Hired! ~3~

Sitting beside him, as he had patted the chair right next to his, she could admit to herself that he made her nervous, despite these last two weeks of getting to know him. Yet he kept the conversation light and work related.

Somehow she felt like he was probing.

It wasn’t anything he said, at least not overtly. He was walking around something delicately, and her nerves were stretched to the breaking point.

“I feel, Sir, if you don’t mind me saying, like you’re trying to ask me something without coming out and saying whatever it is.”

“I don’t mind frank talk, Kat.”

He’d taken to using the nickname despite her frown the first few times. It suited her.

“And you’re correct. I finally got around to looking at your application. I saw you were previously working in the mid-west, and wondered why you’d crossed half a continent to be here? That’s just mild curiosity however. I understand the attraction of the East Coast. The city is pretty exciting, and it’s hard to beat the ocean and mountains for relaxing.”

She nodded as he ticked off key points in her decision to move, but her heart did trip up a beat or two, because she knew he was going to bring up Alex.

“It seems that your former boss was less that thrilled with you. He said you were difficult to work with, that you didn’t take direction well, and that you were generally slutty in your behaviors at work.”

Her mouth had fallen open. It took all in his power to not laugh at her shock, and then the rising of rage in her deep blue eyes.

“Why…he…I…” she sputtered, obviously unable to speak clearly.

“Clearly, he was wrong on all accounts. I have first-hand experience in these past two weeks that you are organized, clear headed, able to work independently as well as follow directions, and frankly, though I’m disappointed to say so, not a single slutty behavior.”

Her mouth opened and closed several times, and he swore he could see steam coming from her ears.

“Basically, I think the guy is an asshat who is pissed as hell that you left. He asked me several times who I was, and where my company is located.”

“You didn’t tell him, did you?”

He cocked his head at her.

“Are you afraid, Katherine?” he asked gently.

“Sure I’m afraid. I’m afraid I’ll kick his ass into next week if he so much as looks at the front door.” She popped up from the chair and paced around the room, muttering imprecations under her breath.


“What?!” He almost jumped at the surly tone. “Go to work and shake it off. I have no intention of taking the word of such a jackass. You’ve proven your worth here. Though some slutty behavior…”

“Forget it.”

Whirling on her heel, she stormed to the door.

“KIDDING!” he yelled to her back as she sailed through. He had to give her props for not slamming the door behind her. He did hear her heels tapping a pissy note down the hallway. He smiled. She did have spirit.


“…and then he said I could show some slutty behaviors, like it was some fucking joke. That fucking Alex. I can’t believe he said those things about me.”

Her friend Savannah sighed on the other end of the phone.

“Well, sweetie, you know Alex is an a-hole. A misogynist of the highest order. Women are meant to be used, and abused, and their only worth is their holes.”

“Fuck that! Already Mr. Jackson has shown that he values me.”

“How could he not? You’re awesome at what you do. You sound happy about your new life, Kitty, and I’m so happy for you.”

“Yeah, but what else did Alex tell him? Would he say I’d been his submissive, that we had sex and shit at work? Would he out me that way because he’s pissed that I left? I told him I was unhappy, and I told him that he’d crossed a line. I am as submissive as the next gal, but I’m NOT going to put up with being put down. I don’t think he ever cared for me, about me, yanno?”

“He cared about your tits. And fucking you over his desk. He was power tripping all the time. I can’t imagine one businessman would go into those sorts of details to another. Maybe if they were friends, or hanging out someplace together. But no, I can’t see him saying any of that to your new boss.” At least she hoped not. Alex was a dickhead, a sexual deviant with little regard for women. She decided to get Kat’s mind off of that jerk.

“So, did you say that you think your Mr. Jackson is a Dom?”

“I don’t know,” Katherine puffed out an exasperated breath. “It sure seems like it. He’ll put on this face, this voice, give me an order, and I slip right into sub-mode. It makes me crazy.”

“Yeah,” Savannah chuckled. “I’ll bet it makes you hot and wet, too.”

“Screw you!” Kat laughed, blushing. Her friend knew her so well. This was the only downside to moving, leaving her dearest heart-sister behind.

“hahahahahaha,” Savannah laughed, her husky voice bursting with humor.

“I so miss you. You should come out here. We could hit up the clubs, tear out a few hearts.”

“I miss you too, honey. And you should go out. Shake off the last of your pissy mood and see what the city has to offer a sweet mid-western submissive.”

And so it was that she was here, driving in the dark to directions only her phone understood. The rain was melting the snow, tendrils of fog oozing across the road. Her wipers made a half-hearted swipe across the glass, the blurred glare of neon lights nearly illegible.

“Destination is on the right,” came the supercilious voice of her phone guide.

She muttered, easing her car down the narrow road. An arrowed sign  pointed to the entrance of a parking lot for Grapes of Wrath. She had to laugh at a D/s club named for a Steinbeck novel. Maybe it would be a cure for her personal depression. Finding an open slot, she parked. A quick slip of her lipstick across her mouth, and a check of her minuscule handbag, and then out of the car and dodging raindrops to the covered side entrance.

She paid her cover fee, ignoring the gentle leer of the door guy, and entered a din. Noise from people, the tv over the bar was almost overwhelming. A juke box ,of all strange things, blared in the corner. It took her a moment to realize that the woman next to her was asking her a question.

Pointing to her ear, she shouted “I can’t hear you!”

“Table or bar?” The woman leaned closer. Kat wasn’t sure if she was being hostessed, or propositioned. Divining the dilemma, she leaned close again. “Just seating you honey, you’re not my type! I prefer cock over tits, anyday.” And then she laughed, a loud, lusty sound. Kat smiled, unable to not respond to that infectious guffaw.

“Bar,” she said after a moment, deciding that she wanted to sit.

“Just wanna get your bearings, eh? Don’t you worry, Chica, MammaLa will take good care of you.”

And just like that, she was in.


She thanked all the powers of the universe that she saw him first. From across the crowded room-play ‘n display night was always packed- he stood out. He was tall, muscular, topped with a thick head of ebony hair. He could have been a model, those chiseled cheekbones, the firm slice of jaw. He knew how to stand, how to show himself off without appearing to even give a fuck. He was there for his own fun, and screw anyone else.

She knew this because he was her boss.

Ducking behind a group of leathermen, she slid into the darkest corner of the bar.


The throaty purr came from behind her.

“Go away,” she whispered.

“Not until you ‘fess up.”

“I mean it. If you hover, he’ll notice you hovering and be curious. He might even come over here!”

“He? He who? Who has my little Kittycat all tied up…figuratively of course?”


“No darling, this week it’s Alicia. I’m thinking of giving up on Angie all together.”

Her friend tried on personas like others tried on shoes, she knew.  She bit back a query as that would only continue this conversation. Everyone knew Ang…Alicia. She stood out wherever she was, all six feet plus of her,; ebony skin, big hair, and skintight metallic dress. She’d be at home in any version of Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, on any stage belting out tunes with that incredible voice, or pounding back shots of gin followed by that booming laugh.  Sometimes Cat forgot how much of an attention whore her friend was. Until right now, when all she wanted was to be invisible.

“Seriously. Go. Away.”

“Oh babygirl, what’s gone on with you now?”

Rolling her eyes she reached for patience.

“My boss is here.”


She wanted to melt through the floor. She wanted to grow wings and fly out of there. She wanted to-


He always said her name with a firm precision that made her back straighten. She should have know. Might have suspected, if he wasn’t such a tight laced man. She might have figured out he was a Dom.


Her eyes shut, her cheeks flamed. Slowly, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder. She didn’t want to turn, her tits thrust up in the bustier, curvy and jiggly. She, the always impeccably dressed legal secretary, all business suits and firmly coiffed hair, now stood near bare-chested, long hair waving to her waist.

“Do turn around, Katherine.”

She shook her head ‘no’, oh so briefly. His hand gripped her shoulder, stronger than she would have imagined, and twisted her about. She couldn’t look above his waist, or think about meeting his eyes as she felt them moving across her body. In the soft and torn jeans he wore, she noted the subtle bulge of his penis.

It was a fucking huge cock.

A finger under her chin lifted her head, but not her gaze.

“Look at me.” His voice was pitched low, but firm.

“I…I can’t.”

“Ah, but you can. In fact, you must.”

A tremble ran through her, her throat swallowed, a quick, involuntary movement. Her eyes rose, met his.

“Fancy meeting you here. Submissive. I suppose I should have guessed.”

“I thought the same when I saw you. I should have guessed. You, a dom.”

“And here we are,” he murmured as his eyes slipped over the round curves so temptingly displayed. “Your nipples seem happy to see me, though I’m not sure about the rest of you. You’ll pardon us, Alicia, as we go sort this out?”

He took her by the arm as Alicia nodded, her gaze avid. Cat turned and mouthed “help me”, but her friend merely grinned widely, and waved, mouthing “no. fucking. way!”





Disbelief (1)

He noted the tits right away. Gods but he loved tits. He loved touching them softly, stroking the silky skin, loved sucking the nipples until they rose tightly in his mouth. He loved squeezing them until his partner screamed, loved tying them tightly until she moaned. Marks from a crop, from a cane, from his hand–it didn’t matter. Big ones, small ones, fake or real, he loved tits. Once again he stared at the woman across the room. Though it was that pair of breasts that had first caught his eye, there was more. He wove through the crowd. A party at Whip was always a crush. He needed to see more than a generous pair of knockers.

Back against the wall, closer to the woman, yet out of sight, he confirmed his suspicions. He could barely believe his eyes. In fact, if he  hadn’t been wearing a mask, he may well have rubbed them to clear them, thinking that the vision across the room was a mirage. He did shake his head, certain that he was mistaken.  Her height was right, the hair color was right, the shape of her head, the faint curl of her bottom lip. Could it really be Amanda?

She wore a corset that lifted her breasts high, each movement a subtle tease that one or the other might just pop free and reveal a perky nipple. Dear gods, she had a pair of amazing tits, (if it really was Amanda, who would have ever known?, he mused) the tautly rounded orbs lifted with every breath. The fishnet stockings covered legs that he’d never seen, always before hidden under dress slacks, never a skirt. Her  hair sluiced down her back, a long ribbon of red. When she turned to speak to a woman beside her, he could see just how long it was. He’d had no idea there was so much of it! Gone was the tight-assed bun, the proper chignon, the tightly woven braid. His fingers itched to grab that long hank of hair, wrap it around his fist, and…but wait. A sudden thought occurred to him, jarring him to re-evaluate.

She could be spoken for. Although her outfit could have put her as either a Top or a bottom, he innately felt that ‘submissive’ was her role. There were signs, subtle though they were;   no crop, no jewelry, no tall boots or wicked heels. Her makeup, while slutty, wasn’t over the top.  She didn’t appear to be looking for anyone, only chatting with the woman who stood beside her. At her ease, as if she’d been here–or some other BDSM club–before. He edged closer.

Thankfully, there was no collar around her pale-skinned throat. Noticing  that made his wicked, black heart beat just a bit faster. Did he dare? She might know him, might suss out his identity. But perhaps if she was involved in play, blindfolded, perhaps then he could keep his identity secret. It was time to search out Duncan, to have him liaise for him, and share any information discovered. His fingers twitched, thinking about touching her. His cock was tingling, half-hard. He wanted–needed- to know everything Dunc could find out-was she alone? Would she play? Was she looking for a Dom? Was she looking for a woman? Gods, he hoped not!  With one last look at her, lost in deep conversation, he turned away to find Duncan.

Perhaps in a short while, he’d be busy with a new submissive. Who also happened to be his boss.