Hired! ~20~

Last chapter here. Because, you know, it’s been a while…(sorry…) ~nilla~

Her ass was on fire, her nipples ached, and she was more turned on than she had ever been in her entire life. Flying on endorphins, she didn’t even notice when the hated chastity belt was removed, or that he’d secured her ankles to the eyebolts drilled into the floor.  Laying on her back on the mattress, her body quivering with reaction, her eyes stared unseeing at the ceiling as she zoned out on the pain.

She burned.

A soft caress made her turn her head, breaking her reverie.

“There she is.”  His tone was soft, his voice rumbling through her. She noticed then that he was laying beside her, his clothing intact.

“Why do Doms do that?” she asked, her voice wispy with reaction.

“Do…what, precisely? Where are you, little girl? Out in the stars?”

She giggled softly. Tried to move her hand to touch his shirt, turned to stare at her wrist, also bound and secured.

“When’d you do that?”

Her voice was slurry.

“Drunk on pain, are you?” He laughed softly, running his finger down her collarbone, circling around her breast, tickling the tender underside. She wiggled, giggled, tried to move away, but couldn’t.

“Tickles..” she mumbled, then giggled when his finger circled again.

“Clothes,” she said around more laughter. “Why…” She couldn’t continue, only laugh as his finger teased her underarm. “Geeze,” she whimpered, wriggling.

“Little slutty fish…wriggling and hooked. Do you know what I’m going to do now?”

Still writhing, giggling and laughing as his fingers continued to tease at her, she shook her head fiercely.  His mouth was millimeters from her ear, the breath yet another layer of torment. His tongue twirled lightly along the soft shell, making her whimper and arch.

I’m going to fuck you”, he whispered, barely making a sound. Rolling away from her, his eyes continued to drink her in as he unbuttoned his pants, dropping them to the floor. Her expression could only be described as hungry as she stared up at him, then down at the obvious straining of his underwear.

“Blue?” she giggled.

“I like blue,” he said, sticking his thumbs into the waistband.  “Of course, if you don’t, I can always find a willing slut out there who won’t be so judgmental about my choice in under garments.”

She tossed her head, no, licking her lips.


For another moment he stood there, fingers in his waistband, unmoving.

“Sure,” she said, looking at him with lust.

Looking down at her, he cocked an eyebrow, started to tug down the waistband, enough for her to see the arrow of his hair. She felt herself yearning for him, wanted him in her, on her.

“VERY sure?” he asked, tugging the waistband back into place.

She nodded even more vigorously.


“You are a naughty and wanton slut.”


“You’re sure then. My blue undies won’t offend you?”


“Yes? They’ll offend…”

“NO! No no no no no no no! No offense at all..I…i LOVE your blue undies. I just want to see you OUT of them! I want your cock, Sir!”

“Ooooh, so you weren’t actually making fun of my blue undies, you’re saying?”

She groaned, moaned. Shook her head no. He could see the glistening pink folds between her legs.

“Pink and blue go well together, yes?”

“Yes?” she asked, uncertain where he was going now.

“My blue undies, your pink cunt.”

She flushed. Then, emboldened, “Your hard cock, my soft pussy.”

“It’s likely soft. But it’s very wet. I can imagine that my cock will make all sorts of slobbery sounds if I fuck you. Will that bother you as much as my blue undies?”

Eyes closed, head thrown back, teeth gritted, she strained at the wrist bondage.

“I. Just. Want. To. PUMMELL YOU!” she shouted, eyes open. She kicked her feet, which barely moved, and shook her body.

“FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEE!” She yelled, cheeks flushing. He stood there, staring at her. What, how could he be that dense, she wondered. She was tied up, open and ready to be fucked. Why, for goddamn sake, was he just standing there??

He smiled.

“So, you do want me?”

She groaned.

“Fuck you!”

“I can’t fuck myself! I mean, I’m big, but not that …”

He laughed as she growled, then bared her teeth at him. With a quick tug his undies were off, and he was on top of her, his cock buried to the hilt. Her growl turned into a yelp as he pounded into her.

“I’m going to fuck you into the mattress and through the floor,” he growled, before grabbing a nipple between his teeth and biting.

“Thank gawd,” he thought he heard her say before his hips knocked all the words from her.


Hired! ~11~

Time moved, she was certain of it. Yet she couldn’t say if 5 minutes had passed, or 50. She felt the warm leather of his crop between her thighs, and wished he were there to use it on her. She was needy, uncomfortable, and half naked for crissakes! Facing the rustic wooden wall, her tits and ass exposed, she was flushed with embarrassment. Eventually even that faded during those interminable, unknown minutes. Behind her she could hear people moving around the cavernous room. She could hear those who were otherwise engaged in play. There were slaps and *tings* of implements striking flesh, closely followed by shockingly loud screams as the recipient responded. There were moans and whimpers and the sounds of those in deepest ecstasy.

What she didn’t hear was his footfall. No sound of those beautifully polished shoes coming towards her. How was this even a date, she wondered, feeling suddenly angry. It happened that way sometimes, the submission and the annoyance jockeying for position in her emotions. Her hands felt numb, and her back was tiring when she felt the warmth of hands on her back…and ass.

“Ohh, poor kitten…he left you here all alone and unattended,” crooned a sexy and female voice. “So pretty, this round ass of yours..” the voice trailed off as a long fingernail scratched lightly down her crack and circled her anus. There was a slight tug around her throat as the ends of the tie were pulled taut for a moment, before more fingernails scrabbled down her spine. She wasn’t sure if it was the lack of his attention, or just that those sharp fingernails hit the line between pleasure and pain. The voice continued, the owner clearly knowing that she was having an affect on the tied submissive. One nail trailed up and over her left ass cheek, scratching just hard enough to leave a thin, red line there. Goosebumps rose along her shoulders, her arms, and her nipples crinkled tightly.

“I–I’m waiting for him, t-to…” she stopped on a gasp as the fingernails pinched a piece of flesh where her ass and thighs met.

“I know, that hurts so much, doesn’t it honey?” The voice was husky now, clearly lapping up the subtle signs of pain;  Kat’s arching back, her in-drawn breath, the short pants as she released it against the hurting.

The pinch seemed to last an hour. The relief when the nails released her was nearly as intense as the pain had been, as was the sudden surge of moisture between her thighs.

“Mona,” a deep voice said, the tone admonishing. “Didn’t MamaLa have a conversation with you about poaching?”

There was a pouty “mmm” of sullen agreement.  “But Dirk…! You weren’t here. She looked so lonely, the poor thing. And there was that very pretty ass just begging to be touched..how could I resist?

“Resist,” he replied drolly.

“I’m resisting… authority…” she said with a husky chuckle.”Okay, fine, have it your way, you big greedy bastard.”

The soft sound of her feet moving off gave some measure of peace to Kat.

“You left me,” she accused. Her hair had fallen forward, obscuring her vision.

“Yeah, so?”

He moved beside her, then freed her arms from the iron ring on the wall. Though she tried to hold back the gasp, the blood flowing back to her hands and cramped shoulders made being silent impossible.

“Oh, owww,” she whimpered.

“Poor little kitty cat,” he mocked, all falsely sympathetic as he brushed the hair from her face. He leaned close, kissed her top lip, nipped at her eyebrow. She moaned again. damn him. The last semblance of her snark was fading fast, under a hot and heavy need. She wondered if she’d ever been so horny. Feeling his hands on her breasts, she tried to move closer, but was surprised to feel the fabric of her dress being tugged back up to cover her. In moments he had slid the crop from between her thighs, then pulled down the hem of her dress, covering her bottom. She blinked at him, not comprehending his game.

Taking the tie from around her neck, he bound her wrists, then led her by the trailing length of his tie across the room. They paused for a moment to watch a submissive. Her face was a portrait of beautiful agony as her master nailed her tits to a rough wooden board. Katherine shuddered at the thought of it, but the woman was obviously far gone in subspace. She could see the puddle forming on the floor between her legs; it was obviously a kink that worked for them.

“Interested?” he asked, pulling her attention from the scene.

“No,” she replied. His grin was devilish, managing to be both mocking and humorous. Only a Dom would find that sort of thing funny, she mused. By damn he was one sexy bastard when he smiled. And when he didn’t. 


She was hooked.

He tugged her “leash” and she was obliged to follow him. He slowed to watch a leather-clad woman bullwhip a burly man. His cock was locked in a cage, his nipples cruelly pegged. As he shuddered beneath a snapping blow, she clearly saw the back end of a plug up his bum. It made her wet, which surprised her. His cock twitched with every whip-stroke, and she felt an answering tingle in her clit.

“You seem very…interested,” he said in a low voice.

“He’s…amazing. So is she,” she replied, equally quiet.

“Mistress Dominica is a master of the whip. Shall I sign you up for one of her classes?”

She couldn’t tell if he was teasing her or not, so she shook her head.

“If you’re sure…” his voice trailed off as the sub roared out a yell when the tip of the whip hit just near his balls. “Well, that had to hurt,” he said, cupping a hand over his groin and making her almost giggle out loud.

“Stop,” she hissed, but she grinned as he made a faux scared face at her, still cupping himself. He tugged her onward.

She frowned as they left the play room, entering the bar. What the hell was he up to now?


Not only had he ushered her through the bar and outside, but he’d led her to his car, all but shoved her in, hands still tied, and belted her safety belt. He’d driven her home with no conversation whatsoever, which made her curious. Her tits were tender from his earlier slap-fest, but her clit pounded like it was a gong.

She needed to be fucked. She needed to cum. She wanted.


Damn him for stirring her up like this. She fidgeted in her seat. She caught just the faintest hint of a grin on his mouth; no, not even a grin, just the sexy upturn on one corner.

“Where are we going?”

The smile deepened. Thank gods above and below, she thought. He’s taking me home to fuck me there. 

He pulled into her driveway, parked, then came around to let her out. Releasing her hands, he slipped the tie loosely around her neck. Arm around her back, he led her upstairs, took her key and opened her door. Stepping inside, she all but threw herself at him, pulling his head down and kissing him fervently.

He tugged her dress down, then off. Helping her step free of it, he held up his hand to forestall her.

“Go to the bathroom.”

“Now?” she all but moaned.

“No, tomorrow. Yes, of course now. Do you  need me to assist you? Watch you?”

“Oh hell no!” 

She scurried to the bathroom, used the toilet quickly. Looking at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands, she noted the bruises already blushing along her breasts.  She felt weak in the knees. Oh gods, she so needed this.

He was leaning against the dining room wall, pulling the tie absently through his fingers. Shyly she walked towards him, she naked as the day she was born, he, so well dressed in his suit. Straightening, he gestured to her to come.

“Here,” he said, pointing to the floor in front of him. “Good girl, now turn.”

She presented her back to him as instructed. What was coming? Her heart was all fluttery in her chest, her nipples grew taut. When he tapped her inner thigh, she spread her feet wider. She felt something between her thighs…the cool silk of his tie. He pulled it forward and back, teasing her clit for a moment.

“Hold the ends,” he said, and she took them, one in front, one behind, holding them. It took all her willpower to not rub it against her clit, but he hadn’t indicated to do so, and she didn’t want to push it.

“I picked this up at the club, while watching your delightful ass from across the room. Several of my friends were hoping that I’d share you, you know. You made such a pretty picture there, vulnerable, yet wanting.”

The shiver of need ran up and down her spine. A fresh drool from her pussy was soaked up by his tie.

“But I declined. After all, you and I hardly know one another. 13 working days, and one evening run-in hardly qualifies as getting to know you, right?”

She nodded, glad he hadn’t shared her. So wrapped up in the thoughts of that, that she didn’t notice at first, the heavy metal belt he fastened around her waist.

“Open wider, slut.”

Her legs spread, and a thick metal spine was pressed against her pussy. She jolted at the chill of it. There was a click at her backside. His fingers slid under the front of the band.

“Your pussy is so fucking hot,” he murmured. “Wet, juicy, I’ll bet you need to cum, don’t you?”

“oh, yesss,” she moaned, pressing against his probing fingers. Then they were gone, and a second click sealed the band firmly between her legs.

“No cumming tonight, I’m afraid.”

He lifted his fingers to her mouth.

“Taste that. Taste that needy cunt juice. Yours, little girl. Your needy cunt is going to leak all night, I’m afraid. I’ll be back in the morning to release you so that you can pee.”

He slid the tie from under the crotch band as she stared in shock at him.

“Wait…what? What?? YOU….you…you can’t… ” she yelped. “I…I need….”

“..to wait until I decide it’s time for you to come. Just…be careful what you wish for, little girl. I am a sadist, after all.”

He tied her wrists quickly with the tie, binding them firmly but not so tight that it would be harmful.

“Tonight you will sleep, smelling your arousal all night long. Your pussy will ache and weep and …eventually, you will sleep, and dream of all the wonderful, awful, delightful torments I will do to you.”

He kissed her on her nose, then pushed her into her room, closed the door. Quietly, he let himself out of the apartment, heaving a deep sigh. His cock throbbed. He patted his crotch as he jogged down the steps.

“Soon, my raging friend. Soon.”

His cock knew it would not be soon enough for either of them.

Squeeze (5)

The ride home was  a blur. She wanted to ask questions, but couldn’t make the words form. His hand found her breast as they cruised through the last lingering traces of the day. The crimson sky had faded to a dusty rose; stars appeared as his fingers squeezed around her nipple. Holding onto the orgasm that threatened was as hard as holding his semen in her ass. She bore down, squeezing her bottom half. Her body pebbled with erotic goosebumps as she tried to not think about what would happen when they entered the kitchen.

As the car turned into the driveway, he looked over where she sat, staring forward, hands placed on the tops of her thighs. He bade her to sit. Her breath came in shallow, short puffs. Her body was on fire, a cauldron of lust, embarrassment, excitement, fear, and nerves.

He did not open her door, but rather, walked to the slick car that pulled up behind theirs. The two men laughed, a sound carried clearly to her hyperactive ears, despite the closed windows. Jumping at the sound of the door, though it was foolish, she looked up at him. Those eyes. Those compelling baby blues were smiling down at her, his hand extended into the vehicle.

“You go with him,” her husband said, watching her. “I’ve got some setting up to do. You can park her in the living room,” he finished, holding the door open for them.

“Good, that will give me some time to check out our little play toy. Have I your permission?”

The rest of that conversation must have been non-verbal, because she didn’t hear Sir’s reply. Then they were in the house, Sir bolting upstairs to their bedroom, and …gosh, how was she supposed to address him, anyway?

“Excuse me–”


Ye gawds! How could she ever talk to him? It was like he was a magnet and she a little bit of steel shavings, tugged relentless towards him. Lowering her eyes, looking at her shoes, she spoke softly.

His finger found her chin, tilting her gaze to his.

“I am not overfond of doormats. I am certain that your Sir prefers his sub to be a bit feisty as well. Right?”

She nodded, yes.

“Then let us have no more of the ‘must stare at the Dom’s feet’ nonsense, shall we? I much prefer spunk to passivity.”

He paused, letting the electric charge of his finger tingle through her as he smiled kindly at her.

“Now, let us begin again. What is it that you wanted to ask me, slut?”

She found her voice in that assurance.

“How shall I call you? My husband is Sir…”

“You could call me Lord.”

Her eyes widened, and she was sure that her mouth opened in shock. He laughed, the sound rich with his delight.

“How about Sir K, then? My given name is Ken, so that works for me.”

“Thank you Sir K.”

Her husband’s voice came from the kitchen. Vaguely she recalled hearing him clatter back down the stairs, but Sir K had been mesmerizing her so she’d not fully attended to that.

“Bring her on back to the kitchen, Ken,” He called.

His fist gathered a large amount of hair, shocking and inflaming her. He tugged her forward, keeping her one half step behind him. Stepping into the kitchen, he pulled her forward.

“What? She’s still dressed? I’m surprised!”

“Easily rectified,” said the older man with a smile.


okay, it’s not the end…yet…and this is short..but it IS Friday and I DID promise…this will have to hold you for a bit, dear perv’s. ~nilla~

A Wet Wanton Mess

He had a dream, he told me. He rarely dreams, even more rarely remembers them. But this one was special.

He was playing pool. But when he reached for the pool cue, it was, instead, a wooden tubular rod. “What the fuck” he says in his dream. “how the fuck can I play pool with this…” And he wakes up, thinking he is holding this “rod” in his hands.

“It was a sign. Your thighs, nilla, your sweet little calves, nilla. And your tits. Most certainly your tits will feel the kiss of the wooden cane, nilla, for that was the meaning of that dream.”

We’ve spoken of this and other things.

“Did I show you…no. I couldn’t have. It’s still in the box.”

He pauses and of course I jump into the breach…

“show me what, Master?”

“I didn’t show you the little vibe for your ass? It has 4 speeds.”

There’s a long silence from my end of the phone, before I say carefully, “no, M, you…did not show me that.”

“Oh, I thought I did.”

He’s silent, but I can *feel* the gleeful laughter under the silence. Got me again!

There are other little things like this that he throws into the conversation, so that by the end of it, I’m all twisted and turned on and wet and wanton.

“Good thing I’m wearing panties, Master, or my thighs would be sticking together by now.”

“You can just peel them off your pussy,” he says.

He speaks of mundane things for a awhile, then tells me how hard he’s going to spank my ass, making me squirm again. And how he’ll attack my pussy–when he knows how much it hurts that I’m raw with cumming and a bit dry…and then he’ll spank my cunt and voila! Just like that I’ll be wet again.

Because you’re a greedy wanton slut, nil-la, he says, in that way he does that just makes me hummmm.

Tomorrow. It just can’t come soon enough.

Snippets and Thoughts

I know you all are just dying to find out about Master from sofia, aren’t you? I’ll tell you a little secret…me too! Of course I want her to like Him. Will she be as charmed by him as I am? Doubtful—because I think it’s very different looking at us from the outside in. We’ve had a long time to build our dynamic, and some of it is very silly, and some of it is very intense, and some of it is vanilla, and at the bottom, the base of it? Is His underlying Dominance.

I smacked His shoulder while we were fooling around and she gasped out loud.

“You…you…hit Him…” she said, her face totally amazed (and perhaps a bit aghast. I wonder if she thought for just one moment that He’d smack the fuck out of me there in public for being overbold?)

“No, she’s allowed.” He says in a calm, just slightly amused voice.  And it’s true. I touch, I prod, I run my finger up and down his arms, I catch his fingers and kiss them now and again–and I do try to reach the Man nipples (oh those are SO off-limits!).

He reminds me later, and sofia, that it may not look like He’s keeping a tally, and He may well forget specific infractions, but there is a bill, and it will be paid later. She laughs, a wonderful rich laugh, and I’m grinning. She gets it.

He comments on my hair, first time he’s seen the ‘fixed’ color and blessedly, he approves. He notes that He’s not overly concerned with the color…but that I damn well better not ever cut it (must have prior approval)…because He likes it just where it is now, mid-back. (And longer is fine…just NO shorter!) He takes my ponytail and plays with it, crooking my head back so I’m staring skyward, pushing my face almost into the table, but never so hard as to make me wince–just move quickly with Him. He demonstrates how easily He can control me, I think, and I’m just smitten.

He pinches, too, making me wince and talk all fumble-tongued. It happens so fast, my fall into subspace.

And He shows her His favorite picture of me (which really freaked me out because He HAD threatened me that He might show her one of my videos. Yes. There are video’s of nilla being fucked by that guest Dom last fall.) I grab his hand, and she says, “oh, I saw that one…that was on your blog, nilla!”

And I’m so relieved. Yeah, the one where I’m totally blotto on the bed. He tells sofia its his favorite thing to do to me, make me totally out of it…so He can get a few minutes peace. 🙂 Silly Man.

And it made me so happy. To share him with her, of course. But to see Him again after 3 weeks apart. We’ve rarely had times when we didn’t connect again soon after a meet…and this time it just didn’t work out that way for us. I felt myself just melting into His presence. My back relaxes, my head quiets and calms, even my breathing is deeper, slower.

He affects me.

He feeds me bits and pieces of Himself, and rewires me so that I feel like myself, only better.





That electric moment when He looks at me, when we are gazing at one another, me challenging, He saying without words…’oh yeah, little girl? You think?”…and my eyes falling as I slide deeper down into Him.

He kisses me tenderly, then flicks his tongue into my mouth as he tickles me into the car. I watch Him walking away, and swallow the lump in my throat. I miss Him, and yet He’s managed to top me up so I don’t feel despondent at leaving.

He’s really good at that, that filling me up thing.

He’s really good for me.


HNT: Teasing

This is

one of the dozen or so pix

i sent to Master

as He waited.


For the tow truck to come.

Here is another insouciant little tease….

I didn’t stop sending them when He replied

“You’ll pay for this, nilla.”

I sent another.

And He replied….


I stopped.

And yet?

It was worth every tickle. Every swat, every pinch.


I’m just bad that way, yanno?


He’s a FUCKING Bastard….

Sorry to interrupt your reading of “Felicitations” dear pervie friends–i know i have left you hanging in a most terrible fashion. Not that you don’t expect that of me anyway….however, this time it is not. my. fault.

okay Master, i’m getting to it, really!

I need to back up a few days. To HNT day, actually. You’ll remember that there was a small pic of me at the end, what Master calls a “teaser pic” that doesn’t show all that much ‘stuff’?

seriously Master, you’re SO impatient. i can see you, sitting there at ‘our’ table, reading this ‘shit’ and saying to yourself, c’mon nilla get with it. Fix IT!

You’ll have to forgive these little asides. For as you are sitting and reading this with your morning coffee/tea/cocoa…Master and i are at Starbucks, and He is reading this.

Yes, right now.


I’ve been “tasked” to this particular post, you see. Which is why “Felicitations” has been bumped to tomorrow.  And i wonder if you’re reading faster knowing those two things…that He’s tasked me, and with that title up above there…

Coz, yanno? He really is a marshmallow Mean Fucking Bastard. *giggle*

i’m trying to be serious about this Master, really i am. i see you looking up at me with those stunning, leonine eyes of Your’s, ready to cut me to ribbons with that piercing gaze…keep reading, trust me, it gets better….

So, we, Master and i, were talking during FNF. He was verrrrry tired. About as tired as i’ve ever heard His voice. We talked for a long time, but no playing. It was just…sweet talk

i didn’t say that Master…see? Those are strike-throughs up there.  Everyone who reads here  knows…and understands, that i misspoke…just a wee bit…up there…

right everyone?

note to self….(no giggling out loud)

So we were talking and He was all Dommy and mean, you know how Doms are, right? (grin)  We were talking about spanking and tit torture, and assfucking, and hugging all sorts of other torturous things.

And we spoke a bit about the blog. This blog, not the Dark Fantasies one. And i remembered right then,  that i’d neglected to tell Him my status count for this weeks HNT. So i did that, and then mentioned that i’d said He was sweet.

You know, in the post.

This post…go ahead, i’ll wait. It’s right there at the beginning. And i kinda said it quickly, and kept right on going …and He drew me up short.

“Whoa…whoa…what? What did you just say?” He says in this incredulous voice. And the words “uh. oh” start floating in my head.

And i’ll confess here and now that i stalled told him hesitantly. Coz…yanno. I *know* that tone. Not quite the same tone He used Thursday night when we were on the phone and He was yelling at His GPS lady (He called her a presumptuous cunt!!!) for interrupting Him while He was talking. (Which, btw, made me hysterical!)

But i did, eventually, mutter “I said you were sweet” in this tiny voice. Which He made me repeat, only to holler say calmly “you did what?!”

You did holler, too, Master, but i struck that part out, coz, yanno, I didn’t want people to think you were a total Asshole. Then again…hmmm…that is the point of this isn’t it?    Wait …is this  like one of those stupid math problems? You know the kind, Master…. A train leaves Boston at 9:32 headed for Cleveland, while another train leaves Chicago 4 minutes later. At what point do they cross the equator. It is, isn’t it….??…anyway, i digress…

Now, you all know that Master is a right tough Sadist. You’ve seen the pics of His handiwork a few weeks ago…so you all know He’s rather firm handed with me.

And oh, how i love that!

Love that He takes charge, love that He hurts me so good. But the “sweet” comment? Well,  it’s ruined His “street cred”…who’s gonna believe that a “sweet” guy is a Fucking Bastard?

Who would believe that someone who poured a bunch of sweet on His slut would also do this:

Am i right?

Surely, only the deepest, darkest kind of Sadist would inflict this kind of pleasure hurt on His submissive slut, right?

see Master? did You have *any* doubt that i’d get around to the ‘good part’….eventually?

You know i see You, sitting there, looking up at me and giving me the “Hairy Eyeball” look…the one that makes me giggle nervously…and makes me all squishy and wet …

*big smile*

Must be because i’ve done “IT”…fixed it all up nice and tidy, so that everyone now knows the truth about You…yes? Big Bad Ass Dominant Master of nilla (the slut..wait, i think that’s redundant…nilla is synonymous with ‘slut’…)

Coz really, pervie friends, He is the sweetest meanest most ornery Man you’d ever chance to run across …

what’s that Master? i said it again?

i did not.

it’s a strike out, see? And You know, Master that whatever is struck out is just totally disregarded by my readers. Oh, yes, they grok it.


Whoops, sorry there Master…that one just kind of slipped out.

Yes, You know i am taking this assignment totally seriously.

Oh, BTW Master? There’s a teeny little heart stuck on Your back. From when i hugged You when i got here.  🙂




(He’s not the only one who’s “bad” !)