sex dump

another view of submission…not my usual sweetness and sunshine…i’m feeling a bit dark and moody. Man, do I need to be fucked and beaten! ~n~

He held her down by her neck, face canted roughly to the side where she had fallen.

He wanted to fuck. She heard his zipper come down, the sibilant hiss the only warning that he was ready to use her holes.

She’d been cooking dinner. She’d looked up at him, exasperated, when he’d come in, saying he was hungry.

“I’m making your dinner now. You’re early you know.”

That was as far as she’d gotten before he’d pulled her up by her throat, slammed her against the counter, and slapped her face. It wasn’t a violent blow, but a quick, sharp reminder of her place. She slid down his body to her knees, landing between his spread thighs, between his dirty work boots. Freshly shelled peas had flown all over the kitchen floor. She felt the pop as she knelt on one.

His hunger lay in another direction.

His jeans smelled of man-piss and dirt. He ground his denim-covered groin against her face. The fabric was old and worn, but still rough enough to scratch her nose. The back of her head banged against the lower cabinet door as he pressed against her. Whimpering, she grabbed around his calves and fought for breath.

Fingers coiled in her tresses, pulling her along with sharp tugs, across the floor on her knees. The kitchen linoleum yielded to the hall rug, and still he tugged her. Up the stairs on her knees, trying to keep pace with him and keep  hair in her scalp, she cried, yelping a bit if he moved faster than she. The pain in her head was enormous.

He’d thrown her on the bed, peeling her yoga pants down her legs, and opening her access just enough to press his thick dick into the cleft of her ass.

For a moment she thought he’d use her asshole, lubeless, and she cringed in the expectation of more pain. Instead, he pressed lower, against her pussylips, which opened easily for him. With a hard shove, he was in her,  fucking her wildly. He slapped her ass, her back, her legs as he plunged into her, rough and deep. She felt every inch of him filling her, heard the smack of his balls against her pussy.

She was wet. The trickle of her response had started in the kitchen, as He’d reminded her wordlessly of her purpose to Him.

His sex dump.

“Fuuuuuccccckkkkk,” he growled, and pressed hard into her, his fingers grabbing at her hips and pulling her down as he shoved deep, rolling his hips to wedge his thickness far into her hot, tight tunnel.

She didn’t feel the gouts of hot semen surging into her, but the reflexive grasping of his fingers timed the spurts.  He pulled out, wiping his cock on her ass, the back of her thigh.

“Feed me,” he said, as sated, he turned and thumped downstairs.

Seconds later, she heard the tv click on.

Signed (13)

She woke up in his room.

Totally disoriented, she looked around, recognizing at last the Vermeer painting on the far wall. He had that painting in his room, she recalled. She wasn’t laying on his bed, however, but on a small pallet on the floor at the foot of his bed. It was comfortable, but…it was at the foot of his fucking bed. On the fucking floor.

She sat up, frowning.

She didn’t remember coming up here or falling asleep. She remembered.


Shit. She remembered her fury, her outpouring of rage. Of…striking him. Maybe he was going to send her home.

That thought made her unaccountably sad. She wasn’t ready to go home. She had signed an agreement, and  dammit, she kept her word. Besides, what was there to go home to? Her husband was leaving, taking his shit and going where the hell ever. Her job was in hiatus; she’d arranged everything precisely to be away for 30 days. A vacation, she’d told her friends. To recover from the stress of the breakup of her marriage. They’d nodded, giving hugs and comfort. She needed the space and time to heal, they’d all said.

She rose from the floor, stretching.

She did feel better, as if something inside of her had released and just floated away. There was nothing left for her husband. When she returned home, she’d be free. It was hard to say if she was more sad…or relieved.  She shook the thought away, and moved across the room. The door opened as she approached it.

“Ah, you’re awake. Feeling better?”

She looked at him carefully. He didn’t look angry. And he had no apparent scratches or marks on him. Thank god.  She nodded.

“Did I hurt you?”

The words popped out of her mouth, unbidden. He looked surprised for a moment, then laughed.

“You never fail to amuse me, little one. Of course you didn’t hurt me. I’m glad you’re up. It’s time for dinner, and I want you to attend me.”

She straightened, looking at him. “Attend”…what the hell did that mean?

He slipped his arm around her shoulder, gave her a tug to get her moving.

“C’mon slut, I’m hungry.”

Unresisting, she let him lead her downstairs to the formal dining room.


Attached to the foremost leg of the table was a leash. Attached to the end of the leash was a very thick leather collar. It had four shiny buckles, and other hardware piled around it. She looked up at him.

He waved his hand towards the pile.

“Let’s suit you up, slut.” When she would have balked, he tugged her by her hair. He pushed her to her knees, then asked her to hand him the collar. She could see silver chains dangling from a D ring in the front, and wondered what all that was about. He put the collar around her throat.

“I”m not a dog!” she protested, putting her hands up.

“No, you are my property for the next three weeks…or have you forgotten already? Property that should be obeying, and not arguing.” He turned and looked away from her for a moment.

“You win. Give me the gag.” He tugged a five-dollar bill from his pocket, and handed it to Reg as the other man passed him a…dildo? It was short and thick and had some kind of web harness around it and..omg…did he say…gag?

“no…no..” But he pressed the short fat rubber dick into her mouth and quickly buckled it around her. Reg took her hands and fastened them behind her back. She was silenced and contained. She threw a glare over her shoulder at the bastard, Reggie.


She rolled her eyes. Her “owner” fastened the collar, unimpeded, around her neck.  It held her head up high. She didn’t exactly feel like she was choking, but her movements were strictly limited now.  She felt a sharp tug on her nipple.

“Oouu” she grunted around the gag.

There was a quick hard flick against her other nipple.

“There we go, girls,” He almost cooed at her nipples. She couldn’t bend her head to see what the fuck he was…

The pain in her nipple was immediate. Her guttural cry made him glance at her face, and smile.  And there was pain in her other nipple. She tossed her head, trying to twist…and felt the immediate tug in her left nipple.

“I see you are understanding the cause and effect here.” His smile was smug.  “Are you going to be a good and obedient girl? If not, I’ll serve myself and you will earn a punishment. What do you think? Can you be a good slut for your Master? Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a reward rather than a punishment?”

He looked down at her.  She looked up at Him.

She nodded, capitulating.

He smiled. Let the game begin.

Mechanic, working it out

Warning!   This is not for the faint of heart…the links will take you back to the story chapter by chapter to refresh you…Here be Dragons of epic proportions!  ~nilla~


He strolled around the house. Last night had ended well…for him at least. The two sluts that he’d taken possession of the day before had slept on the floor at the foot of his bed. Once during the night he’d awoken, gotten up to piss. Returning, he pulled one of them up by the hair and told it to lick his cock dry. The struggle was brief; his hold on the hair, likely the boyfuck’s hair, had been impervious to wriggling. His cock had been licked dry, and then he relaxed his grip and gotten back to bed.

When he rose, they were gone, and he wondered if they’d fled.

But when he’d come into the kitchen there they were, making breakfast and coffee. The kitchen floor had been scrubbed, and gleamed in the morning light. The scent of coffee began percolating through the room, and he noticed the counters were tidy and clean, the appliances sparkled, and the loose knob on the back door had been tightened.

He nodded, taking the mug of coffee offered to him.

“You need names. I can’t call you slut and slut. Too fucking confusing. So you,” he pointed with the mug towards Jim, “you’re a pussy.” He sneered the word out, admiring the cringe on the soft man’s face.

“Yeah. Pussy. And you…” he took a sip, looking over the rim of the mug at Angela, who had dared to raid the laundry hamper and was wearing one of his own shirts. Sexy. Impudent. Punishable. But….after she finished cooking breakfast, which looked to be the lightest pancakes he’d ever seen.

“You’re a tiger…got some sass in you, some fight…That’s okay, I don’t mind pushing you back down into your place. Makes it all the more fun for me, really.  Pussy, Tiger. ” He laughed, a hard, almost mean laugh, and took another sip of the coffee.

“Pussy, come sit under the table and suck my dick. Not hard, just keep it warm and harden it up for me. After breakfast I’m gonna put Tiger on the table and fuck her hard up her asshole.”

He loved the sudden clenching of her shoulders, the ultra rigid stance.

“no.” It was quiet and defiant.

In a heartbeat, he was up and behind her, his fist in her hair, bending her back. “You don’t get a fuckin’ vote here, cunt. You work for my work in return. And you better not burn those pancakes because they look fuckin’ delicious. And if you fuck them up, I’ll whallop the shit out of you before I fuck your ass.  Got it?”

He punctuated the last few words with a hard shake of her head with his fistful of hair. He watched the tear flow from the eye closest to him. It made his dick throb.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered.



She lay on the table, her head in the plate with the detritus of His breakfast. She could smell the syrup, and imagined the bits of leftover pancake and bacon stuck in her hair.  She, who was so fastidious, was a fucking mess. He was smacking her pussy, her legs splayed open. She dared not move them, though the pain was stinging and made her want to run screaming from this fucking house of horror.

Yet for some reason, she had stayed. She could have left last night, or this morning. Yet, she came down, cleaned, scrubbed, and prepared breakfast for Him. Soon her boyfriend had joined her, helping with the cleaning, and in some light fixing. He was a dork, but he could use a screwdriver.

“You might think you hate this, Tiger, but you’re so wet my hand is splashing. This could cause a fucking tidal wave!” He laughed. She hated when he made fun of her. She was so fucking embarrassed by being so turned on by what he kept doing to her, to Jim…Pussy. She better not fuck up and call him by his regular name or she’d be caned for it. This pussy smacking was His punishment for taking his shirt, AND for daring to wear it when he’d told them yesterday they had to be naked. She hated him. Hated him. Her cunt gushed with  His final smack.

“Pussy, get the fuck over here and lick her asshole. That’s right, yes, nice and wet and deep…stick that tongue in there. Right…lap it…lap it…come on you fucktard…wet. Your spit is the only lube this cunt is gonna get…if her ass hurts, you’re gonna hear about it, so fucking prepare her ass for my cock!”

She writhed and moaned. She hated it…she loved it. So fucking humiliating…she could feel the wetness coming from her pussy….and Ji…Pussy lapping at her…ohhhh…his tongue thrust in an out of her asshole, a soft, wet, hot precursor to something much more intense.

“Move outta my way, I got an ass to fuck.” He shoved Pussy out of the way, and pulled her down off the table.

“Turn over.  Put your hands behind and open your butt cheeks for me, that’s it, at least one of you can follow directions…yeah…oh…yeah…tight…nice…oh…shut the fuck up cunt…oooohhh, nice and hot and tight. Wait. Let’s do that again.”

He pulled his cockhead out of her ass, then pressed it against the entrance again. She whimpered, wanting to fight.

“It hurts…” she moaned as he pulled out and popped in again.

“Oh, Tiger, it is so much more fun for me when it does…” Without warning he shoved his hips forward, nearly burying his length inside her rectum. She reared up a bit, squealing and moaning.

“Pussy, reach under her there and grab her nipples. Good. pull them back down to the table, will you? Good. Don’t let them go. You hold them nice and tight.”

He pulled out, slapping her hip, then thrust deeply. She felt the scrunchy curls at the base of his shaft pressing against the skin of  her soft round ass. Her nipples ached, as for once her pussy of a boyfriend did exactly as he was told. The pain in her ass was mirrored in her tits, the ache an echo of her heartbeat. She was beyond tears, beyond screaming, just a slow and steady wail as he fucked her butt relentlessly.

His cock pulsed and jetted streams of cum up her asspipe. He paused, breathing hard, legs trembling. All this fucking took a toll after a while. Pushing off the limp slut on the table, he pointed his finger at the Pussy.

“You go over there and clean up that hole. It’s full of cum…and I want it sparkling, clean and dry when I get back from my shower. Then I’ll have chores for the two of you to get to…got my boys comin’ over for poker tonight…and we’re gonna have one hell of a partay!”

Rubbing his balls, he headed for the bathroom, as the Pussy buried his face in the wet crack of his girlfriend.

It was turning out to be a fucking fine morning!


for sin…just in case you thought i wouldn’t? i did!   just in case you thought i couldn’t…hell yes i did!! oh, there is a dragon here, but he’s small and cute and fuzzy….just sayin’….

They thought it was  a fucking riot.

Letting her play poker, at her endless begging. Going to “help” her learn to play the game, they’d said.

“It’s like this, girl,” her Master had said. “We’re going to teach you the hard way. School of hard knocks way. You lose, you lose your shirt. Got it?”

She had thought He’d meant her cash, or some metaphoric “lose your shirt,” not the real-deal, “off with the pretty top, girl” kind of thing.

She should’ve known better of course, HE always meant what He said, and if she had a question she should have asked it at the outset.

She shivered as the a/c drew goosebumps along her spine, down her tits, hardened her nipples.

“I wanna suck them.” Her Masters best friend, Max couldn’t take his eyes off her big hard nipples, her round and full tits.

“Go ahead,” He said, waving a hand negligently. Her eyes widened. He had always promised this…”someday”…slut, someday.

Today was “Some Day”, apparently.

Max didn’t need to be asked twice. He all but leapt from his chair,  and grabbing a fistful of hair, pulled her from hers.  Bending her into an arch, his lips and teeth explored her left tit. Nips and sucking drew pain-and-pleasure points along her flesh. Where his lips left a damp trail, gooseflesh rose in the chill air of the room. She shivered.

“She looks hot for old Max, ”  Ethan said, laying his hand on the table. “I’m wondering about using her as your kitty.”

Her Master raised an eyebrow at her, smiling that wicked smile that turned her on, and turned her knees to jelly.

“You think I should use my pussy as my kitty?” He said, amused. That drew a short, hard laugh from Adam.  “So, what to you propose, gentleman? Winning hand gets a hole?”

There were nods and smiles around the table. Max sat down with her on his knee, fondling her tits.

“Max, no playing with the kitty” her Master admonished.

His smile widened as she was pushed to the floor between Max’s thighs.


She ached. Her jaw throbbed, from sucking cocks to the point of absolute hardness.

Her asshole throbbed, from taking three cocks, hard and deep, as her Master encouraged them to “use the little fucktart well”.

Her pussy was wet from the last fucking, her Master’s cum leaking down her thigh.

Her face was pressed against the coffee table, her tits mashed under her, her knees on the floor.

She was tied, thighs spread wide, each leg attached to a table leg, her arms tied over the table. She was open and available for use.

The poker game was long forgotten. Cans of beer, empty now, littered the living room.  The television was on, turned to the football game. The game was in the throes of overtime, the hometown team fighting hard to recapture the ball as the opposing players pushed downfield.

Max had left after a call from his girlfriend, so Master and his two remaining friends took a break from tormenting her, and were eating pizza.

The smell of it tantalized. Her thirst was unquenched.

She knew better than to interrupt an overtime game, however.  She inhaled deeply, slowly, when the sound of the back door opening and closing startled her out of her mindfulness meditation.

There was yapping, and the sound of nails scrabbling across the floor, and an annoyed mans voice.

“Goddamn it, you dumb fuck dog, get down!” Max was back.  “I’m baaa-ack” he hollered to the guys as he strolled through the kitchen, stuffing  pizza in his mouth.

“Ssssh!” came the roar from three throats as they watched to see if the fucking upstarts would capitalize on a penalty call that gave them 5 extra yards.

“FUCK!” They yelled almost in unison as the runningback zinged through the defensive line like a hot knife through butter, making yet another first down, and crossing in to the 49th yard on the home teams side.

She jolted as a cold, wet nose pressed against her thigh and began to sniff up her leg.

“Hey!” she burst out, wiggling her ass as best she could. “Hey, mutt, cut it out…”

Max came over as if to pick up the offending pooch. Her Masters voice came from over her head.

“No, leave it. I wanna see what happens next. Worlds smallest dog licks pussy?”

“He’s a licker,” Max said, “Michaela is always pushing Him away. Yeah, I know Wellington, all you want is a taste of pussy, dontcha, boy. Even if you are a dumb fuck of a dog.”

The dog sat back on his haunches, looking for all the world like he was grinning.


“Damned Pomeranian’s,” Max grumbled.  His girlfriend had pipe dreams of raising a championship dog. He’d wanted a pug but no. She wanted Poms.

“What kind of a guy walks around with one of those at the end of a leash? I wanted a mans dog.”

“A gay guy? Now shut the fuck up…overtime, man.”

At a quick hand-gesture from Max, Wellington resumed his sniff-and-lick up her leg.

It tickled.

It was warm where his tongue lapped, then cold when he moved on. She shivered. His tongue drew closer to her pussy. And closer. The faintest brush of the edge of his lapping on her plump and swollen outer lip.

She gasped, and he drew back, unsure what to make of this human spread before him, yet half-expecting that push and “go away Wellington” that he always got from his mommy.

He looked around the room, at the men watching the talking box, and the one staring at him, with sharp eyes and a smile. Taking that smile for encouragement, Wellington stepped up on the back of her calf, and lifted up to the delightful smelling aperature before him.

He licked, he lapped, he all but shoved his nose into the tasty, warm hole. So good. He licked. So good! He lapped.

His tongue burrowed deeply up inside the hole, and for a second, he felt the squeezing clench around him. Almost instantly he was rewarded with a gush of the sweet and sticky fluid.

She was moaning like crazy.

The fucking dog licked her pussy and she came.

Her Master lifted her face by her hair.

“You really are a fucking bitch now, aren’t you, slut?” His cock was hard and heavy in his hands as he moved towards her.

As the dog kept up his attentions on her pussy, her Master began to slowly fuck her mouth. She came again, faster, harder than before. She tried to tell Him it was too much, but her mouth was full of cock, and He was taking his time in taking his pleasure from her.

He knew what she wanted of course.

But really, this would be the tale of a lifetime, and a great story to share in the nursing home someday.

Not to mention sharing on her blog.

Ha ha!

Lap Dance

just a note…i’ve recently joined WordPresse’s  PostADay Challenge…yanno, since i post every day anyway. Giving a lot of thought to doing NaNoWriMo, but not sure i can stay with a single theme for 30 days! I’ve got 10 days to make that decision, so for now, just enjoy this little bit of naughty…

and …oh my….

here be dragons…if you are afraid of them, just turn away now…!

She lay on the bed, spread wide. Her cunt throbbed, ached for release.

She stared through tear-blurred eyes at the closed bedroom door. Gods He was so pissed. She blinked, and the tears joined others, running in rivulets down the sides of her face. She sniffed, swallowed, coughed, tried to rub the tickle of them off her face, but her arms were too widely apart to make appreciable contact.

The door opened and He stood there, staring at her.

He was fully dressed.

“Need to cum?” His tone was brusque.

“yessir,” she whispered.

“You were a bad girl.”

“yessir,” she breathed slowly, trying to hold back the tears. “i am sorry, Sir, so so so sorry…”

“Yes,” he said, matter-of-factly, “you are, and you will continue to be. Contrition can be a good quality. You will receive your punishment shortly.”

He turned and strode out the door. In a second, she could hear His footsteps clattering down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

She heard, because she was straining to, the clatter of His keys, and the back door opening.

He had left her here? Alone, tied to the bed?

That violated every rule about their D/s. Okay, she’d fucked up, but still….she felt the first surge of true anger when His car started up and the engine purred out of the driveway.

That fucking asshole!

She strained at her bonds, but knew she was caught tight. The ropes around wrists and ankles were intricately woven cuffs, the loops slid up and over the tall posts on the bed. She was stuck.

She started to cry, sobs pulling up from her belly. Tears of remorse and anger flooded her. So caught up was she in her misery, that she never heard the sound of nails on the stairs, and cried out in shock when a cold, wet nose was pressed against her underarm.

Her eyes flew open and she stared in surprise at Bogo. “You don’t belong up here, you know better, boy,” she said, as he looked at her with dark, soulful eyes.

He leaned against the bed, his snout snuffling along her arm, up to her armpit. He loved the scent of her, and would often nuzzle her there when she sat on the couch.

Now, naked, the cold nose and snorted breath tickled. A giggle escaped, and she wiggled and writhed to get away..

“Bogo! No, no, stop…”

Thinking it was a new game, Bogo leapt up to the bed, straddling her. His long, long tongue fell out of his mouth, and he slurped from the side of her overhanging tit up to her armpit.

“OHMYGAWD” she giggled, writhing. “Down, Bogo, get downn”…yet his seeking tongue, lapping at her tender, ticklish underarm convulsed her into giggles once more.

He tasted a tear, and immediately followed the trail of it, from her neck, up the side of her face, and over her eye.

“Bogo!” she began, then coughed and turned her head as his lapping tongue entered her mouth briefly.

He licked her face carefully, tenderly, until every tear was gone. Following the tear-tracks down the other side of her, he discovered a pool around the base of her throat and neck, and spent time nuzzling her. So good was it, that he sat down on her.

Her breath came out with a whoosh, as his full mass lay upon her.

“Bogo, ogg…off” she gasped. He weighed a solid 97 pounds, and she felt every pound of him on her small frame.

Reluctantly, he rose again, sliding to one side of her. And discovered another armpit. He snorted and snuffled and licked to  his delight and her torment.

She screamed, and Bogo lifted his head, when another canine nose touched the bottom of her foot.

“Nonononononononoooo…” she moaned, as Oho, Bogo’s brother, snuffled her foot, her leg. In a trice, he was up on the bed with his brother. Bogo went back to work lapping her arm, her breast, and back up to her throat. Briefly the two dogs touched noses over her belly, then Oho began sniffing her pussy.
“NO! OHO, no no no…bad dog, go…go down…” her words were cut off as Bogo once more tongued her mouth. She twisted her head to the side attempting to evade the questing tongue, even as she felt Oho’s tongue slide up her slit.

She was soaked; Master had brought her to the edge two, three times, and let her hang. He’d laughed as she’d humped at the air, seeking release, the bastard.

Bogo went back to her armpit, tickling the fuck out of her. Giggles and writhing erupted, as his long tongue went back to work, and shrieks of the turn on of having a hot tongue slicking along her pussy.

He hit her clit and she arched up. Both dogs stopped and stared at her a moment, then Oho dropped his head, determined to consume more of the delightful taste.

Bogo found no more sweat or tears and rose, stretching. The relief from the tickle torture was immense, at least until he turned and began investigating what his brother was doing.

“nonononononooooooooo” she moaned as two tongues fought for the taste of her slick wet flesh. Flashes of intense shock as a long tongue grazed her clit, as a cold wet nose snorted and snuffled lower, sniffing under her ass and lapping furiously at the juices that had slid into her asscrack.

She came, hard.

The sudden surging of her juice had both dogs in a licking frenzy, driving her over the edge again. Her body locked in a furious orgasm, she trembled as they continued the terrible torture. She was so fucking sensitive after cumming, yet the tongues would not relent.

She needed a break, needed them to stop….Yet here she was, tied and helpless. And Master was…

“Enjoying yourself slut?”

Her eyes flew open. He stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb with a huge smile on his face. The dogs heads whipped up, staring at their Master.

“Downstairs you two,” he said, flicking his hand in a simple gesture. In a flash, both dogs were off the bed and skittering downstairs.

Her pussy throbbed. She was covered in dog spit, and her own cum. She was turned on, and embarrassed.

No, humiliated.

Which is precisely what He’d planned, no doubt.  Lesson, learned.

“You left me here,” her voice was husky and low.

The smile that crossed His face was pure sadistic bastard. He shook his head.

“I was here the entire time, slut.”

“but i heard the car…”

“Parked in front of Ed’s house.”

He’d parked at Ed’s house. Ed, who lived next door. And snuck back here and….

“You let the dogs in.” Her shock shone through her words. She’d thought they’d merely taken advantage of the situation. Instead, it was all a part of His punishment, the wiley bastard!

“And you loved it, you little slut.”

“Yes Master,” she replied, flushing deeply.

“Little doggie lap dance there…”

and He laughed as he closed the door and began to undress.


Short ‘n sweet, this came to me one morning recently, just as i opened my eyes….

She knelt, eyes looking ahead as a finger probed her asshole. She tried not to wince, or moan, but the sensation was at once painful, and teasing on the edge of pleasure.

She held position as one finger became two.

Her Master lifted her chin staring impassively into her eyes as her bottom was deeply explored.

She felt the telltale heat of her blush begin to flush across her cheeks, as He watched her.

“Does that turn you on, slut?” He crooned to her, his voice soft, his words fringing on hurtful. She felt her blush deepen as his eyes bored into hers, as she murmured a soft ‘yes Master’.

How embarrassing, to have her ass poked and examined by another, a friend of her Master’s.

How embarrassing was it, to have them discuss her body as if she wasn’t there?

How frigging embarrassing it was, to be so turned on by it!

They talked about all of her. Her tightly puckered asshole. Her dripping cunt. Her swollen clit.

They talked about the pretty stripes across her ass, the contrast of the crimson lines crisscrossing her pale cheeks.

He dropped her chin, and rose.

She felt them behind her, the pair of them, looking at her there. 

Fingers in her ass, fingers in her pussy, the laughter of two dominants pleased with their game.

“Innocent enough to still blush,” came his friends comment.

“Yet skilled enough to please.” Said her Master,  proudly.

The blindfold slipped over her hair, covering her eyes, hiding the upper curves of her pinkened cheeks.

A cock pushed against her lips, as a cock pushed into her ass. Her gasp of pain opened her mouth, and in one hard thrust, her ass and throat were filled with cock.

It was  dream come true for her, a fantasy she had haltingly confessed to Him one day not long ago.

She recalled his excitement as she had admitted to such a slutty fantasy, yet now, as she was fucked hard from both ends, an inner smile overcame the blush.

The Thief part 6.

He pulled the blindfold securely over her eyes. Her tightly trussed arms and torso were kept motionless by his efficient binding, but her feet were kicking up a storm. 

He pulled her upright easily, and led her, protesting and fighting, to the center of the room. Holding the rope securing her hands in his large hand, he threaded it through the ring  that hung just above her head and pulled. Her arms, tied behind her, pulled up by the wrists. She began to bend over to accomodate the pulling on her arms. A long, low moan came from behind her gag as he pulled  her tight. It was an uncomfortable position, to be sure, but he really wanted to make a point with her. This was the best way. A quick, harsh lesson in obedience.

Her ass, bare and vulnerable was exposed to him. He stood behind her, surveying her form. Lovely. And soon to be made fully His. He went to the chair where his suit pants lay, folded neatly. After pulling his belt from the loops, he dug in the front pocket and retrieved his cell phone.

He made a brief phone call, his tone too low for her to hear. Her arms were killing her, and she was so afraid of falling. Bent, exposed, she seethed. And yet, dammit. He turned her the fuck on. He’d played with her, pulling her nipples, teasing her clit, just before he’d bound her wrists and strung her up. Now her cunt was pulsing with need, she was juicy wet, and although she hated to admit it, terrifyingly excited. Lost in thought she didn’t clue in to the faint swish until the white-hot slap registered on her upturned ass.

“MMMMWWWWW!” She screamed through the gag.

Again her ass took his belt. God! Help! Sto-o–p!!! He could not understand her words, buried behind the undies stuffed into her face, sealed with silver tape. Still, she tried. Tried earnestly. Until she broke. The first cry escaped her nose. A broken whimper. Then the tears came. One. Two. Six. Then a torrent as she sobbed.  He pulled the tape from her mouth. Slapped her ass again. He reached forward again, and pulled the undies from within,  and she took a deep, sobbing breath. Her lungs were on fire. Her ass was on fire. God. SHE HURT!  And then he hit her ass again.

She took it. Crying silently, knowing that no sound she made would stop him. She had her pride. The tears she couldn’t hold back, but she would take this. Overcome it.

His fingers found her slit. It was throbbing and wet. Slick and wet. Her cunt hole was leaking every bit as much as her tear filled eyes. He began slowly, slowly filling her cunt with his fingers, parting her swollen lower lips and flitting up and down across her opening. He watched her fluids slip from her, tiny pearls of need. Her moan as he pushed deeper, withdrew, pushed back, withdrew,  told him all he needed to know.

He pulled his fingers from her. They came away with a sucking sound. He wiped her wetness on her  flaming ass cheek.  He pushed into her, hard and throbbing. His cock slid in easily, her cunt making slurping sounds as if swallowing him. His thighs burned from the heat in her ass as he pumped into her swollen slit, and twin moans of pleasure filled the room. Reaching forward, he grabbed her swinging tits, using them to pull himself deeper into her channel. Wetness oozed from her, ran down his balls and her thighs. She was perfection! Pain and pleasure bring her to hot wet need. A need he was more than ready to answer with his own. Beat after beat he rode into her, and she pushed back, grunting with the position, her sore arms, and her aching , begging cunt. The shiver ran from her clit to her neck as she felt her pussy begin to tighten, squeezing down on his cock as her orgasm exploded. He held on for a few more deep, thrusting strokes then his cock clenched and doused her with more wetness.  He stroked her soft belly as his cock poured his release into her, pulled her hips back against him, until he softened and slipped from her. He leaned against her ass for a few minutes, recovering.

He leaned forward, flicked her cheek with a finger. Kissing her neck he murmured “nice”, before pushing away.

 Crossing the room, he took the chair from the desk and pulled it under her so she could rest her shoulders and upper torso upon it.  She heard him digging under the bed but had no idea what he was doing now. Her attention was solely on her burning ass and needy pussy. She felt him attaching something to her ankle. He kicked her legs further apart, then attached something to her other ankle. Now she stood, spread wide, unable to close her legs. Still in a place somewhere between euphoria and floating emptiness, she didn’t at first hear the soft knock on their door.

He let his friend into the room. Watched as Walters eyes lit with amusement and admiration. He watched Walt’s face as he observed the fluids dripping from her onto the floor between her spread legs.

“You’re such a lucky fucker, you know that, right?”  They grinned at each other.

Her head came up at the strange voice. Blindfolded, she saw nothing. As she opened her mouth to protest, to …say anything, he pressed the ball gag deeply into her. Fastened it tightly.

“You’re going to want to bite down on this. That’s why it’s there. I told you that you are mine now. And now I’m making it permanent. Walt will put my tattoo on your ass.  The more you stay steady and cooperate, the faster it will be over. There is one other modification I will be making, and when done, you will be mine and mine alone. ”

“You came here to steal from me. Now, I have stolen you.”

” Seems fair to me,”  she heard the man named Walt say. He was behind her now, and she felt his cold hand on her burning ass.

“Here?” she heard him ask as he wiped his hand down the curve of her cheek.

“No, here,”  and she felt Him smack his hand firmly on her reddened butt…midcheek.

“Can you follow that or do you want to trace it?

It didn’t take much longer than an hour to trace her owners hand on her asscheek. She did scream when his name was carved into the center of the “palm”. 


How fucking appropriate.


It was on the bed when she got home from work. It had been a grueling day. Her boss was on a rampage, and nothing pleased him. While she was normally sympathetic, as she knew his divorce was painfullly fresh, today had been just so awful. He had brought several of the first year girls to tears, and she had come amazingly close herself. Gah!  She shook her head in frustration. She needed this job, she loved the job but now she needed an asprin. Or a good hard spanking and some brutal sex. Something she didn’t have to think about, just accept.

Stopping in the downstairs bathroom to remove her clothing, shedding her work day into the hamper, she slowly went through the house naked. She liked the feeling of her tits slowly bobbling as she swayed through the house to the kitchen. She took down a glass from the cabinet, and turned from the faucet looking for the asprin bottle over the stove. There was a note.

                                   Go upstairs, slut. Prepare yourself.

How the fuck did He know. Just Know. She smiled. Took a sip of the water. She didn’t think she’d need that asprin after all! Upstairs, in the center of her bed lay another note. On top of a corset.

It was stunning. Ruby red satin, with black ribbons running down the sides. The demi cups would, she knew, lift her tits and shape them into pure sex.  She opened the note, sitting on the edge of the bed, running her finger up and down the smooth silky fabric.

                         Put it on, slut. I will be coming to cinch you up.

She slid the corset up. But wait! A corset like this needed the proper staging to fully set it off. She’d been waiting a long time for this opportunity, to surprise him, stagger him, slay him with her charms. She darted to her underwear drawer, finding the articles she had hidden there months ago. Quickly she tore open the packages, and slid the fishnet thigh high stockings up one leg, then the other. The black lace thong panties went on next. She went back to the closet and found the heels she’d hidden at the back of her closet. They were stilleto’s, not her usual style at all. All shiny black leather, 6 inch heels and a thin black ribbon to tie about her ankles.

She slid into the corset. Even untightened, she could see the beauty of her outfit. She brushed and fluffed her hair, retouched her make up, making sure to redden her lips to match the corset,  then reclined on the bed, like a vintage slut. Heel of one shoe dug into her comforter, knee bent at a 45 degree angle. Other leg crossing over. Leaned back on her elbows, head thrown back as she heard the door downstairs open, then shut quietly.

Hearing his footsteps on the stairs, she felt her cunt moisten. She canted her head to be able to see his face when he walked into the room.

He stopped. Although he was a man to keep his feelings masked, there was no mistaking the hunger that lept into his eyes when he saw his slut splayed across the bed.  He took in the slut shoes, the hosery, his gift to  her. She’d wanted a corset for a very long time.

He wondered why he’d waited so long.  He could barely wait to cinch her up. Tie her tight within the satin wrapped steel. Swallow her small hands with his big fist. Throw those slut legs over his shoulder, bend her in half, and fuck her within an inch of her life.

Crossing to the bed, he slid his finger from her glossy heel to her glistening cunt. Grabbed her waist and flipped her over.  Grabbed the ties like reins, and began the ride of his life.


inspired by sins blog….finding my submission…go read it…it’s good. (link is in my links to the right. You KNOW i don’t do well with this computer stuff, right??)

It  hurt.

Waves of pain swirled around her, a whirlpool of heat, centering on her tormented tits. A firm bite from the clamps on her nipples insured that every movement renewed the pain waves. From the shallowest breath, to the swats He administered with the thin crop, everything centered just there, on the erect nubbins at the end of her full breasts.

Each time she was certain He was done, as she stood, panting in the heat of the inferno of her tits, she’d hear the faint swish of the thin leather a hearbeat before the slice of pain registered.

She whimpered. Tears fell freely, drenching the blindfold. Eventually they began leaking from underneath, long smudges of mascara’d saline, etching the pain strokes upon her cheeks.

A long pause. His thumb against her cheek, smudging the trailing ravages of her slut make up. His fist grabbing at her chin, pulling it up, and assaulting her lips with His ravaging mouth. Teeth and tongue took her to the brink, stealing her breath, fucking her mouth with savagery. Her moans were swallowed into Him. His hand plucked at the chain that decorated her chest. Pulled up. Up. Up. She rose to her toes, His mouth still latched firmly against hers, as He ate her scream of pain.

The release of pain was almost as painful to her.

Alone, clamps gone, flesh gently throbbing, she rubbed her swollen lips with a finger.

Wondered when He’d return.


Her hands hugged each other, bound tight together at the wrist, and drawn over her head. Attached to the headboard by a strong leather strap, she could be turned front or back, depending on His whim.

Her legs were free; He knew she would not dare to kick out at Him.

She lay, breathing slowly to quell the panic that she always felt when he gagged her tightly. The blindfold was tight as well, and she had no hope of rubbing it off this time. Her favorite ‘saucy wench’ panties, bright pink lace and black bow on the back was lodged in her mouth, and a shiny band of duct tape sealed her lips closed.

A hot mouth lands on her breast, teeth pulling at her nipple and she arches, and moans low in  her throat. A hand rubs slowly on her belly, tracing large concentric circles around her belly button, before finally grazing the top of her fresh-shaven cleft.

Slowly a thumb traces that cleft, down, then up. No pressure, just a light flutter of a touch. She rises and moans again.

The mouth is removed from her breast and the soft blowing across the wet nipple causes it to rise and seek that hot moist warmth again.

As soon as one sensation registers, another is beginning. Fingers on her knees, tracing more circles. Her toe in his mouth. His thumb against her arch, dancing teasingly against that ticklish flesh. 

He brings her to the edge once, then again. Then stops. His chuckle fills the silence as her protestation, gutteral through the gag, dies away. He knows her need. He knows too, that what she needs, she doesn’t always know.

Turning her on her belly, he walks away, sits in the chair that squeaks. Watching. Waiting.

She dares not move. Breathing on her belly took more effort. Her head canted to the side, and she tries to calm her racing heart, and her throbbing pussy. The need was dark and deep and threatened to overwhelm her, but her training had been thorough.

He watched, pleased, as she calmed. He rose suddenly, the chair squealing loudly, making her jump. He pulled his belt from the loops at his waist. A quick flip of his wrist sent the end of the belt across her beautiful full backside.

She jolted, grunted as the first blow fell. It wasn’t particularly hard, more of a warning shot across her bow. As her flesh continued to pinken, her moans became more frequent. Tears began to gather, and snot made it hard to breath.

His hand gathered in her hair, raising her head. Not blue yet. He dropped her back down to the bed. Took out the paddle. She hated the paddle. Which made this all the sweeter.

When he was finally done, her ass glowed like a lighthouse beacon. Her cunt glistened as if a tidal wave had splashed against her womanhood. The smell of red ass and female arousal filled his nose. She was ready.

With his cock straining painfully against the zipper of his jeans, the steady pulse of desire and need reminded him he was ready too.

He took. Plundered. Devoured. And found  himself  drowning in the deep wetness of her cunt. She sucked him in, held him deep. Together, they fought for control, he holding her off, trying to slow their fall, she egging him on, squeezing and sucking him further down.

They fell over the edge together, wrapped tightly in each other.