the slap on her tit made her jolt. being blindfolded left her unaware until he hurt her. the pain was intense, the ropes biting hard into her soft flesh. couldn’t see the color of them, though she imagined them turning blue as she’d seen on so many porn pics.

oW! she yelped, knowing the cane by the thin burn of pain.

fUCK! she tried to move a few dancing steps back, away, but he’d tied her from above so she could only move a little bit left or right, back or forth. the crack of the thin wooden rod upon her nipple burned like hellfire.

his steps moved around her, she knew he walked hard so she could fear, anticipate, sweat.


SWAT!  her ass was burning from the two crossed swishes, she felt the X blaze across her butt. Bastard! Asshole!

words begged to be uttered, lips wisely held them back

SMACK! upon her tender nipple, swollen and rigid from the ropes binding her large tits, making them swell to rigid, fat orbs of purple, slut-grapes taking pain.

she whinnied with the pain, like a horse with a burr under its saddle blanket, bucking and writhing and seeking escape. the safeword slid across her tongue, knocked upon her teeth for release,

but she swallowed it away instead.

ScREAmED him for a right BASTARD as he tapped the stick again on her tender nipple. she felt the bruise rising, long straight highways of purple rising against the swollen purple of her tit.

his fist in her hair, pulling her head back, growling into her blinded face

a bastard am I? am I? 

her nod as he held her hair, cried as he laughed, and agreed.

releasing her to swing and dangle, a blue-titted bird, a human wind chime, a snotty-faced creature with head bowed.

legs, shoulders, ass, pussy, all stroked with his lashing. cool tender hands tracing along her aching flesh.

wiping the juice from her thighs, her lips suckling his fingers clean, tasting herself, moaning.

his fingers made quick work of her next release.

jerking on her rope, she came, came, came