“I left a list of everything you’ll need to do to get the kiddo’s in bed, which I know you know, but ..”

“Mom overthinking, I get it, don’t worry, Marissa! Everyone will be tucked up in bed and sleeping right on schedule. And I’ll make sure everyone is up and ready for Nona to pick them up in the morning. Go, you don’t want to miss your ride or your plane!”

“Do I look okay? I’m so nervous!”

“You look amazing! I know that you’ll knock ’em sideways! Congratulations on being picked for the presentation. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back tomorrow! I’ll swing over after my evening class to hear how it went.”

After hugs and tearful goodbyes from Mitch, the youngest, Marissa pulled her suitcase to the curb and slid inside the waiting sedan. Aimee, arms wrapped around each boy, waved her fingers as the car drove down the treelined street.

“C’mon guys, let’s go inside and see what yummy surprise Mommy left for your snack!”

With the agility of kids, they turned, racing each other to the kitchen. Aimee loved watching the two Miller boys. They were adorable. Plus, the side hustle of watching them whenever their daddy and mom were away definitely helped offset the cost of her textbooks each semester. Sam and his wife both held high positions in their respective companies, and both traveled often. Aimee’s schedule worked perfectly to watch the boys pretty much whenever they needed her. This weekend was going to be quiet, with nothing going on at school, and her homework all caught up. She enjoyed the fun of playing with the two boys. And they had so much fun playing whiffle ball in the backyard after snack, as the sun sank and the dark settled in.

After splashy bathtime, and several stories, she headed downstairs. She debated having a snack, but the cupcakes they’d had earlier had been delicious, and she wasn’t all that hungry. Deciding to snuggle up in Marissa’s bed and watch tv for a while, she put the downstairs to bed, flicking off lights, and checking the doors to be sure they were locked before heading up.

Sliding into the decadent silky sheets, she sighed. Bamboo, she mused, rubbing her hands over the softness. Plumping the pillows, she settled back, and found a rerun of her favorite cop drama. An hour later, she was sound asleep.

Something heavy was on her.

She pushed, moaning. Not really awake, not still asleep, she tried to move whatever was on her.

“Sssooop…” she said, groggily pushing it away.

“No,” said a deep voice. “Tonight I’m going to fuck the everloving fuck out of you, Marissa.”

Her eyes widened. Omg. OMG! It was Mr. Miller.

“Sam…” she began, but his mouth latched onto hers, his tongue thrusting against hers, his lips sucking her.

“Mmmmmmnnnn…” she protested, tossing her head and shoving at him, trying to heave him off of her. Strong hands cuffed her wrists.

“Shhh…don’t wanna wake the boys…” he murmured against her lips, before taking her mouth again.

Her struggles had lifted her short sleep dress, and she felt him. Felt his hairy crotch rubbing against her thighs, shifting to bring his…ohmyfuckinggod his cock was touching her pussy omg omygawd….

In a moment the head of his shaft pressed inside her pussylips, sliding along the slit to find her hole. Grunting and moaning under him, she tried to break the hold his mouth had on hers. In seconds, his hips jabbed sharply up, his cock drove up, and he was inside her. Pumping his ass, he jutted himself deeper, then further into her, until his balls pressed against her anus.

“Mmmmm” he moaned into her mouth. His head lifted, his eyes found hers in the not-quite-dark room.

“I knew you had a tight little cunt, Aimee. And now it’s mine.”

The Garden

He rubbed his hands together gleefully. At long last it was here…the plant he had long searched for. Said to be nearly extinct, said to be housed in carefully guarded, extremely private conservatories, he had finally found a purveyor of the exotic.

Carefully, gently, he sliced through the packing tape, and eased open the box. Inside a second box, wrapped in plastic, with several moisture packs. He knew that inside that box would be self-heating pads, meant to keep his precious darling safe on its journey to him.

“Uvam Lignam Viriditas.” He spoke in a hushed whisper as he sliced through the plastic, and opened the inner box. With hands that trembled from sheer joy, he reached in and lifted the plant.

“Sour Stickweed, indeed. Your Latin name sounds far more elegant that this mundane name.” Bringing it to his face, he kissed it softly. It was the last thing he ever did.

Twenty-five Years Later…

The house had been listed for sale for more than two decades. The previous owner had disappeared, and his great nephew had no desire to take on the crumbling manse. Because the property had been let go, the roof caved in on the north side, letting rain water seep into the attic. It eventually led to a hole that extended, over time, all the way to the first floor. Bird roosted in the rafters, mice skittered on the second, but only the plants in the conservatory occupied the first floor.

Cori stood looking at the ruined building. She supposed that once upon a time it had been grand. Her boss must truly hate her, to give her the assignment of assessing the building, and putting an auction price on it.

“Zero,” she muttered. “I’d pay zero dollars for this. The land is great, but so overgrown it could rightfully be called an jungle. The house is a goner.” With a sigh, she adjusted her helmet, with headlamp, and grabbed her flashlight. “Might as well do this before all the light goes,” she grumbled.

The stone steps were still sturdy. The front door hung just slightly askew and she worried about rats. She had her workboots on, but still. The air inside was warm, humid, actually, and smelled of a sweet perfume.


She turned on the headlamp, and her flashlight, playing the beams around the front entrance. With a deep sigh, she pushed open the door, and discovered wonderland. Plants grew in mad profusion everywhere. Tall trees that must be oranges bore thick and luscious balls that were shades of green and orange, just like they were supposed to be. She walked on, mouth open. There were tall grasses, and pathways winding through the foliage. She heard running water, and turned her light in that direction. Somewhere upstairs, a pipe had broken. The stream ran down the marble staircase and cascaded to a dip in the floor, filling a shallow pool of water, before spilling out of the pond and sluicing off between two thick trees. She didn’t see any sign of humans, nor animals. though she had seen a few birds winging out of the roof when she’d pulled up in her truck.

Following the flow, she stepped into the deep tropics. The solarium had several broken panes where tall palms had pushed through and reached for the sky. Below, vines and shrubs bloomed in humid profusion. Here, the little stream from the foyer trickled down three short steps and pooled over the sunken floor. Water lilies bloomed in shades of purple, pink, white, and yellow. The flowering vines gave off more of the intoxicating scent she’d smelled when she first came through the front doors.

“This is amazing. A-mazing.” She turned in a slow circle, trying to take it all in. Nature was definitely reclaiming this space, and in grand fashion. “It’s wicked hot in here,” she said, shaking out of her jacket. She laid it over the twirly knob on the door. “I need to find the living quarters, the kitchen,” she mused, lifting her phone to snap pictures of the space. Something bumped her boot and she squealed. Looking down, she saw a plant.

“Well, where did you come from?” she asked it, laughing at her nerves. Two tendrils shot up and wrapped around her ankles.

“Whoa!” she said, trying to kick free. They might as well have been made of steel. Bending down, she began tugging at the vine around her right ankle, even as the left one began creeping up her leg.

“Hey HEY! OMG I can see it growing. This is weird!” Grabbing for her phone she tried to dial 911, but another seeking tendril plucked it out of her hand.



The voice was soft, muted. She was sure she was hearing things. A vine wrapped tightly around her upper thigh, slipped up her belly and into the space between two buttons on her shirt. She felt the warm softness of it, like a pussy willow, almost, as it slithered up against her skin.

“Jeeze NO…om…shit! Stop…”

Her wrists were captured, and somehow it had tugged her slowly to the ground. She didn’t fall, she knew she didn’t, but one moment she was upright, and the next she was laying on a cushion of vines. She was wrapped too tightly to move. Another vine was creeping under the waistband of her jeans, others slipping up inside her pant legs.

She felt a tug on her left nipple, a quick piercing prick. She arched as she felt it, felt it stabbing her nipple. The nipple began to tighten, then throb. It grew bigger, harder, feeling like it was going to explode. Inside her jeans, vines merged, pressing against her underpants, seeking the warm apex of her thighs. She felt quivery, lightheaded, and an incredible heat bloomed between her legs.

Head thrown back, body bowed, her nipples now both injected with some sort of plant venom, she stiffened as the most intense orgasm of her life shuddered through her. As the moisture dampened her panties, the vines wriggled under the elastic, and plunged forcefully into her cunt. The orgasm grew stronger, her mouth opened in a soundless scream as she came so hard she thought she would die. Her legs trembled, her nipples began to ooze milk, and her breasts pressed, fuller than they’d ever been, ready to burst free of her constricting clothing. The vines, twined together in a huge phallus, thrust into her, seeking more of her sweet juice. Several others sought entry, but she was full. Her anus slowly gave way to their probing. Another shuddering orgasm tore through her. The vines were squeezing her tits, coiled ’round them tightly, repeatedly stabbing her nipples with the small barbs. Shaking and convulsing, her pussy sprayed fluid, cum dripping through her jeans. The probing tendrils writhed in glory at all the sweet creamy goodness flowing over them, and continued to thrust until it found her deepest, warmest place. She screamed as the tendrils breached her cervix, pushing against her womb. There was a pulsing that she felt from the vine, and a sudden shocking feeling of terrible fullness. The pain was intense, but the orgasm that clenched her cunt around the intruding vines was even more wicked. With a gasping moan, she fainted.

When she woke up, she was laying on the floor.

“Oh shit, I peed myself,” she said to no one. “I must have slipped on the wet marble…” she felt her head, but didn’t find a sore spot. “Guess I was lucky. Don’t seem to be hurt.”

She put her hand on her grumbling belly. “Horny and hungry. Man. I need to get some time with my man.” The sexual need was intense, though she remembered none of the rape she’d experienced.

Rising, she gathered her phone, her flashlight. The day was all but faded.

“Okay, house, I’ll be back tomorrow.”


we babies will have

seeds were planted?

she carries them warm they come soon


tomorrow we finising using the huuman for babies

they come back to us she plant outside. we grow.

good. hooman femaaale taste better than hooman man.


Perverted Pleasures (6)

You never know what you’re gonna find when you go trolling through your “Drafts” folder…I found this gem, from 2 years ago. It’s not finished … yet. But I was in the mood for a hot fucking story…and maybe you are, too? ~nilla~


(This never gets old… ~n~)

She splashed through ankle deep water for three steps before it fully registered that she was splashing through water.

In her kitchen.

In the dark pre-dawn hours, she struggled to bring her mind around to what the fuck was going on. No coffee. No light. No dry floor. Backtracking, she stepped once. Twice. Shivered hard, then stepped onto the living room carpet. Sodden carpet. Turning, she stepped forward until she found dryness underfoot. Snapping on the lamp next to the couch she winced, slapping her hands over her burning eyes.

“Goddam!” she yelped. “I’ve fucking blinded myself. Finally brave enough to peer through slatted fingers, she could clearly see a current in the kitchen. The sound of hissing came from the corner of the counter where the dishwasher lived. Cautiously she moved back into the splash zone.

“Oh fuck. Goddam it to fucking hell and fucking back!”

Blue tiles floated or lay skewed on the bottom of the pond that had been her kitchen floor when she’d gone to bed last night. Now it resembled Lake Holyfuck. Stupefied, she stared at the mess. How the hell did one even begin to cope with this? she wondered. She wished she was not alone having to deal with this. That she’d married and had three kids and a dog and maybe a hamster. Then she could share the load of shock and awe and horror with someone. But no, this was all hers.

She made her way to the cellar door, but couldn’t open it. Too much water against it or maybe too swollen from it. Who knew. It was time to call for help.

A quick trolling of the online yellow pages located three plumbers in her area–she called them all. Leaving urgent pleas for help on each machine didn’t resolve this current issue.

“Looks like we’re not going to work today, boys and girls,” she muttered. Splashing into the thick of things she took a pan from the wall and started bailing. Ten minutes into frantic scooping and her phone startled her with the crescendo from the 1812 Overature. Grabbing it up, she very nearly dropped it, but caught it in slippery hands.

“You’ve got a problem, sounds pretty epic.”

“You have no idea,” she said, hating the edgy panic in her tone.

He asked for her address, and promised he’d be there in 20 minutes. Skeptically, she hung up the phone and started bailing again. Sure he’d be here in twenty minutes. No one ever came when they said they would. She was twelve minutes into bailing when she heard the unmistakable sound of a truck in her driveway. Knocking came seconds later at her front door. Good thing, too. If he’d come to the back door he might have been swept away from the current of water that would race out, like in some cartoon she’d seen once.

“Hi. I’m Kevin.”

“No. No, you’re an angel from god. My savior. My hero.”

He bent to lift a battered red box, a motherfucking huge box from the porch floor, then followed her inside.

“Well, whoa. You certainly have a problem.”

“Well there’s an understatement,” she said dryly. “Sorry. I haven’t had my coffee even.”

“Best to not use any electric in here for now. We have no idea what got wet…this is a lot of water. Be right back.”

Sooner than she would have thought possible, the water level began to lower. He’d set up a pump thingy, then showed her how to vacuum up the puddles. Once the floor was clearer, he disappeared under the sink. She had a really great view of his ass, just a hint of crack, as he worked under there. There was a soft curse, then a louder ‘motherfucker!’  and then, silence.

The hissing had stopped.

He eased out from under the sink.

“Got that little bugger.”

“I thought you called it a mother fucker.”

He smiled. With his whole face, he smiled, but his eyes just mesmerized. She didn’t want to stare, but damn she was staring. She looked away, looked down, feeling the heat of a blush rising. Dang it! He was really fucking se…wait…what?

With a blink she stared into the toolbox. There was no mistaking the bright red ballgag in one of the compartments, nor the black eye mask. She cleared her throat.

“So…uhm…that thingy watchadoo…you turned it off. Can you fix it?”

“Nope. Your dishwasher basically crapped out.”

She looked at him, and knew, she just knew that he had seen her looking at the sex toys. The look he gave her was challenging.

“So…you don’t fix dishwashers.”

“Nope. Just the plumbing. And other things. Naughty little girls.”

His hand was in her hair, tugging her head back. She yelped, then gasped as his big hand circled her throat. He looked down at her, his eyes boring into hers. Somewhere she’d lost the power of speech, of fight. Maybe it was his fingers woven through her long, bed-tangled locks, or maybe it was fear, or maybe it was something else. Something dark, with a longing that tore at her civilized manners, a beast seeking freedom.


“Hush. You’re really in no position to ask anything now.”

He bent quickly, scooping up the ball gag. His tersely spoken ‘open’ was quickly obeyed. There was that look in his eyes again. It said ‘danger’…and something else she wasn’t certain of yet.

The blindfold slid over her eyes moments after he’d fastened the gag tightly. A push between her shoulder blades made her stumble forward. Another push, another stumble. Disoriented, she had absolutely no idea which direction she was headed, until her knees hit the bed and she fell forward.

“Don’t fucking move.” 

There were sounds behind her. Drawers opened, then closed. He was searching for something. Then quiet until his hand slapped at her ass.

“Up, on your back.”

She didn’t move, feeling defiant. For a long moment, nothing happened. Then the sharp slap of what was unmistakably a belt upon her bottom made her yelp. She would have moved then, would have leapt upon the bed, but his hand clamped hard on the back of her neck, holding her down as he other hand slapped her ass, her thighs. The light cotton of her pajama bottoms did nothing to alleviate the burning sting. Her ass was hot, her mouth squealing around the gag with every blow. She didn’t want to cry, but couldn’t stop; the pain was too much, too hard to bear.

“The next time I tell you to move, you move.”

She nodded fiercely, yes, even though his fingernail scraped the back of her neck with each jerky nod. He all but tossed her up on the bed then, flipping her roughly onto her back. Her ass screamed at the movement. She felt fingers on her skin, the brush of air on her thighs as he removed her bottoms. There was a moment when she thought one more time of trying to flee, but the fear of what would happen when he caught her–and she had no doubt that he would catch her–was greater than her confidence that she could escape.  Her camisole was ripped in half. It was both thrilling and terrifying.  Hands clamped on her tits, squeezing hard, pinching her nipples, then slapping them.

A quick whoosh of sound, of air, and the sharp stinging slap as he used the belt on her left tit drew another muffled scream from behind the gag. She tried to clamp her legs together but his fingers pressed against her slit.

“You’re a fucking noisy thing. Not that I mind. I like the sounds…sexy, hot, makes me want to hurt you more. And your cunt is wet. Your mouth may be protesting, but your pussy is slick and begging for attention.”

Shaking her head no did no good. His fingers twisted and twined their way inside her, violated the empty space, filling her.

“You are fucking sopping wet–as wet as your kitchen floor. Whore. Dirty little whore, needs a good reaming by her plumber. Lucky for you I brought a big plunger with me.”

He moved away, but his hands were quick and firm, lifting her leg, grabbing her wrist, tying her with…her own fucking pantyhose. The way she must look, wrists tied to knees, knees held apart somehow, leaving her deepest secret places exposed and open for him. She should be fucking terrified. She was terrified. But neither could she deny that there was an element of dark turn-on here, too.



Librarian: A Danger Date Story

She liked this quiet time best, when the library was not far from closing. There were just a few patrons scattered around the various chairs, reading periodicals, while several were perusing the current bestseller stack. Not quite time to begin herding them out the doors, which was just as well, as they not ready to be checking out. The soft chiming bell on the desk would cue her to anyone needing her assistance, though few rarely did.  Joseph would keep an eye on things; the information desk had a clear view of most of the main floor. Scooping up her first pile of checked in returns, already stacked in Dewey order, she nodded at Joseph, and headed out to shelve them.

At twenty minutes to closing she was working on her final stack of books. Her co-worker was beginning to make the rounds, softly alerting the few stragglers who had yet to depart of the library’s impending closure for the night. She yawned as she headed to the second floor. She’d do a sweep of the upper room for people;  though the last person had been seen leaving ten minutes ago, there was the occasional person still deeply engrossed in the tall stands of shelves. A quick turn around the room proved the space was empty. Scooping up the books, she made quick work of shelving the first few. The last two were mates, and of course were on the top shelf. Being petite was often a challenge, none so much as having to rustle up one of the step stools. Stepping up, she still needed to stand on tiptoe to wriggle the tomes into their proper places.

As she reached to place the second book, a hand cupped her mons.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing, and don’t turn around.”

His voice was deep, and firm.

“What? What are you doing?” her voice was a shocked whisper. Too many years working in such a quiet place had made it all but impossible to actually scream.


Fingers pushed aside her panties, began wriggling around her slit. A rough fingertip caressed her clit and she moaned.

“No…what…stop…” It was wrong, she knew, to get such pleasure out of being so roughly handled. And by some random stranger. And in the damn library!

“I’m not going to stop and I’m sure you know that. I’m going to give you pleasure. Keep your arms up and your head turned away.”

There was something in the timbre of his voice that made her obey. Was this some kind of offshoot of Stockholm syndrome or something?, she wondered.  Another moan as his fingers slipped up into her pussy and began diddling around. A massive shiver ran through her, one of pleasure and fear. What if someone came up, like Joseph, to give her the all clear? What if this guy pulled her off the stepstool and killed her? What if she had an orgasm right here, right this way? What if he stopped, right now?

“Cum for me, little slut, come for me now.”

The voice was deeper, huskier, his fingers working at a frantic pace inside of her. The quivering grew fiercer, her hips wiggling. Her back arched as she came, a sudden gush of liquid down her legs.

“There’s a good girl, no, now you know we aren’t done yet.”

His fingers stayed buried in her cunt, fucking now, fucking and wiggling inside of her. His thumb pierced her anus, and she whimpered. The pain and pleasure did a dance between her legs as ripples of heat ran up her spine.


“Your pussy is just sensitive. You’ll get used to my thumb up your ass. It will give you deeper pleasure. And I like knowing it hurts you to get this beautiful pleasure. It feels so fucking good, doesn’t it, slut? Put the book down now and step down off the stool. Yes, keep your back to me.”

His fingers remained inside of her as she followed his directions, until she was bent at the waist, hands resting on the stool where she had stood moments before. When his cock entered her, it was with a strong thrust.

She came, harder than the first time.

He fucked her roughly, quickly, spurting his baby juice into her belly.  His thumb circled her clit.

“I want to make you remember the stranger who fucked you brainless at work.”

She shivered, the sensitive bud on overload after two orgasms. She’d never had two orgasms in a week, let alone during one sexual event. When she came again, it was with such intensity that she blacked out a bit, her legs wobbling, her arms not able to support her. She fell to her knees, shaking.

She never felt him tug down her skirt, nor heard him leave. A soft chime through the PA system informed her that the library was now closed for the evening. Pushing to her feet, she moved slowly to the stairway and began to help Joseph close up for the night, saying nothing about the encounter on the second floor.


Sliding into her car, she felt the wetness of her panties.  She blushed, humiliated by the wetness that had come after the assault. Flicking on her lights, she could see something stuck under her wiper blade. She thought about just leaving it there until she got home, but knew it would drive her crazy if she left it. With a sigh of reluctance, she slid out of the car and tugged the card free.

It was on light blue, heavyweight stock, and simply read:

Tonight’s sexual encounter was a gift from a friend.

 Danger Dates


She sat back, eyes closed, and wondered which friend it could possibly be, wondered if she would call the police if she knew, or send a thank you note,  before starting the car and headed home.


Joseph watched as Lindsey got out of her car to retrieve something on her windshield. He smiled all the way home.



WARNING! Very dark…my mind has been in a dark, sultry place of late. Enjoy (but you don’t have to admit you did…) ~n~


His cock pounded into her asshole as she squealed and squirmed. No matter the fight she put up, he was going to continue to ream her ass. Her struggles only made his cock harder, thicker, longer. The penultimate moment came as he jabbed deeply into her, buried to his balls, his shaft throbbing as he spewed his spunk into her bowels.

She lay quietly, sobbing into the dirty mattress as he rose. Tossing a bottle of water and a granola bar onto the bed, he left the small room.

The door closed with a quiet snick, followed by the deeper sound of the lock shooting home. Wrapping her arms about her head, she shivered.


Tied wrists-to-ankles, ass thrust high, she yelped around the large black ball buckled in her mouth as he punched his cock into her tight cunt, thrust a few hard rough strokes, then pulled out and jabbed into her anus.

The way her screams went higher as he penetrated the tight sphincter never failed to turn his dick into fucking stone.  She wiggled and waggled trying to escape the dual thrusts, but that was all part of the fun…for him.

Buried in her cunt, he spoke words of terror to her.

“No condom. Alll this hot semen pouring into you, tight against your little baby nest…”

Tears always followed that announcement, little tremors through her body that always drew a few more pulses of jizz from him. Reaching down, he groped for her tits, squeezing them.

“Maybe I’ll keep you here, milk your titties for profit. You’ll be worth your weigh in granola by then, slut. Full of baby, full of milk, full of my hot, hot cum. Can’t fuck your pussy once you get to a certain point, but hey, that’s why you’ve got an asshole and a mouth hole, right? Imagine how good it will be when I rape your tight rosebud, then shove my cock into your mouth. You’ll taste your own shit on my cock, on your tongue, all the way down your throat.”

Shaking harder now as she cried fulsomely, he released her bondage, slapping at her flesh with the rope ends as he freed her. Curling up into a tight ball, she wept as he left, ignoring the water bottle and granola bar he always left for her. The door closed with a snick, and then the raspy sound of the bolt shooting home for the lock.


His cock pounded her asshole, sliding deep into her belly from behind. Though she cried still, she stopped fighting him. Slapping her round bottom didn’t rouse her from her lethargy, nor did pinching her nipples.

He came, a disappointing volley of cum into her rumphole. He left no water, no granola.

Closing the door, but not fully. She didn’t hear the snick of the latch, or the grating of the lock. Rising to her knees, she saw the door ajar, smelled the thick darkness of woods. Stumbling to her feet, she stepped outside. Her car was there, hard to see in the gloaming. Holding the cool metal as she moved around it, she found her clothing folded neatly on the drivers seat, and under them as she dressed, her keys. Her purse was tucked neatly under the seat.

With a shiver, she turned the engine over, and drove away.


He watched her drive away, pleased that he’d broken her at last, yet knowing it was time for the next reservation to be dealt with. He loved his job.


She drove through the night looking for the small cafe. There in the distance, she saw a shining sign. As she pulled into the lot and parked in the far slot as directed, she closed her eyes. Was she making the right choice here? Was she a fucking idio…

The back door opened and something slipped over her neck, cutting her supply of air to a minimum. Her hand rose to her throat to gasp for more breath, but the man in the seat behind her reached forward and slapped it.

“Drive,” he said, tersely. The new game had begun.



if this seems a little “out there” —bear with me. i’m getting better and my head often veers into strange places as i get back to being healthy. 😀 ~nilla~


Sherry ran into the office to see Bradley pulling his hair and staring at his cell phone.

“What, what??” she pulled at his sleeve.

“It…it…it’s coming…it…baby…Maggie…”

Understanding dawned. Maggie, his wife, had gone into labor, and about two weeks early.

“Look, go. It’s probably Braxton-Hicks, but you can’t be sure since it’s her first. Go.”

“B-but I can’t…alone…you…baby…”

He really was the classic flustered first-time dad, she thought, smiling at him.

“I will be fine. What happens in a small time museum like this? Nothing. Ever. The boss knew you would be on call for Maggie, so I’ll text him and keep him up to speed. Go. Gooooo.”

She push-turned him, snapping him out of his bewildered trance. He grabbed his keys from the desk and ran out the door. A moment later his head popped back inside.

“Thanks Sherry!”

And he was gone. Shaking her head in amusement, she walked to the window. Moments later his head appeared down below. The streets were quiet at this late hour, and she watched the taillights of his car zip down the street. The halls of the small museum were quiet too, she mused, grabbing her phone, her nightstick, and her keys. Time for rounds.


In a Cosmic Alignment, many strange phenomena are rumored to occur. The sudden massive explosive release of atoms into the atmosphere can trigger events both small and nearly unnoticed, and grandiose, or even “weird”. Occurrences noted in the past,  such as the opening of thousands of flowers simultaneously, or a massive hatching of insects have not been “officially” recorded as causal as related to the Cosmic Alignment. Also noted, but not attributed to the CA Phenomenon, are the sudden rise of sexual need in all animals within the cone of effect, and the transformation of things from one state of being to another. Little is known about the phenomenon since it happens only once a millennia, and rarely do people record the events that are seen, fearing that they will be perceived as insane.

Such an alignment is anticipated to  happen on this day, in the deep part of the night in the northern hemisphere. The changes will last for just a while, as the super-excited electrons dance through the cosmos, drive into our atmosphere, and encite chaos in random and unpredictable ways.


The dizzy spell hit her just as she opened the door to the statue room. She held onto the open portal, swaying, until she felt herself settle. That was weird, but then again, she couldn’t recall if she’d actually eaten lunch or just thought about it. The light in here seemed dimmer than she remembered and she made a mental note to put in a work request to have it checked. There seemed to be a noise across the room. Stupid vent in this room had been acting up all week. She walked over to it, bending down to peer at the stupid thing. Ah. There was a piece of paper wedged in the metal slats and…

A hand grabbed her shoulder, pushed her to the wall. She pushed back but there was not an ounce of give.

“Woman,” the voice, deep and resonant sounded in her ear. There was the smell of woods and something exotic. “Woman…”

Shivers ran up her spine. No one was here but her. No one but…

Hands reached around her cupping and squeezing her breasts. They were not gentle, and she didn’t want them to be. No wait. She didn’t want. For crying out loud, she was on duty. Her head spun as he pinched her nipples and a moan came from her, her breath catching even as she tried to form a single word. She couldn’t turn her head around enough to see, to catch of glimpse of whomever was pressing her, face first, into the damned wall!


The hands tore her uniform shirt open. Shock held her quiet for a moment. That shirt was made for abuse. Virtually nothing could tear it. Yet he’d just ripped it apart like it was cotton fluff. The hands, cool and smooth, fought with her bra, ripping that off until his skin touched hers. Teeth sank into her neck, making her moan and arch.

No, this wasn’t right wasn’t good wasn’t..shouldn’t be…ohhhh.

His hands fumbled with her pants, but in moments tore them away from her until she was naked, pressed to the wall, large hands roaming over her hot, oh so unbearably hot, skin.

She knew it was coming. She knew he was going to pierce her with his cock, fill her. Knew it and couldn’t stop him.  Or.

Wouldn’t stop him.


Wanted. Wanted with a fierceness that was primal. Some force beyond herself drove her to accept what was happening. It was right for him to take her. To fill her with his thick cock. To drive into her body and use her fully.

The sound of panting-hers-filled her ears. He was quiet, murmuring softly against her neck as his engorged penis probed at her pussy lips. She wanted to fight him. She wanted him to fuck her.

His hands weren’t gentle on her skin. His cock wasn’t gentle as it filled her in one hard thrust. Panting and moaning as his hips rocked against her ass, she felt herself pushing back, offering herself. Almost beyond thought, her only consuming desire was to be used, to be filled by whomever was standing behind her. The lights dimmed, then brightened with every deep-filling thrust. Her pussy was pummeled, yet began to ooze and leak as she rose to her first orgasm. As if she liked it. As if she needed it. As if she craved exactly what he was doing to her.

“ooooooOOOOOOHHHHhhhh” she whimpered as her body quaked and shook. He didn’t stop, he just kept fucking her steadily hips hammering back and forth while his hands continued mauling her tits. She knew there would be bruises in the morning. The thought only excited her more. Her head fell back, and he bit her throat, lips and teeth working from the tender joining place at her shoulder, all the way up the line of her neck, until he took her ear between his teeth and shook his head, growling.

She exploded.

Cunt juice flowed from her in a huge wave of release. She felt the spatter of it on the floor, on her legs. She shook her head no, noo000000…but his persistent rhythm didn’t change.

“Oh can’t can’t please…” her breath wheezed, her pussy throbbing with the sensitive aftermath of such a powerful orgasm. Hands grabbed her hair, pushed her down. In moments she found herself on the floor, doglike. His hands grasped her hips now, pulling her hard against his crotch, impaling her over and again on the thick hardness. He showed no sign of coming, no weariness. His hips thrust forward as he pulled her back, doubling the impact of his body into hers. Her belly quivered, the pain deep as he all but punched her uterus with his cockhead.

“please…oh hurts…”

And she came again, even harder. Her hands slipped until her shoulders rested on the floor, her ass lifted high in the air and taking his swollen shaft even deeper into her belly. In that moment before he stiffened, in the millisecond before he began spurting deep into her womb, she knew, knew, he was impregnating her.

Heat began to fade. His cock left her pussy, still hard, and entered her ass. A scream came from her throat as he pierced her anus with swift brutality.

“Woman,” he said with a sigh, sinking balls deep. She felt the slap of them against her swollen and still dripping cunt. She’d never had a man fuck her ass before. The pain of her stretched rectum warred with the erotic sensations. It hurt. It was painfully weird. It was..

“Oooooogod” she screamed as an orgasm clamped her pussy, her ass, tightly. She felt his cock jerk in response, swore she could feel the hot spray of his semen filling her asshole. The hard shaft left her body with an audible *pop*.

She fainted.


When the Cosmic Alignment ends, things swiftly return to their previous ‘normal’ state. The flowers continue to bloom, the insects continue to hover, but the more extreme reactions begin to fade. Things that have transformed, go back to their prior status. The sudden upsurge of sexual energy is spent, and the participants usually return to their normal activities after a deep, dreamless sleep. All things return to the status quo. 

Until the next Alignment.


She stared at the plastic stick in her hand. It matched the 4 other ones on her bathroom counter.

She was pregnant. How the hell could she be pregnant if she wasn’t sleeping with anyone? Some sort of immaculate conception? She vaguely recalled the night that Brad had gone to the hospital as being kind of strange. Of waking up at home and not remembering getting there. Of her pussy and ass aching, and strange marks on her hips and neck. But there was no one at the Museum other than herself, a bunch of paintings on the walls, and a marble statue of Zeus in the center room.

She also remembered that there was some talk about his facial expression having changed. In the past it had seemed that he’d been stoic-faced. But now he seemed to be wearing a faint, nearly smug smile. She allayed it to the artsy-fartsy people who came to museums to do what she mockingly referred to as “deep looking”. Seriously, she thought the art was beautiful and all, but then again, she was just a normal sort of woman. Besides, as far as she could tell, he’d always looked at her like he was smiling, and always just a bit smugly. Not that he was looking at her. He was just looking around the room. The way statues did. Right?  Statues did not come to life in the middle of the night and fuck you brainless. And impregnate you. They just didn’t.

She stared at the stick in her hand.


The End.


I KNOW! You hate the ending. You want more. You want me to explain. But no! I want YOU to think about it. Puzzle over it. Turn it around in your brain. Seriously. That’s  a writers job, to intrigue you into puzzling over a story.

One more piece of back-story. I wrote this the other night. Fully, in one fell swoop, sitting here at my computer until midnight pounding it out. I swear, the story just sizzled through my fingertips. But WordPress had other ideas and refused to save the 2nd half of the story.

You know. The good part. The whole sex scene. 

I was So. Fucking. Pissed. It was done, a full 1700 plus word story, and I was so happy it had come out so well in one go. It rarely happens that WP has a glitch so I should be okay with it, but I spent all day fuming over it. I wasn’t going to finish it. I was just going to throw it in the trash and be done with it already. But the story haunted me all day. “Finish me.” So. Sigh. Here I am again, writing…er..re-writing…the sexy part. I like to imagine that her child, a son in the image of his father (ahem) grows up to become an artist himself.

A sculptor.



When she screamed, he stuffed her panties into her mouth, then slapped her. Ignoring the two fat tears that slipped out of panicked eyes, the frantically shaking head, he slapped her again, harder. Her cheek pinkened, the outline of his fingers clearly delineated.

“When I say roll over, I mean roll over.”

Rising up, he flipped her over, despite her flailing arms. His hips held her down to the floor; he could feel her buttocks churning under his ass as she kicked and bucked. It made his dick hard as fuck to feel her desperate struggles.

Rising, he watched her squirt forward on the hardwood. He loved when they thought they could get away. Catching her ankles, he tugged hard, back towards him. He sank to the floor, letting his hands slide up her thighs, holding her tightly, knowing he was leaving a trail of bruises in the wake of his touch. Reaching up he shoved her skirt up, and slapped her ass. She whimpered, making little kitten noises at every hard slap. Her ass jolted, her body quivered. His hand tugged aside the crotch of her panties, his fingers found her fuckhole.

She might have been fighting but by God her cunt was wetter than the Colorado river. With one hand he tugged down his joggers. His rigid cock popped free, slid right into the burning heat of her pussy. His cock was cocooned in the succulent wet warmth, her straining muscles working along his shaft. She was squealing like a fucking pig now, as he worked himself deeper. She was tight, slick and tight and by God he was going to fuck the fuck right out of her.

His fingers bit into her hips as he pulled her back onto his shaft. He was buried full to the hilt, his balls resting against her swollen pussy. He pulled out, all the way out, and reached under her. She responded so well to being hit, he thought, that it would be fun to see what happened when he slapped her fuckbox. She jolted hard enough at the first blow that he grabbed her hair to hold her in place. The sounds could be used to dub a porno, he mused, before he slapped her again. Her head was tugged back hard, her throat extended as she whined around the panty gag.

“Oh, did that hurt your little pussy? Even more than my big cock ramming up into your belly?”

His tone was mocking, his hand firmly striking her now, hard and fast. Just the way he was going to fuck her in a moment. He might explode if he kept going. He could feel her meaty lips begin to swell, could see them hot and red, beckoning him to enter, to take. Grabbing her hips again, he pumped himself into her as he tugged her back. They came together with a loud smack, followed by moans. She was so fucking hot, so wet. His cock seemed to grow longer, harder, the intense throbbing increasing his need to pummel her slick fuck hole.

He fucked like a man possessed, his cock dipping into, then out so quickly he was a blur. Each time he shoved his dick to the hilt, their bodies came together in a loud slapping crash. Snot and tears rolled down her face, leaving a trail as he fucked her across the floor. He came with a roar, grinding his hips against her swollen vulva, pressing his come deeply into her belly.

“All done, my succulent little fuck hole.What a lovely tight snatch you have.”

He grinned, pulling out of her. With a last hard slap on her ass, he rose. Tucking his cock inside of his pants,  he sauntered to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water. While he drank, he walked back into the living room.

“Don’t fucking move for an hour, got it?”

When she didn’t reply, he toed her foot.

“If you don’t answer, I’ll get hard again, and fuck you in the ass. And I won’t be nice about it this time.”

Taking her nod for assent, he left the way he came in, through the sliding glass door.

He jogged back up the street to where he’d parked his car. Taking up his cell phone, he made the call.

“She’s all done. Hope she ‘catches’…if not, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you try again.”

He turned on the radio and pulled away from the curb, thinking of his sperm swimming hopefully upstream. By all the gods he loved his work.



Petty Thievery

seriously…the places my mind goes in the shower…it’s downright frightening at times…! All to your good, pervie peeps, all to your good. ~nilla~


“You stole from me”

“I…I di..dn’t…Mr. Morgan….” Her response was breathy.

“Stop it. No more lies. I know you stole from me.”

He nodded at the two men who were always in attendance. They took her by her arms, tugging her easily across the room, stopping in front of the built-in television monitor in the wall. Mr. Morgan raised a remote and a black and white picture appeared.  Her breath froze in her throat. There she was, looking stealthily around, then opening his top desk drawer, and removing a bank envelope. She saw herself pull out the bills and count them. Five, there were five of the one-hundred dollar notes. Barely able to tug a breath into her burning lungs, she watched herself  lift the hem of her sweater, and stuff the bills into her lace bra. Her hands quickly put the empty bank envelope back into the drawer, before shutting it. Lastly, she placed the files she’d been told to bring to him on his desk. Taking one last furtive look around, she walked out of the frame.

Oh. My. Gawd. He’d had security cameras in his office the entire time. She was totally fucked. Her heart pounded so hard it was a miracle no one else could hear it. His voice was firm, jolting her out of her frightened reverie.

“You owe me.”

There was no swallowing the huge lump of fear in her throat.

“Hold her.”

In one fluid movement he rose from the chair where he’d perched to watch her watch the video  of her theft. Slowly his hands moved over her, squeezing her tits firmly before sliding his hands up and under her pink camisole. Skin on skin, those fingers searched her bra most carefully.

“I can’t say that your bra is empty, because it’s certainly full of tit, but, alas, no cash here.”

With a suddenness that shocked her, he yanked her skirt up over her hips. Her gasp made him smile, a chilling thing to see. In his smile she saw a glee that frightened her more than any words he might have said. His hands peeled away the thin barrier of her pantyhose, pushed aside the illusion of protection of her panties and roughly searched the hot valley between her legs. His eyes never broke contact, pinning her in place with the fierceness in them as his fingers pressed inside of her.

“Cunt is empy…oops…not now of course….”

Helpless to stop the yips and moans as his fingers dug deeply into her pussy, she shifted, trying to move away, but his men held her tightly while he fingered her. With a sigh, he looked down at her, shaking his head. His hand fell away, and they were gone, those invading digits. She flushed with embarrassment as he wiped the dampness of her pussy on her cheek.

“Check her asshole.”

Hands pushed her over, held her even as she squealed in protest. Thick fingers swirled around her cunt then pressed hard against her anus. She yelped when the first finger entered her, moaned when a second one joined it. Again the pain and embarrassment fought for the lead. She whimpered, shifting, trying to move, trying to stop the invading fingers up her butt. It fucking hurt. It felt like he was sticking his whole hand up there. It felt like he was going to explore every inch of her bowels. The fingers thrust and twisted, and she moaned and whined. A quick slap to her cheek and a ‘hush your mouth’ didn’t stop her from trying to ease her ass away from the assaulting hand. At long last they pulled out, leaving her feeling intensely relieved.

“Nothin’ in there but shit,” came the deep voice of one of them, then came the feeling and scent of poop being wiped across her ass.

“You owe me restitution.”

Abruptly she was pulled upright. A fist held her head up, looking right into those dangerous smiling eyes once again.

“I…” She started to speak. “oooh” she moaned as the fingers tightened painfully against her scalp.

“Shut up. You need to listen now, and understand the consequences of your actions. I could call the police. Have you arrested. Yet your work here is above par, and frankly, you’re stunning to look at. And yet, I cannot have a petty thief walking around unchecked. But I have a solution. I shall have your work off this debt you have created. Come with me.”

A hard shove and she was free, walking behind her boss, while being trailed by his two thugs. They moved to a door in the wall, thankfully not out to the outer office. She tugged her pantyhose up, her skirt down as they walked through the door and into a capacious bathroom.

“This is the executive bathroom. Where you will spend several hours a day, servicing upper management. There, I think.”

He pointed to a corner near the sink. A heavy leather chair was there, a small table beside it. A series of grab bars on the walls caught her eye.


She shook her head, backing away, bumping into the two men she’d somehow forgotten were there.

“Strip. Or should my men ‘help’ you?”

The sound of cracking knuckles came from behind her. She slipped her camisole over her head.

“The bra, pretty as it is, must also go.”

There was that lump in her throat again. It got bigger as she slid down each strap, delaying the inevitable baring of her breasts.

“Help her.”

The clasp was released; her tits fell free as the bra slipped to the floor. Her wrists were held behind her now, and she felt the kiss of cold steel. The bastard had handcuffed her!

“Consider this ‘house arrest’ during your working break. You owe me $500. You’ll pay that back to me by helping my management team relieve their stress, pay with that lovely body.”

As he spoke her skirt fell to the floor over her bra. In moments her hose was tugged down, her panties ripped away. A pad was thrown on the floor by thug number two; she was pushed across the room and made to kneel upon it.

“Blowjobs will be your number one function, but your pussy, ass, and mouth will all be mine until your debt is paid.”

There was a pause as he drank in the fear on her face.

“And at .50 cents per service ‘visit’…it will take you some time to pay your debt–with interest–in full.”

He strolled away, smiling at the look of horror on her face.  Pausing in the doorway, he looked back at her, at his two men who had remained behind.

“Looks like you’re about to earn your first dollar.”

The sound of releasing zippers and belts echoed in the marble-walled room as he closed the door behind him.




What. The. Fuck. (Viewpoint Two)

Inspired by one of those crazy search terms…”alien rape, creature sucking tits”…thanks anonymous surfer! This ones for you.  Less Dragons than the first one! ~nilla~

:I have initiated third harvest sequence. Earth-femme is asleep as this side of the planet is now in dark mode. My arrival upon her makes her stir, as always, but she will settle in a moment.:


:I did not intend to leave eggs behind. And that was eons ago. Earthlings have accepted Tentacles as part of their water world. No harm, no foul. Now let me do my fucking job! Get it? Fucking…job?:


:working, for Jupiter’s sake. It’s not like it just happens. I need to feel it:


She woke in the night. Completely disoriented, she patted the nightstand for her phone.


Why the fuck was she awake at two-fucking-thirteen in the a. fucking m. anyway? She felt something under the blanket.

: Come, Female–I’m gonna make you feel good. don’t fight it, just lay there will you? Just a minute more and you’ll be all nice and juicy and ready for me:


:speaking in the vernacular. She’s putting up a bit of a struggle tonight:


A hard breath wheezed from her lips at a sudden, very distinct, sucking against her right tit.

What. The. Fuck.

She said it aloud, pressing down her body as she spoke. Her voice didn’t sound strong, but panicked. Her fingers touched a rubbery mass, and flicked away in fear.

Something was on her–AND IT WAS SUCKING HER TIT.  Her legs kicked, and she tried gingerly plucking at whatever the goop was. It didn’t move, but it did hold her fingers. Stuck, she wriggled harder, until she felt the ooze arrowing faster now, down her body.

A strange languor crept over her, coupled with an evergrowing urge for sex.

:That’s a good girl. Let me in, let me in…:

It oozed upward, sliding up over her mouth, blocking her whimpers, absorbing them.

:swallow…SWALLOW…there you go…now you’ll feel a bit –how should I say it? Horny? To use your earthling terminology…? Yes. I feel you opening to me, little flower…-:



There was a hot wet trickle slicking down, her body swallowing without thought.

Heat bloomed and her nipples and clit swelled. The ooze backed from her mouth and nose; drawing a deep breath, she panted as her pussy swelled, then filled with the thick weight of the creature possessing her. It grew bigger, bigger. Tears gathered, falling in silent streams down the sides of her face as it stretched her cunt wider than she had ever felt. Her clit was swollen, feeling like it would burst with sex need.

It fucked her.

:am…(static)…engage(static)d…..very…ho.(static, static)..t   best…night…..ever….ohhhfuuuuukkkk..(not static).:




:Can I get some fucking peace down here?  I’m trying to concentrate. I can HEAR you…and you know…i’m BUSY here. Working.   Am preparing..(static)…anal…(static) ohmyyymymmmyyyy…entry..(deep resounding sigh).:



She didn’t think she could take any more, but the growing, oozing creature continued to explore her body, finding the tight pucker of her anus and thinning itself, arrowed right into it. Once inside, it too grew, stretching the clenched muscle, forcing it open. The goo expanded, filling her rectum, fucking fast and hard, just as the invader of her cunt was.

:breasts have swollen, nipples tender succulent hard—squeezing…..AH! milk extraction and absorption commencing. Female cunt is very juicy tonight. Some of my preparations from my prior two encounters may linger in her system…make a note…unghhh…aaahhh…of that….willl…ooohhhh…you?:

Her tits were milked. She felt them swelling, her nipples aching with an unfamiliar feeling. She felt full, like her entire body would burst, despite the near constant squirting of her pussy juice. Back arching, she felt light, a tight-strung bow with an arrow set to fly. Her invader squeezed her tits hard, the sucking wild and intense, until it felt her nipples would rip from her body. Instead, jets of hot fluid gushed from them. Her moan was a steady sound as the creature sucked her dry.

She screamed, a shocked cry of pain, quickly silenced by the ooze slipping up over her mouth. She tasted blood, that quic:k stab of copper as her lip split.

:accidentally wounded oral liner when silencing female. Permission to inject healant requested:


:No! Or(static)




:Oral! Not (static)! Just (static)! Bleeping (static) ORAL!:



:What? Could you just give me FU(static)NG permission?!?:


Her tummy grew bigger, filled with the beast’s thick fluid. Her womb ached with it, her clit screamed at the increased stimulation of her body.

:Filling and harvesting commencing….:





:Can I get some (STATIC)  fucking peace down here, please? (sounds of loud liquid slurping)ATTEMPTING TO (static) GET SOME WORK DONE HERE, YOU KNOW?:

For a moment, she was sure her body would really explode. The orgasm came with a rush of fluid, eagerly sucked up by the ooze. So intense, so painfully wicked, she fainted.

:Mission completed, harvest done. Ready to return to (STATIC) Mothership:

: (thinks quietly to self…farewell my lovely…truly you were a memorable fuck.) A single tendril of muck rises, strokes the sleeping face. It swells, then begins to coalesce into a single round sphere, shrinking tighter and tighter, until it glows and rises from the sleeping female figure. Bruises and marks healed at a touch, no memory remains of the encounter with the creature…or so it thinks.) :

The light flicks through the window glass as if it were water, then darts up and up, through the dark sky, to the ship waiting above.

The cop looks up from his cruiser, openmouthed. Third frigging shooting star he’d seen this week. Fucking A awesome. His kid will get a big kick out of that! What a lucky shit he was!


What. The. Fuck. (Viewpoint One)

Inspired by one of those crazy search terms…”alien rape, creature sucking tits”…thanks anonymous surfer! This ones for you.  Dragons ahead! ~nilla~

She woke in the night. Completely disoriented, she patted the nightstand for her phone.


Blinking, she looked again. Why the fuck was she awake at two-fucking-thirteen in the a. fucking m. anyway? She felt something under the blanket. She kicked at it, but the feeling of weight was still there. Wriggling, she attempted to sit, but found she couldn’t rise. She reached for her phone but her fingers never quite made it, scrabbling madly for it as it pushed away, just out of reach. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

A hard breath wheezed from her lips at a sudden, very distinct, sucking against her right tit.

What. The. Fuck.

She said it aloud, pressing down her body as she spoke. Her voice didn’t sound strong, but panicked. Her fingers touched a rubbery mass, and flicked away in fear.

Something was on her. 

Worse? Something was very definitely slurping on her tit. Maybe. Maybe she wasn’t really awake. Maybe it was some auto-erotic dream sequence. So desperate for a fuck that she was imagining fucking aliens.

The literal kind.

Something oozed across her body, enveloping her other tit, tingling against her nipple. She cursed her habit of sleeping nude. Her legs kicked, and she tried gingerly plucking at whatever the goop was. It didn’t move, but it did hold her fingers. Stuck, she wriggled harder, until she felt the ooze arrowing faster now, down her body.

“No! No…ohgawdnonono….”

It only took seconds for the ooze to reach her pussy, to press its way into the tight slit there and thicken. Her lips were coated in it, sucked and squeezed and tingled by it. A strange languor crept over her, coupled with an evergrowing urge for sex.

Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.

Had she spoken aloud? Was it in her mind?


It oozed upward, sliding up over her mouth, blocking her whimpers, absorbing them. Her nostrils were full of it, scentless but thick, the urge to sneeze passed as it filled her. How could she breathe? Shaking her head she tried to move it, coughing as it oozed into her throat from mouth and sinuses. There was a hot wet trickle slicking down, her body swallowing without thought.

Heat bloomed and her nipples and clit swelled. The ooze backed from her mouth and nose; drawing a deep breath, she panted as her pussy swelled, then filled with the thick weight of the creature possessing her. It grew bigger, bigger. Tears gathered, falling in silent streams down the sides of her face as it stretched her cunt wider than she had ever felt. Her clit was swollen, feeling like it would burst with sex need.

It fucked her. How could move like that, pistoning fast and hard and so fucking deeply? Her body quivered with the force of it. She’d never been taken so roughly, yet wanted more, still more. Her orgasms came without warning, a flood of liquid that only encouraged the sadistic rape.

She didn’t think she could take any more, but the growing, oozing creature continued to explore her body, finding the tight pucker of her anus and thinning itself, arrowed right into it. Once inside, it too grew, stretching the clenched muscle, forcing it open. The goo expanded, filling her rectum, fucking fast and hard, just as the invader of her cunt was.

Her tits were milked. She felt them swelling, her nipples aching with an unfamiliar feeling. She felt full, like her entire body would burst, despite the near constant squirting of her pussy juice. Back arching, she felt light, a tight-strung bow with an arrow set to fly. Her invader squeezed her tits hard, the sucking wild and intense, until it felt her nipples would rip from her body. Instead, jets of hot fluid gushed from them. Her moan was a steady sound as the creature sucked her dry.  Her cunt throbbed, rubbed raw despite the streams of cum. Her ass ached, stretched wider than she would have believed possible. She felt as though she had been fucked by baseball bats. The limb in her cunt grew thicker, longer, piercing her cervix. She screamed, a shocked cry of pain, quickly silenced by the ooze slipping up over her mouth. She tasted blood, that quick stab of copper as her lip split.

It was going to rip her apart.

There was heat. Wet, thick heat in her belly. She felt it fill her, belly expanding. The pounding of her cunt ceased, though the organ in her asshole continued plunging. Shivering as another orgasm slapped through her abused pussy, she whimpered through the gag it had oozed over her.

Her tummy grew bigger, filled with the beast’s thick fluid. Her womb ached with it, her clit screamed at the increased stimulation of her body. For a moment, she was sure her body would really explode. Arched, filled, every cell of  her body charged and throbbing with some indefinable thing that was happening to her, her cunt spasmed hard one last time. The orgasm came with a rush of fluid, eagerly sucked up by the ooze. So intense, so painfully wicked, she fainted.


She woke in the night. Completely disoriented, she patted the nightstand for her phone.


What the fuck was up with this waking up in the middle of the night shit, anyway? Third time this week, dammitall. With a huff of breath, she pounded her pillow and flipped to her side. Arm tucked up under her chin, she fell back asleep.


:last harvest completed. Heading home to Mothership:

A small bright light flashed against the night sky. The metro cop blinked, then smiled. He’d be able to tell his kid that he’d seen another shooting star–third one this week.