Pussy Burglar (4)

She woke groggy and light-headed.

Where the fuck was she? The light came in from a different angle than she was used to. The bed felt strange. And what was that smell?  Her stomach grumbled, and her pussy throbbed. It all came rushing back to her. The smell of sex. Of cum, semen, sweat. The memory of the man who’d brought her to this sad state of affairs.

Her mark.

Her robbery run amok.

Her fucking captor.

Rising, she tried to take stock of the bruises and aches, but the need to pee made her slide off the edge of the bed. The length of chain fell to the floor beside her with a startling clink, making her gasp as it coiled down the length of the bed. The lock that fastened the chain around her ankle was titanium and used a 7 digit code to open. That fucking bastard. The pee was pressing, so she hobbled towards the bathroom. There was enough chain to get her to the toilet and the shower, but not the tub. The relief of emptying her bladder made her close her eyes, though her girly bits stung as the hot urine hit it. She wondered if there was a thing called “cock burn” on ones pussy lips, raw from over use.

“Goodness, pussycat really needed to piss, didn’t she?”

Shocked, her eyes flew open. Her mouth opened in a round o of disbelief . What the fuck was he doing in here, watching her pee, avidly. He leaned against the door jamb, loose pajama pants riding low on his hips. A dark arrow of hair pointed below the waistband, hinting at the weapon that lay beneath the cotton plaid.

“Get out!” she hissed, bending over as if to shield herself from his gaze.

“I’ve seen every inch of you. No point in hiding. And I need to piss myself.”

“You can certainly go piss yourself,” she hissed. He moved forward, towards the toilet. She shrank back.

“I’m not done…no…geezuz…”  A soft moan came as he took out his shaft and began pissing. On her. He sprayed her tits, the junction of thighs and pussy, her face. She held up her hand; he pissed on the palm.

“No ugh! NO!”

A squirt of pee hit her cheek, into her mouth as she protested. Before she could spit, his hand slapped over her mouth.


Her eyes glared at him, then welled with tears as his hand stayed firmly planted over her lips. His gaze was that one often described in romance novels…steely. The small amount of pee in her mouth was sharp, bitter, warm. Fuck him. She tried forcing it out her lips, but his hand was too hard-pressed against them. Too add insult to injury, his dick continued to drizzle warm piss onto her lap. She whimpered behind his hand, tried to shake her head, tried to stop the fucking bastard. His free hand grabbed her nose, sealing it shut.

“You want to breathe, swallow.”

She struggled. But he had her pinned, stuck on the toilet with his piss covering her.

She swallowed, choking as he released her nose.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it, kitten?”

“I hate you.”

He smiled at her, patted her head. Grabbing her earlobe, he pulled her upright.

“Someone made a horrible mess in here. If you expect to eat, you’d best get busy cleaning it all up.”

He never looked back as she threw her middle finger at him. He paused, mid-stride. As quickly as it had gone up, she whipped her hand behind her back.

“Oh, and kitten, do wash yourself up too. You reek.”

Too furious to reply she settled for slamming the door, only to yelp as it sprang back from the chain blocking it, striking her toe.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” she whined, as her toe throbbed. Other parts of her throbbed too. How she hated him.


Slut on Call

Sifting through the mail in her front hall, she kicked off her shoes. They looked great but after a twelve-hour day her feet were throbbing. She tugged the ponytail holder out of her hair, shifted out of her jacket. She was just about to head to the kitchen to nuke some pizza when she found the envelope.

Definitely not hers.

If it had been junk, she would have simply tossed it, but this looked official. Important. With a longing glance towards the kitchen, her tummy grumbling impatiently, she slid back into her shoes, ignoring the protest of her toes,  and headed next door.

The neighborhood was quiet and dark. Friday night was date night for some, and a chance to sit and veg in front of the tv for others. The sounds of crickets seemed loud in the darkness, those last desperate calls for mates creating a constant, chirring hum. She climbed the steps, noting the tidy little front porch. A pot of mums sat on the bottom step, and a brass number plate sat over the doorbell. Both were new. Ringing the bell, she wondered who, exactly, would answer the door. She had never seen, nor met, the people who had moved in here this spring. She’d been off to California for work when the house had closed and the new owner took possession. It seemed they worked opposite schedules or something.

The door jerked open, starling her. She had a moment to take in a tall, dark-haired man with fierce eyes, before she was tugged inside.

“You’re late.”

A strip of duct tape slapped over her mouth, a blindfold tugged over her eyes. The letter fell soundlessly from her fingers to the floor, sliding into the kitchen and half under the fridge. Neither of them noticed. He almost ripped her shirt as he tore it away from her body, then used it to tie her wrists behind her back. Despite struggling, he overpowered her quickly. A hand in her hair pushed her, stumbling blindly, through the house, until she fell face-first onto a bed. Panic set fire to her, as she rolled, kicking out. She did not want to be raped, she only wanted to deliver a fucking letter. Strong arms pulled her up the bed, grabbed and secured each flailing foot. She growled and screamed behind the gag, as he rolled her to the side, sliding the shirt off of her. She punched out when her hands were free. The weight of a man’s body straddled her, high up on her torso, just below her breasts, as she tried to claw and scratch at him. He laughed.

“Feisty. I do like the feisty ones. Gotta say, slut, you’re the best so far.”

Quickly, effortlessly, he subdued each hand, until she was spread-eagled, tied to his bed. She bucked, trying to get him off of her so that she could breathe. Panic sent black spots to circle around her blindfolded eyes as she fought for breath.

“Yes, yes, impatient wench, I’ll play with your pretty titties…”

Matching words to actions, his hands tugged her bra upwards, freeing her breasts. He cupped and fondled them, sometimes gentle, sometimes firmly, until he pinched her nipples and lifted each fat breast by them. She squirmed, squealing.

“You have lovely nipples. Red as raspberries and fat. Just the way I like.”

He slid down her body, laying atop her, his mouth, sucking one breast deeply into his mouth.   Jesus…his mouth did powerful things to her. Her belly tightened, and she arched involuntarily, seeking more. His teeth bit into her tender skin, making her cry out. The gag tugged on her lips as she tossed her head. She wanted…

NO! No!

She breathed, trying to ignore his mouth on her tit. She’d always been sensitive there. Boyfriends were always fascinated that she could have an orgasm from having her nipples sucked. One had called them her “Orgasm knobs”, laughing as he’d turned them while fucking her, driving her over the edge so many times that she’d eventually passed out on him.

She wasn’t going to cum.

She wasn’t.


Her back arched as the first spasm rippled through her pussy.

“You horny little thing. NO! No cumming, don’t you fucking *dare* disobey me.”

His words were like cold water. With a hard slap, he pushed off of her, then tugged her skirt up around her waist. Pulling her panties to the side, his finger probed her cunt.

“You little whore. Soaked. Did you cum?”

She shook her head no. She was close. Very very close. His finger rubbed her clit, engorged and standing at attention. The little traitor.

“Good. You want to cum, don’t you?”

She shook her head, no.

No. She didn’t.

The slap on her pussy took her by surprise. She arched, shrieked.


He slapped again, twice more. Her clit throbbed, her pussy ached for release. This was fucking weird. He slapped her and she wanted to cum even more than before. She needed to get out of here. Now. She lay still, her mind racing. She pictured the freedom of her kitchen, the pizza in the freezer. A single tear traced from her eye to her ear. The edge of the gag pulled away, then slowly eased off her mouth.


“You don’t have permission to talk. Or cum. Got it, slut?”

“I’m NOT a slut!”

“That’s what all the sluts say.”

“I’m your neighbor…really. I was bringing you mail that came to my house by accident…”

“I never saw any mail.”

“I had it. In my hand….I’m not sure where it went when you grabbed me like …like..”

Her voice fell to a whisper. She heard footsteps cross the floor, leaving the room. It wasn’t long before he was back. The bed creaked as he lay across it beside her.

“How about that. And yet. So wet, little neighbor girl. So close to cumming. Are you sure you’re not part of Sam’s Sluts-to-Go? No? Okay, then, how about a bargain.”

There was a click, a whirrr and something, something wonderful, pressed against her pussy.

“If you don’t cum, if you can hold off for 5 minutes, then I’ll untie you and send you on your way, with my apologies. But if you do cum, if you act just like the horny slut I thought you were, and cream all over my bed? Then you stay here with me. All weekend. Playmates.”

He paused, letting that sink in, all the while playing the delightful buzzing thing down her pussylips, and back up over her clit.


“Of course not, a fine lady like yourself would never cum in a strangers bed after having her tits sucked and her pussy massaged.”


“Five minutes, starting now.”

Time seemed to thread past her in ribbons and waves. Her total attention was on her cunt. She wanted to get out of here. Cumming was not an option. She wanted home, and her pizza for dinner. She wanted her feet up and her book. She…the thing pressed hard against her clit and she arched, stimulated beyond belief.


She cried out, feeling the clenching of her pussy, her body arching and straining against the bonds that held her open. His chuckle bordered on cruel.

“Greedy girl, your pussy is very wet. I think she wants something…”

His finger caressed her slit while the churning bulb stirred her clit unceasingly.

“ooooooooOOOOO” she moaned as his finger, two, three slid inside her wet heat, curling up and stroking the most sensitive places inside her cunt.

“For a girl who doesn’t want to cum, you’re doing a very poor job resisting.”

His voice was a husky sound against her ear, the warm brush of his breath a near-caress. His lips found her nipple and sucked hard. She came in a torrent, her body arched into a perfect bow, releasing a flood. The gates were open, lust pouring through her body, flowing out in a torrent of sex juice. She had cum, harder than ever before in her life.

And now she was his.

The Visitor (5)

warning: graphic tentacle sex today…oh. wait. You like that. Sorry…carry on! ~nilla~

She tossed, twisted. Her wrists were wrapped in something cold. Not slimy, not wet, but slick. She was reminded of snakes, and that curious musty slickness that their hide had. Thick coils from elbow to wrists encased her arms, holding her hands over her head as she lay helpless.

She hated feeling helpless.

Yet she was loving this. Maybe. She was confused. Her body bucked at another teasing stroke between her pussy lips. Was she awake or dreaming? It was like those medication dreams when she felt hot and cold, and couldn’t tell what was real and what was not.

Her breasts were wrapped too. Squeezed so hard she felt the discomfort of it clear down to her cunt. A tingle in her clit, which seemed strange, with every pulsing squeeze around her tits, around her nipples. It felt like they might pop, so hard were they wrapped, in that same slick coolness. What a stark contrast, the heat of pain wrapped in the chill of the beast that threatened to consume her.

Or threatened to overwhelm her with sex-need.

It was a raw feeling, to want so badly. It had not penetrated her, and she was frustrated by it.

Just fucking do it! she wanted to shout.

Or even, just fucking do me.

Instead, she felt the cold grasp around each ankle. Rather than tugging her feet wide apart, dropping her legs over the edges of her bed, they were pressed back until her knees strained at the intense bend, as her heels touched her ass.

And then the heavier coils wrapped around her knees, folded frog-like, until they fell open toward each hip with the weight of the tentacles tightening there.

She was open, exposed, and still he…it…whatever it was, hadn’t fucked her. Always before, in these sick dreams of hers, he’d plunged into her pussy, making her cum and writhe and beg and want. This time was different.

A tentacle began to explore her. She felt the pencil thin tip stroking along her lower lips, even as another brushed her mouth. That one slid into the bottom of her nostril, almost making her sneeze. She shook her head ‘no’, and it fell away for a moment, before pressing up, wriggling deeper.

Her heart hammered hard. She could not stand the feeling of this sort of invasion.

“No…” she moaned, and the thing, miraculously,  slid out of her nose, but quickly entered her mouth. No. It wasn’t the same one. This one had a bulbous head to it, reminding her of a cockhead. It was big, and there was a thick fluid, like a milkshake, leaking from it. It pressed deeper into her mouth, the warm fluid filling her mouth fast, and she swallowed.

And swallowed.

And swallowed.

It seemed endless, the liquid. The more she drank, the more she wanted, the more spilled from the strange appendage. She felt…euphoric. High. Better than any wine buzz, she was suddenly burning with the need to fuck. Her pussy swelled and began to ooze. Her clit throbbed painfully, needing touch.

As if it could read her mind, she felt a firm stroking along that sensative nubbin. She moaned around the thing in her mouth, still swallowing, almost gagging. Her tummy was full of juice, feeling like she might puke she was so stuffed.

And then it stopped, the flow just ended, and the thing in her mouth slid out, though a tentacle, a real tentacle this time, slid inside. It coiled there, pressing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, circling and coiling into a thick mass, bulging out her cheeks. Her lips stretched painfully, and she couldn’t make a sound.

She felt something pressing between her folds. It felt like that same appendage that had been in her mouth, a thick round head and her hips rose, attempting to lure it inside.

She needed to be fucked. To be fucked hard, furiously hard.

It pressed against her, and into her. The girth was more than she imagined, and had her mouth been free, she may well have screamed at the pain of being filled thusly. But the fluid she had consumed had done its job, making her crave even more of the painful tool to fill her, to use her as vilely, and roughly as possible.

She craved the violence.

She craved the pain.

She wanted as she had never wanted before.

With a hard thrust it was inside her and pressing deeper. Looking down, she swore she could see her belly rippling with the invasion into her pussy, felt it tunneling deeper. It pressed against her cervix and again she would have screamed. It fucking hurt. It hurt so fucking good.

She bucked her hips again and the thing withdrew, then slammed back into her, as if sensing her need for violence. It rut into her roughly, her body primed and wet and wanting everything it gave. Each punch into her body was another thrust deeper into craving. She arched as the first orgasm gripped her hard, as a tentacle wrapped around her throat cutting her breath and bringing her to the edge of consciousness.

And then it relaxed, and she stole a breath, and another, until clenching again in an agonizing climax.  She couldn’t stop it. Wouldn’t have if she could have. Her ass hit the bed and she felt the wetness oozing from her, the sheet drenched from her opulent juices.

And then the sensation of being stretched impossibly wider, as a slender tentacle pressed against the thing in her cunt, seeking entry. She shook her head no, fearing she would be split in half, but it pressed, and there was pressure on her clit and she came in a paroxysm of ecstasy, losing her resistance, allowing the intrusive fingerling to enter her.

So full.


Such a dream.

So full.

Gawwwwd….and her eyes clenched as the tentacle pressed upwards into…through her cervix, opening her, opening her belly. A quick surge and she felt something press up and through the thing in her passage, something. She fainted as she orgasmed again.


It pressed the egg up and into her warm nest. In this region of the galaxy, this next generation would need to adapt to a warmer climate, or all would be lost of his kind, for eternity. He withdrew the egg tube, feeling it collapse and pull out of the female bipeds hole. In moments it was replaced with his sperm generator, and he felt the throb deep inside.

This was the part he had looked forward to. He had carried the egg within his DNA, as he had been designed to. But this, the ultimate fullment of the male? This is what he longed for. He felt the rising tickle as he thrust into the body cavity, felt the flaccidness of the female.

waken, he urged into her mind

He wanted her to feel the cold spray of his semen as he filled her belly. It was the filling of the victor, to feel her belly under his arms swell with the sudden influx of his jissom. He needed to watch, to touch as she bloated with it. The conqueror, the seeder, he would not be denied his destiny.


She was groggy, and her pussy hurt.

Hurt good. Hurt bad. Filled, so filled. Thickness, the worlds biggest dick in her. Fucking her. Plunging into her belly. The painful sensation of something in her belly, not just her hole, but through the opening of her cervix and into her womb. A painful stabbing as she felt filled with…something.

She shivered, feeling cold from the inside. Her belly was cold! Her teeth might had chattered had her mouth not been jammed full of rubbery tentacle. Her legs might have twisted had they not been wrapped in slippery arms. Her hips might not have risen if not for the pervasive need for more, more fucking, more fucking more….

She fainted as the pain in her belly grew more intense, like a need to burp, full of gas. Full of something.


He kept her mind quiet, as her belly took his load, moving from a flat taut abdomen,  to a sharply round, mounded circle. He kept her contained, a tentacle tip inside, stirring the mix in her belly, of the egg and his sperm, making certain that there was full contact between the two, ignoring her moans and whimpers as he tormented her body.

He knew when the connection was made, felt the small spark as the egg was pierced, fertilized and ready for fermentation.

He withdrew from her body, allowing the unused fluids to seep from her. She would be sore in the morning, sore from his use. She would know that something had happened. That she had been utilized. That she had been, as she spoke it, fucked. It was a possession of the most personal to these bipeds. She was his.  It pleased him that she would move today and feel reminders of his presence with every step. Her mammary glands would ache, her birthing hole would ache, her button would throb from the after affects of the mating juice he had fed to her. And yet….none of this should matter to him.

Yet, it did.

She was his.

The Surprise

a little dragon… okay, maybe not so little. Thanks to TH and TW for the inspiration….~n~

She pulled the knot around the footboard tight. Sliding into the velcro cuffs would be the easy part; she just wanted to be sure she could not get free without His aid.

He was going to be so surprised.

It had been one hell of a week, and there was nothing like a weekend of free-play to blow off the stress. The kids were at her Mom’s, and He was expected any time now.

Taking the ball-gag from the dresser, she put it on, fastening it tightly into her mouth.  The paddle and vibe were already on His pillow. If he didn’t get an instant hard-on, walking in to see her displayed for him like this? Well, he’d likely be near death!

The black nighty barely covered her pussy, and cupped her tits tightly. A half-moon of each nipple was exposed, and lots of creamy flesh.  Settling onto the bed, she fitted each cuff around her ankle, legs splayed wide. Oh, the joy of a king bed…it left her so open, and vulnerable to his attentions. She smiled to herself. She was going to get the fucking of a lifetime tonight.

The pillow was a problem. If she put it under her ass, it might make her feel like she was drowning with the gag in place.


Quickly she undid the velcro at her ankles, then turned over, kneeling with her back to the bottom of the bed. Re-attaching them, she pulled the pillows down, and lay, belly down and ass up.

That would send a message! She arranged the toys down by her hip, then slid her hands into the wrist cuffs. Once in here there was no going back, since the key was on his dresser across the room. She swallowed hard, then closed the left side, the right side. They were already attached to a bolt in the center of the chain, in the center of their headboard.

Wriggling a bit to get comfortable, she settled in to wait.


There was the sound of the back-door opening. She smiled into the mattress. She’d left the lights off in here. Downstairs she could hear a few things opening and closing. He’d wonder where she was in a few minutes and come up here.

It wasn’t long before she heard the creak on the fifth step. She shivered in delighted expectation. There was a hiss of indrawn breath as a beam of light played through the room. Why was Mark using a flashlight?

There was a low chuckle as the beam landed on her ass, upthrust in the room. She turned to look, but could see nothing but the bright beam of light. She blinked, turning her head. She tugged her wrists but she was stuck tight.

Trying to speak, garbled sounds from behind the gag.

“Oh, this is too perfect.”

Footsteps approached the bed, then the light flicked off. There was the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and a zipper sliding. She tossed her head, and yelled no, but the only sound that escaped was a burbly grunt. Hands caressed her leg, and she tried to shake it off.

“I’m hurrying, sugar pie.”

The mattress creaked as he mounted the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. In the darkness, the unmistakable press of a cock against her pussy. It slid up and down her slit, lubricating itself on her arousal.

Arousal from planning this for Mark. Arousal from setting the scene. Not from this. NOT from being fucked from behind by a stranger. There was a shocking slap against her hip as he slid forward and impaled her on his cock. It was thick, stretching her pussy uncomfortably.

Until it wasn’t uncomfortable any more.

“I always wondered if you two were into this kind of kinky shit.” Another slap on her ass. The hand was large. The swat covered a lot of terrain. She grunted, jolting upwards to get away. It only served to put him deeper inside of her.

“Mmmm, fuckin’ like that little slut? All dolled out for a fucking.”

It had to be James, their backyard neighbor. She didn’t know his voice all that well. They exchanged hand waves, and he often sat on his deck in the evening. Mark had said that he wasn’t watching them frolic in the pool, but she knew he was.

His fingers dug into her hips as he thrust hard against her. She grunted as he was fully propelled into her pussy.

“Ohdamn. That’s one fine tight cunt. Now I’m gonna fuck it. I came over for some sugar…and look, I got me some honey instead.”

She winced in the dark as he chuckled. He pulled out slowly, inch by inch. Then banged up inside her, hard and fast. Her tits scrubbed against the sheet as his groin mashed against the outside of her pussy. She felt his balls slapping at her clit, and groaned. It felt good. It wasn’t.

Wasn’t good.

He pulled back, then slammed inside her. His fucking was gut-wrenching. Always slow on the exit, always hard and fast on the inward drive.

His hand slipped under her, his fingers roughly exploring her upper slit.

“What do you have hiding up in here?” His fingers found and pinched her clit, making her rise up, whimpering.

“sensitive little button isn’t it? ” He rolled it between his fingers, and she whimpered around her gag. “I’m loving the gag in your pie hole.  Just lay there and mumble and take what I give you. What a perfect fuck.”

He pulled out, pinching her clit, then let his fingers slick off of it as he piled back into her cunt.

She came hard.

“Fucking whore. She loves being used. Don’t worry. I’ll use you good and hard.”  Fingers pinched around her ass, pulling and teasing the flesh, making her grunt, squeal and cry out. Snot and tears and drool coated the sheet under her face as she tossed and scrubbed her head.

A fat finger probed her tight rosebud.

“Gonna get a little treat, neighbor. Gonna knock at your backdoor…” He laughed at the double entendre. He pulled out of her pussy. She felt the slow leak of juice from her cunt slipping down her slit, down her thighs. Had he cum?

It couldn’t just be all from her, could it?

His cock, still hard,  pressed against her asshole. It was too big. Too big. She bit into the ball as he began thrusting into the resisting hole. “So. fucking. Tight.”  Each word, a grunt, a thrust as he ground his way into her tight poophole.  She screamed at the invasion, it burned, it hurt.

Was he tearing her tender flesh? Was she even now bleeding? She felt nauseous with the pain. His balls slapped against her as he pounded the last bit of his pole into her butt. His fingers on her hips, pulling her back into his shaft, he rolled his hips to screw deeper into her. She felt the tickling rub of his hair on her asscheeks as he fully imbedded his big prick into her.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, neighbor. Then I’m gonna shoot the biggest load of cum up your asshole you’ve ever felt.” He leaned over her back, the angle deepening the pressure on her body. His hand found the paddle. And the vibe.  She heard the hummm of it.

“What the fuck? You have a dick that vibrates? You little fucking whore. Well, we gotta put that to good use.”

He slapped the paddle against her ass. She whined behind the gag. He laughed, then slapped her again, his cock pulsing with every response. She cried out, she shifted. Each movement added to the ache in her asshole. She was broken, he was killing her. She knew it.

His hand moved under her. He pushed the vibe, set on high, into her pussy. She was too full! No!

She screamed, tossing her head. There was no room; his cock took up all the space. Yet she felt her body yield to the presence of the toy in her pussy.

He moaned as the vibes pressed against his cock. “NOw that’s a fucking treat,” he groaned. At long last he pulled back.

It felt like he was pulling her guts out with his cock.

“Your asshole is open as big as your mouth,” He laughed, before plunging back inside. He was rougher fucking her ass, fucking rapidly in and out of her. He groaned each time he was fully shafted in her asspipe, a response to the vibe, or the tug of her anus around the base of his shaft?

Her nipples crinkled tight and she knew she was going to cum. She always came when Mark fucked her ass. His cock slammed into her, she pressed her toes into the mattress, lifting her ass up to the thrusting blows, and felt the spurting of her cum.

“What the fuck?” He paused, cockhead just inside her rectum, and felt under her. “You fucking whore, you pissed on me!” He lifted a hand to his nose, sniffing.

“Wait…that’s not pee, that’s girlcum. You fucking ass whore. You like me nailing your butthole? Well, if you like it, I’m happy to give you more.”

He began plunging into her, rough and wild. If her legs hadn’t been tied to the bottom of the bed, his fucking would have nailed her into the headboard. The stretch around her ankles was painful, the cock hammering her asshole was harsh. Her nipples were raggedly rubbed against the mattress, and her hair was coated in a frothy mix of fluids from her eyes, nose and mouth.

She made little noises, but lay limply, accepting the assault on her body. Yet her body continued to spasm with orgasm after orgasm.

At long last she felt him stiffen, felt his fingers claw into her hips. His cock felt bigger, thicker than before. He ripped the vibe out of her pussy, and pulled out of her ass.

“Gonna pour babyjuice into your belly…” he grunted, as he slammed his dick into her spasming pussy. She felt the pulse of him coming as yet another orgasm rippled through her, as her own cunt milked his fat cock dry.

Pulling out, he rested his hands on her ass a moment, breathing heavily. He slid the vibe back into her.

“You whores love to fuck, so you keep on pouring out your love juice, and soak my seeds up into your belly.”

“OH, your hubby called me. Seems your phone here is not working and he didn’t want you to worry. He got called to an unexpected meeting out-of-town, and he’ll be back tomorrow. Soon as I get my breath back, I’ll make sure you don’t miss him, too much.”

Mechanic, repairs

first part is here

He locked the shop for the night, loaded his two sluts into the car, and drove off for home. He’d put the chick in the front seat, after instructing her ‘man’ to remove her clothing, and use some line to tie her hands behind her back.

He reached up and fondled her left tit. Full and meaty, just what he liked in a little slut. He was going to fuck those tits later, fuck ‘m  hard. Nothing compared to the feeling of a pair of thick knockers pressed hard together, and plowing your cock hard between them. He’d shoot more than one load on her face that way this weekend, he knew for sure.

He twisted the nipple and pulled a small moan from her clamped lips. Yeah, someplace else he was planning to leave a wad of cum. Right in the bitchy little mouth, and rather than swallow right away, he wanted to see her balance a tongueful of his stuff for a while. That would keep her bitch-hole open, but quiet at the same time.

Sometimes he freakin’ amazed himself with his own genius.

“Hey,” he glanced over his shoulder to see her ‘man’ looking in the rear-view at her tits bouncing. They made eye contact. “Want you to reach forward and grab her nipples and pull them back towards the backseat with you until i say stop.”

The dumb fuck nodded like a broken puppet, then schooshed forward and slid his arms over her shoulders. Grabbing a swollen nipple with each set of fingers, he began steadily pulling up and back.

They reached critical mass when the bf had her tits pulled high, the nips almost up to her chin. She was moaning steadily now.

“Yeah” he said, “right there. Now just fuckin’ hold ’em there. If you drop one I’ll slap the fucking shit outta you, got it? We’re almost home. And bitch? Keep on moaning. I like it.”

Tears sluiced down her face, and she whimpered and moaned every time he drove over a pothole in the shit road he lived on.  Not that he did it on purpose. Until he saw how much it made her cry. Then he hit a few of the smaller ones.

Just, because he wanted to. He loved the way the tears silvered under the street lamps, the thick lines of black from her melting mascara. By tomorrow morning she was going to be a fucking mess.

He smiled. And didn’t he just love messin’ em?


He pulled round the back of his house. Wasn’t much fancy about it, but it was his, at any rate. Could use a bit of work here and there…he cast a speculative look over his shoulder. And a bit of housework inside as well…damned if he didn’t have one helluva solution sitting right beside and behind him. Mr. Fancy Pants likely had shit for experience, but even he should be able to swing a paintbrush.

He led them in through the back door, and instructed her to make dinner for the three of them.

“You are mine. Mine until Monday. Do a good enough job and I’ll keep deducting from your bill. Fuck me over, and he’ll pay for it.”

He turned to the Dude. “Likewise, I seem to own your sorry ass too. You try to fuck me over, and she’ll pay the price. Kapish?” He watched for the puppet head-nod. Dumb fuck.

“You, with me. Lets get you into some work clothes. You, cook.” Her frightened gaze followed Him from the room. God his cock ached with the need to stuff it in one of her holes. Her mouth? So he could watch the fear in her eyes? Her cunt? So he could watch them both? Maybe fuck her ass in missionary so he could see the revulsion from her, the sick wanting from Dude here.


Taken, denoument

this is the final bit of this fantasy tho you will see a variation of this theme in the near future…this part, however…very rough. (i’m thinking of making a single-word warning…’nilladragons’ so you’ll be forewarned of the rougher stuff…)


He fucked her gently, lover-like. She wanted to resist, he felt it in her body. She was blindfolded, spread-eagled, unable to deny him, but she was tense and he knew it was fear.
He took his time with her. He rubbed her clit as he knelt between her thighs, his cockhead inside her, pulsing gently back and forth.  She moaned, tossed her head, and he slid his hands up beside her, bracing himself as he pushed deeply into her tummy.
She was so fucking tight, all tensed against his invading shaft.
He didn’t think he’d felt any cunt as good as hers. Hers, because it was his now. He’d taken it, he owned it, and he wasn’t going to let it go anytime soon. Groaning, he pressed deeper, faster, tuning out her sounds, and focusing on the intense waves moving through his cock, thrumming from his tightening balls, and he gritted his teeth and groaned as his cock disgorged its load deep inside of her.

He dropped onto her body, and  nuzzled deep into her neck with his face, biting along her shoulder. His cock began to soften, but not before he felt her cunt tighten as his teeth clamped hard on that sweet spot at the junction of neck and shoulder.

“Mmmmmm” he murmured against her neck. “Liked that didn’t you, little slut.”

“noooo” she tried to protest, but it ended as a moan when he bit again. Once more her cunt clamped on his softening dick.

“Your mouth says ‘no’ but your cunt says more..” he whispered against her throat.

He slid from her, and off the bed.

“okay, enough cuddles, slut. It’s time to make you my property.”
She laid in the darkness behind the blindfold. She didn’t know if it was day or night. Whatever he’d wrapped around her head masked all light. She felt…. she was frightened. Not knowing where she was, and not certain who he was, though his voice, the tones of it…familiar.

Her head spun a bit from the residual of the drug in her system. She felt light and floaty, and dozed off for a bit.

She awoke to pain.

With her eyes useless, her sense of hearing really had become acute. She heard the whistling sound a moment before she felt the sharp crack against her upper thigh. Her body jerked and she yelped.

“You can scream, little one. I do like it when you make those noises. I liked those moans and groans while I was fucking you, but I like the crying, the screams every bit as much.”

She bit her lip, attempting to stifle her reactions, but it swiftly became impossible. He hit her up and down her body, tits, arms, thighs, belly, even between her splayed legs. He would stay in the same spot occasionally, hitting it twice, three times, more, until she screamed and begged. She never got past the third ‘please’ before He moved on.

And then it stopped.

“That was the warm-up slut. Now, in the future, when you make a request of me, I expect to be addressed as Master, or Sir. Or I simply won’t hear you.”

She felt the tickle against her belly.

“Can you guess what this is, slut?”

She refused to answer. She yelped when her right nipple was suddenly grabbed hard and twisted. His fucking fingers were like a vise.

“NO SIR” she yelped, panting as He released her.

“Manners are so very important to your Master, slut. You be a good girl, and good things happen. Bad girls? Well, slut, you don’t want to be a bad girl. Trust me on that.”

There was a pause.

A  hard slap landed against her pussy, and she cried out. Shock and sudden pain made her gasp. He was a fucking monster!!

“You must respond to me, slut, with yes Sir, or no Sir; I also enjoy yes Master or no Master…understand?” His voice hardened at the last, and she nodded.

There was a sigh.

“You’re disappointing me, slut.”

He hit her pussy again. And again. He kept hitting her, even when she yelled “Yes Sir”, and “Sorry Sir,” and “pleasepleasepleasesorrySir.” After 20 blows of his hand hard against her cunt, she was crying, sobbing. Her pussy was hot, swollen, throbbing.  It hurt so fucking much.

“I see you need to be reminded as to who is in charge here. I’m going to fuck you with my toys. You will cum. You will cum as many times as i feel you should. You will initially wonder at this as a punishment.” He gave a rueful chuckle. “Poor little slut.”

Her heart raced. What was so bad about cumming a bunch of times? She wanted to smile. Now who ruled?

He set up the fucking machine with one of his larger dildo’s. Her cunt was wet, little whore, for though He knew she would argue that it wasn’t, that spanking was not a turn on for her,  he could clearly see the seeping gleam of her arousal on her swollen cuntlips.
The machine was efficient. Every stroke the same. No pauses, no breaks, no change in motion or thrust. She came quickly the first time.  Though the cock had felt too big at first, her hole stretched to accommodate it. Her clit tingled painfully in her post-orgasmic lassitude…but the machine fucked on.

She built up to the second orgasm quickly. She’d often had  multiple O’s during sex, so it didn’t surprise her. There was a second intense hmmmmm, joining the sound of the fucking machine between her thighs. She felt the press of the big-headed massager against her puffy mons. She was still sore from the spanking of her pussy, and the vibe pressed insistently.

She exploded.

Stars whirled, colors ignited and she was flying…and the sensation between her legs was incredibly intense…painfully intense. She was gasping, sobbing for breath.

The fucking machine kept fucking, dispassionate.

And the hitachi stayed pressed hard against her. She came again.

And again.

And again.

She fainted from the overstimulation.

When she awoke, the fucking machine was pumping still, though the massager had been moved away. “please…Sir…” she whispered. “i am sorry, Sir…”

The fucking machine kept fucking. She didn’t even know if he was in the fucking room…he might have left her here, left her to slowly expire from the physical toll. She was breathing hard, her heart raced and she’d kill for a glass of water. A sip of water. The fucking machine pumped on.

The next time she regained consciousness, she was shaking with fatigue. Her cunt hurt, her clit was engorged and painful, and the humm of the hitachi came closer.

She began begging. Crying. Pleading.

He made her cum again.

Then turned the machine off. Turned the hitachi off.

And began to beat her with the tawse. Until she came, again.
She woke, groggy, drained.

“Good, you’re awake. Open your mouth, slut.”

She obeyed his command instantly. She felt something. A straw.


Grateful, dying of thirst, she drank deeply. The shake was sweet, the wetness relieving the parched feeling of her mouth, her throat. He pulled it away, gave her a moment, then gave her more.

“It’s an energy shake. Good girl, drink that last bit.” His hand stroked down her tit, over the striped marks he’d made on her flesh. He pulled the straw from her mouth, and she arched her head, searching for more. There was the sound of a lid being pulled off, a crinkly plastic sound, then his voice.

“open up slut,”  She parted her lips, and he drizzled the last bit of the shake into her mouth.

He stroked her cheek softly, and she felt his lips against her lower one. He sucked it into his mouth, sucking it firmly, biting gently. She moaned.
“open up, slut,” She parted her lips, and he spat into her mouth.

“Swallow it.” His voice was rock-hard, uncompromising. She shuddered. She made a face, she was so grossed out.. “You will accept my fluids. All of them. All a gift to you, slut, just as the cum i’d saved for you, and added to your breakfast drink was a gift. ”

She swallowed, overwhelmed by the fear, the disgust evident on her face.


There were sounds coming from the open door. She had no idea what the hell was going on. She needed ..she wanted to get away. She pulled at her bonds, but they were tight. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Please? Please, let me go?”

She didn’t know where he was, what he was doing…

“Please Sir? Please let me go?”

“Much better language, slut” She jolted. He was right fucking beside her. His fingers began swirling lightly over her stretched body.

“I keep thinking about planting all these seeds inside of you. If I keep you here long enough, slut, one will surely take root.  Your belly will swell, your tits will fill with milk,  and someday my child will come out of your belly, and you will feed us both with your creamy goodness. ”

She shuddered at his words.

“But that’s in the future. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I do know what today brings. ”

The sound of a cell phone chime sounded loud in the room. He answered it, and she heard him moving away.  She pulled more at her bonds, but no give. She heard a door close. Voices moving closer. The long, low whistles came from the doorway.

“She’s fucking gorgeous alright. Lookit those titties. ” There was the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

Fucking men.

They moved closer, and suddenly there were hands moving over her flesh. Her tits were pumped, squeezed, nipples crushed between bruising fingers.  A finger delved into her sore and swollen slit, while another tried pushing into her asshole.

“Noooooooo” she wailed at that assault.

“It speaks?”

There was the sound of amused male laughter.

“Okay, I’ll get my stuff set up here.” Said the first voice.

“Me too.” came the other.


The pinch on her nipple was cold.  He’d been fiddling with her tit for the last few minutes, teasing her nipple to hardness. No. He wouldn’t. The bite of the needle sliding through the flesh of the taut nubbin ended that thought, and she screamed. There was a sensation of cold through her nipple as the ring slid home.

“I’d lay real still, cunt.” His voice was harsh. “I’m going to solder this and even though it’s cold, it’s relative. Trust me, if the tip of the solder touches your tit, you’ll feel it.

He was soldering the ring shut? Like it would never fucking come off? It didn’t take long for him to finish, and she heard him move around the bed to begin the second nipple ring. She cried out when the needle jabbed through her flesh. She was angry, and frightened, and even worse? She felt her pussy begin to dampen.

She was not a submissive woman. She was a corporate dynamo. She was a wunderkind at work. Respected. Maybe even feared. She didn’t need this kind of treatment to feel sexual. To get turned on. She wanted to be respected, courted, wooed. Forced? No. NO.

She refused to remember the masturbations that started this way.


she was a good girl.

Her tits hurt. The steady throb-throb-throb matched her heartbeat. She heard him packing his stuff. Then felt fingers at her cunt.

“You’re right. She’s fucking soaked. The bed creaked, and she felt the heat and heft of a man. A cock probed her lower lips, then slipped easily inside her. His body lay across hers, his hairy chest pressing hard against her newly pierced tits. She cried out, thrashing her head as he fucked her.

She came before he did.

“Little pain slut” he murmured as he pulled away. “Your Master was right. ”

She lay for a while, wondering about the other man. Somehow she knew.

She would wear His mark on her flesh for the rest of her life.