Question Month Q. 2

Olivia asked: is there a kinky thing you’ve never done that you’d like to try, given the right opportunity?

I did think about this a lot while it snowed today. (yes, frikking snowed a nor’easter AGAIN! 3rd one in 10 days…!)

So, I’ve done a lot in the last 9 years. That’s not a braggy thing, btw, just a statement of fact. But there are things I haven’t done because they are not my kink, nor M’s. He has a very clear guideline–if there’s something HE wants to try, we’ll do it. He’ll entertain ideas of things I might want and consider them, but not necessarily do them. I had sex with a visitor that he lined up, while He watched and took pix. I’ve had nipple pain/beating, anal sex, and the last playtime, bondage to the bed so that I could not move. (That was a big one for me, verrrry hawt!)

Is there something I haven’t done that I’d like?

I’ve had a long fascination with having my nipples pierced, but now? I dunno. M has cautioned against it because he could really hurt me with them. He’s very nipple-centric? And because I’m older, and my skin is not youthful and forgiving, it could do damage, which both of us would like to avoid. (He’s not opposed to hurting me, but damaging me is something he’s very careful about.)

I like the idea of an anal hook, but I’ll confess I’m not a huge fan of anal to begin with. I also confess that I cum like an anal whore when He fucks my ass, so…yeah.

I think the only thing I haven’t tried that I might like to explore is wax play…and that’s a pretty tame thing isn’t it? Have I disappointed all you pervie peeps? I watch porn GIFs and videos etc, and while I find the stuff on there mostly erotic, it’s mostly stuff that’s really nasty that gets me off, while NOT being something I want to experience. Like being fucked by a roomful of people. Or beaten to unconsciousness and fucked. It’s great to masturbate to, but not so much for real life, yanno?

Maybe some of that is how long I’ve been in the kink world, and some is how infrequently M and I have gotten together…it’s been 7 months since I last saw him IRL. Seven. Fucking. Months. And maybe some of it is my age. I hate to say I’m more wary because for so long I was a total “throw caution to the wind” kind of slut. As an older person, I feel more…breakable? Plus, in my job, I need to be in good physical shape or I can’t work. So, I’m not jaded, but my vanilla life (and lack of play) has definitely narrowed my needs down to the simple basics: fuck me brainless, spank me, beat my tits, fuck my face…

All the rest is just, at least for now, fantasy.

Thanks for asking, Olivia!

A Question for Question Month!

Jz writes:

They’ve given you a trophy:
“World’s Best __________”
What is written in the blank?

Thanks for a really challenging question, Jz!! I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. She wrote this days ago and still I ponder. What am I really good at? Well, a cop out answer is “being me”…but I doubt that they give anyone a trophy for that.

And then I think “Liar”…because this whole life on the other side of the slash is a complete lie to the vanilla side of my life. With the exception of two friends who share my proclivities, and my M, no one in my vanilla life even has an inkling of who I am on the inside. It’s been 10 years since my “awakening”, an event that was triggered by one of the darkest periods in my marriage. Ten years — a DECADE — since I discovered that there was a name for these longings, for the dirty nasty things I like, that turn me on, that make me wet, that make me cum. Ten years since I discovered my inner slut.

And then I wonder if “Worlds Best Liar” fits, you know? “Worlds Best” is pretty big league- I’m thinking Bernie Madoff kind of big. Of course, he wasn’t the best liar, because he did get caught…

And liar has such a negative connotation. There’s guilt involved. The guilt of deception, because I’m one way in my day to day, and another way in my head. In here. Where I can write out my fantasies, and share them with other like-minded peeps. Like you.

And then I think…well, I’ll bet YOU don’t walk around wearing a vest with all your D/s badges on them, right? You don’t have an “I’M A FUCKING ASSHOLE DOM” button that you wear to the grocery store, right? Nor a “I’M A CUNT” or “I’LL FUCK YOU” or “USE MY HOLES” when you’re going to the mall, right?

Not in real life.

This … thing… we do, who we are when we do it…it’s real. It’s real to us, and our partner(s). It’s real in the moment, in our domination and our submission. That’s not a lie.

We have, each in our own way, learned to balance the dark with the vanilla, our needs versus our daily life, knowing that it’s really pretty much impossible to be out living openly as a Dom, or as a submissive and still be in the world, adulting. It’s not just about the sex…it’s about the core of who we are. Many submissives are strong and, if not exactly dominant in their daily lives, are at least in strong leadership roles. And I’m sure there are dominants out there who are not the boss at their jobs, who have to follow directions from someone above them.

We have to get along in our world, after all.

What we bring to our relationships is that other. The part of us that is tamped down during the many hours, days, weeks that our vanilla lives demand from us. Having time to do, to be, who we really are with our Dom or our sub? That’s freedom from the reality of life. After all, would I really want my entire life to be stuck in some Dom’s cellar, used only for the holes i have?

Oh hell no.  But it’s a fantasy that never fails to make me have the most intense orgasm!

And now, I’ve strayed a bit from that trophy title haven’t I? But I needed to sort through all the thoughts that have been rolling around in my noggin since I read it. I’m not the worlds best writer because I don’t follow all the rules for writing perfection, and my style isn’t for everyone (then again, neither is Tolstoy, and War and Peace is a classic…).  I’m thinking of all the things I’m not…ruling out my award. Maybe it’s time I think about what I am…a good friend, a good mom, a good pet mom, a good gardener, and a decent cook. I’m great at swearing, working hard, not giving up, and being creative. But what would you give me an award for?

Oh. Oh I know. I know what I’m really, really REALLY good at.

Worlds Best HUGGER