder, thicker, longer. The penultimate moment came as he jabbed deeply into her, buried to his balls, his shaft throbbing as he spewed his spunk into her bowels.

She lay quietly, sobbing into the dirty mattress as he rose. Tossing a bottle of water and a granola bar onto the bed, he left the small room.

The door closed with a quiet snick, followed by the deeper sound of the lock shooting home. Wrapping her arms about her head, she shivered.


Tied wrists-to-ankles, ass thrust high, she yelped around the large black ball buckled in her mouth as he punched his cock into her tight cunt, thrust a few hard rough strokes, then pulled out and jabbed into her anus.

The way her screams went higher as he penetrated the tight sphincter never failed to turn his dick into fucking stone.  She wiggled and waggled trying to escape the dual thrusts, but that was all part of the fun…for him.

Buried in her cunt, he spoke words of terror to her.

“No condom. Alll this hot semen pouring into you, tight against your little baby nest…”

Tears always followed that announcement, little tremors through her body that always drew a few more pulses of jizz from him. Reaching down, he groped for her tits, squeezing them.

“Maybe I’ll keep you here, milk your titties for profit. You’ll be worth your weigh in granola by then, slut. Full of baby, full of milk, full of my hot, hot cum. Can’t fuck your pussy once you get to a certain point, but hey, that’s why you’ve got an asshole and a mouth hole, right? Imagine how good it will be when I rape your tight rosebud, then shove my cock into your mouth. You’ll taste your own shit on my cock, on your tongue, all the way down your throat.”

Shaking harder now as she cried fulsomely, he released her bondage, slapping at her flesh with the rope ends as he freed her. Curling up into a tight ball, she wept as he left, ignoring the water bottle and granola bar he always left for her. The door closed with a snick, and then the raspy sound of the bolt shooting home for the lock.


His cock pounded her asshole, sliding deep into her belly from behind. Though she cried still, she stopped fighting him. Slapping her round bottom didn’t rouse her from her lethargy, nor did pinching her nipples.

He came, a disappointing volley of cum into her rumphole. He left no water, no granola.

Closing the door, but not fully. She didn’t hear the snick of the latch, or the grating of the lock. Rising to her knees, she saw the door ajar, smelled the thick darkness of woods. Stumbling to her feet, she stepped outside. Her car was there, hard to see in the gloaming. Holding the cool metal as she moved around it, she found her clothing folded neatly on the drivers seat, and under them as she dressed, her keys. Her purse was tucked neatly under the seat.

With a shiver, she turned the engine over, and drove away.


He watched her drive away, pleased that he’d broken her at last, yet knowing it was time for the next reservation to be dealt with. He loved his job.


She drove through the night looking for the small cafe. There in the distance, she saw a shining sign. As she pulled into the lot and parked in the far slot as directed, she closed her eyes. Was she making the right choice here? Was she a fucking idio…

The back door opened and something slipped over her neck, cutting her supply of air to a minimum. Her hand rose to her throat to gasp for more breath, but the man in the seat behind her reached forward and slapped it.

“Drive,” he said, tersely. The new game had begun.



She woke, cold.


Unable to move. Unable to speak. Unable to see.

“There you are, sweet slut. I can tell by your struggles that you’re finally awake. I didn’t think you would react to the drug so strongly.”

Drug? He’d drugged her.

Fog clouded her brain.

Who was he?

Where was she?

A finger stroked down her cheek, the nail scratching a thin line.  She felt something on her chest, a breath of air. The sound of feet on the floor. Moving away, then closer.

Arching, muffled noises of protest against the wadded gag in her mouth.

Cold mist of water sprayed on her body.

The click and whirr of a camera.

“Gorgeous. Your nipples are so tight. The water beading your flesh, the rising of goosebumps.”

He muttered almost under his breath.

Another squirt, trying to twist away, tensing as the icy cold water cascaded over her.

Footsteps moving away, then the sound of scrabbling of something. Familiar. But…what?

Footsteps moving closer, another scream as his hand pressed against her lower lips, pressing something freezing against her warm core.

Pressing it into her cunt.

Head shaking, wrists tugged, protesting.

Legs unable to bend, tied to something hard and straight, keeping her open.

Feeling of fucking, fucking, the shocking cold thing moving in and out of her making her shiver violently.

Pushed home, inside of her, whimpers, moans, tears under the mask.

So cold.

So fucking cold.





Spray of cold attacking her flesh like needles, each drop a piercing painful bite of cold.



“Gorgeous, yes, arch, just like that…oh baby, so fucking gorgeous. Yes, it hurts, it’s cold and you hate that I know. You told me you hated cold and I saw this picture in my head at that moment. Such a beautiful moment…”



“Good girl, get your reward,”

The click and hummm of a vibe, the weight of it, pushed against her throbbing clit.

Arching, cumming, exploding, pushing the ice dildo out of her with her paroxysms, melting the ice inside her with her hot juices, feeling the release in every cold-tormented fold.

Click, click…the sound of an air conditioner, its chill breath spewing into the room, freezing her tears as he picks up the bottle and sprays her again.

“The making of the Ice Maiden, that’s what we shall call it,” he murmurs, as he pumps the water over her.

She shivers violently, crying harder.





His tongue glides along my arm. Starting at my wrist, the pointed tip trails along the ridges where the rope holds me tight. It tickles. I want to giggle, but the tape over my lips keeps me silent. It seems inappropriate to laugh when your kidnapper is going to fuck you. But what can you do when his tongue is trailing up your arm, swirling around your armpit?

I writhe, wriggle, and make high-pitched noises. I want him to stop. This isn’t funny. I’m naked, tied, spread open. The tongue is wet. Warm. Sometimes I can feel his breath against my skin. That’s warm too. I can’t see him, to tell you about him. To warn you.

Don’t answer that ad on Alt-life. The one that looks so enticing. So perfect. Don’t meet at the old cafe on Morrissey Street. He won’t be there. Or…you’ll think he won’t be there. Thinking you’ve been stood up, you’ll turn to look down the street, and he’ll pull the bag over your head. He’ll warn you not to struggle, because of the knife. It feels like a knife.  He’ll reach his hand under the bag, and slap a wad of duct tape over your lips.

You’ll be helpless to scream. And you came here, just to meet a dominant. To be his fucktoy. But you’ll think, like I did? That he’ll want to talk to you. That he’ll want to get to know you. What makes you tick. What turns you on. How you want to serve.

He doesn’t care about that. He only wants to take. To use. You could be me, here. Laying here, being licked.

His mouth moves in a kissing motion up over the curve of my tit. The tongue laps around the areola,  then the sharp caress of teeth over my nipple. This could be you, you know. He sucks the nipple into his mouth, through narrowed teeth. It scrapes. It hurts. It…turns me on.

I shake my head no, but I can’t tell if he sees….or if he’s ignoring me. He will take his time tasting me. I remember that. He told me, while he cut my clothing off. He would taste me, suck me, feast on me. He would bite and taste of my blood, lick and taste of my sweat, suckle and taste of my skin, and lap…and make me cum.

He won’t. Make me cum, I mean. I’m strong. I can outlast that. I’ve never cum from oral anyway. He won’t….oh. OH…



my clit …like my nipple

throughhisteeth, pushing it out wiht his tongue…in-outOHGODS-inoutin…

My back arches, offering him my pussy, lips swelling and peeling open, wantonly begging for more as I cum hard against his mouth.

I feel the tongue, going back to work, lapping lazily around my lower lips….


**a very dark dragon-laden tale…it had to be told**

“Man, that was fuckin’ good.” Troy rolled off the girl, gasping. He rubbed his lower belly gently. His rod was so fucking sensitive after he shot his wad. He glanced at the pussy he’d just violated.

The word gave him a delicious thrill.


Her cunt was red and swollen. A string of cum stretched from her oozing hole to her upper thigh, left by his cock as he’d pulled away and rolled off of her.

His friend Will was pumping into her mouth, held open by some fucking weird gag thing Will had found in his parent’s room. There was the most awesome chest under their bed, full of  sex things. A box of condoms that they just left in there. Rope, which they used to tie her to the bed, and whips to slap her thighs and belly with.  Clampy things that, after some research online had revealed themselves to be nipple clamps.

She’d squeeled like a fuckin’ pig when they’d put those on her rosy nipples; it had made him hard as a fucking steel pole when she’d gone and grunted and bucked.  The duct tape they used at first on her mouth had muffled much of the sound, but eventually all the toys in the box had been identified. The “Spider’ gag was quickly inserted, making her mouth available to fuck without fear of losing their cocks if she tried to bite.

Her nipples were purple under the clamps. He figured he better pull them fuckers off. She rose up, screaching around Wills cock, making him groan.

“Gonna….cummmmmmmm” and suiting action to words, He pressed his groin hard against their new slut’s face. There were gagging sounds coming from under him, then silence. He flopped off of her, and Troy saw her swallowing with some difficulty. Cum streaked her cheek and chin, and a small dribble ran down her neck.

“Man, she’s a fuckin’ mess. We gotta clean her up before we let her go.”

“I don’t have the engergy,” Will gasped, sliding onto the floor. “I fucked her like 5 times.”

“Three, supercock. Three fucks. Ass, pussy, face.  Same as me. Five. You fucking wish.”

“Fine, Mr. Knowitall. YOU fucking clean her up then.”

“no. no fuckin’ way am I gonna. We could throw her in the shower?” His head flopped off the bed, looking over at his buddy, slumped on the side.  There was a scratching at the door.

“Fucking A. Will. Your fucking dog needs to go out. Again. How often does he fucking need to take a piss? His bladder must be the size of a fucking walnut. ”

Will sat, eyes closed, almost dozing off. Wearily, Troy slipped off the bed, and let the dog out. Opening the fridge as he waited for the beast, he snagged a few EnerG drinks, and then saw it.

“Hey, doesn’t Mumford like Cheese wiz?”

Will’s voice came down the hall. “Yeah? so what, mutherfucker? He’s a dog. He eats fucking everything. Last week he ate my shorts. Fucker.” Wills voice mumbled incomprehensibly down into silence.

“You let him eat your tighty-whities? Man, you must fart some delicious dog-food out that fat ass of yours!” Troy guffawed, as he went to let the dog back in.  Mumford started snorting at the can of cheese in Troy’s hand.

“I got an idea. A fucking prime A idea. C’mon Mumford, you fucking shit head dog….”

He squirted a bit of the cheese on his finger, letting the dog lick it off. It was all the encouragement the pooch needed. In seconds, Troy and the 80 pound Great Dane mix were back in the bedroom.

“Sit, Mumford.” Will pointed his finger at the dog.

The dog, staring expectantly at the bottle of Cheeze Wiz, sat, tongue lolling.

“So the idea…no. No fuckin’ way…You fucking perv. Let me get my camera!”

Troy waved the bottle of cheese, giggling a bit as the dog followed its passage, his head moving back, then forth. He slid the bottle between Claire’s legs.

“Open up honeypot, Daddy’s back! You’re gonna have such a fuckin’ good time now…”

Claire moaned, wriggling and trying to move. Tied as she was to the four corners of the bed, she didn’t move more than an inch…and the nozzle of the cheese was pressed inside her cunt anyway. The shocking coldness made her whine around the gag holding her mouth open.

“Filling your cunt up with cheese, slut! Mumford just LOVES CheezeWiz…and with the added flavor of cunt? I think you might have two boyfriends here, now. Hey Will? You gonna be jealous that your dog is gonna tongue-fuck your girlfriend?”

There was a flash of light, as Will took the first picture, one of a red pussy, with a thin line of cheese oozing from it.  The second picture captured the line of cheese around her still-open mouth, like obscene lipstick. She shook her head, but the sticky, almost-plastic substance stuck firmly.  She grunted, bucked, and  tugged.

She was stuck.

Troy called the dog to the bed, leaning across, and applying a line of cheese at her ankle. The dog started lapping. The line continued as Troy trailed the nozzle up her calf, her knee, her thigh. The dog grew more excited, and leapt onto the bed, licking furiously.

She bucked and wriggled, but the dog’s tongue found the source of the cheese, and began eating her pussy voraciously. He lapped and dug into her, slurping and nosing her folds apart for deeper and deeper access.  He licked across her anus, and that sensitive line of flesh that separated ass from cunthole. She bucked now to give him greater access, and soon he was nose deep in her folds. As his tongue rasped over her tender flesh, hitting that sensitive spot at the top of her channel, she arched, head back, as she flooded into an intense orgasm. He kept licking.

She was aching, throbbing as her body came down, yet still the fucking beast lapped at her. The second orgasm slammed into her. Her cunt convulsed, and the dog pressed harder, trying to get deeper. He could taste the tantalizing hint of more cheese…and when her spasming pussy opened, he dove deep, his long fat tongue slurping up her cum, the boys cum, and CheezeWiz.  He licked; she came, until she fainted.

She woke when his tongue swiped across hers. She tasted dog spit, cheese, and cum. No matter how she turned her head, he followed, lapping her lips, her cheeks, the inner walls of her mouth.

She cried out when she felt the nozzle pressing against her pussy.

“Instant replay!” Came Troy’s voice, followed by the click click click of Will’s camera.

“Well have to do this again next weekend, won’t we?” Click, click. “You sure don’t want these pics up on your facebook wall, do you?



it’s not often I have the same dream again, and again, and again, and again. Yet the fucking Cheesewiz bit kept coming to me over and over, much like Claire’s orgasms in the story. I don’t condone forced rape. Not in real life. This is pure fantasy, my pervy pals…after all…we ALL know that cheezewiz isn’t really cheese!   Ergo….fantasy!  ~n~

Mechanic, working it out

Warning!   This is not for the faint of heart…the links will take you back to the story chapter by chapter to refresh you…Here be Dragons of epic proportions!  ~nilla~


He strolled around the house. Last night had ended well…for him at least. The two sluts that he’d taken possession of the day before had slept on the floor at the foot of his bed. Once during the night he’d awoken, gotten up to piss. Returning, he pulled one of them up by the hair and told it to lick his cock dry. The struggle was brief; his hold on the hair, likely the boyfuck’s hair, had been impervious to wriggling. His cock had been licked dry, and then he relaxed his grip and gotten back to bed.

When he rose, they were gone, and he wondered if they’d fled.

But when he’d come into the kitchen there they were, making breakfast and coffee. The kitchen floor had been scrubbed, and gleamed in the morning light. The scent of coffee began percolating through the room, and he noticed the counters were tidy and clean, the appliances sparkled, and the loose knob on the back door had been tightened.

He nodded, taking the mug of coffee offered to him.

“You need names. I can’t call you slut and slut. Too fucking confusing. So you,” he pointed with the mug towards Jim, “you’re a pussy.” He sneered the word out, admiring the cringe on the soft man’s face.

“Yeah. Pussy. And you…” he took a sip, looking over the rim of the mug at Angela, who had dared to raid the laundry hamper and was wearing one of his own shirts. Sexy. Impudent. Punishable. But….after she finished cooking breakfast, which looked to be the lightest pancakes he’d ever seen.

“You’re a tiger…got some sass in you, some fight…That’s okay, I don’t mind pushing you back down into your place. Makes it all the more fun for me, really.  Pussy, Tiger. ” He laughed, a hard, almost mean laugh, and took another sip of the coffee.

“Pussy, come sit under the table and suck my dick. Not hard, just keep it warm and harden it up for me. After breakfast I’m gonna put Tiger on the table and fuck her hard up her asshole.”

He loved the sudden clenching of her shoulders, the ultra rigid stance.

“no.” It was quiet and defiant.

In a heartbeat, he was up and behind her, his fist in her hair, bending her back. “You don’t get a fuckin’ vote here, cunt. You work for my work in return. And you better not burn those pancakes because they look fuckin’ delicious. And if you fuck them up, I’ll whallop the shit out of you before I fuck your ass.  Got it?”

He punctuated the last few words with a hard shake of her head with his fistful of hair. He watched the tear flow from the eye closest to him. It made his dick throb.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered.



She lay on the table, her head in the plate with the detritus of His breakfast. She could smell the syrup, and imagined the bits of leftover pancake and bacon stuck in her hair.  She, who was so fastidious, was a fucking mess. He was smacking her pussy, her legs splayed open. She dared not move them, though the pain was stinging and made her want to run screaming from this fucking house of horror.

Yet for some reason, she had stayed. She could have left last night, or this morning. Yet, she came down, cleaned, scrubbed, and prepared breakfast for Him. Soon her boyfriend had joined her, helping with the cleaning, and in some light fixing. He was a dork, but he could use a screwdriver.

“You might think you hate this, Tiger, but you’re so wet my hand is splashing. This could cause a fucking tidal wave!” He laughed. She hated when he made fun of her. She was so fucking embarrassed by being so turned on by what he kept doing to her, to Jim…Pussy. She better not fuck up and call him by his regular name or she’d be caned for it. This pussy smacking was His punishment for taking his shirt, AND for daring to wear it when he’d told them yesterday they had to be naked. She hated him. Hated him. Her cunt gushed with  His final smack.

“Pussy, get the fuck over here and lick her asshole. That’s right, yes, nice and wet and deep…stick that tongue in there. Right…lap it…lap it…come on you fucktard…wet. Your spit is the only lube this cunt is gonna get…if her ass hurts, you’re gonna hear about it, so fucking prepare her ass for my cock!”

She writhed and moaned. She hated it…she loved it. So fucking humiliating…she could feel the wetness coming from her pussy….and Ji…Pussy lapping at her…ohhhh…his tongue thrust in an out of her asshole, a soft, wet, hot precursor to something much more intense.

“Move outta my way, I got an ass to fuck.” He shoved Pussy out of the way, and pulled her down off the table.

“Turn over.  Put your hands behind and open your butt cheeks for me, that’s it, at least one of you can follow directions…yeah…oh…yeah…tight…nice…oh…shut the fuck up cunt…oooohhh, nice and hot and tight. Wait. Let’s do that again.”

He pulled his cockhead out of her ass, then pressed it against the entrance again. She whimpered, wanting to fight.

“It hurts…” she moaned as he pulled out and popped in again.

“Oh, Tiger, it is so much more fun for me when it does…” Without warning he shoved his hips forward, nearly burying his length inside her rectum. She reared up a bit, squealing and moaning.

“Pussy, reach under her there and grab her nipples. Good. pull them back down to the table, will you? Good. Don’t let them go. You hold them nice and tight.”

He pulled out, slapping her hip, then thrust deeply. She felt the scrunchy curls at the base of his shaft pressing against the skin of  her soft round ass. Her nipples ached, as for once her pussy of a boyfriend did exactly as he was told. The pain in her ass was mirrored in her tits, the ache an echo of her heartbeat. She was beyond tears, beyond screaming, just a slow and steady wail as he fucked her butt relentlessly.

His cock pulsed and jetted streams of cum up her asspipe. He paused, breathing hard, legs trembling. All this fucking took a toll after a while. Pushing off the limp slut on the table, he pointed his finger at the Pussy.

“You go over there and clean up that hole. It’s full of cum…and I want it sparkling, clean and dry when I get back from my shower. Then I’ll have chores for the two of you to get to…got my boys comin’ over for poker tonight…and we’re gonna have one hell of a partay!”

Rubbing his balls, he headed for the bathroom, as the Pussy buried his face in the wet crack of his girlfriend.

It was turning out to be a fucking fine morning!

Irate (2)

first part can be found here

She lay panting through her nose. Curling away from the driver of the moving van, she used the edge of her index finger to start prying the duct tape away from her mouth.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Mz. Tucker.” The words carried a fair warning. How the fuck had he seen her? Peering around the interior of the van, she caught the flash of silver. A mirror. There were small mirrors on the interior. She whimpered.

Rage transformed to fear as the miles rolled away under the van tires. Her wrists hurt from the bindings, she was sweating, and she was hoping that somehow, someway, she could convince them to let her go.

For a short while the van had been stopped, but she could neither hear, nor see why. Yet, a few minutes later,  Will, who was driving her car, came to the window. She heard the rattle of paper, as he handed Boss  a bag. She smelled fries and a burger. She felt her tummy roll, the fast bite of nausea.  Yet, they both ignored her.

“Ready to roll?”

“Yup, I’m good. You need to pee? I can watch the van.”

Boss  declined, and turning the wheel, got underway again.

Unless she moved he paid her no mind; she preferred it that way, really.  The beginnings of a plan came to her. If she could shimmy down towards the back doors, perhaps she could use her foot to open one. Or failing that, be ready to jump out and run when the door did open. She toed off her high-heeled pumps, and stretched a bit. She saw the bastard glance back at her, then turn back to the front. Apparently she hadn’t alarmed him with her small movements.

Her stomach was growling; the morning coffee and stingy three bites of her croissant were but a distant memory, when she felt the rumble of road changing. They slowed, driving a bit further, before rolling to a slow stop. She sat up, head bowed as if in surrender.

The Bastard parked the van, pocketing the key. He came out and around the back. When the door opened, she kicked at him, slid out and ran…right into the arms of Will, who had parked beside them, unbeknownst to her. She whimpered low in her throat. Fuck!

He took a fistful of hair and smacked her face sharply.

“Bad slut! Bad!”

He dragged her over to the other man. “Tell the Boss  you’re sorry.” He shook her head, bringing tears to her eyes. She muttered behind the tape.

He shook her again. “Not sincere enough. Try again whore, or you’ll be in big fucking trouble.”

She looked up into the big man’s face. His eyes were …amused. Was this some sort of fucking game to them? She shook her head, vehemently. “no”

The Boss held a small keyfob in his hand. With the same smile on his face, he depressed a button.

The pain was excruciating…it bit through her throat, slamming through her body like a thousand needles. She fell to her knees, whimpering.

“That’s a fine place to be, slut,” came Will’s voice from behind her somewhere. Through a fog she felt her skirt being raised, her panties pulled down her thighs. Her face lay in the weed-choked verge, tears and snot gluing sand to her cheeks, when she felt a cock pressing into her. She shook with the lingering traces of the shocking jolt, unable to stop him from sliding his cock into her pussy.


“Happens sometimes with the shocker. Saves on lube, right?” Boss laughed. His sneaker clad feet were right in front of her face. She felt his large hand tangle in her hair, lifting her head, even as she felt the thudding of hips against her ass. She was dizzy, woozy from shock and lack of air. With a quick tug, he pulled the tape from her mouth, then the cloth. She squealed.

“Your mouth is better put to use this way, Mz. Tucker, rather than ranting and raging at two guys who came all this way just to help you out. Now you’re going to show us just how grateful you can be. And Mz. Tucker? If you try biting my cock, I’ll be removing your teeth for you.”

In seconds, his piss-scented cock was pressing against her lips. A sharp tug on her hair made her gasp, and he slid his cock deep into her mouth.

“Will, is your cock nice and wet in this bitch’s pussy? Coz her mouth is sure nice and hot… and she’s gonna suck my dick until it’s nice and hard. When I’m done,  we can switch and she can clean you up. Won’t you, Mz. Tucker? You’ll suck all your pussy juice and his jizm from his cock?”

She stared up at him, as he jolted his hips forward, and buried his half-hard cock  down her throat. She gagged, tried to shake her head, but only choked further on the cock growing ever harder and longer in her mouth.

“You’ll like it. Pussy tastes great. And semen? Well, let’s just say, you’ll grow to like it before we get you all moved into your new home. You surely will, Mz. Tucker.”

His words trailed off as he continued to thrust into her mouth. Her lips were stretched around the fattest cock she’d ever seen. Her lovers, to a man, had all been of the more modest size. This monstrosity was going into her vagina? No …there was absolutely no way the thing would fit. She’d be torn apart.

She was rocked back and forth by the cocks in her pussy and mouth. There was a loud groan, and fingers biting into her hips as Will spurted his come inside of her. She wondered, for a moment, about disease. And then, realized she hadn’t been on the pill in several months.

Holy fuck. This couldn’t get any worse.

Drunk (2)

She woke when the first splash of cold water hit her tits. Shaking her head, she realized two things. The first was that she was kneeling on a very cold floor; the second was that her hands and upper body were tied to a sawhorse kind of contraption, which was bolted to the floor.

Her arms were spread out like she was a soaring eagle, her knees were held apart by some kind of bar-and- strap thing.

Oh, and she was naked.

She hadn’t been that drunk, had she? There was another splatter of water and she lifted her head. In front of her was a man, holding a spray bottle.  He was naggingly familiar. He was old, and neatly dressed, and seated in a rattan chair.

Which was rather incongruous in a blue-tiled bathroom.  She tried to see if there were other fixtures around but all she saw was a rank of tiles.

“Good you are awake and right on schedule. You may begin Madeline.” He placed the bottle on the floor under the chair.

“Wait!” she yelped. “Who are you? Why am i here? I need to go home.”

“My name is of no matter. If you choose to address me, you may call me Sir. You will speak to me in respectful tones, no matter how upset you are. This is your training period. And you came to me. Your family has been notified that you have taken refuge here, which they have accepted. To the outside world, we are a retreat where one may come to ‘find their inner light’. In reality, you will be trained to be a proper companion to men.”

She stared at him. She was missing something, she was sure of it. His nod made her nervous. She felt a probing…in her ass?!

“HEY!” she yelped, yet she was unable to move her arms or legs to prevent the intrusion. There was a faint metallic scraping sound, a gurgle, and suddenly a feeling of heat and warmth in her asshole.

“NO!” she shrieked.

“If you yell again, you will be gagged. The enema will help to clear your body of the toxins that you have been polluting it with. Today you will fast, and become cleansed.”


Calmly the man rose from his chair and slapped her across her face. In seconds, a hard rubber ball was pressed behind her teeth and a leather buckle was fastened around the back of her head.  At the same time, her belly cramped.

She needed to shit. Her belly was swelling with fluid and she was aching and crampy and needing to crap and she couldn’t talk and she was so fucking scared.

This guy was some fucking-assed weirdo and she was at his  mercy. Another cramp made her moan, made her sag.

“Remove the nozzle.” His words were calm.

She didn’t know there was a bucket behind her. The moment the tubing came out of her hole, a flow of dirty liquid followed. The smell was horrendous. Her belly seized up again, making her whimper as foul water flowed from her. The sound of liquid shit was almost as appalling as the smell.

After a few minutes the liquid had drained. A few farts followed. Her belly eased, though she felt quivery and light-headed.


Her head snapped up and she glared at him. Mumbling behind the gag, shaking her head furiously, he just cocked his head and smiled that supercilious smile. She remembered him sitting behind a desk, but didn’t recall the whole of it. She felt the tubing press up her butt hole again. She tried to squeeze it shut, but she was weak and the woman behind her was implacable. Once more she heard the squeak, the rushing gurgle of water.

In seconds her belly filled again. The cramps came faster, her body trembled.

“Turn off the flow, and put the plug in her asshole,” He ordered.

“For your impertinence, you will be forced to hold that fluid in your belly for 15 minutes. If I need to speak to you again about your tone, you will be filled again, and forced to hold it for 30 minutes. Your fate, the control of your pain lies with you.”

He stared into her eyes. She felt the tears start. The plug stretched her asshole, hurting it. Her gut was twisted and wracked with cramps, and she shivered with the need to release the belly full of liquid she was forced to contain.

“While we wait, we will begin your first lesson on pain.” He crossed the room to the chair, and picked up a thin stick of wood. Returning to stand in front of her, he slapped her right tit with it. She reared upwards, straightening her back, which made her belly roil.

Cramps threatened to make her scream with pain, yet he methodically slapped her tit again and again. Occasionally he hit her nipple, which hurt so intensely,  but eventually her entire breast was covered with thin red welts. Every hit made her gurgle behind the gag, made her arch or quiver with the pain of it, which made her belly cramp.

There was a faint ding from behind her.

“There now, didn’t that time go by quickly?” He looked down at her. He wasn’t smiling. “Release her plug,” he said and stepped away. The flow from her ass was less vile this time, but there was no less relief in finally being allowed to let go. Her belly hitched, and for a fear-filled moment, she thought she might vomit. She breathed through her nose, and calmed herself.

His finger lifted her chin.

“Better,” he said.

“Again,” he ordered, still looking at her, but speaking to the unseen woman behind her. “Fill and plug just like last time, but use the  number four  rather than the two.”

She cried as her belly filled for the third time. She was shaking with fear, shock, and the rough treatment of her innards.

“Tomorrow will be better,” he said. “The faster you learn your place, and follow the rules, the easier each day will become. Again, how much punishment and pain is under your control. Good girls get rewards. Bad girls…..”

He paused, and drew a breath as he looked down at her. His expression was grim.

She shivered, thinking she didn’t really want to know what happened to bad girls. Again the flow of water, the release of the tubing, was accompanied by the plug being shoved up her asspipe. It felt like a fucking shoe was being shoved up there. Tears trickled down her cheeks, rolling down to splash on her tits.

His fingers pinched her nipples, the sore one and the untouched one. She whimpered.

“And now the vibe.”

She felt something press against her pussy lips. It was big, and cold. It was pressed up inside her warm hole, and she felt the press of it, with her ass and belly filled with liquid, much more intensely.

Straps were fastened around her waist, pulled tight, holding the thing inside her pussy.  There was a faint click, and then the vibrations began.  Despite the pain in her belly, the sensation in her cunt was intensely erotic.

“Before your enema is complete, you will have several orgasms. They will be painful, yet delightful. And thus we begin, braiding pain and pleasure into your body.”

She closed her eyes and tried to fight the feelings, but they grew, rather than diminished. He was right again.

He was going to make her cum, despite the cramps fluttering through her abdomen.

Where the hell was she?

Drunk (1)

She weaved her way out of the bar.

‘nerve of people’s some children’ she giggled drunkenly. The doofus at the bar really thought she’d go out and suck his dick because he bought her a drink or 4 or 5?

Jeebers! The stink of piss on him was enough to put her off men entirely. Why didn’t guys realize that their dicks smelled like piss factories after a day? Or maybe he was one of those “green” guys who didn’t shower but once a week and used sand to scrub so he didn’t make pollution.

She tried to say it several times.



“p’lshun, ther!” Proof she wasn’t that drunk, she nodded to herself.

She wove her way down the sidewalk, passing alarmingly from one side of the walkway to the other, giggling to herself. Her tall, red, fuck-me shoes had been worn to make Joey regret standing her up in case he’d shown up.

He hadn’t.

Her hips swayed, and she eventually made her way to where a cab was parked at the side of the road. She tugged on the door.

” ‘pen up, fool,” she growled, then giggled.  She pulled again.

“Y’r fuckn door won’ opn,” she sing-songed. There was a sound of locks disengaging and she slid inside.

The car rolled away from the curb as she tried, unsuccessfully, to attach her seat belt. She watched the lights stream past, the crowds of people ebbing and flowing. They stopped at a traffic light, and she looked at the driver in the rearview. Their eyes met and she gave a brief smile, then looked back out the window. She didn’t notice him texting with his left hand before the light turned green, absorbed as she was in a survey of women and their hem lengths.

They drove on when the light changed, and it grew darker, less commercial.  She fell into a light doze, waking as they pulled up at a brownstone house.  She pulled a $20 from her microbag, and opened the door. She fumbled with the handle. There was a click and the door opened. A tall man stood outside, holding open the door, and took her hand to help her rise from the seat.

She didn’t notice the $20 was still in her hand. The doorman took it from her, tucking it back into her purse. He helped her up the steps.  Wait. There weren’t 11 steps up to her house were there? She turned to recount, giggling to herself, but the man steering her pulled her onward.

“sokay,” she smiled up at him blearily, “i’m just a weeee bit drunk. You’re a cutie pie aren’t you. So handsome in your suit. i love a guy in a suit. Joey would tell you i just love a guy, but really you are..”

She would have continued on her rambling talk, but he opened the door and led her into a foyer. No, she was not at her home. The ceilings rose to  a four-pointed arch, with a graceful crystal chandelier spilling drops of light along the white marble floor.  Before she could do more than tilt her head back and stare dizzily at the magnificence, he tugged her on to where one half of a double door was nocked open.

This room was much more opulent than the foyer, but in a very subdued, manly way. The rich burgundy drapes looked like they were silk rather than the more traditional velvet. On the floor, a Turkish rug added warmth and color to what might otherwise have been oppressively dark.


Her eye was keen, though her brain was dulled. The antique desk was certainly 19th century, and perfectly preserved. The man sitting behind the desk was also antique-looking. He was old, wizened, and fussily turned out. His tie was perfect, his white hair was perfectly groomed, and his visage was a bit sobering.

His eyes were stern and dark, his mouth a forbidding slash on his face. She felt herself knocked a bit out of her delicious drunk, and resented him for it.

“W’re you?” she slurred, though she straightened her spine and tried to intimidate. She was after all, a Claridge.

“Your breath smells like the back door of a distillery. It is certainly not at all attractive. The amount of spirits in your system do nothing to enhance your femininity. In point of fact, they do much to detract from the fact that you have a pretty face.”

Why the fucking nerve of the little pompous bastard!

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” she leaned forward, a precarious choice given her level of inebriation and the height of her heels. A small drop of spit flew from her mouth and landed on his desk. With a glare of dislike, he pulled his handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped the smut away. He shook his head, and looked to the footman.

“This one is practically hopeless,” he said.

“She put herself in the car,” Tomas replied, “must’ve been fate. She’s just what Danvers has been looking for.”

“True. But so much work, so little time. Look at her.” He shook his head, tucking the neatly refolded fabric back into his pocket. He stared at her for a long moment, as she looked between he and the footman. She was very confused. What the fuck was going on here?

With a heartfelt sigh, the little man waved his hand in her general direction.

“Fine, fine, we’ll take her, but I’ll not put up with much. While I understand Danvers’ need, this one will require stringent methods to bring her around to tolerable, let alone acceptable to my standards.”

“That’s why you’re the best, boss,” replied Tomas, cheekily.

“Take her upstairs and settle her in. Do medicate her so that we may begin the detoxification immediately. She can sleep some of it off, but I want her cognizant by…”  and he snapped open a fussy pocket watch…”by  11:00 tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Sir!” Tomas replied smartly, and with a little bow, pulled his charge from the room.

“I don’t understand, where are we going?” She tried tugging her arm away from his hand, but his grip was strong. A woman stood in the foyer, holding a silver tray with a syringe upon it.

“Thank you, Madeline.”

Tomas, with great efficiency, took the syringe, and plunged the needle into her arm. It was impossible to break his grip, and before he was even done putting it back on the tray, she felt herself falling into a gray mist.

She never felt him heft her over his shoulder and carry her up the long winding staircase, while Madeline oogled his ass.

The Shortcut

it’s been a while since i wrote a rape story. Not for the faint of heart, my friends…

She was late. Again. She glanced at her watch, grimaced at the readout. Fuck! Practice had gone over, long over what she had told her ride. The rule was, if she wasn’t there within 5 minutes of the pick up time, Janine would just take off.

She hated when practice went over by this much. Now she’d have to scramble to get to the bus stop before the last bus swung by. The sky was  the color of dark denim, and a few stars popped out towards the east. The sun’s glow was only a memory as she decided to take the shortcut down the alley behind the old theater. Too early for footpads, too late for most, she figured she’d be the only one scurrying through.

Even with the shortcut she’d still be cutting it close on timing the bus.

She picked up her pace. Her purse jangled as she near-jogged, and she heard her keys rattle. That wouldn’t be good, losing them here in the inky blackness of the alley. She could see the road at the far end, and took her eyes away from that beacon for a moment, to settle her keys more deeply inside her bag.

She slammed into something.

A pair of arms grabbed her, and something was stuffed into her mouth. She tried to fight but it was no use. She was being held too tightly, and in the darkness she could see nothing. She tried lifting her knee, twisting and turning.

She felt hands putting something on her head, pulling it down, taking away even the light of the stars. No words were spoken, only the loud thudding of her heart. She was lifted, something wrapped around her ankles before she could kick out.

Her mewling was loud in her head, but too quiet to be heard. She was thrown over a shoulder, breath whooshing out with a hard gasp at the sudden contact, and then dizzied as her head flopped down. She heard the bang of a door, the sound of feet scuffing on stairs, a low voice, a soft laugh.

“As easy as that?”


More laughter. She was crying now, and thought she might puke. Fear and her head bobbling along, bouncing off this guys butt made her stomach do flip-flops. Somehow, tossing her cookies didn’t seem like  a good idea, held like this, and mouth already full of some disgusting tasting fabric.

Another door opened, and there was the murmur of a tv in the background. She was dropped unceremoniously onto something that gave under her. The sudden change in position disoriented her further, and before she could take advantage of the freedom of movement, she felt hands on her.

She fought to take the cover off her head, but the punch in her belly made her double up and moan around the gag.

“You don’t fuckin’ move unless you’re told to, got it cunt?”

Weakly she nodded.

“You do, and so help me you’ll be messed up so fucking bad you’ll wish we killed you. We won’t. We just wanna have a little partay with you, sweetums.  Been awhile since we had us some fine uptown pussy.

Hands were touching her breasts through her clothing, groping at her crotch.  She whimpered, trying to shake her head ‘no’…to move away. But there was no away.

She tried to pull a hand off her chest, only to be slapped, hard. Her ears rung, her head spun. Her nose throbbed where it had caught the edge of the blow.  The hands turned from caressing her to ripping and tearing at her. She heard the shocking sound of fabric being shredded, felt the cool air across belly and thighs. Her slacks were gone, her shirt, gone.

A cold metal touch made her whimper in fear. The knife played across her chest, then sliced through each bra strap, then danced across the rounded tops of her tits.  It slid, slowly, between them, and ever so gently, parted the garment as if it were made of butter.  Her tits fell free from the restraining cups, and several loud, lewd whistles filled the room.

“Wooooohooo! Look at them tits!”

“Man, you fucking hit the jackpot to-nite, man! I can’t wait to tittyfuck those motherfuckers! My cock jes got hard as a rock. Oh man I love them big knockers!”

She wanted to melt into the mattress with humiliation. Her large breasts had been the bane of her life. The first hard smack of a hand across one full tit made her arch with surprise, and pain.

“Lookit it bounce! ” There was a second slap and a flurry of others. Their amusement at the heaving of her chest in response was further embarrassment. And then her fucking nipples responded. It was the shock, the cold in the room, she was sure. But as soon as her large, distended nipples rose up, they were pulled, bitten, sucked, and used to lift her big tits up, and drop them, bouncing, to her chest.

The bag was pulled off her head, the gag removed. The room was dimly lit, but from what she could see, there were four guys on the bed with her. And a very large, dark cock right in front of her face. The head looked as big around as her fist.

“You’re gonna be a good fuck-bitch and suck my dick. You’re gonna suck it good and hard and with effort, and if you use teeth on my cock, I’ll rip your ears offa your head, and when you let it go, my buddies and I will knock and pull every fucking tooth outta your fucking mouth with this,” and he brandished an evil-looking set of pliers at her.

“Got it, cunt?”

Wide eyed, she nodded fast, yes, she got it. “Then what the fuck are you waiting for, open that fuckin’ pie hole, you dumb fuck!”

Her eyes widened, her mouth opened and he began to force that big head between her lips. His torso completely blocked out whatever else was going on, but she felt a second cock pushing at her pussyhole. She wanted to scream to yell, but he was still holding that fucking tool in his hands.

She was so fucking scared.

“Hey! This cunt is wet! What a fucking whore you found us, bro!”

Hands pulled on her tits, as the big cock in her mouth began to move deeper. Gods she had never deep-throated anyone before and she was terrified he would choke her, kill her.

She saw the headline. Women suffocated on unknown substance. Wouldn’t that look good on the local news at 5 a.m. She felt the gag, the retch as he hit the back of her throat, the pain of her muscles closing trying to swallow reflexively. At the same time, she felt her cunt stretching around a second large cock. So hard to focus…no breath, and pain in the pussy.

“You in?” she heard someone say. Her body was lifted, turned shifted by the men and she felt fingers poking at her asshole.

Now she did scream around the choking cock. He pulled back, then pressed forward again, her scream trapped by the head of his dick.

He moaned. ‘Oh baby, yeah, I love it when you yell around my cock…the vibes run right up the head and into my balls. Go ‘head, and scream, sugarpie, only makes it better for big Daddy.”

He pulled out as she gasped for breath, tears, snot, spit greasing her face. He grabbed her by her hair and pressed slowly into her mouth.

“Mmmmhot and wet. Use your tongue to lap around my head as it slides inside you. That’s right, whore, just like that..gonna go slow and easy so you feel my cock gagging you. You breathe coz of me, cunt, and I’m not gonna let you forget it. So you work my cock good, and if you make me cum, I’ll give you a nice reward.”

More poking at her asshole distracted her. The man buried in her pussy hadn’t moved since he’d bucked his pole into her, but a third cock was joining the party.

And shamefully, she felt her pussy get wetter. A lifelong masturbation fantasy. Gods she hoped they didn’t kill her. Intentionally or by overuse. How much could a girl take, she wondered.

She felt the cock press its way up into her backside, stretching her backdoor wide. The burning, ripping feeling  made her moan around the cock in her mouth, making him moan. Hands grabbed her tits, using them for leverage, as she was suddenly the foci for three cocks.

As if by unspoken decree, they began fucking her in near-unison. The cock in her mouth, slowly heading deeper and deeper into her throat. The cock in her asshole pumping fast and furious, and the rod in her cunt at a pace somewhere between the two others.

It was discordant. It was painful. She was so afraid.

She was so turned on.

The cock in her mouth twitched in warning, and he pulled back, and poured his juice into her mouth, across her face, jetting the last globs onto her titties. He watch the thickness ooze across her, then rubbed it into her cheeks, her nipples.

Sliding up, he sat on her face. “Good job whore, time for your treat! Stick that salty tongue up my asshole now. You tonguefuck my butthole good, slut, and my cock’ll be hard in no time!”

She shuddered. What choice did she have. Her tongue lapped at his anus. It did not smell nice and freshly showered, but like an ass that hadn’t been washed in some time. Stale urine, body odor swirled around her, and she gagged. Her tongue stretched forwards again, and he farted.

And laughed.


In the brightness of morning, she blinked, bleary-eyed. The sky was a blue beacon above her. The pavement was cold under her ass. She was wearing a white tee-shirt and nothing else. Her purse, with a $20 sticking out of it, was beside her.

Getting slowly, painfully to her feet, she made her way to the bus stop. She smelled booze. They must’ve given her some to drink. Her head hurt. Her jaw ached. Her lip throbbed. Her pussy and ass hurt, and felt sticky and gross.

At home, she looked in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes, and a bruise on her cheek. Her lip was split and swollen. Her tits, when she slipped off the shirt, were covered in bruises and bite marks. White flecks of dry cum painted her body.

She showered for a long time.

It was while she was drying off that she remembered the $20. Odd, she’d had the bus fare of $4.50 in the front pocket. She didn’t remember having a $20 in there.

She pulled it out. A postynote was stuck inside the folded bill.

“Got your address off your license. See you around….”

i always feel like i gotta say the politically correct thing after a piece like this. Remember…it’s fantasy folks. i don’t condone non-consent. But let’s face some facts…the percentage of us who have rape fantasies is very high. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, he’s done it, she’s done it. By done it, i mean thought about it. It’s a fantasy, boys and girls…nuff said. ~n~

Naughty Masturbation Fantasy

okay, here it is, the first dark oogly tale…you’ve read variations on this theme here before, as i’ve danced around this naughty fantasy. It is also a fantasy that has multiple “chapters” which, when i’m “engaged in activities,”  i switch around to suit my mood. This will be version one, chapter one. oh, and sin? it’s l-o-n-g….verrah long…(one might say…suitably long?! *laugh*)
He approached me in the bar, his buddies grinning behind him like the drunken louts they are. He asks me to dance, but i refuse. He hangs around me at the bar, and since i am a pretty polite person, i talk to him–mostly answering his questions, not curtly, but succinctly, hoping he’ll grow bored and go the fuck away.

Yeah, just my luck he is persistent. I wonder why i even came here? i’m not a bar sort of girl. Too loud, too stinky, and i hell, can buy booze i *like* at the liquor store and drink at home if i want to. The drinks here are either watered or simply bad. But. Here i am.

I excuse myself to go to the ladies room, thinking i’ll have one more drink, and then go. The music is decent, and that helps. The people-watching is excellent, and good story fodder. Who is here with whom, and who is hunting?

i return to the bar, and yes indeed, Mr. Persistent is *still* there.

“I got you another of those” he says, pointing to a fresh new Screwdriver on the bar.

i smile, a bit tersely. This guy was really hoping here.

“okay, thanks but look, Mr…”

“Bill,” he interjected.

“Bill,” i say, “i just want you to know, this isn’t going anywhere. i’m not here looking for a date, or to have sex…nothing like that. Just here to listen to the music, have a few drinks, that’s all.”

“Sure, sure, fine, but you can do that with a little company, right?” he says. His face is puppy-dog innocent. i’m not completely fooled, but yanno, i’m not used to such direct come-ons. I’m sure i can handle one hopeful fellow.

“okay, just, you know Bill, kind of laying out the ground rules.”

“Right. No sex on the first date.”

i laugh a bit at his tone. “It’s not a date! i only just met you.”

“Hey, a guy can hope, right?”

i glance over at his friends, making a bit rowdy at a table not too far away.

He catches my look, runs a gentling hand down my arm, tracing his finger on the back of my hand. i hate that i feel a tingly response to that brief touch.

“Hey, you know how guys are…we come in together but if someone finds a hot lady, like I have, all bets are off. We don’t tend to travel in posses like you women do!”

And he laughed. A nice rich laugh. i admit it, i’m a sucker for a guy with a good laugh.

The drink was making me mellow. I also felt warm and tingly. Not sexual tingly. Not really. But the conversation flowed and as i came to the end of my drink,  i was sorry, a bit, that it was time for me to go.

“it was nice meeting you, Bill,” i say with a light touch on his arm. Daringly, i lean forward and kiss his cheek. He turns his head and we wind up in a liplock. His hand rises to the back of my head, holding me there, and i relent. His tongue slips between my lips and slides across mine, tracing my lips, my inner mouth, exploring.

An arrow of pure lust shoots straight to my pussy, and i struggle to pull away. NFW! i am not not not going to leave here and fuck a stranger. He releases me, and still holding my head close, he slowly licks his lips, making an “mmmmmmmm” sound.


i feel my nipples grow hard, but i deny my body, and say “bye” in a breathless tone.

I turn to leave. The noise is very loud, the press of bodies, intense. I feel a bit light-headed, woozy. Geeze apparently two drinks is my limit…and i’d had three. I make my way towards the exit sign, blurry-eyed.

Stepping out into the fresh night, i shake my head in an attempt to clear it, but the haze gets stronger. i take a deep breath, and feeling like i’m going go fall, i stagger across the parking lot, wondering how the fuck i am going to drive myself ho………
Cool air over my pussy.

A vibrator pressing against my clit, rubbing up and down my slit. i feel the wetness. For a moment, it’s all i can focus on. Velvet black darkness, and the feel of cool air and clitoral stimulation.


i shake my head a bit. Did i fall asleep while fucking myself? It wouldn’t be the first time i had. But how was i moving the vibe in my sleep?

So fuckingly muzzy-headed.

i move to stretch.

i am already stretched.  i can’t move a fucking inch. What the fuck is going on here?

i try to lift my head, to see what and where i am. i can’t see a fucking damn thing…but i can feel….constricted.  Arms pegged wide, when i twist them i can feel a rope. It’s tight, constricting but not painful. I try to bend my knees, to close my legs, but like my arms they too are splayed open. i can’t get enough slack to even bend my knee a fraction. i toss my head and murmur.

“aaahhh, here’s our little slut princess, wakey wakey….”

The voice is somehow familiar, the tone, mocking.

“She’s slept long enough, let’s get to the good stuff man…” another male voice over to the left.

“Yeah, why did we have to wait for her to wake up, anyway? a cunt is usable whether the eyes are open or not…” yet another voice, from the right.

“w-who is that? where am i”….my voice is gravely, husky, soft.

“Well, slut princess, you’re with us, so you’ll be fine. Well fucked, but fine. Except..that little condition, no sex on the first date, slut?” there was a tut-tut sound, and a tone of false regret.

“I’m afraid we simply can’t accommodate that little thing. Coz….yannoooo slut? You cunt is wet. We’ve been playing with you for quite a while and your body is very responsive. Lovely hard nipples…”

he pauses, and i feel a squeeze on my  left nipple, then my right. The sensation is zipped right down to my pussy, and my clit throbs, as the vibe continues its slow dance up and around it. i can’t stop the moan any more than i can stop the tide.

“Thing is, slut, we’re going to use you. Use you hard, and rough, and for as long as we want to. And we’ll make sure you cum. Coz if you go running off to the cops later, they’ll find your pussy juice all over the place as well as our cum…and it will look like buyers regret. Course, you can try going that route, but all those pictures we’ll be taking of you…well, lets just say there are places that will publish them, no questions asked. Got it?”

i’m moaning with fear now, and i’m so turned on at the same time.

“I. Don’.t Want. This.” i am crying now, and tossing my head, helpless.

“Sure you do, slut. Your cunt is empty, and throbbing, and I can guarantee that you’ll come in seconds after I do this…” and i feel the vibe slipping down my slit, then up and pressing hard against my clit. He pulls it away and thrusts it, hard and deep, into my cunt. My body arches as he fucks the vibe in and out, in and out.  Shamefully, in seconds, i am cumming. Hard.

i scream out my orgasm, then lay spent and panting when he withdraws the vibe. i feel the bed shift, feel him moving over me, feel the probing of a hot and hard cock at the entrance to my soaked and throbbing cunthole.

“See, slut,”  he growls in my ear as his cock begins to stab into me, then out, short little jabs of his rod, “you want this. Fuckin’ little whore, tell me you want this cock inside your fucking dirty hole…

His cock slips in and out, only the head, rubbing against my  inner lips, slipping and popping into and out of my body. I feel my cunt grabbing at him, feel the forbidden need rising in me, the need to fuck building, rising, like a tidal wave, unable to be held back.,
and i know he won’t fuck me until he has me begging for him to use me.

“It’s not rape when you’re begging for my cock, whore; i know you want my cock jammed up inside your steaming fuckhole. You’re so fucking wet, so fucking hot. I feel your pussy begging for it, little cock whore.”

my control breaks then, and i whimper. I can’t see him, and i know that he and his cronies have blindfolded me. Robbed of vision, sensations explode along my body. i feel his fingers pinching my nipple as he waits.

‘I’ll wait for you, I know you want it, say it, say it fuckhole…tell me you want my dick up in your belly…”

Broken, i begin to cry, and beg. “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me …”
Chapter break…..and oh,  have you cum yet? okay…. this ends part one and i *know* sin is going wait, wait –where is that dirty lil thrill on the end…it’s coming, it really is…just…not yet. I’m writing it the way i fantasize it. Promise. Coz yanno? there are those two other guys….